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Valerian (tablets): instructions for use

Before you buy Valerian tablets, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the proposed instruction, which describes how to use, dosage, the concomitant effect of this drug on the human body. It is necessary to take into account that only a doctor can professionally correlate the patient's problem and the restriction to Valerian's reception, therefore you should not get involved in self-treatment.

The site "Psychology and Psychiatry" offers all the necessary information on the following issues: describes the composition and form of release, instructions for use and indications for taking Valerian, contraindications, recommended dosage, popular analogues, reviews of doctors and patients about taking this drug.

Valerian is a unique sedative used to smooth out stress. It has a calming effect on the nervous system of Valerian, which improves cardiac function. Valerian is able to remove bouts of heart palpitations. Also, this tool is effective in solving problems with the gastrointestinal tract, if it is of a psychosomatic nature.

Pharmacological group: sedatives.

Active ingredient: Valerian medicinal rhizome with roots (Valerianae officinalis rhizomata cum radicibus).

Valerian - composition and release form

Dosage form - tablets, film-coated: biconvex round shape, yellow with a greenish tinge; the core in the cross section varies from light to gray-brown in color with a greenish tint (in a cardboard bundle 1-5 blister packs of 10, 25 or 50 pieces, or 1 can, vial or polymer container of 30, 40, 50 or 100 pieces .).

Ingredients 1 tablet: active substance:

- valerian extract thick - 20 mg (the sum of esters of carboxylic acids in terms of ethyl ester of valeric acid - 1.8%);

- auxiliary components: lactose monohydrate - 43.11 mg; magnesium hydroxycarbonate - 20 mg; sucrose - 5 mg; potato starch - 10.84 mg; polysorbate 80 - 0.05 mg; Calcium Stearate Monohydrate - 1 mg;

- shell: Opadry II yellow - 7 mg.

Pharmacological action Valerian

The therapeutic effect of Valerian is due to the complex of substances contained in it and above all the essential oil and alkaloids. In rhizomes and roots, the amount of essential oil reaches 2%. The main components of the oil: bornyl isovalerate, isovaleric acid, borneol, camphene, α-pinene, limonene, etc.

The drug has a sedative effect, which manifests itself quite slowly, but steadily. Valerian has a multilateral effect on the body, inhibits the central nervous system, lowers its excitability, facilitates the onset of natural sleep.

Also Valerian has a weak antispasmodic effect, is able to relieve spasms of mild severity. Muscle tissue of the urinary and digestive systems after taking Valeriana relaxes, because the drug enhances the secretory activity of the gastrointestinal tract.

This drug expands the coronary vessels, slows heart rate, has a choleretic effect.

The therapeutic effect of Valerian is observed with a long course of treatment.

Indications for use Valerian

Valeriana preparations are used in many countries as a sedative for nervous agitation, insomnia, cardiovascular neurosis, accompanied by spasm of the coronary vessels, tachycardia, as well as for asthma, epilepsy, spasm of the gastrointestinal tract, migraine, and for the treatment of neurodermatitis. Sometimes valerian is used in combination with bromine preparations, heart and other sedatives.

Valerian is used in the form of decoctions, tinctures, tinctures, powders and extracts. The works of Professor V.I. Ischenko showed that tablets made from whole finely chopped vegetable raw materials are 2.5 times more effective than tablets with an extract of rhizomes of valerian.

Valerian - contraindications and side effects

Most patients are well tolerated by treatment with drugs Valeriana drug, but with hypertension there is a stimulating effect opposite to the sedative effect, as well as sleep disturbance with heavy dreams.

The absolute contraindications to Valerian therapy are:

- congenital fructose intolerance, deficiency of sucrase / isomaltase, glucose-galactose malabsorption, lactose intolerance, deficiency of lactase;

- I trimester of pregnancy;

- age up to 3 years;

- individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

Relative contraindications; (Valeriana pills extract is prescribed under medical supervision): chronic enterocolitis; II-III trimester of pregnancy; lactation period.

Elderly patients should take Valeriana with caution, because the drug can increase blood clotting, while maintaining the threat of stroke or heart attack.

It is also important to consider the following adverse reactions that occur after long-term use of valerian drug: depressed, weakness, lethargy, drowsiness, decreased performance, and occasionally - hypersensitivity reactions and constipation.

In some cases, dizziness, lowering of body temperature, irritation of the stomach, weakening of concentration of attention are possible.

Valerian - method of administration and dosage

Valerian tablets are used as a sedative drug for such conditions as sleep disorders, agitation, migraines associated with overexcitement, as well as functional disorders of the cardiovascular system and the gastrointestinal tract of light forms. Since Valerian does not have a strong sedative effect, it can be used before bedtime to facilitate falling asleep, and during the day in various stressful situations when it is necessary to cope with anxiety and anxiety.

The drug should be taken orally before meals. Recommended instructions for Valerian dosage is 1 tablet 2 or 3 times a day. Tablets should be taken with water with a volume of about 100 ml. The duration of the drug is determined individually. Depending on the evidence, Valerian can be taken either once or for a long period of time. The duration of drug treatment on average is about 4-6 weeks. With longer use of Valerian, medical supervision is necessary.

In case of overdose, there is an increase in the side properties of this drug, pronounced discomfort begins in the gastrointestinal tract, drowsiness (or agitation) increases, a feeling of depression arises, begins to feel sick, and vomiting may begin. In this case, it is necessary to artificially induce vomiting and ensure gastric lavage no later than two hours after the direct administration of this drug. Further symptomatic therapy is carried out.

Valerian - drug interactions

When interacting with other drugs, Valerian can influence them. In particular, with a single use with drugs that have a depressant effect on the central nervous system, the effect of the latter is potentiated. The effect of any sedative, analgesic, sedative, anxiolytic and hypnotic drugs will be enhanced.

There are no contraindications for a single use with antihypertensive and cardiotonic drugs. Also, there were no situations of negative drug interactions between this drug and standard drugs, which are used to treat the gastrointestinal tract or diseases related to the elements of the cardiovascular system.

Analogs Valerian

Valerian is a part of drops of Zelenin, Valocordin, Cardiovalen, other complex preparations, and also in collections; essential oil is one of the main components of Corvalol (and similar drugs).

There are various commercial names for valerian tablets, which are made on the basis of the same raw material - valerian extract.

These are such drugs:

- Valerian Forte.

- Dormiplant-valerian (with the addition of lemon balm extract).

- Valerian extract.

- Valdispert.

They differ in manufacturer, packaging, number of tablets, volume in mg (125, 200, 300) and price. The use of analogues must be agreed with the attending physician.

Valerian - reviews of doctors

Valerian tablets - this is the bottom of the old herbal remedies, still relevant in our time. Reviews of doctors about Valerian indicate that this cheap drug has proven itself on the positive side. The effect of the drug has more placebo effect than the medicinal one. However, doctors recommend it as a sedative, especially for older people. Doctors say that it is best to use Valerian at night with pills or solution of motherwort. Reviews of doctors fully confirm that the drug has a sedative effect, has a minimum of side effects. The drug is very desirable to have in your first aid kit and cores, as it can soothe the heart rate and has moderate hypotensive properties. Additionally, this drug is used as a mild antispasmodic.

Reviews of Valerian in tablets, as a rule, indicate that users find this drug relatively "safe" and very often take it on their own, without an appointment. As a rule, valerian extract in tablets acts favorably, helps to overcome insomnia, irritability, relive stressful situations.

Often patients do not know how many pills to drink, and exceed the usual dosage. At the same time note drowsiness, lethargy. Does the extract of Valeriana calm down, often depends on the circumstances and condition of the person.

Doctors in the reviews note that before taking it is still advisable to consult with the doctor who needs to ask questions about what Valeriana extract is prescribed for, whether the nursing mother can drink this medicine, drink as much to calm down, why Valerian acts, and so on.

Valerian - patient reviews


Well, who does not know this wonderful, sedative, like valerian root. Both old and young know about him. Some say that this wonderful tool helps everywhere and always. Others shout that they do not take these pills. I want to share my opinion.

As for me, Valerian tablets have a cumulative property. They do not help instantly, I most often take them before bedtime, when something important is coming, and I have to be nervous. All of us have situations where it is simply impossible to do without a sedative. If I get very nervous, then valerian does not help me, it works only with a little agitation. I calm down only a few means at a time. This is valerian before bedtime, something more serious in the morning and, of course, self-hypnosis.

In general, with light excitement, it is quite possible to do Valerian, but in order to act faster, it is better to take drops. A pill does not help here and now. Tablets are harmless, herbal, and therefore not addictive. When applied, it can cause drowsiness, although I did not notice it, well, at night before bedtime it does not count. Valerian tablets can be taken pregnant, but of course you should consult with your doctor.


In my opinion, valerian and motherwort are the best soothing ones. I am not a very nervous person by nature, but at work they sometimes get so tired that it starts to twitch my eyes. At such moments, these funds save me. They have a really strong impact, one pill is enough for me to walk calm and drowsy for three days. Therefore, these days I do not use the car just in case.


I was prescribed valerian for treating tachycardia during pregnancy, and she really helped to cope with a rapid heart rate. According to my doctor, it is best to drink valerian in pills during pregnancy, because there is a small proportion of alcohol in the tincture. As for side effects, I can say that valerian is better not to abuse it, I once got drunk before an important exam and for a long time could not orient myself and remember the necessary information, the state was sleepy.


If insomnia or nervous, drink valerian tablets. They are great help me in such moments of life. Moreover, my parents and some friends also calm down valerian. It is relatively inexpensive, but it lasts a long time, since I do not drink it every day. Yes, I forgot to say when I worry very much before some important event in my life - I also drink valerian, as they calm down so well.


Valerian tablets help to relax over time, be calm, do not react so sharply to the surrounding problems, sleep is getting better, the nervous reaction is not so sudden, a lot of things get on the drum. And sometimes it is very useful.


My problem with youth is bad sleep. It seems that in a day a person should get tired and chopped off with my workloads: two children, work, children's clubs, household chores. However, as soon as the night begins, I lie with my eyes closed for a couple of hours. It happens that asleep at ten o'clock in the evening, I wake up at four in the morning and do not sleep. The problems accumulated during the day do not allow you to calm down. Valerian tablets take courses. Usually a month. There are definitely improvements. At night, I do not wake up at all, I sleep until morning like a dead one. It seems to me that the whole body copes better with stress. Otherwise, I react to conflict situations.


Valerian tablets are an inexpensive and effective remedy that should definitely be taken in some situations in order to calm down. After all, our life is really full of stress, and nowhere to go from this. And valerian well helps, even if its action is not too strong, there are stronger preparations, but for me personally this is enough. Therefore, this drug I always have in stock. I am sure that people will use it constantly, the medicine has long been known and practiced all over the world. It is very good that it is of plant origin, helps even with insomnia. The nervous system calms down, comes sleep and calm. Personally, my valerian does not cause any allergic manifestations.


The constant stress at work, worries and hassle with teenage sons did their job - you need to take a sedative. I am not a supporter of taking drugs on a chemical basis, I remain an adherent of "grandmother's recipes." And here he made a choice in favor of a very effective means by which a positive result is achieved, quickly and harmlessly. I try to take it only at the end of the day, then it feels like the body relaxes, anxiety and tension subside, there is tranquility. But then, what a deep sleep, healthful, removing all the negative savings.


This drug probably should be in every home medicine chest. Valerian tablets gently soothe the nerves, against the background of their reception quickly fall asleep. I take it during magnetic storms, with fluctuations in atmospheric pressure, sometimes with PMS. Good for the heart. Although there is one "but." Sometimes after taking the head starts to hurt. I attribute this to the fact that I have hypotension and it is possible that the drug lowers the pressure even more. Therefore, it is best to take valerian overnight. Naturally, the low price is also pleasant compared to other sedatives. The effect is the same, and you pay less money.

Margarita Pavlovna Kravchuk

There is always a first-aid kit with Valerian. It happens, the heart picks up, or I can not sleep, so I take the drug - and after 10 minutes everything is fine. Or if someone in the family is nervous, immediately after valerian. The medicine is made only from natural remedies, but it is not necessary to drink for a long time Then one pill is not enough, then two. Better not to be zealous.

Terms and conditions of storage

Store in a place protected from moisture at temperatures up to 25 ° C. Keep out of the reach of children.

Shelf life - 2 years. Do not apply after the expiration date.

Conditions of sale from pharmacies: The drug is released without a prescription.

We want to emphasize that the above description of the drug Valerian performs an introductory function only! More precise guidance on the application can be obtained by studying the instruction approved by the manufacturer. Remember - self-healing is irresponsible and unsafe for health! We strongly recommend that you consult a doctor before starting treatment with Valerian.