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What if husband drinks

What if my husband drinks? Family relationships in which the spouse abuses alcohol-containing liquids resemble an explosive device with a delayed action. The drinker is completely unpredictable. It is impossible to predict what mood the drinker will be today. People closely interacting with the bottle are more often uncertain subjects trying to find oblivion on the bottom of the glass. Often, the sons of Adam, who have watched the wild life of their own parents since childhood, adopt a similar behavioral model for themselves. In addition, men who do not have psychological stability, can also become victims of the "green serpent."

Husband drinks beer every day - what to do

Today, a rarity is the human individual, who does not use strong drinks at all. Many prefer low alcohol drinks, believing that they cause less harm than strong substances. However, this opinion is erroneous.

Most adult sons of Adam are addicted to a frothy drink. It is believed that if a subject consumes more than a liter of beer in a week, then he suffers from the addiction described. At the same time, beer addiction is the most difficult to cure.

Why do so many men allow themselves to consume several jars of beer every day ?! Because a large part of the strong half of humanity does not classify this frothy drink as an alcoholic beverage. The other part is convinced that beer is not harmful. And only a small fraction of the sons of Adam consider the drink in question as harmful alcohol.

Men who daily consume beer, distinguish this drink according to its taste, and are also sure that it helps to eliminate stress, relax and forget all problems. In addition, it is pleasant to drink beer in a cheerful company of comrades. It helps to relax and promotes easy fun communication.

Today, it is almost a tradition to consume a foamy drink on a Friday or Saturday evening.

We can distinguish the following signs of the formation of beer dependence:

- consumption of foamy drink daily;

- increase in a single dose drunk daily;

- Often and regular drinking of this low alcohol liquor;

- the inability to independently renounce the consumption of intoxicating substances;

- along with the daily consumption of a frothy drink, the denial of dependence (the drunkards believe that they will be able to stop absorbing alcoholic substances at any time);

- daily morning need sober;

- constantly present bad mood, which improves immediately after taking a portion of beer;

- if the opportunity to taste the foamy drink is absent, the person becomes aggressive;

- violation by an individual of generally accepted rules and norms of morality.

Constant abuse of the intoxicating drink leads to obesity of the figure, friability and flabbiness of the body, the appearance of a beer belly, and also causes severe illnesses due to a decrease in testosterone production. The cardiovascular system wears, the myocardium becomes flabby, bags under the eyes, breathing becomes heavy and noisy, frequent disorders of the chair occur, blood pressure rises. In addition, there is sexual dysfunction. Sustained consumption of the described frothy drink causes the destruction of the cellular structures of the brain, resulting in dementia.

Beer alcoholism often causes dependence on stronger alcoholic substances. The considered variation of harmful traction is characterized by several differences, namely: rapid development, ignoring the presence of beer alcoholism by society, invisibility to others, with regular consumption - increased hostility.

What to do with a drinking husband who regularly drinks a foamy drink? First of all, it is recommended to determine the root cause of this problem. Maybe the spouse simply does not feel free in his own actions and decisions, does not feel himself the leader of the family. Perhaps the faithful has no hobbies, hobbies, or in a working environment there are certain problems.

What if my husband drinks every day? First of all, it is recommended to tell an unobtrusively beloved one, what harm lurks him on the chosen path. Not forgetting to mention the problems in the intimate sphere, which will invariably appear if he continues to abuse the frothy drink. Often one news of sexual dysfunction caused by excessive drinking libations is enough. You can try to find an alternative to beer for your spouse. It is necessary to help him relax, not with the help of hops, but in a different way. For example, taking an aroma bath or a massage will help eliminate excessive stress.

In addition, the home microclimate should be changed and its own attitude to the faithful should be reconsidered. Perhaps the spouse is not enough care, warmth, comfort at home. It is recommended to try to communicate more with your spouse, walk together, often spend joint evenings. You can please your loved one with a delicious dinner in a romantic setting. A woman should get closer to her spouse. It is necessary to be interested in the affairs of the faithful, to share his hobbies and to show more care. For example, you can watch an important football match together or make a good company fishing.

In order for a spouse to realize the harmful effects of everyday beer consumption and to be able to eliminate this unhealthy addiction on his own, he needs to see the prospect of living outside of alcoholic drinks. Therefore, you need to work with your loved ones to make further plans, to plan joint rest.

By deeds and through the help of words one should make the spouse aware that the family needs him. It is very important that an individual abusing alcoholic liquids, feel himself in demand and loved. It is necessary to try more often to consult with a partner, to ask his help, to be interested in opinion.

In addition, if a woman does not know what to do, if her husband drinks, it is recommended to look at his own person. Maybe she has become too demanding, tougher, without compromise. In other words, the spouse could start turning into a male version of herself and forgot what it was to be feminine. Perhaps it is time to change, in order to become softer and more tender, weaker and more defenseless, so that the spouse would like to protect and pamper the faithful, and not hide from her behind a can of beer.

It is also recommended to work through the financial aspect of daily drinking a hop drink. You can, together with your spouse, calculate expenses for alcohol-containing substances and imagine that it is possible to purchase with the money saved.

What to do if a husband drinks every day and becomes aggressive

Evening consumption of intoxicating water by a spouse, causing aggression in a man, is a huge problem for all participants in family relationships, since aggression itself is the individual's destructive behavioral response. Aggression harms the environment of drinking and the most addicted.

The aggressive behavior of the faithful in the family due to alcohol intoxication is considered to be a fairly common misfortune, destroying the marriage bond and harming the mental state of family members.

It is in the stupefied state that the subject transforms his own consciousness, as a result of which some events of the external world seem to him threatening. Negative experiences also often contribute to distrust, heightened sensitivity, creating fertile ground for aggressiveness arising from excessive alcoholic libations.

Actions in this state are usually not motivated, so aggressive behavior may arise due to reasons that are not characterized by the presence of a real underlying basis, but are only a consequence of the game of the subconscious.

There are three ways of behavior that answer the question: what to do with a drinking husband.

The first and most non-conflict, elementary way is the absence of any actions as such. Simply put, you can not take any action at all. Preferring this strategy, a woman will have to come to terms with her alcoholic spouse, try to abstract herself from his drinking person and start living for herself.

You can quit drinking spouse, disclaiming responsibility for the further destiny of the relationship and the fate of her husband. This option is most justified when a partner, having consumed alcohol, becomes aggressive, cruel, constantly insults the spouse, can raise a hand to her or children. Personal safety and the safety of children is much more important than saving a drink. And here remorse is inappropriate, since the man entered into alcoholic slavery on his own. It was solely his choice. Everyone is responsible for their own destiny.

The third option is to start a serious struggle with alcoholism. This path is quite long and hard, but the reward for successfully overcoming it is worth any effort. After all, the preservation of the family is at stake.

Below are a few practical recommendations that help minimize the risk of spirits drinking alcoholic liquids and, as a result, reduce the likelihood of aggression.

First of all, it is necessary to eliminate all alcoholic beverages in the home. Introduce a taboo on drinking alcohol, even during various festivals, anniversaries and home get-togethers. It is necessary to help the spouse to gain new life goals, set priorities, find hobbies that would fill his existence in a state of sobriety. A woman should become independent, begin to live in full being, and at the same time you should always look great in order to become even more seductive for your spouse.

If it was not possible to rescue the faithful from alcohol slavery, and he again came "podshofe", showing signs of aggression, then it is recommended:

- try to prevent the emergence of a state of fear;

- not to get involved in a dispute with her husband over trifles;

- try to distract the faithful by some occupation, for example, watching your favorite TV show;

- lead a normal, peace-loving conversation;

- You can move to the room for children for a while, since the children are unlikely to spouse the wife, however, if there is the slightest chance that their own children do not interfere with offending or hitting the spouse, then it is better not to try to hide in the children's room.

What to do so that the husband does not drink - the recommendations of psychologists, if the woman decided to part with her aggressor husband.

First of all, such a solution should be unambiguous and unshakable. You need to inform his spouse. If the decision is not completely formed, then you should not frighten the faithful, because words that are not confirmed by the act are unlikely to frighten the man for a long time; Therefore, having informed the partner about the care in case of continued drunkenness, you must follow your own words.

No need to believe in the constant promises of an alcoholic spouse. Out of the fear that the beloved will leave, men who abuse strong drinks will go to all sorts of impracticable vows. They, swearing oaths with alcohol-containing liquids, will even believe in the promise and for some period are more likely to keep the promise, but they will fail anyway.

The feeling of empathy for the husband should not be allowed to defeat the instinct of self-preservation. In the foreground for the daughters of Eve should always be their own well-being and the health of children. If confrontation in family ties prevails over healthy relationships, then there is no point in saving the cell of society.

At the same time, the decision to leave the drinking husband should not be spur of the moment or under the influence of stressors. First of all, you need to take care in advance about your own future, place of residence, material support, children.

Husband drinking, what to do - advice of a psychologist

The bonds of Hymen when a spouse fell under the power of alcohol is a bit like a time bomb. For the drinking subject is completely unpredictable. It is impossible to determine in advance what mood the spouse will come in today, what "surprises" to expect from a drinking subject.

One of the fundamental reasons pushing the sons of Adam into the abyss of drunkenness is dissatisfaction with their own being. Drinking through the bottle seeks to muffle or completely eliminate some of the existing problem.

Husband drinks, what to do? Psychologists advise in the fight against masculine addiction, first of all, try to incite in him a sense of guilt. No need to throw a spouse on the threshold, feeling the aroma of alcohol. Ice silence and complete disregard for the beloved of the faithful are also not the best strategies of behavior. A woman who decides to release her spouse from alcohol networks needs to change her own behavior. The drunk husband should be met with a tender smile, tender care and sincere participation. It is necessary to put a lot of effort, so that the smile was real and was intended for him, the once beloved spouse. We must try not to notice the smell of fumes, incoherent speech and wobbly gait. Without expecting a similar meeting from the spouse, the man will be confused, discouraged and will find himself in a rather uncomfortable position.

It is also recommended to change the drunk comfort zone to other situations. For example, arrange evening walks, intimate games, activities with children. However, here it is necessary to understand that at first such a transition will be rather complicated, therefore, one should be patient.

In addition, it is recommended to connect children to the fight against the intoxicating snake. It is necessary to try, so that the children themselves would ask their father to play with them, help them with the assigned lessons, or just spend time together. Every man who has not yet lost a human face will be affected by the joy and love of their own children.

Of course, these tips are effective only at the initial stage of alcoholic bondage. If we are talking about an alcoholic, then only specialized treatment will help.

On the path of liberation from intoxicating bondage, there is one most fundamental obstacle - the partner’s disbelief in his own alcoholism. Therefore, it is very important to convince the faithful that there is a problem that must be eliminated. Having caused the spouse to realize his own illness and set his striving on the struggle, one can consider that half the road on the way to liberation from the oppression of alcohol has been passed.

In this case, the wife should act delicately and at the same time aggressively. When a man is sober and ready for a constructive dialogue, one should try to persuade him to stop drinking. In order for the conversation to be effective, you can "push" on his painful points. For example, trying to convince him to stop drinking alcoholic drinks, one can “draw” before his eyes the most dreadful pictures of how he is falling deeper and deeper into the social bottom, what serious ailments await him in his chosen path.

Having decided to permanently spare a life partner from this harmful inclination, it is necessary to understand that in this battle both partners become a team united by a common goal. Therefore, it is necessary to draw up a plan of action. In case of a slightly neglected situation and knowing the reason that pushed the spouse to look for happiness at the bottom of the glass, freeing alcohol from the networks will help to improve relations between the spouses and correcting it to improve the social life of the husband.

If the situation is more serious and the life of the spouse becomes practical, then psychotherapy will be useful here, which will help to find the root of the problems and possible solutions without ethanol doping. It is necessary for the spouse to develop an interest to give free time to the participants of family relations: children, spouse, parents. You can plan a joint trip or visit the cinema all together.

Along with this, the faithful should be involved in the performance of various tasks so that he feels himself a member of the team. You can work together to develop a strategy for getting rid of the ailment in question, to make a detailed plan, taking into account the wishes of both spouses.

Here one must understand that there is no instant fairy-tale effect. Therefore, it is better not to contact the various witches, grandmas and psychics. Nothing more effective than inpatient treatment at a drug treatment clinic has not been invented. It is important at the stage of therapy not to leave the spouse alone. Support is no less important than the main treatment, and in some situations it is even more necessary.