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Why women love women

Why do women love women? Love between women has become quite common and is almost no condemnation, although it still makes many people think about this choice. Lesbianism cannot be considered a tribute to fashion, since it has always existed, now only the curtain of mystery and censure is falling. Similarly, attitudes toward women have changed, starting with the right to significant career growth. All of this influences and transforms interpersonal and intimate relationships, in which men more and more often go to a slave and passive attitude. It begins with the active desire of women to marry, but this is not the goal. Every woman wants and is looking for love and understanding, and if it is impossible to get it using the usual standard method, searches will find new horizons. The search for tenderness and romance can contribute to this. After all, it is much easier to build relationships with a person who wants a similar pastime than constantly nagging a man and being offended by rudeness or not understanding candles and roses on the table.

There is also the concept of congenital homosexuality and now it is no longer condemned, and accordingly many women, instead of suppressing their true desires and doomed life with a man, can afford to be in a comfortable relationship with a woman. In many ways, this is a weighted decision aimed at revealing their personal nature, as well as caring for other people. In this aspect, the prevailing married couple is no different from heterosexual, since it is not gender and the combination of gender features that are important for building relationships, but the ability of people to hear the other and build relationships. But there are cases when women choose women after multiple injuries received in relationships with men. With such a development of events, negative consequences are likely, ruined fates and retraumatization, since the choice of women's relationships is not an extension of the personality itself, but rather an escape from reality. Not healed injuries will always appear in the new interaction, whoever would not participate in it.

The choice of any orientation is not a deviation or a violation, except in cases where the behavior is the result of a traumatic experience. Initially, all people are bisexual and each person contains both feminine and masculine traits that require the same degree of realization.

Why women love women - psychology

The psychology of the choice of women's relationships is explained by the similarity of women's ways of interaction and perception of the world. When there are any difficulties, the majority share with a friend, when there are joys, they also ask her opinions and advice. Women are initially closer and more comprehensible than men. So it turns out that especially in periods when there is no power to build difficult relationships, when there is no ability to find common points of interaction and contact nearby, it turns out to be the one that understands half-word.

Women love women almost openly, even if the husband or the main man of life is present. Even heterosexual women show a lot of attention and erotic support for their girlfriends. Kissing at the meeting, the constant recognition of each other in love, gentle and caring relations, comments in social networks with many hearts - are the usual friendly attributes of female friendship. All this speaks about the splash of romance and the desire to give each other the missing tenderness, romance and attention.

The greater the connection between women, the more such manifestations are present and it is not surprising that for the sake of a friend many will leave the family and go at night to the other end of the city. The line beyond which simple sympathy turns into an intimate relationship is very subtle in women's communication and sometimes poorly distinguishable even for women themselves. The exceptions are those who have long been determined in their orientation and do not even try to build relationships with men. But even here one should pay tribute to the fact that everything does not boil down to a simple novel, women are quite capable of being friends. Psychological closeness for many women is decisive and then it does not matter who is in front of them, they just enjoy the relationship. Any feelings quickly manifest on the physical plane, which is as natural as breathing.

Psychology divides people by gender, not by sex, i.e. more important is how a person perceives himself, what functions he performs and to which category he considers himself internally, than how his physiological features manifest themselves. Universal bisexuality removes divisions based on gender and the only question that remains is how comfortable a person is in this chosen style of behavior and existence. How much a man interferes with or helps his sensitivity, how much a woman is pleased with her activity. And it absolutely does not matter who sleeps with whom.

The problematics and help of the psychotherapist are required when a person tries to solve other problems with the help of orientation. This may be a state of loneliness, low self-esteem, unwillingness to meet with the present. Lesbian relationships can be chosen as attraction of attention or protest, as the completion of the moments missing in the relationship with a man. In any of these situations, it is worth conducting an in-depth analysis of one's behavior and its causes, since these manipulations destroy not only the life of one who is not aware of his needs, but also another woman who is involved in this relationship.

Why women love women is the reason

Love between women has many rationales, the most common and short-lived in its influence among which is the desire to stand out. Manifested in the adolescent environment, where the expression of individuality and dissimilarity to others is put as the main aspiration. In addition to this, contributing factors are the still present separation of sex groups by gender. For most girls, it is typical to experience the first caresses and kisses from their own girlfriends, since there are simply no other people around. Joint overnight stays, hugs, a lot of time spent together, the lack of secrets and naturally emotional intimacy can be perceived as love on the grounds that there is nothing more to compare. Such teenage female relationships end with the appearance of the first heterosexual contacts, interest from the guys.

Why do women love women? Curiosity is also common among the unstable causes of love relationships between women. Moreover, curiosity can flare up at various levels - it can be an interest in something new in the intima, in how such relationships are built from within, in the psychological side of building interaction.

The psychological formation of a lesbian image of relationships can be influenced by a strong impression of any woman, and this can be an idol of homosexual orientation or just a bright and charismatic woman from the inner circle. Such situational lovers happen at any age, but the standard state of the psyche is not the same. Perhaps this meeting turns the world perception, or this woman is able to see another through, when the inner circle has never understood this. This may be a situation bordering on death and an important choice. Such psychological moments can then lead to a strong friendship, the emergence of an image to which you want to strive or the beginning of a relationship with the selected object.

Deeper and more serious reasons for choosing women's relationships are in violation of identity. When a girl does not perceive or internally does not feel like a woman, is unable to internally correlate herself with this category, feels alien stereotypical positions and hobbies - she does not find a place for herself among the majority and notices that she is more inclined to the male type of response. Optimally, if the search for self and inner conformity will go along with a psychologist, otherwise such a loss in the world can even lead to suicide. Those who could not rebuild and accept their world perception and self-perception begin to build their own destiny as to what they have, rather than the usual social structures. Usually it is strong couples, long-term lesbian relationships or simply the harmonious existence of a woman in this image.

Features of character and education also have a certain influence on the choice of orientation. So, the stronger the pressure of social dogmas, the more a woman who chooses same-sex love will hold on to it. Scientists have found that in societies where there is no prohibition, people change their orientation several times during their lives, because everyone is born bisexual.

It is also believed that hormonal factors and an excess of androgens influence the choice of the sexual partner. Complexes and features of appearance are the traumatic factors that encourage lesbian relationships. So, couples can form where one woman accepted her interest at all levels and makes an informed choice, and the second enters into this relationship only because she can no longer receive love anywhere (due to her own complexes or lack of male attention because of her appearance) .