Serenity is at the same time a term for personal qualities, variants of emotional self-perception and a way to build social contacts. Some compare this concept with detached harmony when they do not torment worldly problems, but at the same time there is complete openness to the world for interaction. According to the experienced spectrum, the feeling of serenity is positive, it can be compared with a slightly muted joy, harmonious serenity and we understand the unity of the world. Regarding personality traits, it is the ability to bring thoughts into a state where peace is a priority and nothing can bring tension to existence and decision making.

Harmony and serenity are close notions on the level that they are abstracted from external influence, when external external factors may influence the decisions or emotions of a person. Serene people are guided solely by signals about the need for something, emanating from their own inner feelings, while being in contact with the outside world. These are not sociopaths or egocentrics who notice only their needs, but, on the contrary, personalities who understand and take into account social processes and the needs of those around them, but do not allow the opinions of others to become guiding, decisive.

What it is

The meaning of the word serenity can be understood as: the lack of rebellion of the internal state, the calm state of the soul, the acceptance of the external world in its original state without trying to change it or adjust it to your own world view.

The sense of serenity is experienced by the person, as a combination of equilibrium in decision-making and reaction to external events taking place, by equanimity from sudden or unpleasant changes. In addition to being in the current moment, its full acceptance is characteristic, even with hardships and anxieties - the world is completely accepted by man. It is like humility, which gives inner strength to endure hard times, hardships, sufferings and not to lose heart, but to continue to rejoice at every given minute.

Such inner deep calm is born from an understanding of the objective causes of discontent or trouble, the ability to see them not only as a result, but also as new opportunities. It is such a unique state of mind when a person is able to benefit, experience or develop opportunities even when the situation seems critically negative. The whole secret is that the world is perceived completely, where the negative moments are part of large holistic processes.

Serenity eliminates unnecessary anxiety, and a person can sincerely and completely enjoy life. A sense of serenity in relationships gives more trust and tranquility, the couple gets space for the personal development of each, while remaining together in a harmonious relationship. The opportunity to enjoy not only every day, but also a loved one is more accessible to serene people, and the high level of acceptance of others makes them less tense in their attempts to change the world.

People who are deprived of serenity are constantly looking for something negative in their surroundings or events, their thinking is simply focused on the constant intense search for lies, dirty tricks, negative consequences of obvious or not. The need for the constant satisfaction of their desires is not achievable with anxiety, because the more desires arise, the more problems there are for their realization. In fact, the more happy is the one who needs less, who does not arrange revolts about the feelings of others, their behavior and does not need certain greenhouse conditions of happiness.

The ability most of the time to be in serenity leads to the fact that it becomes not only an emotional experience, but turns into a personality trait. From what serene people describe about their living lives, one can single out the main thing - a feeling of fullness, joy and gratitude, turning into a state of goodness.

The initial level of satisfaction directly affects how quickly and how much a person can achieve in experiencing happiness. So, from the starting state of serenity to experiencing insights, exciting inspirations and great happiness, is pretty close, both in time intervals and in energy costs. That is why it is pleasant to be with such people and it is easier to fall in love with them, because the ease of perception of the world is passed on to those around them, but in order to please sometimes a greeting.

The serenity inside allows you to relax and people around, giving them full space to be themselves and feel the acceptance of others.

How to achieve serenity

Since serenity is one of the rarest qualities and states with no negative sides, there is a need to develop this ability. Everyone wants to have a state that gives a person positive moments not only in terms of developing him as a person, but also living each day, establishing social interaction and even professional life. To do this, there are many ways from fairly simple, to those that require the restructuring of the self.

The simplest and fastest way to achieve serenity is to change the situation to have it. It is necessary to reduce stress, isolate yourself from noisy streets and forever ringing phones, turn off the Internet so that messages to various messengers stop coming.

It's easier to feel the acceptance of the world and to love it when you look at a beautiful landscape or sunset, listen to beautiful music, drink your favorite drink, and at the same time do not hang over your deadlines, children's questions and constant customer calls. In order to minimize the insurrection of the surrounding space, you can begin to equip your quiet corner where harmony reigns or set aside a certain time when you will be out of the reach zone for all the annoying things that require correction or out of balance.

Determine what is most important to you - the outer space, where you can relax or the opportunity to get a piece of your time in any place (ie, time) and begin to gradually secure yourself.

Despite the fact that serenity implies the full acceptance of the world, it also requires freedom from it. This means that it is necessary to minimize the impact of the surrounding messages on their own psyche. This includes manipulations of loved ones and promotions, attempts to instill the idea of ​​consumption and reduce susceptibility to intrapersonal motives. That is why the practice of periodic seclusion is needed in order to be able to feel happiness simply from the fact of its existence, and not from what is dictated as needs by the outside world. Some people are helped by meditation, and it does not matter how they pass - at home in solitude with pleasant music, on the shore of the reservoir under the voice of the announcer or in group classes on meditation, yoga, breathing practices or other therapy.

One of the variants of the meditative state is prayer and many other spiritual practices, where concentration on higher things and the inner state takes place, and the perception of one's ego becomes not so critical and moves away, which ultimately gives a sense of unity.

In order to develop serenity, it is worth developing one’s own orientation towards a positive, and this should be done throughout the day. The world is full of beautiful moments - a flying butterfly, children playing; old woman feeding cats; in love, hurrying to date. Observing the immediate and happy people removes their own tensions and allows them to show joy for no particular reason. Here it is useful to take children as an example, watch them more often during the game or just on the streets, and then the great wisdom of little people will become available - to rejoice and show a sincere interest in the world, without anxiety and personal gain.

From the internal features it is necessary to change the position of the figure to the position of the observer. To do this, you can sit on the bench and just absorb everything that happens, stopping every attempt to intervene, correct or help. The world will not change globally, but you lose the state of pleasure, while still loading yourself with unnecessary work. Try to let go of the situation and become only a spectator, at least half an hour a day, sitting down in the park on the way home from work.