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What Men Talk About

What men talk about has always been a subject of controversy and has caused inquisitiveness among women. Many films have been shot on this subject and a considerable number of performances have been staged. It has long been noticed that not only women talk for hours on end with each other, but the stronger sex is also not averse to sitting and chatting in their circle of friends or close friends. Gathering over a mug of intoxicating drink, men discuss mainly gadgets, cars, fishing, work, politics, history, football, women. As a rule, there is no subtext in a man’s speech, and it includes communication through facts, not internal thoughts and feelings.

It is commendable if a woman tries to study and understand aspects of male psychology. This will help her to keep a partner, to understand in detail what are the causes of constant turmoil and quarrels. If you work on relationships taking into account the psychology of communication of a man, then you can achieve an exceptional balance in the pair, sincere love and understanding. Men are fundamentally different from women in that they tend to act more than feel and reason about it. They are more silent and more important for them to see, and not to hear. One more important detail concerns the fact that “hints” are not peculiar to the male part of the population, and for them the essence and accuracy are important.

What men talk about among themselves

If men have the opportunity to escape from families and offices, to leave with friends from all obligations and concerns, then we can confidently say that during this time they will discuss many topics. If you overhear, from these conversations, many ladies can learn a lot of new and interesting. After all, whatever men may say, they still return to topics about women. Often in their conversations, men complain of their chosen one. Besides the fact that the stronger sex is discussed by women, they also talk about work, about cars, about money, about football and so on.

At first, conversations begin with the narration of real affairs, then men like to remember joint stories (told more than once), and only then discuss relationships with the fair sex. But often such meetings are held under the general laughter and loud chatter, when almost almost no one is heard and everyone says. Therefore, men's conversations differ little from women's conversations, they just have a different predominance of certain topics.

If you slightly open the curtain, and overhear what the men are saying among themselves, then the male conversation will appear as an alternate monologue, following the unequivocal direction.

The first direction has such a meaning - "that's how smart I was that I could get out."

The second direction of the conversation - "I had a similar situation, I can give valuable advice."

Topics for conversation among the representatives of the strong half vary depending on social status, age, marital status. If we consider the standard situation when two familiar men meet by chance, then their conversation will be either about everyday affairs, or about work or own business.

The main topics that can be highlighted:

- Cars. There has always been a popular topic for men in discussing cars and when meeting two car enthusiasts, talking about cars always had a place to be. The overwhelming majority of male conversations about who among my friends sold (bought) the car, which, disadvantages and advantages, which car service is better, where to buy spare parts and so on. This topic in discussions can last forever.

- Further, in order of declining importance, there is talk of repairing a country cottage, an apartment.

- Men's toys. This conversation can last without beginning and end about expensive computers, gadgets, stereos, televisions, collections, and more.

- Job. Often, work issues are discussed with people or colleagues who understand the specifics of each other's work.

- Personal relationships. Details of personal relationships are shared in a relaxed atmosphere in a narrow circle. Exceptions are those cases when there is a desire to pour out the soul. But since this happens much less frequently for men than for women, it turns out that there is very little talk about the female half of humanity.

- Intimate relationships. These relationships are closely intertwined with personal relationships and this topic between men is very rarely affected. If there is such a topic, it is often under a glass of brandy in a heart-to-heart conversation with a trusted friend. In general, men are very cautious and only occasionally willing to share their love affairs or to discuss a little pretty female employees, stepping along the corridors of the office.

- Philosophical topics. The dominance of such topics in conversations according to the age of the man. The older he gets, the more often he thinks about freedom, about religion, about the meaning of being. Conducts an analysis of past time: what was done and what was not.

- Football. Most of the representatives of the strong half love sports, and if a football or hockey championship is shown on TV, the topic for a long conversation is guaranteed. Sport is discussed often, but without heated discussions, the topic of lazy athletes is mostly raised.

- Children. This topic for discussion does not arise as often as everyone else. In conversation, the representatives of the strong half love to show off their children, especially if they are sons, and, to notice their intelligence among their peers.

- Politics. Political debates are also a very common topic of conversation among the male population. You can always meet on the street two men leading each other on economic and political topics.

- Gossip. When all sorts of topics are exhausted, but at work, for example, there is nothing to do, then there is a discussion of the personal life of colleagues.

Men are able to discuss everything in a row and depending on their life situations, they will also change topics for conversations.

What men do not say

Men try not to talk much about women, the topic of sex between them is not discussed. For women it will sound strange, but it is a fact. Women men are not discussed as in terms of analyzing events, but merely stating facts. For example, "I have a girlfriend, she is good," or "was a wife, no longer want, bored." With great pleasure young men talk about women, not sparing the momentum and words, and only in their own circle. The other representatives of the stronger sex try not to be frank, because to tell too much about yourself will mean recognition of their uncertainty, cowardice and indirect disclosure of the problem.

Bragging and revelation in a healthy male team are not encouraged. This man does not "wash dirty linen in public", he does not need pity or joy for his success - it is deeply personal.

Men are silent about their own savings. About the amount of money from the boss, about the machinations of oligarchs - always talk, please, however, how much and in what currency the topic is closed. For their own personal reasons, their own diseases are also not much discussed.

No matter how nice ladies would be curious to find out what men are talking about, you should try to abandon this undertaking, since this is part of their personal space, jealously guarded. And in general, why should women know what men are talking about among themselves. Let them discuss, make secrets - it's just talk and a chance to exalt yourself in the eyes of friends, after all, the ladies have girlfriends, their gossip and favorite secrets.