Affirmations are concise positive expressions and phrases, the main point of which is to make the subconsciousness believe in the life changes that you consciously desire. In order to transform cherished desires into reality, it is necessary to fix the necessary installations and images in the subconscious, repeating them as often as possible. Affirmations should be directed at changing the thoughts and vision of life from a negative direction to a positive one. You can pronounce them aloud or repeat them mentally. The first time they described the term affirmations in their vocabulary I. A. Efon and F. A. Brockhaus, describing it as thoughts that favorably influence a person.

What is affirmations?

Impact on our lives and the choice of our environment have thoughts. If you think negatively, then everything will prevail in life with a negative coloring. Affirmations also help make thinking positive, drive away fears and make dreams come true.

Affirmations are aimed at improving life, building goals and personal happiness. You can repeat them near the mirror, after waking up, when the consciousness is not yet overloaded with everyday tasks or just before sleep. The main thing that affirmations entrenched in the subconscious and thoughts filled with positive prevailed over the negative.

Affirmations are sent to many areas, for example: "I am happy"; "I expect success in all endeavors"; "My family fills me with love"; "I am healthy and filled with good" and others. Words that have a positive color can bring joy, confidence and satisfaction, while a negative attitude inclines us to apathy, passivity and frustration.

For affirmations to work, you need to believe in their power. People experiencing failure, are in despair and repeat affirmations, it seems to them, ridiculous and useless. But you have only to believe and create affirmations suitable, specifically for you, how your opinion will completely change.

A well-known author of affirmations is Louise Hay. The basic principle around which she built her teaching was the liberation from self-criticism. Louise Hay claimed that it is unacceptable to load your brain with negative thoughts capable of causing discomfort and anxiety, believed that you need to forgive yourself, to praise and love, and to accept your shortcomings as parts of your essence.

Deeds for which a person condemns himself can cause various diseases, but taking care of the spiritual sphere of his “I”, do not disregard the physical sphere as well. Beneficial effect on your life sports and healthy food. Louise Hay claimed that the road to harmony, lies through the forgiveness of not only others, but also herself. Letting go of the past and saying goodbye to insults, we let love and prosperity into life. The author describes her own healing from severe illness, which Louise Hay achieved through meditation, proper nutrition, and the use of affirmations.

After the use of affirmations, you should not refuse to help others or medical care, just affirmations can increase the impact from the outside. You will quickly recuperate after a failure if, in addition to the warm words of dear people, you yourself believe that you are able to overcome troubles and get more than you have.

Or if, after going to the doctor, you will be convinced of the favorable outcome of the recommended treatment. Love yourself entirely, if in the mirror, you notice only shortcomings, this energy of dislike to return to you in the form of a negative attitude of others. Accept yourself, do not like your own features - change them, it does not work - love!

Affirmations are able to give an understanding that everything has a reason, when some doors are closed to us, others will surely open. The main thing is not to be afraid to open them. Louise Hay paid great attention to effective self-development, affirmations will be unsuccessful, if you do not take the time for your own improvement and development. Harmony with the world and society is capable of energetically filling the personality. Thoughts on morality and humanity are inherent in all people, when we surrender to thinking about it, we clear our mind and make room for the formation of attitudes with the help of affirmations. Such moments form the ability to sympathize, let go of resentment and show love.

Types of Affirmations

Our beliefs are formed in childhood and incline the individual to a certain form of response, evaluation, initiative, to the choice of the type of activity in accordance with established values. If situations repeat themselves, with time, patterned attitudes of the personality are formed, they also influence the social relationships and the behavioral strategy of the person. It is important to accept that the past is gone and we cannot change anything, but we have the power to change our attitude towards what happened. Do not let your life go the wrong way because of past offenses. In the event of illness, try to remember what kind of offense you can conceal and who needs to be forgiven.

Mainly affirmations are divided into two main types. General affirmations, their goal is to improve life in general. Here is an example of such affirmations: "positive people surround me"; "I can control my emotions"; "I can do anything"; "everything that I do will be successful"; "I act wisely"; "I can find the right solution in every situation."

The second type is special affirmations, aimed at a specific area of ​​life, a goal or an unresolved problem, they may sound like this: “I love my figure”; "all the food I eat has a beneficial effect on my health"; "my relationship is filled with understanding and harmony"; "I'm happy doing my job" and so on.

How to use affirmations and where to direct them to your personal business, the main thing is to believe in their magic power. Determine your motives, what basic needs are driven by you and what they are aimed at. Life goals may relate to professional, spiritual, intellectual development, family well-being, material wealth.

The absence or the idea of ​​the impossibility of their realization is perceived by the person as a dead end. Find a lonely place, relax, figure out what disturbs you, how you would like to influence the situation and write down the positive attitudes in the form of short phrases.

Affirmation rules

For more effective affirmations, there are some rules for their preparation. In affirmations it is best to say affirmatively, try not to use the particle - “not”. Talk about the dream as an event, so you better concentrate and quickly realize it. The subconscious completely ignores the particle "not" and instead of the phrase "I will not lose," we set ourselves to lose. More effectively say "I'm a winner."

It is better to form affirmations in the present tense, without using the past and the future. Hearing the words "will" or "was", the brain hears that it is now absent, which means it is completely not worth attention. When you say "I have a car", the brain immediately tries to achieve this. The same with the refusal of bad habits, the affirmation "I will not eat junk food from Monday" will be ineffective, and the phrase "I eat only healthy food" will be more effective. Specify the desired, specific desires cause stronger emotions. The more emotions cause affirmations, the stronger they will have an impact on the realization of goals.

Consider an example: "I have a job" - it will be a very vague affirmation. Consider what is your priority when choosing a job and build on this: "I have a job that fills me with joy"; "I get the salary I deserve"; "I am engaged in that which inspires me." Let your imagination draw more realistic pictures of your dreams.

Make affirmations with a description of emotions and sensations. Use positive words for emotions such as: gorgeous, brilliant, happy, joyful, delightful, inspiring, inspiring and others. The more emotional coloring they will have attitudes, they will have a greater impact on us there. Affirmations, backed by our values, are of great importance.

Remember an important point - affirmations work if they concern only you. Everyone can only influence their own lives, and for someone to make a decision, we have no right, as a result, such affirmations simply do not work. Forcing others to change or forcing us to think otherwise we cannot, only you will be able to change.

Many use ready-made affirmations taken from books or online sources. You can start with this, and when you gain the skills, you can start drawing up your own installations. Take into account, it is necessary that the affirmations are environmentally friendly, do not wish evil to others, and do not require someone to punish or pay what they deserve. Do not litter your mind, focus on yourself.

Do not pronounce the word "I can", it is better to replace it with the word "I do", so you call the subconscious mind to take action, and not to passively wait for better times. Speak the affirmations regularly, so they will be more effective and the mood for a successful result will appear. Paint affirmations for each day and repeat at a convenient time, but do not focus on one, try to make statements for several areas.

The main thing is to be patient, remember, the effectiveness depends on you, as soon as you drop all fears and doubts, all your dreams will start to come true, and you will be amazed at your own success. Negative beliefs have been formed all our lives, give time to form new ones. Get ready for change, do not be afraid to try, and allow yourself to live a happy, joy-filled life.