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Energy Vampirism

Energy vampirism is a process of interaction, in which one person improves his emotional and energy state at the expense of another. This process can take place either in a conscious form or be an unconscious way of energetic replenishment. This method is the simplest in terms of the efforts made, but the most difficult in terms of further consequences.

Energetic vampirism helps to replenish and establish an energy balance for one who feeds but breaks it with the donor. Over time, a person begins to notice deterioration of well-being and fatigue after interacting with a particular person. Many subconsciously calculate such vampires and do not even think about how to protect themselves from energetic vampirism, they simply stop the interaction. In the long run, it threatens the vampire with the loss of any social circle and forces them to look for other sources of energy.

Signs of Energy Vampirism

Behavior characterized as energetic vampirism is common to all humans. Even if it seems to you that you are constantly only under attack, this does not exclude the fact that you yourself also sate with someone else's energy. The question remains in what doses it occurs and what each of the participants of the interaction receives. For example, all small children are energy vampires, it is necessary for their growth and development, and this is precisely what explains the strong fatigue of women when the child is small. Not by difficulties and lack of sleep, but by constant emotional feedback and the demand for attention around the clock. Therefore, the same principle for the vampire of those around them is started by very sick people and old people, since they need to expend enormous energy resources to restore or maintain life. People in complex emotional states begin to draw energy from others to even out their emotional background.

The event reasons for the inclusion of the alien energy intake scenario may be different, but the root cause lies in the imbalance in the energy content of people. It depends on the level of personal development, its spirituality and education, the ability to cope with life difficulties and understand yourself. Those who have learned autonomous energy and understanding the laws of social interaction rarely lose energy and are attractive to others. But there are those who do not want to engage in their own development and instead of creating a new and their own individual, they prefer to take what they have from others. How useful the alien energy will be is an open question.

To understand, whether your bad state of health is connected with energy vampirism or not, will be helped by some factors, noted, both on physical, and on a psychoemotional level. Physical signs include palpitations, headache, sleep problems, loss of appetite, and difficulty breathing. Among the psychological indicators of energy vampirism in the first place is a feeling of fatigue, decreased performance, apathy, reduced response to external stimuli. A hole on the energy level is characterized by a prolonged loss of mood, a feeling of unreasonable fear, shame, guilt, increasing pessimism and self-deprecation. These are the main most frequently encountered indicators that can manifest themselves, as well as in any combination. In addition, your individual reactions may occur, such as the appearance of allergic spots on the skin or uncontrolled bouts of anger or panic.

A sign that the energy vampire is in front of you is a person’s desire to take you out of emotional balance. It does not matter what methods the energy vampire will use, and it is wrong to assume that he will scream loudly or actively intimidate you. This patterned perception is indeed one of the signs of energetic vampirism, moreover, open.

But many energy vampires look pretty cute and quiet, while their victim can fight hysterically and throw plates at the wall. Here it is important not to make a mistake and not to confuse, because the silent vampire did everything to bring the person to a non-sane state and now just absorbs the outbursts of other people's energy. Accordingly, not everyone who shouts is an energy absorber - follow the situation a little deeper and look who modeled this situation and who as a result became morally better.

You can learn about the energetic vampire according to certain applied techniques, which will replace each other at the beginning of communication in order to find the most effective way. These people often use criticism, hurtful words, a decrease in the merits of others, or even devaluation. Such a manner of communication can hide behind the care and desire to help, but in the end reduces the self-esteem of the person, takes the joy of achievement. Use non-verbal manifestations that provoke others: bright clothes, makeup, colors, behavior. Something that can catch the feelings of others - for example, such a person can come to church with a bright gothic make-up and satanic symbolism or not give hands when they meet. Any violation of social norms in a particular environment causes resentment and the more valuable the external adherence to dogma is, the more resentment will cause inappropriate behavior.

Behaviors that violate your personal boundaries and standards of decency can be a signal of energetic vampirism. So, a person who comes to visit without a call, staying for a long time and not understanding the hints of ending the conversation is not just tactless. While you are listening to the second hour of the complaint of a friend on the phone and are nervous, because you cannot go about your business, she is nourished with your energy. Picking up the phone for the captain’s acquaintance’s nightly calls, you give him a piece of your energy first with anxiety, then with irritation, and then with suppression of emotions.

Minor annoying actions, which are not to be scolded for, and openly expressing discontent are the weapon of quiet energy vampires. Kicking with your foot, clattering with a pen, champing the table, tapping your fingernails on the surface, constant loud music or walking on the heels of your neighbors are all excellent and unpunished ways of energetic vampirism. They cause a lot of irritation, and, the longer they are used, the stronger the reaction, while shouting and demanding from a person not smacking at the table may look inadequate.

Energy vampire can choose the tactics of the victim and put pressure on pity - it is typical for sick, old people who are depressed or have an apathetic personality structure. For active energy vampires manifested active position - home tyrants, business exploiters, sadistic moral or physical. And there are also vampires, manipulators, which are most difficult to recognize, mainly because they are people from close surroundings (friends, relatives, loved ones who use your disposition to solve their own difficulties).

Energetic vampirism invariably reflects on a person’s appearance. Usually these are early wrinkles at the corners of the eyes and around the eyebrows. This is due to the fact that a person eventually acquires the expression that most often takes a person. For energetic vampires, the characteristic emotions are anger, discontent, sadness, which manifests itself in appearance.

The facial expression is constantly sad or heavy look, which few people can withstand for a long time, indicate serious emotional problems, severe nature, which is also a constant companion and tool of the energy vampire.

Energy Vampirism Protection

There are as many methods to protect oneself from energy vampirism as its manifestations. In order to resolve a situation, it is necessary to analyze a specific case and choose appropriate actions. But the first thing to learn is that a strong and harmonious person is unlikely to fall under the influence of an energetic vampire, he will simply have nothing to grasp. All energy absorption is built on finding your weak points, disharmony and the buildup of the internal unstable state. If you are stable and integral within, self-confident and adequate in assessing reality, then it will not be easy to shake for an emotional outburst. Accordingly, in addition to protective measures, it is necessary to engage in preventive measures, which will consist in the study of one’s own personality, psychotherapy of earlier injuries, living of heavy emotions, strengthening of personal boundaries.

Good help visualization technology, where it is necessary to present a barrier between themselves and the energy vampire. It can be a shield, a cocoon, a waterfall, a fireball, mirrors - anything that pleases your fantasy more. For example, a mirror can return negative impacts, and fire can damage an energy vampire as it approaches, a waterfall can clear, etc. You can experiment with your own perception of the energetic vampire, usually its importance and significance are exaggerated due to the fact that a person feels fear or guilt, but all this occurs just when exposed to an energetic vampire. To reduce the importance of his personality, you can imagine a person naked, small, wearing a clown suit or other ridiculous situation. The point is that what makes us laugh, can no longer scare us.

Prayers and mantras help believers very well. Breathing techniques and monotonous repetition of something or listening to music are close to such an effect (mental singing is possible). These techniques transfer attention from the vampire effect to the countdown of the rhythm or the pronunciation of the text, in addition, any rhythm automatically stabilizes the emotional state, and thus levels energy attacks.

With energy vampires who use the knurled way to get your energy (constantly complaining, whining, or making claims), two methods can work: ignoring and attacking. Ignoring is suitable for softer personalities, but it takes a lot of time, because while you ignore the energy vampire attacks, he will test you for endurance and increase the strength or frequency of exposure. And only after a long time, making sure that nothing can be obtained from you, the energy vampire will switch to another. Nerves in this method can leave the mass, and if there is no strength to endure, then it is better to choose an attack. It is necessary to attack first and do everything in order to unleash the vampire on the energy surge by his own methods. They shout at you, start doing it right away, as you see a person, you constantly complain about life's troubles - call a person at three o'clock in the morning (set the alarm) to tell about the tragedy of a burned out light bulb. The energy reserve of a vampire is small and after one or more of these attacks, he will run away.

If the relationship with this person is not critical to you, and the energy damage is great, then the best solution would be to stop all contact. Any protection against energy vampirism is directly related to personal boundaries, the ability to defend them and show them to others.

How to get rid of energy vampirism

It is necessary not only to be able to identify vampires in your environment, but also to look at your own manifestations. You can take pleasure in the suffering of others, be proud of the ability to bring any person to a state of hysteria or admire your manipulative abilities for the time being.

The energy received from others by force brings no physical or spiritual development. This is similar to feeding with carrion and nitrogen fertilizers - these are wonderful things for birds of prey, scavengers and plants, but absolutely unsuitable for humans. The same is with alien energy, which does not so much saturate as it poisons the energy reservoir.

Signs of their own energetic vampirism are the same, only the difficulty of determining that it is now necessary to try them on yourself. If in the course of an argument you have achieved the tears of another, then perhaps this is not the achievement of righteousness and justice. Refusing to change and make concessions is about the absorption of foreign resources and not the ability to invest in interaction on an equal footing.

The search for your own resources and places for generating energy will help to change the situation; At the initial stage, you need to reorient yourself - walk more in nature, interact with trees, plant flowers, walk barefoot, contact with water, snow, and fallen leaves. This is not the accumulation of its own energy, but switching to other sources that are cleaner and more accessible to everyone without harm.

You need to increase your own energy level - for this change in nutrition, enrichment of the diet with vitamins and useful trace elements is suitable. It is necessary to introduce sports activities that increase the overall physical and energy tone. Physical activity also contribute to the development of positive emotions.

Secure sources of support in the form of faith, meditation, books, and teachings. You can rely on such egregors indefinitely, unlike people who are quickly exhausted by your problems. In addition, the presence of such spiritual exercises develops your own energy level, helps to understand yourself and what is happening in reality, to find many other ways to get energy and joy, except for forcibly taking others away.