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How to like men

How do men like? The desire to like men lies in every woman, but there is a difference in who should like it. There is a huge difference between how to attract the attention of a long-time acquaintance and how to please men at a glance, if you first meet. Naturally, the first thing that will be paid attention when meeting and any contact between two people is appearance. It is she who creates the first impression, attracts attention at a long acquaintance, and creates a favorable background and a desire to interact. Well, or, in extreme cases, a well-groomed exterior will not frighten off men and will provide an opportunity to show unique personal qualities.

How to like men - psychology

For an attractive appearance, you need to keep your body fit and in good physical shape. Blush, endurance, posture are read by a man unconsciously and signal that this woman will give birth to healthy children. Pay attention to the condition of the skin and hair, take care of a neat manicure and soft skin of the hands.

Next is to work on the image, which includes both external manifestations and behavioral. Men usually give preference to feminine girls, and those who choose a unisex style or tend to men's wardrobe, short haircuts are more likely perceived as comrades or even competitors. The more you look different from men, the more you will be noticed by them. Long hair, dresses and skirts, bright colors, ringing jewelry - all these are invariable attributes of femininity. The main thing here is not to overdo it and not to look like a Christmas tree. Make-up is better to choose in natural natural shades, let it be as inconspicuous as possible.

Feminine behavior should radiate gentleness, friendliness and happiness. It is important to try not to lose a sense of humor, both in light everyday situations and in the presence of problems, and not to complicate any strange situations of mutual relations. Men have a lot of problems, and when a woman comes up with them and makes them decide, he stops feeling light and tries to disappear. However, this does not mean that you need to solve all the problems yourself, the main thing is simply not to exaggerate and wind yourself, but it’s very useful to ask for adequate help. This gives a man the opportunity to take care of you and show their strengths. Being next to the Amazon, a man does not feel his need and does not know how else he can show interest, such a woman is easier to leave with her affairs.

Try to rejoice at everything that a man presents to you - time, a compliment, help with work, a return nod with his head, a long conversation, a diamond ring.

Appearance is important only when asked how men like themselves at first sight, then only personal and psychological moments come into play. Of course, he will continue to admire your beauty in a year, but if there is nothing to talk about or emotional comfort of a man suffers, then this communication will not last longer than an hour.

Beauty rarely ranked first in the hierarchy of significant female qualities in men. The first places were always occupied by intelligence and care, and if at a young age the mind came out in the first place in combination with attractiveness, then for men over forty, beauty does not appear as an important quality, it is replaced by care and only a few are interested in the mind.

To please a man, a woman must be tactful and tolerant in any matter. Men's self-esteem is quite sensitive to criticism, even if they do not show the mind, so any taunts and remarks, a demonstration of how to do something, and comparisons with others not in their favor can stay in his soul for a long time. An overly aggressive woman immediately begins to be perceived by a man as a rival, and not as a companion. It is important to remember that aggression can be understood not only as direct physical impact, but also as a leading position, command notes in a voice, excessive exactingness, a competing position.

Men expect flexibility and diplomacy from women, both in relation to themselves and others. Trying to stay nice with a man and be rude to others when he is not around, can become obvious and the man will be extremely disappointed.

There is one trick, built on the fact that we all like people who like us, so by demonstrating our own sympathy and sincere interest, a woman gets the interest of a man.

There are a lot of ways to show a man that you like him, from direct asking questions to enthusiastic listening to his stories with his mouth parted.

There may be a wrong sense of preference for men of quiet, soft and submissive women who are always reliable and predictable. With such women, calmly and securely, but boring, it is impossible to fall in love with such people, they can be grateful. Therefore, to remain yourself with your unique weirdness, tantrums from scratch and cry because of the faded bouquet will be just what distinguishes you from a number of other women. The manifestation of dissatisfaction, voicing your own position with the argument of disagreement makes men strive for better achievements, develop and as a result they like such women. Literate criticism contributes to growth and those who are able to use these weapons are often called muses.

The main means to cause a sincere and deep interest of a man is to remain himself as much as possible and to notice at the same time, to respond sincerely (to thank for the pleasant, to signify dissatisfaction) and, of course, to behave so as not to offend.

How to make it clear to a man that he likes

Traditional social roles play an active role in sex-role interaction for men, so many women, fearing to appear intrusive or misunderstood, are afraid to be active. And more and more often the question arises how to show a man that you like him with hints and looks.

Most often, men are well aware that they are cute girl, but if in doubt, then finally it can be convinced of this by using flirting. Here it is worth remembering that flirting is an easy, fun game in which participants enjoy themselves at the moment, without reference to the result. Accordingly, flirting with a man should be original and unobtrusive, trying to get more pleasure herself. Constantly pursuing him with his attention in inappropriate situations can lead to the fact that he will soon begin to fall apart. Of the flirting techniques, it is best to use the methods of non-verbal signals when you can lean in the direction of your interlocutor or mirror his posture. It always works better than short skirts and shooting with eyes, besides it is not so persistent and can be interpreted as you please.

If you have known each other for a long time and there is no critical situation when you lose sight of this person in an hour, then you can begin to be friends. For this perfect general classes, joint pastime. Carefully study the interests of a handsome man and try to find something similar among your hobbies, then many common topics for conversation will automatically appear, and the person sharing our hobbies will become more sympathetic.

If you have nothing in common, then you can ask the man to tell about his hobby or teach you what he can do (even if it is winter fishing). The main thing is to show maximum interest, since the questions asked for a tick can be annoying, but men love being in the role of a teacher and an enlightening guru. At such moments, it is worth listening to him, holding his breath and remembering. Choose something that will be interesting to you, since at first your communication will be built around the chosen topic. Such communication, which looks like friendship, ultimately gives rise to a very deep interest, which cannot be created, either by going on dates, or by applying perfect makeup.

Give him compliments, make him stand out among others, you can even turn to him more for help — this is how a man will feel his importance in your life. You can be interested in his opinion on anything, even new shoes, while ignoring the comments of others.

Men love cheerful girls, and from cheerful ones they prefer those who laugh at their jokes. This is not only a source of excellent mood, which means that you will associate with him positive emotions, but also confirmation of its importance and success. Many men are proud of their sense of humor, equate wit to the level of intelligence and social success, respectively, the more external confirmation it will receive, the better. No matter how much this image corresponds to reality, even if only you from the whole country laugh at his humor, he will come back to you, and not think about the futility of jokes.

But as always, the most reliable way is direct conversation and sincere recognition. Men may not understand the hints, especially if you overdo it with conspiracy from excessive fear. The recognition does not leave an understatement and a hanging situation, it is likely that you will receive reciprocal reciprocity or at least respect for courage. If the goal is to inform and clarify the situation, rather than falling in love with a man, then openly reporting your own feelings would be the best option. Just take care in advance that this happens in a secluded atmosphere and good mood. Whether to continue communication will depend on the man himself and his individual reaction.

How to tell a man you like him

Direct talk about sympathy is a kind of guarantee that you will be correctly understood and generally heard. The only contraindication for this is the absence of direct acquaintance (when you are only a spectator at his lectures) or when this acquaintance is rather fleeting (you were presented to each other at a conference of several hundred people). Acquaintance online completely admits the recognition of a man as a wonderful interlocutor or even a compliment of his appearance, but here, perhaps, it is worth refraining from love confessions, since you are still not so familiar and not in all situations.

Directly, you can immediately find out his attitude towards you and no longer suffer from uncertainty, as well as look at the very reaction of the man, perhaps some manifestations will make you stop communicating. Someone will not have enough tact and upbringing, and he will begin to scoff, someone will be lost, and will hesitate to answer, and someone may start up in lengthy reasoning, trying to leave you as a friend. In all these options, it is hardly worth continuing to communicate.

If you try to hint about your location, you can get a lot of misunderstanding, or he will take it as your usual style of interaction. No flirting will give a guarantee that you understand clearly, but if you increase your attention, you can go too far and go into vulgarity or obsession. Direct text removes multiple variants of understanding and ambiguous situations.

Before you say everything is open, it makes sense to probe the situation and see if the man has at least sympathy for you. To do this, perfectly suited questions about how he is your communication. What does he think about the last conversation. You can also disappear for several days, and then observe his reaction. If you notice that a man is really interested in you and is experiencing, then you can proceed to an open conversation. If, even at the moment of clarification of such things, he begins not flattering to express or move away from an answer, then it is better to leave this idea.

Try to make sure that no one interferes with your conversation, either during or after - it is better to choose the evening time when no one needs to hurry anywhere. Tell the man honestly how you feel about him and how you would like to see your relationship. Even if now your imagination is drawing a wedding and three children, it is better to keep silent about it, but to talk about the coming months. From possible questions after having voiced her position, various variations of interest in his opinion may sound. After she described her perception of the situation and took an interest in his gaze - a step behind him. If he does not commit it, it only means that the person is not ready or does not want to create something in common. It is important to be prepared for this turn of events.

How to like men at work

Usually, it is much easier for a man to be outside the walls of the workroom — they look at you as a woman, without taking into account the position, duties, and passing interactions caused by the work relationships. It is difficult to like men at work, because they can see a competitor in you or be afraid of gossip from other colleagues.

If you come to a new place of work, then attention and approval should be won with your professional qualities and friendliness. It is important to distribute your attention to all employees, because they are now looking at you very carefully, and you do not know what happened with the participation of the chosen man earlier. Flirting, jokes, candid outfits will be more than irrelevant, and even if they cause a male interest, they will be perceived as a frivolous attitude to work, and you may lose it. Trying to attract the attention of the chief, as men are pre-disastrous ideas, even if it seems to you that you respond with sympathy. What you can perceive as a personal relationship can be just a reward for good work.

How to attract the attention of men? It is necessary to express yourself as a person, communicating outside of work. Social networks, messengers and mail are great for this. In addition, the correspondence can be conducted not only in the evening, but also during work, discussing various situations, but without taking them beyond the confines of a personal chat. This will create a certain mood, allow you to appear more and do not interfere with work. Try not to discuss in such a correspondence business moments, so as not to completely mix everything together.

If the communication is tied up and instead of the usual smoke break, you notice that the man is left to correspond with you, then you can gradually translate the communication into reality. You can ask to spend your lunch in a cafe or share the secrets of food brought from home. Communicate when there is time for rest and try to choose fun topics for this. The workspace already contains a lot of tension, and if a man has a person with whom you can relax and have a good laugh, who will also support and understand him in work issues, then the emergence of sympathy is inevitable.