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All men "goats"

For most people, there is no secret that female psychology differs from male psychology in relationships. For many ladies, men's feelings appear as one of the challenging puzzles. Many, no doubt, have heard the widespread opinion that gentlemen and ladies are two completely different biological subspecies. And although this proposition must be regarded as a joke, the truth in it appears. Often, psychologists hear from women clients that all men are “goats”. Femin can spend hours telling about personal drama in their lives and the absence, as such, of normal men. Their indignation is often no limit, because on the path of life there are absolutely not those that were dreamed of in their youth.

Women's hobby is to complain about their fate, seeking sympathy and support from others, while wondering why they are so unhappy in personal relationships. If you wind back the time period and consider how any relationship originated, it is easy to find that the man who he was, remained so, this lady in the period of love did not notice certain traits, namely negative manifestations. Is a man in society behaved differently than now? No. It was a personal rejection by a woman to see the true face of her partner. One of the reasons explaining the behavior of men, which is not so feminine, is that the stronger sex is less emotionally sensitive. This is what begins to be the main irritant in the emerging relationship.

Why, at a certain stage, everything has changed and the lady does not want to come to terms with her husband’s shortcomings, accept everything as it is and be loyal? Accumulated negative, nervousness and irritability over time only intensified. As a result - a splash of emotions in a grand scandal, in the end - the woman will be guilty. She begins every day to observe that a man behaves like a "goat", and she is not able to tolerate it. She breaks down and sharply reacts, taking male behavior to heart.

Ladies often lack wisdom to cover the situation from the opposite position. In the most difficult situations, they cannot “direct” themselves to the place of their chosen ones, and only admit what they should have done, while completely forgetting about their personal personality and other accompanying factors. Of course, the average man who does not have the talent of reading women's thoughts, goes completely in a different way. Because of this, female disappointments are born, resentment towards the stronger sex, which does not understand them at all.

The question of what to do with the “husband of the goat” must be disassembled at the sessions of specialists in family psychology. Help is especially needed for young couples, where problems only manifest themselves after the end of the candy-bouquet period.

Often, a young wife is mistaken, because she thinks that some time will pass and from her stubborn person her husband will turn into a pretty creature. Experts in psychology assure the opposite.

Why are all men "goats"?

The male psyche is such that only outwardly they are overly unshakable, self-confident, persistent. However, this is just a mask. Many femins guess why the relationship with the male sex does not develop, often not realizing that when they first communicate, they take the mask as reality, and as a consequence they make mistakes that men do not forgive, and the ladies are once again convinced that all men are “goats” .

Experiences of any moment a woman is able to prolong indefinitely. Therefore, when a negative quality is found in a man, it is cultivated, increasing with time even more. And it would be more expedient if the weaker sex directed its energy and focused its attention on the positive masculine qualities. It is from the female psycho-emotional state depends on the well-being in the house. Therefore, a woman should be clearly aware that she is responsible, what is the family atmosphere and to steadily control her inner state.

Women are often not satisfied with the following men:

• Qualities: tough, quick-tempered, greedy, sharp, impossible to have a soul talk, impolite.

• Pastime: long watching TV, permanent stay in the garage, with friends, with my mother, at the stadium.

• Habits: profanity, champing, smoking, carelessness, alcoholism, indifference to appearance.

• Attitude towards family and responsibilities: does not seek to earn a lot, is lazy, does not help to manage the household, does not warn about delays, is constantly in a hurry or slow, blames the boss or employees for work failures, blames the wife for failures.

• Behavior in society: boasts, reticent or talkative, speaks rudely, is loud, speaks badly about his wife's friends.

From the above list there can be an opinion that indeed all men are “goats”, since the list of claims of women to the strong sex is quite large. Men often note that it is difficult to please their wives because of their constant dissatisfaction, so it is important for a woman to learn to accept her partner as she is. And if a lady wants another life - the best, then it’s necessary for the two to do something, and not to blame only the husband for the absence of the desired.

So, what should a woman do if she thinks that all men are “goats”?It is necessary for you to realize that if men are without flaws, then they will not be interesting and femin will stop paying attention to them.

Often the wife criticizes the very behavior that her man demonstrates. And if you carefully examine the relationship of the couple, it turns out that it is this bright sign in behavior that attracted a woman at the beginning of building relationships. Do not be a man of this shortcoming - a woman would not have noticed.

The main conclusion psychologists, having studied such situations, made this: if women's expectations are too high, then they bring unnecessary suffering. A woman should strive, first of all, to correct herself, and not blame her man for the shortcomings.

A woman enters into a relationship with a man who has already been formed as a person, and the hope that his wife’s appearance in life will transform him, that is, make him more caring and responsive, is an illusion. For the sake of a woman, he will not change. This is important to consider.

And the main problem is not that the man is a “goat”, but that the woman initially for some reason chose him when he already had all the controversial qualities. A woman needs to understand herself, which prompted her to have a relationship with a man who did not share her views and principles.

Now a woman faces an unsolvable dilemma, what to do next with a man "goat"? It can be stated unequivocally that a man will not succumb to re-education, and two options remain: either to break yourself morally and to submit, or to break off relations and aim at finding new relationships with another partner. The choice is only for the woman; the psychologist assists in the decision-making process: clarifies (clarifies) the problem the client has encountered; improves customer's ability to establish and maintain relationships. The task of a psychologist is to show a woman that by changing ineffective behaviors, after having realized them, you can learn how to solve problems that arise, as well as live a harmonious life.