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Valerian tincture: instructions for use

Valerian tincture is a sedative antispasmodic drug. Before you buy a valerian tincture, we recommend that you carefully study the proposed instruction, which describes the dosage, methods of use, the concomitant effect on the human body of this drug. It is necessary to take into account that only a doctor can professionally correlate the patient's problem and the restriction to the use of this drug, so you should not self-medicate.

The site "Psychology and Psychiatry" offers all the important information on the following issues: indications and instructions for using Valerian tincture, the recommended dosage, contraindications, popular analogues, reviews of patients and doctors.

Valerian tincture is a herbal medicinal drug. In accordance with the dosage tincture is endowed with moderate or weak sedative effects. This effect is due to the drops of essential oils that make up the drug. Valerian tincture is characterized by a neuroleptic and relaxing effect. Before therapy is required to ensure the absence of personal hypersensitivity, representing contraindications.

Valerian tincture - composition and release form

Dosage form - tincture: liquid of red-brown color with a transparent structure, a characteristic fragrant smell and a sweet-bitter taste (25, 30 or 50 ml in glass bottles of dark color or 15 ml in glass bottles of dark color with a dropping device, in cardboard pack 1 bottle).

Active ingredient - rhizomes with valerian roots (crushed), in 100 ml of tincture - 20 g.

Excipient: ethanol 70%.

Valerian tincture - pharmacological action

Depending on the dose, the drug has a weak or moderate sedative effect due to the essential oil, which includes borneol and isovalerianic ester. Alkaloids tinctures (valerin and hotenin) and valepotriates also produce a relaxing and calming effect.

Sedative effect of the drug develops slowly, but is stable.

Valerian tincture facilitates entry into natural sleep and stabilizes its course, while it has virtually no effect on normal awakening. Along with the sedative effect, the drug has a slight choleretic and mild antispasmodic effect. Receiving tincture has a positive effect on the secretory function of the gastrointestinal tract, reduces the increased heart rate and dilates the coronary vessels. The stabilization of myocardial activity is due to the influence of the active component of the tincture on the mechanisms of neuroregulation, as well as a direct effect on the cardiac conduction system and its automatism. The therapeutic effect is manifested with the systematic and prolonged administration of the drug.

Valerian tincture - indications

The drug is indicated for use when:

- increased nervous irritability

- hysterical state;

- disorders of sleep or sleep itself;


- neurosis;

- spasms of the gastrointestinal tract;

- cardiovascular disorders of the lung genesis.

Valerian tincture - contraindications

Contraindications according to the instructions are:

- the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding;

- age up to 1 year;

- Hypersensitivity to the drug.

Precautions should be taken in patients with chronic enterocolitis.

Valerian tincture - method of administration and dosage

The drug is taken orally before meals, diluted in a small amount of water.

Recommended Dosing:

- for adults: 20-30 drops 3-4 times a day;

- to children: the number of single dose drops corresponds to the age of the child, for example, 5 years - 5 drops.

Use of the drug in children over 1 year is allowed. The dosage is determined by the pediatrician. Unless otherwise stated, a single dose is the number of drops equal to the age of the child.

Valerian tincture - side effects

Possible weakness, lethargy (especially when taking high doses).

In some cases: allergic reactions.

Constipation on the background of prolonged use.

In case of overdose, the following symptoms may occur: feeling of weakness, lethargy, drowsiness, state of depression, decreased performance. Therefore, before taking the tincture is recommended to correctly determine the dose.

Since the long-term use of high doses of the drug can lead to a decrease in psychomotor reactions, care must be taken when driving machinery and vehicles.

Drug interactions and analogs of Valerian tincture

With simultaneous use with depressing the nervous system drugs (sleeping pills), tincture enhances their action.

Analogues of valerian infusions are: Corvalol, Motherwort, Hawthorn, Peony, Corvaldine, Valocordin, Barboval, Valekard.

Tincture Valerian - reviews of doctors

Reviews of doctors about this drug are often positive. A relative disadvantage is the alcohol content in the composition of the tincture, which is why it is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women.

The smell of valerian and the taste of alcohol is not always liked by children, but in general, tincture has proven itself on the good side and is often recommended by doctors. The drug is affordable and inexpensive.

Valerian promotes the onset of natural sleep. Sedation develops slowly but reliably. Isovaleric acid and valpotriaty are endowed with a mild antispasmodic effect. In addition, the combination of biologically active substances, which is part of Valerian's tincture, has choleretic activity, stimulates the secretory function of the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, slows the heart rate and increases the lumen of the coronary vessels. Management of the heart activity is carried out through neuroregulatory mechanisms and direct influence on the conductivity and automatism of the myocardium. The therapeutic effect is manifested with regular and long course admission.

Valeriana tincture inhibits the central nervous system, lowers its reactivity, suppresses oropharyngeal breathing regulated by the midbrain, potentiates the action of aminazin, and alleviates smooth muscle spasms. Valerian essential oils are capable of stopping seizures developing under the action of brucine alkaloid close to strychnine. Valerian is the most promising medicinal plant used to treat epilepsy: it reduces caffeine-associated stimulation, prolongs the effect of tranquilizers, has a depressant effect on the mid and medulla, increases the functional lability of cortical neurons. Valerian is a vivid example of how the therapeutic effect is given only by the sum of all the components of the drug (extract from the plant), and isolated substances do not show the corresponding effect separately.

The history of the use of Valerian tincture in medicine has long roots (or even rhizomes, given that it is a medicinal plant material of valerian). However, the modern view on the sedative activity of this drug is somewhat more skeptical than a few decades ago. A number of physicians altogether attribute Valerian to ineffective sedative drugs. One of the reasons for the lack of consensus in this matter is the non-standard activity of different production batches of the drug, sold through the pharmacy chain. However, doctors still prescribe Valerian tincture for the widest range of indications. It is used in chronic functional disorders of the central nervous system, in hysteria, neurosis, epilepsy, insomnia, migraine headaches, tachycardia (including paroxysmal), extrasystole, arterial hypertension.

Valerian tincture is indicated for gastric neurosis, accompanied by spastic pain and increased flatulence; with secretory dysfunction of the glandular apparatus of the digestive tract, diseases of the liver and biliary tract, with menopausal disorders, etc. Valerian potentiates the therapeutic effect of Barbamil, stabilizes the vasodilating effects in angina, increases the tone of the vasomotor centers. To reduce the dose of neuroleptic drugs, Valerian is combined with chlorpromazine.

In most cases, this medicine is well tolerated. Only in some cases in patients suffering from arterial hypertension, it can exhibit the effect of the opposite direction, disturbing sleep and stimulating the central nervous system.

Valerian tincture - patient reviews


Valerian tincture helps to relax, calm down, not so sharply react to others and problems. I drank it several times. It is inexpensive, simple application. At first, it seems like a pleasant mint smell, and then you realize that the apartment is starting to smell like grandmothers. And no airing to get rid of it! This is the only reason why I switched to the tablet form of valerian, and I liked the effect of taking the droplets, and you can experiment with the dosage. And the dream is getting better, and the nervous reaction is not so sudden, much becomes on the drum. And sometimes it is very useful.

Zhanna I.

My problem with youth is bad sleep. It seems that in a day a person should get tired and chopped off with my workloads: two children, work, children's clubs, household chores. However, as soon as the night begins, I lie with my eyes closed for a couple of hours. It happens that asleep at ten o'clock in the evening, I wake up at four in the morning and do not sleep. The problems accumulated during the day do not allow you to calm down. This drug take courses. Usually a week. There are definitely improvements. At night, I do not wake up at all, I sleep until morning like a dead one. It seems to me that the whole body copes better with stress. Otherwise, I react to conflict situations. I think that valerian tincture is a mild remedy, without much addiction (if not to overdo it), safe. Herbs in our salvation!


This is an inexpensive and effective tool that should certainly be taken in some situations in order to calm down. After all, our life is really full of stress, and nowhere to go from this. And valerian well helps, even if its action is not too strong, there are stronger preparations, but for me personally this is enough. Therefore, this drug I always have in stock. I am sure that people will use it constantly, the medicine has long been known and practiced all over the world. It is very good that it is of plant origin, helps even with insomnia. The nervous system calms down, comes sleep and calm. Personally, my valerian does not cause any allergic manifestations.

Yuri V.

The constant stress at work, worries and hassle with teenage sons did their job - you need to take a sedative. I am not a supporter of taking drugs on a chemical basis, I remain an adherent of "grandmother's recipes." And here he made a choice in favor of a very effective means by which a positive result is achieved, quickly and harmlessly. I try to take it only at the end of the day, then it feels like the body relaxes, anxiety and tension subside, there is tranquility. But then, what a deep sleep, healthful, removing all the negative savings. The main thing is not to increase the dose, otherwise the effectiveness of the reception of valerian will not.

Inga K.

This drug probably should be in every home medicine chest. Valerian tincture gently soothes the nerves, after it is taken it quickly falls asleep. I take it during magnetic storms, with fluctuations in atmospheric pressure, sometimes with PMS. Good for the heart. Although there is one "but." Sometimes after taking droplets, the head starts to hurt. I attribute this to the fact that I have hypotension and it is possible that the tincture reduces blood pressure even more. Therefore, it is best to take it at night. Naturally, the low price is also pleasant compared to other sedatives. The effect is the same, and you pay less money.

Terms and conditions of storage

Keep out of the reach of children, protected from light, at temperatures up to 18 ° C.

Shelf life - 2 years.

Conditions of sale from pharmacies: sold without a prescription.

We want to emphasize that the above description of the drug performs an introductory function only! More precise guidance on the application can be obtained by studying the instruction approved by the manufacturer. Remember - self-healing is irresponsible and unsafe for health! It is strongly recommended to consult a doctor before starting therapy.