Chastity is a moral virtue, a state of mind and body of an individual, in which he chooses for himself physical and spiritual purity. At present, the meaning of chastity is partly forgotten and for many is even ridiculous and unnecessary. The state of affairs is such that every year the technical progress of the development of society provides more and more opportunities for the younger generations to avoid censorship from adults, parents and educators. But at the same time, little is given to the foundations and concepts of moral values, such as nobility, honor, chastity, and modesty. To be so in today's reality, especially in megacities, is almost as incapable of survival. However, each of us has a chance to choose how we should be. Maybe a conscious choice in favor of virtues and will not bring wealth and glory, but will give the opportunity to remain himself.

What is chastity?

Let's try to rely on the very word "chastity". If you break into two words, it turns out that the person who shows wisdom while remaining whole and whole will be chaste. I and my world are one balanced whole. Heraclitus (Heraclitus of Efes, ancient Greek philosopher, 544-483 BC) has a very beautiful definition of wisdom, and it sounds like this: "To be wise, it is the highest virtue and wisdom is to speak the truth and agree with her actions, asking nature to learn the truth. "

Synonyms of chastity are such concepts as purity, morality, honor, purity, sanity, innocence, virginity.

Does the concept of chastity always concern innocence and virginity? Up to the twentieth century, woman's chastity was of paramount importance, especially in the life of a girl, and was associated not only with her position in society, but with the attitude of others and men and women to her. If a girl of any class, be it Europe or Russia, kept her innocence before marriage, then she was guaranteed respect in society. For example, in Russia, since pagan times, a very serious and responsible ritual was associated with the loss of virginity. When the wedding day was set in accordance with Christmas time and holidays, guests gathered and the young sat down between their parents and their sweethearts, and wishes, toasts and ritual songs began. When the time came for the newlyweds, a bed was being prepared, and they were accompanied by cronies, matchmakers, parents, and all who wished to sing and say in the room. This was considered the most crucial moment, since it is the signs of virginity that are bloodstains with deprivation of chastity on the bride’s lingerie, and determined her honesty to her future family and husband. If the girl was not innocent, she could be returned to her parents in disgrace, and in the future the whole family would have a very disappointing future.

Parable about lilies. A beautiful white lily grew along the bank of one river. And so she was beautiful, that began to seduce her pool. He whispered to what distance he would take the lily, what pleasures she would give her. And the tender lily, enchanted by promises and in anticipation of the new and the unknown, was ready to agree and jump into the pool. But then a nightingale intervened, who had long and passionately loved the lily. They argued for a long time, the nightingale begged her not to do this, for there was danger and darkness, and nothing more. But lily did not agree. And in order to prove his love and save the tender and trusting lily, the nightingale soared upwards and fell like a stone into the pool. And the pool swallowed his noble and ardent heart forever. Only then did the beautiful lily realize what danger she was saved from ...

Just a few decades ago, Western and European society weakened the rigidity of the innocence of spouses before marriage. It is necessary to say that Christian and Orthodox church schools still teach their pupils clear concepts of chastity, integrity and purity.

In high schools and universities in one of the provinces of China, they will teach the subject of "teaching about life", which will deal with interdisciplinary relationships, love, the concepts of marriage, as well as the concept of chastity. Pupils are invited to write a letter to their son or daughter, in which it will be told what difficulties and temptations a person encounters at the beginning of their journey, and most importantly - why they should begin to have sex only after marriage. What are the advantages of saving purity, what is the value of chastity in general for creating a happy future. The manuals on teaching this subject of chastity before marriage are proposed as the only way to preserve health, not to get infected with venereal diseases and not to become dependent on unwanted pregnancy, which generally changes many fortunes forever every day.

Interesting experience in matters of chastity and sex education of one of the Anglican church schools in the UK. Here Christian values ​​are presented to pupils as subjects for reflection, and not unshakable dogmas. Pupils are taught to think and express opinions about what is happening in the world and at the same time rely on the Christian commandments. Teach tolerance for other personalities and for oneself.

The concept of chastity itself can be divided into two paradigms - the religious (church) and social welfare.

Consider first the social. At what age can the question of deciding whether to preserve a woman's chastity be? Developmental psychology believes that just in puberty, i.e. puberty, when the issues of becoming and finding a teenager's place in your community become the leading activity against the background of increasing interest in sex, exploring your changing body, discovering the associated pleasures.

At different temperaments, characters and social statuses, the decision to preserve whether chastity can be different. It is necessary to exercise self-control and willpower in order not to succumb to false behavior - if all my friends at fourteen are engaged in sex (although this may not be the case), then I don’t want to differ from them. On the part of the parents, maximum tactfulness and patience with regard to behavior that are important not only for girls and future women, but also to no less a degree for growing men, should be shown.

Religious concept. This is a virtue aimed at the victory over lust, especially intimate, since a person can also desire material values, and not only carnal pleasures.

In religion, the concept of chastity is closely related to the concept of sin. A vow or vow helps a virtuous and religious person protect himself from sin. A vow exists as an incentive to fulfill what was intended, be it victory in a battlefield or spiritual development.

Vow of chastity

The vow of chastity is given directly to God and is considered irrevocable. He who gave such a vow no longer has the right to marry and have children, as well as engage in sex forever. The vow of chastity can be given both by men and women, both in monasticism and in the world. Monasticism, as well as "Value" - is translated as "solitary, lonely residence."

There are also similar concepts: asceticism (from the Greek. "Exercise"), as a kind of spiritual practice, the goal of which is to achieve a certain spiritual state or to acquire supernatural abilities, is recognized in all religions and cultures; celibacy (lit. "celibacy"), brahmacharya - sexual abstinence; self-control over desires, striving for purity of thoughts, words and deeds always and in all circumstances.

The vow of chastity is perhaps one of the most difficult vows, as it goes against the very nature of man. Those who choose this path will face many temptations and difficulties in curbing their natural desires.

Chastity Belt

Chastity belt, chastity belt or “Venetian lattice” - a leather or metal device that mechanically makes sexual intercourse impossible.

The concept of "chastity belt" is mentioned for the first time in ancient Greek texts. Allegedly, it was created in order to protect slaves from unwanted pregnancy, which would interfere with the use of their work.

Historically, the mentions of the chastity belt most of all fall on the medieval era. When the husband left the house so that his wife would not be tempted to betray, a leather or metal belt was put on her hips, a strip of metal or leather was fastened in front, passed through the crotch and was fixed at the back. The key to the belt was handed to her husband. Today it is believed that the chastity belt is a fiction if you rely on logic and ideas on how much you can go in leather or metal “strings” without damaging the skin, not to mention the inability to observe at least partial hygiene. But history knows a lot of examples of torturing people, especially in the name of preserving the chastity of a woman. But similar belts over time began to be created not only for the storage of female fidelity. Different models of belts for boys, preventing masturbation are still stored in some European museums.