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How to stop nagging husband

How to stop "sawing" her husband? Not every woman thinks about this question, but in vain. In order not to have to seek advice on how to save the relationship, it is necessary to ponder the lady over whether she is ideal for her spouse, whether she can’t bear his brain with her intolerable character. If a woman subjects her husband to non-constructive constant criticism, while she is not aware of this, then it is necessary to get rid of this shortcoming, destroying the family idyll, immediately. Very often, at a psychology reception, women admit that they “saw” their spouses, referring to the fact that they love them very much, that is why they are being improved. Here they can not not "cut", explaining that they often have to repeat the same thing a hundred times. And most of all I will give women madness, when, for another reminder of something, they harmlessly answer that they have forgotten.

Men call the constant rumbling or dissatisfaction of his wife with the process of "cutting", women, unequivocally, do not think so. They will clearly adhere to their position and argue that these are reminders (unobtrusive and gentle), the wise advice of an all-knowing wife, constructive criticism of a man’s actions or discussion in a dialogue mode when a woman teaches and explains. Without this, the ladies believe, it’s impossible to get along in family relationships, since men are definitely not fit for life and will definitely miss something. And how can you teach them something, if you do not point out every time the mistakes they make. Almost every married woman sometimes behaves not in the best way. It may be worth pondering to women that they demand too much and are angry at their elects without a reason.

How to stop nagging husband - tips psychologist

If you ask any married woman if she is cutting her spouse, the answer will be negative, but if you ask the same question to any member of the stronger half, the answer will most likely be yes.

Therefore, advice on how to stop “cutting” a husband will not be superfluous to every married woman.

Often, "sawing" is the result of any other unresolved issues, therefore, having understood the cause and eradicated it, the need to "saw" the husband will disappear by itself. By marrying a perfect man, ladies start to wonder why they eventually turn into such "undershot". They begin to think that everything is fixable and consistently correct the men, but their technique is not correct and it remains for them only to “cut”.

Wives who constantly “saw” men, it is very difficult to realize that the husband has a brain, two arms, and two legs, and he is quite capable of doing everything he is asked for. But if his actions are different, it means that he simply does not want to do this and he doesn’t care about the situation. For this reason, you should stop “cutting” a husband, because his actions are his conscious choice! And if he reasons or does something wrong - this should not be a reason for female hysteria. In the end, I will not give up the fact that men do not like shopping or chatting with their friends for hours. This moment does not cause disagreements and women are well aware that a man is the opposite sex and differences must exist! In the simplest examples, everyone is aware of this - for example, that musical tastes may not coincide and preferences in choosing to watch movies and read books differ. But wives very quickly forget about it when it comes to everyday issues, and require their husbands to urgently share their views, beliefs, and all opinions. It does not matter that spouses from different families have different life experiences and upbringing, in the end, and female psychology is different from the male.

And here the spouse begins methodically, without ceasing, “sawing” her husband every day. As a result of continuous "sawing", the husband becomes a henpecked. Such a spouse behaves just perfectly - always and in everything seeks the advice of a companion, fears to violate the rules established by the spouse, never takes the initiative and provides an opportunity for a woman to speak first. If you want to educate yourself of such a life partner, then you must not stop his “sawing”. There is, of course, a high probability that a man will not withstand the processes of re-education and run away from such a life. And, it will be right.

And what to do to prevent this from happening? It should be realized that when a woman “nags” her husband, she does not bring him good, but makes her life easier. After all, it is much easier to manipulate a husband and pursue his own when there is no independent person nearby, but there is a limp henpecked.

Therefore, psychologists to the question "how to stop sawing a husband" recommend changing their attitude towards the situation and towards the husband. After all, if the happiness of a spouse is important for a woman, then you need to keep your all-knowing "I" silent more often. And if there are fundamental issues in which a woman does not want to give in, then it is worth divorcing, and not breaking the life of such a man.

A woman should honestly admit to herself what she lacks in relationships, for example, caring, attention, sex, gifts, help, rest. Maybe this problem can be solved without "sawing". Indeed, such a model of communication with a spouse is unlikely to give positive results. It is necessary to talk with her husband and voice that women's behavior is caused by a lack of something and ask for help in this matter. When a woman asks, she thereby gives the freedom to do something for her, which means to help her. She is only required to accept help without looking for flaws.

The spouse is required to remember that the family will only keep on a constant compromise, so the thoughts that the husband “infuriates” only her, and she is an “angel”, is very far from the real picture of what is happening. Therefore, when a desire arises to “drank” a husband, you should remind yourself that the spouse not only does not wash the cup and snores terribly, but also helps in raising children, is a earner in the family.

In long-term relationships, there is a risk to relax and become selfish, overly critical, unloving, insensitive, and self-absorbed. But you can still fix everything if you follow the rules of an intelligent wife: not to perceive irritability, frequent quarrels with your spouse and the general negative background of family relations as something that will pass by itself. The best way out in this case is to change the attitude towards your own husband. Psychologists say that a person is able to develop in himself the qualities that others pay attention to. Therefore, if a wife tells her husband a hundred times that “his hands are not growing from there,” you should not be surprised that something will collapse in the house again, waking everyone up at night. Forcibly nobody changes.

We offer advice of a psychologist, how to stop "cutting" a husband, who must be followed no matter what!

If you want to say something unpleasant to your husband, you should count to five and instead say something surprisingly trivial and easy. The husband will be pleasantly surprised.

If the husband criticizes or offers something, you must agree with him and make every effort to correct. If even he is fundamentally wrong, no need to argue.

If the spouse makes a mistake, do not point to her. It would be better to remain silent.

It is necessary to thank the husband for what he does all the time: for example, for paid bills or for discarded garbage, even if you have never been thanked for such things before.

Talking with her husband, you should dilute your speech with the words "dear" and "dear". It is important not only what the woman says, but also how. It is required to become tender and soft, to forget about screams and sarcasm.

Any woman can be nice to her husband for an hour or two a day. But to be sociable, kind and sensitive is constantly much more difficult. However, only consistency and constancy can drastically change the atmosphere of marital relations.