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How to find a wife

A certain stage of the inner maturity of a man is accompanied by the appearance of new questions, the subject of most of which concerns where and how to find a wife. By that age, when a career is arranged and life or roughly it became clear where to go, a man realizes that temporary companions take too much power, are not a reliable support, and the life values ​​themselves change and I want an understanding person to be near.

In this question "how to find a wife" it is necessary to decide on your own requirements, wishes and life goals. The better a person knows himself, the easier it is for him to choose a partner and the easier it is to build relationships with him. It is important for someone that the wife emphasizes status, and he will choose in appearance and education, another wants it to be a true friend, sharing views on life and then appearance will be secondary, there are those who are interested in how to find a rich wife and for them the criteria are completely different.

Try as accurately as possible to present your future life, with which you will be comfortable. Marriage is that place where a person can be completely, reveal all of his inner sides and improve. That is why it makes sense to look among people close in mind, but not to be deceived by the first impression. If you like a girl, she can make tremendous efforts to win your love, but not to be frank. Such relationships are destroyed after a couple of years, when she becomes unable to smile at what she considered to be shortcomings, and you will not eradicate it in yourself, because you initially chose the person who accepts you to be so. Try it, but even if confidence in your darling has settled in your head, endure a year - usually this time is enough for people to know each other in different situations, conflict several times and show many of their negative qualities. If you still want to stay with a girl for a long time, then you can get married, if you constantly want to correct her behavior and attitudes, then it’s better to let a person live her life.

But before conducting such experiments, it is necessary to get acquainted with the corresponding girl. For this, it is worthwhile to put in order your appearance and awareness of what is important in the cultural life of the world. You must be worthy of a better woman; otherwise, when you meet her, the lady will simply pass by.

For dating you do not need to invent new places and specially prepare a hike somewhere. People close to us usually rotate in the same circles, have similar interests and other points of intersection. Opposites, whose acquaintance was provoked specifically, find that they have nothing to talk about in an hour. So it makes sense to be more active right where you are. Even the bus stop brings people together at least geographically, which means you already have a lot to talk about.

The opinion that it is better to look for a wife in the library than at a nightclub is rather outdated, especially for those who are their regular visitors - now you can go there together. But libraries are gradually dying out, giving primacy to Wikipedia and the Internet, where it also makes sense to look for a life partner.

How to find a good wife

Men seldom ask themselves how to find a rich wife, they are more interested in her spiritual qualities and external data. You can search for a future wife among the employees, which will help to get to know her personality more deeply and suggest her possible behavior without being affected. Dating usually distorts the picture, because there all people know that they are appreciated and unconsciously try to please and please. You do not need to start inventing beautiful words, fascinating stories and choosing a bouquet for a long time - start communicating right at the workplace. You can offer a pretty woman to have lunch together or spend after work, neutral assistance with office equipment, heavy boxes will also be appropriate. You can at any time adjust your relationship, reducing them to a working partnership or deepening into intimate interaction, by simply inviting you for a date. But there are certain taboos regarding relationships that can start in the workplace — avoid open flirting and making relationships with subordinates.

Do not decide the question of where and how to find a wife on your own - tell your friends about your desire, be more active in joint pastime. On many holidays and public events several companies merge into one, and there you can meet the right girl. Most couples had friends in common who introduced them. Relations with such a girl increase the likelihood of a positive outcome, since most likely you will have similar interests, intellectual and material level, as well as basic semantic life goals and principles. In addition, friends who know that you are looking for a couple can specifically begin to acquaint you with their familiar girls.

Carefully study the locations that are familiar to you - there will be the best wife for you. If you hang out in clubs all weekends, then an immaculate church-goer will not be your perfect wife, it’s better to give the girl a drink at the next table. When you yourself prefer a narrow circle of friends, quiet evenings - you should not go to the club, but you need to slightly expand your own social circle. You can take a look at the neighboring scientific sections, talk to a girl practicing the same religion, go to a conference on a topic of interest, and have to treat someone to coffee there.

How to find a wife? The advice of psychologists is - look for your wife in those places that meet your hobbies or interests - it could be sports, photography courses, tourism, even cooking courses where you immediately make women around you want to take care of you. Come to concerts and festivals that you are interested in, and which previously was uncomfortable to visit yourself. There are definitely going to girls who share your point of view, which gives an excellent reason for dating. Mass gatherings of people interested in one topic give you the opportunity to take contacts from several pretty girls at once. If someone hooked quite strongly, then you should try to continue the acquaintance after the event. For example, a conference, a concert, courses can be discussed over a cup of coffee - this is quite a few to get a refusal, but it is quite important for further strengthening the acquaintance, because you have a lot to discuss.

Choose from the girls in your social group, since it is almost impossible to make up the difference in the experience gained, even after several decades. Pay attention not only to how the girl treats you (this can be controlled), but also to what she is with others - the more understanding and caring in her behavior, the better for the future marriage. When a person thinks only about his own needs and is not able to feel loved ones, such relationships quickly lead to the degradation of partners or the level of communication.

When everything coincided and you are sympathetic to each other, then try to learn more about the family of the girl - be careful if the family is not complete or the relationship between them is far from warm. The girl herself unconsciously can adopt a similar style of relationship and then, whatever you do yourself, they will either fall apart or follow the same rut. Only if you are confident in the psychological strength of your partner, you can ignore such facts.

How to find a wife on the Internet

Statistics today indicates that a third of successful marriages began with online dating. The amount of resources is varied, and if you decide to find yourself a wife, then you should use them all. Familiarity with the network is of particular relevance for those who are looking for ways to find a new wife, because all the methods working in reality have been tried for a long time, in most places the former passion appears sometimes more often than you, and now there is not much time.

Social network questionnaires help initially limit the search. And if you use special dating sites, you can specify a rather large list of parameters of interest, ranging from the goals of dating, and ending with external data. The simplicity and openness of this system allows people to communicate with the same goals, and then there is no awkwardness.

Having chosen several girls of interest, do not rush to write to them immediately; it is necessary to conduct training. To begin with, fill in your questionnaire completely, the more detailed you are in all the boxes, trying to give honest and original answers, the higher the chances that you will meet an interesting person. Be sure to upload a photo, almost none of the girls will respond if it is missing. When a girl is interested in a photo (for this, find a high-quality image with an open face), she will view your profile. In life, this role is fulfilled by various questions of a direct and veiled nature; there is simply no desire in the chat with each applicant to walk around the topics of interest. The more detailed your profile, the faster the girl will be able to make a decision.

You also need to carefully examine the girl's profile. Those where there is little information, the name is hidden, instead of a photo, the picture cannot be viewed for the purpose of creating a family - the woman initially hides something and does not want to inform you about herself. The main points that you should be interested in are marital status, the purpose of dating and the presence of children. Contradictions of at least one of these three points indicate that no common hobbies will help you create a good family. After that, you can view the entire profile, assess the degree of similarity of your life positions.

Pay attention to the date of registration of the questionnaire and the last date found in the network. Too long registration date does not say anything good about the character of the partner or her communication skills. If the last visit to the page took more than a week, probably the girl is not too interested in finding a companion.

Avoid pattern phrases when meeting, it is better to ask about something from her profile (she is fond of traveling - find out if she was in Cambodia, likes to cook - say you know the unique pumpkin pie recipe). Your task is to stand out and show that you are not only familiar with her profile, but you can also support these topics.

If the communication started, it is easy and pleasant for you, then do not tighten it, but translate it faster into reality. The longer you communicate online, the more your imagination will finish drawing the image. Those who correspond longer than several months usually never meet in real life, because the fear of change, getting out of safe Internet space becomes quite large, and the necessary support and friendly participation comes online.

How to find a wife in 30 years

Finding a wife at thirty is the most pressing question when a man has already built a career and he is ready to take responsibility for his family. Practically no difficulties arise as the girls are in no hurry to jump out to marry the first comer. Marriages concluded after 25 years are more likely to be happy, because each of the partners reasonably approaches this step, knows their needs, weaknesses and weaknesses, and is able to get along with the features of the other.

The dating sites still work fine, and you can expand the search categories not only by the marriage format, you can also search for friends to attend events. The wider your social network will become, the higher the likelihood that your future wife will meet there sooner or later. You can register on several platforms at once - one will be quite serious, where people share common long-term goals, another you can just chat with like-minded people, and the third to discuss creative plans. Use the Internet as much as possible, and not just to flip through the news feed of social networks.

By the way, communication in various messengers and social networks will also help to find your soulmate. There will have to show more imagination and tact, because initially it may not be known neither the social status, nor the purpose with which the girl communicates, but the communication is more free.

Begin to actively interact with the world and use everyday things. If you have a dog, you can not run around with it in the headphones, but visit the place where the dog owners gather. Being carried away by something, involve other people in it: a pretty employee can be invited to a dance, familiar by correspondence on the hunt, and a neighbor to a culinary workshop. Do not stop on your own skills, try to imagine what a girl can get involved in, which can conquer your heart and go there. Let it be at least Argentine tango - go and practice. A lot of impressions, new acquaintances and interesting experience are guaranteed, and if you ask others to bring you up to date, then the reason for communication and acquaintance is organic and interesting.

Respond to all invitations of friends and joint campaigns, more actively involved in public life. This concerns not only the search for new acquaintances, but also a deeper communication with those whom you know for a long time. In thirty years there is no problem to interest a woman, because you can easily enchant both a twenty-year-old girl and a woman over forty. The question remains, with whom you will feel as comfortable as possible.

Usually, a feeling of dazed love, when it is not possible to think about anything else, speaks only of a coincidence at the level of hormones. To propose marriage in this case is not worth it, the marriage will not be long and not calm. Feelings that signal that this woman is suitable as a wife should include tenderness, calm, humor, plans for the future, anxiety, responsibility, empathy. When you notice that next to some girl you want to get better, and you get it, your mood improves, but this is calm, not euphoria, then you should take a closer look.

How to find a wife in 40 years

At the age of 40, the question of how to find a new wife is relevant for many, because a man already has experience if not of a married life, then of a serious relationship, he knows himself better and understands how difficult this event is. The difficulties of many at this age are not in the absence of the ability to charm a woman or the ability to make contact, but in his own injuries. When each woman encountered is perceived through the criterion of criticism, and in the solitary way of life only positive aspects are emphasized, then, most likely, it is necessary to work with internal attitudes. Women are not so terrible in their mass, as a man can devalue them. It is rather scary to try to notice what is beautiful in them, to be enchanted, but this is exactly what makes it possible for a new feeling to arise, and, accordingly, opens the door for a new woman.

In the case of inveterate bachelors, living with or away from her mother, but constantly reporting, everything will depend largely on her mother. Her permission to start living with some woman, the decision to give her the right to be in charge. In order to find a wife at the age of 40, the psychological space next to a man should be free not only from former passions, but also from her mother. In adolescence, women are able to close their eyes to this, with experience they increasingly choose to leave such a man alone, without even approaching.

Revise your requirements for a woman, if you still could not find the invented ideal. Look at reality in the face, how can a Nobel Prize winner, with a model appearance, make wonderful pancakes for breakfast and take care of five babies? It is also a good idea to relate a made-up image with your own characteristics, and look at women who are increasingly found in your daily life. Among them there will definitely be one with whom you can be yourself, there is something to talk about and she will accept your shortcomings.

To find a wife is not always worth looking for new friends, the renewal of the old relationship is perfect. Find your classmates or classmates in the network, view the family status of those who you were sympathetic then or for some reason interesting now, and write to all unmarried. A large number of common life experiences quickly brings people together.

The main thing in the search is not to focus on it excessively. Internal tension is felt in communication and does not allow it to develop. In addition, women feel when a man has a goal to marry and avoid such gentlemen. It is much more important to show interest in a person, to know the needs and interests of a person, because there is no sense in a simple stamp in a passport and women in a mature age are not in a hurry to form relationships for the sake of a tick.