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How to please the boy

How do you like a boy? With age, we understand how relationships are built between people, but in adolescence, when first love comes, it is still not clear how you can please the boy. Many are beginning to copy the appearance of some well-known personalities and try to imitate the manner of the heroines of the movie, but everything looks very playful and inappropriate. Most of the boys are interested in how to spend time with the girl and what to talk about, and not how skillfully she will play someone else’s image.

How to please the boy - tips

To please the boy, you need to start with the appearance, but in this matter you should not try to become the same as most girls in school - it is important to be able to stand out. In order to emphasize your individuality, it is better to choose things of your style, rather than drastically change it. Shoe high heels, if before all the time passed in sneakers meaningless - attention will be much, but it will be devoted to inept walk and take the form of ridicule. Staying in your image you need to become a little brighter - blue jeans, when everyone wears dark; hair collected in the tail, if all go with loose.

Well-groomed and style play a lot in the perception of a man and boys, even at a very early age, celebrate girls who have beautifully styled hair, neat clothes and the ability to combine accessories. A stylish haircut, a pair of items of the latest collection and comfortable clothes will be the key to an attractive appearance. Striving to buy all the fashion boutiques and not relevant, but in choosing the image you need to focus on your age category, because what looks great on twenty-year-old girls is just ridiculous on a girl of 11 years.

The next moment will be the choice of behavior, since one bright appearance is not enough. It is necessary to pay attention to oneself by actions, for which one does not need to do something extreme or startling, one should also avoid drawing attention to scandals and antisocial behavior. It is best to show your kindness and cheerful nature, and not only towards the boy who likes it, but to all others.

You can try to show your best, but you should not redo yourself completely and be close to the guy completely different person. Even if you succeed in this, then in case of disappointment, it will be a great pity for the enormous efforts spent on creating an illusory image. And to the disappointment you need to be ready, because after you liked the boy, you will begin to communicate closer and he may be far from the ideal that your imagination drew.

How do you like a boy in school

The school itself imposes a lot of restrictions on communication and its forms of manifestation, which rather complicates the possibility of sympathy. But at the same time, the presence of mandatory requirements for behavior and joint tasks helps to figure out even how to please a boy who does not like you. In the school process itself, there are many joint activities where you can help someone who is sympathetic to you. By participating in productions and showing your talents you can change the perception of a guy. The main thing that is worth remembering is not to wait for attention and enter into a dialogue with him more, as well as to show oneself, the only trick is that this should be done solely on a business topic. You should not talk openly about your own feelings, if you know that the boy does not like you, it is better to cooperate with him and show restraint. Such a calm approach contributes to the emergence of sincere interest, the guy will at least want to know how interacting so much time you do not even have friendly feelings for him.

Well, if there are additional circles or sections at the school where the guy you like goes, you can enroll there and you will have more joint topics and time spent together. Come carefully to the choice of these classes - the boxing section may not be the best option, but aeromodelling is quite suitable - and it will be easier to cope and it will not cause suspicion what the girl is doing there. Optimally, these activities satisfy your interests or you can choose others (gymnastics, drawing). Usually, all classes are held on the same schedule, which means you will have a total time in the breaks and on the way home.

Using lessons to establish relationships is not only not recommended, but also useless, change and time after class are best for personal contact. If you try to attract attention during class, you can seriously spoil the relationship with the teacher, which will affect the whole process of being in school.

You can meet more often at recess, arrange casual meetings, choose a place in the dining room next to the guy. Such meetings should not look obtrusive and cause paranoia in him, if your class is now in another part of the school, and you are alone around the guy, you will have to come up with an iron alibi why you need to be here (for example, the need to wait for the teacher - only then wait for him and ask about something).

If the lessons end at the same time, then you can chat on the way home or even ask him for help - bring books, protect them from yard dogs, tell them that you are afraid of ruffians in the yard. You can offer to do homework together, but it is better not to start with this. In the beginning, discuss assignments at recess a couple of times, perhaps he can explain something to you or you can let him write off.

Attracting attention to the appearance in the school is not desirable, but you should not forget about it completely. Even the most boring form can be made more original, using jewelry or braiding hair. Anything that is not prohibited by the school charter can be safely used to emphasize your individuality. Even if the rule for white shirts is established, you can choose not classic, but with hand embroidery and beads instead of buttons - the main thing is to show imagination.

How do you like a boy in 10 years

Perhaps the first thoughts, how can you please the boy, come exactly in 10 years. This is the simplest in terms of establishing the usual friendly communication and the most difficult in the formation of intersexual interaction, which is explained by the different speed of mental processes. Then, as the girls already begin to feel sympathy for the guys, walk with them and communicate more, the boys still do not have such a need. The girls themselves have a style of communication, less want to spend time with friends, and in those moments when there is communication with girls, I want to discuss the possibility of relationships with guys, find out who likes who and share information on improving the image. Boys still behave at this time, as before - they spend time with boys, they think girls are boring and do not particularly notice the difference in sex.

To win the boy's sympathy is a difficult task, since all his hobbies are outside the sphere of girls. Some often begin to communicate with older children, as they are already interested in girls and you can quickly find a common language, but not all of those who are older will agree to communicate with a younger girl. But the situation is not hopeless. Interest at this age should be attracted by engaging in general activities. If you know how cool to ride a bike or roller skates - you can arrange a competition, if you know an interesting abandoned house, then you can arrange a tour there.

How in 10 years like a boy? You need to show enthusiasm and character, if you are fascinated to look at the boy and nod at his every word, he will not be interested. It is best to defeat him in some case. To overtake, it is better to surrender the control, to climb a tree higher - this will attract his attention even if the boy cannot allow the girl to defeat him. Competitions will help the birth of friendship and strong relationships, especially if after a series of victories you lose to him, and in another area you ask for advice or teach you. For example, you can overtake him on the rollers, while asking him to teach him how to ride a skateboard, you can better pass the literature and ask him to explain mathematics. You can not constantly win from him, so the guy's self-esteem decreases, and he will find a social circle where he will look better.

You do not need to tell a guy 10 years old about his feelings, especially in a romantic manner from melodramatic films - it may be incomprehensible to him that he pushes many people to rather cruel jokes. Try to spend more time where he spends it and actively participate in everything that happens. If a crowd of boys playing snowballs, it is better to join, and playing for the team of the enemy - so he will remember you for sure. The worst thing you can do is walk past with a haughty and dull face, showing with all your appearance how frustrating the snowballs are for a girl. He will simply understand that you should not call this one with you, but you’ll always want to see a cheerful and naughty girl who can have fun along with him. And let it not yet realize what exactly is happening and does not know the name of this feeling, but you are already becoming special to it.

How do you like a boy in 11 years

By the fifth grade, the boys gradually show an interest in the opposite sex, they begin to notice obvious differences. They are still trying to hide it, they still spend a lot of time playing games with guys, but they already notice girls. At the age of 11, in order to gain attention and attract sympathy from a guy, it is necessary to do the same as before - to be together more often and get involved in common activities. The only difference is that now it takes less effort. Boys at this age already regard help with lessons not only as an opportunity to improve their grades, but also it is pleasant to talk. Many people ask for help by far from being an excellent student, but for pretty girls - studying becomes a pretext. In the same way, the genius of mathematics may simply indicate a section of the textbook where the necessary topic is explained, and the other girl will be the one who explains all the changes.

In joint games and activities it is worthwhile to begin to exercise caution - if earlier attention was perfectly grasped by the fact that a girl could win it, now it is starting to hit hard by self-esteem. Guys become important to their own prestige in the male environment and among girls. If he is surpassed by a girl, then it becomes embarrassing in front of other guys who can start teasing and joking, in addition, the image of the hero is lost in the girl's eyes. If you play a competitive game together, then try to keep an equal score, you should not lose on purpose especially - all interest is lost from this, but winning becomes irrelevant every time. Shift the focus from activity to communication.

Beginning to feel sympathy for the girl, many try to hide it so carefully that they achieve the opposite feeling. Therefore, before looking for answers, how to please a boy who does not like you is worth, how to watch him, maybe you are his ideal, just to admit it is not yet enough determination and skill. It is important to become one in the circle of his friends, to establish oneself as an excellent comrade - this will not only help to be together more often, but also give a kind of permission to communicate. The guys in this age gap are very dependent on the opinions of friends and if they look askance and disapprove some girl one day, then communication with her will directly affect his reputation. The more you become a friend to all the guys, the better the relationship with your favorites will be.

And only after you became a member of his group of friends and you have an excellent relationship with everyone there, can you begin to distinguish him among all. This can be done by asking his opinions, telling a story, looking at him, you can call him several times to spend time together without everyone else. The attention of the girls, who like everyone, is very flattering to the guys at this age.

You can enjoy a boy of 11 years old at school, if school communication is reduced to a minimum and if there is an opportunity, then you can maximize the opportunities of co-creation. That is, if a class needs a speech, then you need to prepare it together, if you have been assigned to prepare a presentation, then ask him to help after the lessons. Do the lessons on the lessons themselves and do not get distracted, even if a nice guy will provoke you. It is important to set boundaries, and the lack of communication at school will motivate him to communicate with you after school.

How do you like a boy in 12 years

At this age, social contacts expand, many begin to try themselves in other activities, in communication with other people. It becomes interesting to all that was previously unknown, there is a huge desire to stand out. That is why it is important for a girl at 12 years old not so much to join the team, as it was before, but to learn to stand out against the rest. Boys will notice precisely those who cease to obey the norms of society, the standard systems of upbringing and education, and show their individuality.

If you had unusual hobbies that faded into the background to maintain common interests, now is the time to start showing them. Compliance with the tastes and interests of the guy is not so important, now they are able to perceive you not only as a friend, but also as a girl, so gymnastics, jewelry making or painting can give him the opportunity to admire your talents and your differences.

His hobbies can be shared, if there is a sincere interest, in all other cases it is enough to respect and support his choice. If this is a sport, then you can go to competitions with him, watch performances and provide moral support. Also, you can perfectly and imperceptibly support him not only morally - grab a bottle of water or patches, spare carbines or a map of the area, learn in advance the schedule and other trifles will show your location. If this is a scientific activity, then you can show others how proud you are and admire his achievements. The guys at this age interact with the world and manifest themselves through classes, because the more you encourage and delve into his hobbies, the more necessary he will feel. Even if you are infinitely far from what is happening, you can say: "and how do you understand all of this? I don’t understand anything at all." This is how indirect interest manifests itself, and the guy starts to tell you more about his business, moreover, he will try to make it as interesting as possible. Do not need him to play along and if you do not understand, say so, the guy will try even more.

Hurry up the event is still not worth it, the guys just resigned to the fact that the girls might like it, the first couple begin to take shape. If you hurry in this period, the guy may never come up to you, and start walking with a less persistent girl. Remain the person to whom he can always call, with whom there is much in common and interesting.

How do you like a boy in 13 years

At the age of 13, the guys are ready to take the initiative themselves, and the desire to communicate with the girls comes to the fore. At this stage, the girl should begin to act more carefully, because if she continues to drive with the guys in the general company, she risks remaining in their perception of the same friend. It is important to begin to emphasize their femininity.

Dresses and skirts should be more common in the wardrobe, the hairstyle should at least occasionally be not only comfortable, but also beautiful, elegant shoes and beautiful nails - all these tricks help the guy to notice your fragility and see the girl in general.

How do you like a boy in 13 years? It is important to make him understand his sympathy, and now all you need to do is smile at his appearance, laugh at jokes and listen. Guys like those whom they can make happy, so the more regularly you show him that he is glad to meet, the more often he will strive for this meeting, and the more he will try to please you.

Self-esteem in adolescents is unstable, so it is important to praise and support him, so you will become something permanent and resourceful for him. At the same time, it is important to remember about your condition and to do everything possible to overcome your own complexes and to keep self-esteem at an adequate level. Trainings or courses, communication with friends, self-improvement classes can help, and sometimes you can even ask a guy to express his opinion about you and cheer.

In the image and appearance must focus on recognizable individuality. You can pick up your perfume so that the guy will have associations about you even with the smell, you can hum the melody, and then hearing this song, he will remember you again. Отлично создавать ваши личные традиции - с горячим шоколадом после уроков или пожеланием доброго утра и прикольной картинкой. Чем больше ассоциативных точек ты построишь, тем лучше. Экстремальные эксперименты с внешностью лучше отложить. Безусловно, при каждом клипе альтернативной группы у него будут возникать ассоциативные воспоминания о твоих кислотно-зеленых волосах, черных губах и мини-юбке, но парней, которым это нравится в жизни единицы.

The sphere of interpersonal communication is becoming relevant, because it is important to know what the guy is interested in, where he spends time. Great if you can share his hobbies and support the topic of interest. Your hobbies may not be the same, but you can look for points where you can combine them. For example, if you like to make jewelery and take photographs, then you can ask him to make a portfolio of your work. If you like to travel, and he bikes, then a joint bike tour is a great idea.

How do you like a boy in 14 years

At the age of 14, it seems to girls that it is necessary to be the best in everything, then the guy will pay attention, but the competitive moments have long ago given up their place of originality, naturalness and uniqueness. The most effective and the most difficult thing to do is to be yourself. That is, to laugh at what's funny to you, and not what all the girls are laughing at or just about the guy's jokes. If you are not funny or humor seems offensive it is important to be able to say, many guys spoiled by attention overstep the limits of what is permitted and they just need a person who puts them in their place and makes them try to be better. It is also important to go where you like and when you want it. Sacrificing your own sleep to stay longer at a party where everyone gathered, provided that the practice tomorrow will not play into your hands. Guys like those who go their own way, are guided by their own values ​​and do not lend themselves to the manipulation of society.

This is a rather complicated path that requires stability and confidence, since it is always easier to behave like everyone else, without much thought. The danger is that the guy does not distinguish you from others, and you will not live your life.

Your main interest should be your life - do not impose yourself on a guy, let him be the first to take the initiative, which is important to encourage and show that you are pleased. But you shouldn’t run after him, for such girls they quickly lose interest. It is quite acceptable to be active after his first few steps, but his actions should always be greater. Do not tell all about yourself, let it remain a bit of mystery and scope for his imagination, if he knows your schedule, the motives of the meeting and the refusal, every minute, the interest gradually subsides and he does not want to explore.

Being yourself and different is quite compatible things - you have different occupations and moods. Despite the fact that everyone is pleased when they are praised and welcomed, the guys are not interested when the girl is constantly sweet and unctuous. You can be frankly angry, sad, happy, fall into apathy, agiotage and depression - the more spectrum you allow yourself to show, the more intrigue and interest you will have in a guy.

How do you like the pen boy

Communication with boys is largely limited to places of acquaintance, usually it is a school, sections and general companies, most often yard workers. It is not always convenient to communicate directly, and it happens that not all of the real friends like it. Social networks, online forums and other online spaces offer a lot of opportunities for free and pleasant communication, and it is important to know a few basic rules in order to please the boy in correspondence.

If you are someone cute in the network, then you need to take the first step. It is best to begin communication with a question that should provoke further joint discussion, and maybe even action. He should be on business, write "hello, how are you?" it is simply unacceptable, it is almost impossible to answer something in order to start a conversation. To get started, look at the guy’s page to find out what you can contact. He goes hiking - you need to advise a good guide, he has a lot of photos - ask permission to use them to illustrate his presentation and so on.

At the beginning of the correspondence, try to make long pauses - these are the first two hours after meeting. Then the rules change, everyone besides the monitor has a real life, which makes its own adjustments to virtual communication, so you may not be answered further, because they are objectively busy. For the first time, periods of communication can often appear between phrases when the first topic is exhausted and the second is not started. Pauses can occur, because it is still not clear what can be spoken with the interlocutor, it is important to throw up new topics for conversation, otherwise everything will remain so.

When communicating, try to be open. Of course, you don’t need to immediately dedicate unfamiliarity to all personal secrets and give the code from a bank card, but tell some facts about yourself and answer questions extensively to extend the conversation. Also ask him questions, focus on the interlocutor. If he is laconic, he either does not want to speak on this topic or it is not interesting, choose something else, this is not an interrogation, communication should be easy.

The important point is how to please the pen-chat boy - literacy and the absence of obscene words. Even if you are going to transform words into an irregular shape to add humor, then it is better to do it later, but first you should write everything correctly so that the other person understands that you are joking. Politeness, compliance with the rules of etiquette is as important as in personal communication. Bragging, trying to seem smarter than he, or cooler than you are, do not cause pleasant emotions in the interlocutor.

It is good to add a bit of reality to virtual communication. You can tell how you are waiting for the bus, making juice or what you ate today for breakfast. You can share your impressions of a beautiful sunset or a funny puppy. Especially cool, if these little things that happened during the day, you will accompany the photos, it helps a person to get involved in your life.

And remember, if some of your message, even with the most important question, suddenly remained unanswered - this does not mean that the communication is over and you are no longer interested. Perhaps the guy was distracted, he did not notice the message and was considering a response. Do not rush, take tact and patience - let him resume communication when he is ready.