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How to understand a woman

A woman is a fragile creature, a little defenseless, played in emotions. With this statement, most men will agree. A woman is an amazing person who, with her stay in the life of a young man, can turn everything upside down: fill existence with care and love, warmth, support and tenderness and something insane. But how to understand a woman? The question asked by almost all male representatives on earth. Women, with their own psychology, are something mysterious and even more complicated than some technical sciences. She is able to create the most suitable conditions for achieving any heights, fast and successful career growth, to create a family, without which life will seem like ashes.

How to understand women or what a woman wants from a man

The psychology of women is a rather complex science, the subtleties of which every man should understand in order to create a strong family. Writers, thinkers, psychologists, philosophers, men of different professions, social statuses, age from time immemorial asked how to understand a woman, what to do, how to act. In the modern, technologically highly developed world, with all the thorough studies of the psychology of the personality, men could not fully comprehend the logic and psychology of all beloved women.

It should be noted that mastering the art of understanding the psychology of women is not given to all males. There are individuals who, from birth, do not have, do not develop qualities that contribute to the understanding of women. No, they will not be alone all their lives. Depending on their own level of self-development and education, through trial and error, they learn to identify the type of women that suits them by status. Their life will be directed to meet their own needs and only. Therefore, the main criterion for understanding women is the level of development of a man as a person. The more a man develops, he tries to achieve something in life (let it be even the slightest achievements at the level of repairing a refrigerator by himself) the more chances to determine the true path to understanding the female sex.

The main thing is to understand the essence - it is not always necessary to try to understand a woman, often the lady does not understand what she wants. Yes, from this the female gender seems frivolous, windy and impermanent. With this you can only accept. Before you throw a tantrum, just ask directly what the girl wants, so as not to unravel all the branchiness of her hints.

First you need to understand that women often require from men:

Stability. Do men understand women in this concept? I think no. For a man, stability is the presence of sufficient capital on a bank card, a place to sleep, in which there will be a constant companion and children. This is not necessary for such a fragile creature as a woman. Stability, in translation for a woman, means attention to her behavior, condition, care and support. Yes, women often look at the purse, how much money is in it, this is the way nature works. The main role of a woman is mother, protector of offspring. And as a good caring mother, she wants her child to live and develop in comfort. What is needed for this in modern society? Money.

Even if he turns to mother nature: every self-respecting female chooses only the alpha of the male in order to feel protected. Here is the relationship with stability. For a woman, it is important how her chosen one is ready to accept what she is: evil, kind, not made up, rude, childishly insane, joyful. Everything that causes affection today can become an annoyance in a week. This is her world, she is not to blame for this, such is nature. Women are created to bring diversity to this world, emotionality. It is important for men to understand for a woman when she is supported in those moments when she acts strangely, her whims, sudden joys are another chance to explore the inner world of a woman every day and get something new every time.

A man needs to learn to perceive all negative emotions as a request for support, care and love. It is necessary to adapt to listen not the words that the woman speaks, but the intonation, the emotions with which she speaks it. After all, when there was no husband for a long time, he often hears: “Where did you hang out, did you drink or walk somewhere again?”. Initially, these words are insults, but the intonation speaks a bit about something else - the wife worries about her husband, and whether he is worried about everything is good. Panic needs to start when the wife is parallel to where you are and with whom. As a result, you just need to be always close, to support at every moment when you want to be angry at her, you need to remember how you love her and not stingy to say it.

Passion. Full of jokes and anecdotes, how women evade from marital debt (intima). Either my head aches, I get tired of household chores, or the children are asleep or they cannot be disturbed by their neighbors. But do men understand women in a similar way? And the men themselves have forgotten what they say: "do not bother, I am tired at work", "today is a hard day, let's just quickly." Perhaps not a variety of intimate life, inattention to the wishes in bed, devil-may-care attitude, but simply the satisfaction of their needs is a consequence that the wives from passionate lionesses in bed turn into bores or simply avoid intimacy. Psychologists have proven that passion is a feeling that is able to bring people together for centuries or separated forever. The differences between female and male passion are noticeably different. For her important impulsiveness, impressionability, emotions. Learn to evoke passion with non-verbal communication.

Need Like any person, she wants to feel loved and needed. But as a person more emotional, she demands it everywhere and always. She wants to understand that it is necessary not only with the help of verbal statements, but also with actions. It is important for her to see and know that she likes a man insanely, that she is driving him crazy, that she is insanely seductive, beautiful, no matter how she is, at the same time dressed or in what emotional state she is. Strange, but it is an absolute truthful fact that the external image and health of a woman depends on the man. Only a man can affect a woman’s ability to take care of herself. Buying expensive and beautiful clothes, a man should do it for both, and not for his wife, just to satisfy her needs. He should admire her, ask to wear beautiful dresses and heels, so that the girl feels the one and only, and the man next to such a lady will always be on top. Showing sincere support and care to the woman in return, it is possible to receive so much care that any obstacles and impossibilities will become real and very accessible.

Analyzing the information received, it is necessary to draw some conclusions. Men should learn to speak frankly with the chosen one, to recognize all her wishes and needs, so as not to twist all the hints in her head. In conversations, it’s not the text that is heard (there are insults) to be perceived, but the subtext hiding deeply. It should be a little bit in the skin of a girl, to develop empathy, as a means of perceiving the life and actions of a woman from the point of her emotional outlook. All that a woman wants is to feel stability and confidence. Looking at the chosen one, she must see in him strength and protection. Show her that you can be a caring father, a faithful husband, an understanding friend, you can provide for her. It may be quite enough to demonstrate that you can hope that you are not afraid of any responsibility.

Tips from psychologists how to understand a woman

Every person periodically, when solving problems, uses feelings instead of reason, often such actions lead to life mistakes, about which a person begins to regret. Female nature contributes to a more emotional perception of information and reactions more spontaneous and rash. Taking into account the concept of logic, it should be mentioned that it is precisely the female logic that is inherent in the emotional color. From a male point of view, their logic is more sober and rational. The psychology of the female and male sex have many differences, which is why there are different opinions about the same situation and conflicts on the basis of misunderstanding. A woman is an individual, often guided by feelings and emotions. It is possible to understand the feelings of a woman only after having experienced her feelings, to be in an identical emotional state.

If a man considers a woman’s act irrational and stupid, it is not advisable to hold a grudge against her, get angry or react aggressively - this will draw even more deeply rash actions on the part of a woman. We must learn to be patient, when this storm of emotions subsides, the girl herself will understand and will regret how she acted. A man must learn to calm the storm, an emotional outburst, and not throw firewood into the fire with the help of resentment, aggression and the same emotional actions.

This is what psychologists advise you to do in order to understand a woman and her desires:

• Do not immediately seek to understand all feminine. Determine for yourself who you want to understand, how do you feel about this woman. Having defined, begin to act on the basis of the installations you have acquired in a specific direction (after all, this woman can be: wife, daughter, grandmother, sister, employee). Trying to decipher the origins of the behavior of one lady can draw conclusions, deduce the basic principle of action for the rest of women. Do not try to focus on quantity, try to be content with quality. When attempting such an understanding, a young person should be as sincere as possible and make his intentions understand. No girl will not let herself be understood and will not open unless she feels confident and protected.

• Woman is also human. She not only reacts emotionally to everything, but also knows how to think, think rationally, interpret, follow events and draw conclusions. Accordingly, a woman is able to change not only externally, but also internally. At first, she will be a little girl, then a girl, a woman, and eventually an absolutely old woman, while maintaining her values ​​and behaviors, but deep inside it will be a completely different person. Men should not forget this. Ladies tend to be contradictory, so a woman today may be the absolute opposite of a woman tomorrow.

• Women's reasoning. Such a fragile and carefree subject can easily make a huge bear out of a small fly that can destroy everything. Do not try to understand all the branching of female logic, it often confuses men even more and easily knocks them out of the rut. This should be taken for granted, as something deeply stable, and then it will be easier for a man to find the right key for a woman. Remember, whatever the actions, the woman always gets their attention, she requires an understanding of care and love.

• Duration of the process. Everything is not so hard, at the same time it is not quite easy - it is all real, and like any study (for example, language or mathematics) takes time. To understand the feelings of a woman is important and you need to do this with love, sincere desire, and also with respect. It is not easy to achieve this goal, but to change your own life for the better. The main thing is mutual understanding and support. Do not be afraid to sincerely talk with the beautiful representatives of humanity, they deserve it.

How to understand that a woman is in love

Sometimes, there comes a moment of truth in a relationship when a guy or girl comes to talk about further relationships. How serous will this connection be, whether it is necessary to change something. Often, men ask this question, because they do not understand: a woman is in love with them or not. To understand the feelings of a woman is easy, just a little quivering and more attentive to look at her behavior.

Psychologists have noticed that the behavior of a woman who is in love is easy to determine even by several indicators. To begin with, external signs are of particular importance. Even the most ordinary girl, gray mouse, turns into a beauty. She does not just pay attention to her appearance, but sparkles with happiness. In the eyes it is easy to see the glitter, not only when the lady is next to a man, but even when she is sleeping. Thanks to the fluids that she radiates, she attracts and attracts her man even more. The girl who wore pants and sneakers, in such periods, prefers dresses, heels, romantic tops, begins to play sports, even if she had never done it before.

It's all about the hormones seething in the body of a beautiful lady. It is thanks to him that her mood changes with kaleidoscopic speed. Sadness, tears, right there smile and sincere laughter - this is an excessive manifestation of feelings and emotions, characteristic of the period of love. Most likely, the man will notice that his chosen one is too scattered, forgets what she promised to do, put the dishes instead of the locker in the refrigerator. The thoughts of a woman in love are completely different, she thinks about the prospect of developing relationships, how she loves her man and how she wants to prove it to him. And as a result it is not a state of thinking about anything other than a man, absent-mindedness, clumsiness.

Any female is peculiar to coquetry, doubly in love. A man should notice that the girl is increasingly teasing him, flirting, making eyes. And that the most elementary is care. All girls, without exception, peculiar maternal instinct. Hyper-care and care is a clear sign of love. If a woman instead of working runs to you, headlong, because you suddenly sneezed and stayed at home to cheer, you know - this woman is in love.

How to understand that you like a woman

If the lady "laid eyes" on a man, this will be noticeable even with the naked eye. It’s not the whole thing that this person says to a man, but her behavior at the same time, even if she speaks absolutely without signs of attention in his direction. Often, women can insult a man, resent his insolent behavior, but gestures, postures and facial expressions will say the opposite. This is the so-called "body language", which betrays all intentions, namely:

Hairstyle. A woman, having seen a pretty man, who probably already liked her, will strive to present herself as much as possible in a favorable light, for example, hair dressing, almost every time, at the moment when the object of her adoration looks at her.

Woman pose. If, while sitting, a beautiful person has thrown a leg over another one or has picked up a leg for herself, she wants to show that she is pleased with the society of a man. And the toe of a shoe or any shoe will definitely look towards the chosen one. But when the legs look in the opposite direction, the woman feels discomfort and she wants to run away.

"Presentation" of your body. At the sight of the object of adoration, girls often straighten their backs, put their hands on display, if possible expose the shoulders area, straighten their breasts. All this is an interest in a man.

Vote. Girls change the tone of voice when talking with a man. It will be a chest and seductive voice.

Correct behavior. In front of a man who likes a woman, the lady will always try to do everything right, as is customary in society, sometimes to contradict her views. At the same time, she always tries to catch the eye of a man. Sometimes this is like pursuing.

"On pins and needles". A woman will be very nervous, mainly if a man does not ignore the displayed signs of attention. It is necessary to be careful, watch the behavior of the girl and communicate with other people, perhaps it is just a shy girl.

For a much deeper knowledge of female behavior, one should study the psychology of emotions and body movements. This will help to find out whether you liked the woman and the situation when you need to do your legs more quickly. Remember: do not make hasty conclusions without studying the woman's behavior from beginning to end. A few signs of love behavior do not mean that, in fact, everything is. In any study it is important to be patient and attentive when it comes to women - you should be understanding, caring and sincere.