Psychology and Psychiatry

How to find yourself in life

In moments of crises, unexpected changes and mental fatigue, many people think about how to understand, to find yourself in life, to make such changes so that it acquires a unique meaning. The concepts of their purpose and place in life are so multifaceted that the possibility of any prepared answers is inscribed in advance, and following the recommendations of friends or successful people may lead the wrong way. Searching for oneself is often understood to mean the purpose, the optimal activity and the structure of life, which will not only be as effective as possible for a person and society, but will also bring moral satisfaction.

Under the found place in life, often refers to the skill in a particular case, when people turn and return. In addition, the necessary component is the moral state, namely the ability to get the joy of their own pastime. He found himself who is happy and helpful at work, glad to those around him at home. Finding yourself is to build your unique life path, not like the others.

The decision to understand how to find yourself in life lies in the activity area. You can try various options and through a practical search to find out your inclinations and feelings about all the possible options. Such an approach seems practical and effective, because only by plunging into something you can find out your attitude and abilities. But even if all of it is given to such a search, most of the various options remain untested. Not to mention that everyone wants to decide at the beginning of his youth, and then only develop a productive direction.

Narrow the circle of search is possible thanks to the latest psychological techniques, the main idea of ​​which is the development of innate talents and spiritual aspirations. Regarding this theory, there is an opinion that a person is not just endowed with some kind of skill. So, if you know how to cook delicious meals, but are absolutely unsuitable for the correct calculation of change in the store, then it makes sense to go to the culinary, but not to break into a mathematical institute.

It is also important to focus on the desires and positive emotions. There are two mechanisms working at once. Desires lead you to where you find inner meaning. The more a person performs actions that are contrary to their desires, the less vital energy remains. There is a feeling of not living your life, constant apathy and meaninglessness. Positive emotions are a kind of marker of the fact that a person is on the right path of meeting life to inner spiritual needs. If you are happy leaving your own door, then you live in the right place, if you are happy to every person with whom fate brings you, then you have found your social circle, if you work not only because of money, but also inner joy, then you have found your activity.

How to find a goal in life

The goal of life is a concept that frightens many with its absence, while the rest do not think about it. Usually, those who are happy, infantile, for whom everyone has decided or who is satisfied with everything - do not suffer from the search for either their own purpose or life purpose. The picture changes sharply to the opposite when some kind of tragedy occurs in the life of these people or significant parts of life that have made it meaningful collapse. In this state, it is easy not only to give up on yourself and what is happening, but also to lose the last driving force. The goal is a kind of beacon, where a person moves regardless of the joys and cataclysms that occur in his life. In favorable moments, it adds strength, and in moments of despair it helps not to finally sink to the bottom.

But the search for a life goal is not so simple a task as to determine the list of tasks for the day. It should satisfy many internal and semantic parameters, be achievable, important and useful, harmoniously integrate into the whole life space of a person.

Help yourself to find yourself in life by setting a global goal, the main criterion for the correct choice of which will be a feeling of joy and happiness. It is the lively colorful emotions that will indicate that you have decided. The right goals are not life equivalent. If you feel tense in your body from the thought of dedicating your whole life to dysfunctional children or working in a hospice, then do not do it. If not a joyous jubilation, then a warm feeling of joy should be present, and not a striving for social approval through internal efforts.

The purpose of life is very closely connected with its own purpose and awareness. A person who does not realize what he wants, what he can, where he is going and why he lives on autopilot, performs other people's orders, because there is no skill of awareness of his internal processes. Thus, in order to find your goal, you will first have to get to know yourself.

Many attend psychological groups and trainings, go to retreats and ashrams, do yoga studios and do independent meditations, someone goes to the temple. The meaning of all the pilgrimages is not that the great guru tells for what you should live and where to strive - this just indicates the wrong search path. Only you know the true purpose of your own life, and therefore the meaning of all the activities lies in a deeper acquaintance with yourself.

Great for self-searching for a target is suitable remembering your dreams and interests, not the latter, but the most long-standing ones. Those options come up here, when you almost without thinking were joining the people participating in some project or that activity that you perform without a monetary reward. Such dreams are not limited by social conventions, there is no such hard pressure on the opinions of the surrounding world, and true desires float to the surface. Release them, write them down, think about how this can be realized in your real life. Even craving for space travel can now be interpreted and create a space collection of clothes, and dreams of being a hairdresser are easily satisfied by attending courses.

Look, in contact with what is around you at the moment. Respond to human pain and needs, to works of art and public actions - in all this you can easily find your own goal in life. Aerobatics - to connect your real life with dreams. Do not destroy or alter, namely to connect.

How to find your purpose in life

Destination can remember, create, find or invent. This category changes in relation to what a person experiences in his own life and how far from the original positions he has moved. Quite often there are situations when at a young age a person knows where to strive for, what he wants, ideas about his own mission are clear and clear. This is all lost under the influence of others, which force the individual to live, as prescribed, not to go beyond the invented norms and gradually stop responding to signals from the inner voice.

Awareness of purpose gives a sense of the meaning of life, its fullness, is reflected in satisfaction with its activities and achievements, the way in which a person moves. If you have lost your own purpose, help someone else find himself in life, it is better if they are teenagers and young men. A lot of ideas, lively excitement and sincere interest in life can inspire you, especially if you carry out a truly joint search - this will give you the opportunity to remove many long-standing bans.

In order to find a purpose, psychologists advise you to devalue the ideas that caring relatives and teachers put into your head. It will be necessary to go through a lot of pressure, because no one likes changes, especially if you used to live according to other people's instructions. To include moderate egoism and fully immerse yourself in studying your desires and following them - what is required at the initial stage. Work on your self-esteem and level of acceptance - it is necessary to create such conditions in which you will become as happy as possible with yourself and your life. The phrase about the need for self-love comes from all possible sources, and it makes sense in searching for a destination. Because the more a person seeks to change himself, the more artificial and not his life he lives. Having a high level of acceptance of the place where you are, caring for the body that now allows you to get closer to finding your true path.

Recognition of their own characteristics and desires is necessary, but self-digging and excessive reflection will be superfluous. Leave only the facts and take them into account when choosing goals and situations - this will help you find the destination. But in addition to researching your existing assets, you need to replenish your experience with constant new knowledge and experiences. Learn about vocation in catching crocodiles, if you do not know about the existence of these animals is impossible. Read, go to exhibitions, be interested in scientific programs and news not from the criminal world, but from the progressive side of human development. In general, it is optimal to rebuild your brain in the mode of searching for new interests and pleasures, as well as the synthesis of existing into new forms - so you get absolutely unique directions.

Identify those areas of your life that inspire you. It can be a family or work, a hobby or study - everything that gives you positive emotions and makes you move on. Cultivate this and track backward moments causing energy loss and a feeling of apathy. Such unproductive parts should not just be thrown out of life, since they can be significant, but the discomfort needs to be transformed into a positive one. If there is a lot of stress from staying at home - think, you may need to make repairs, buy a comfortable bed or communicate with your family more so as not to feel like someone else. If it is very hard at work, then maybe it is worth reviewing the relationship with colleagues, asking for help or moving to another schedule.

What to do in life, how to find yourself

In order to successfully find a lesson in life, psychologists advise to discard all extraneous thoughts and criticism, and initially include intuition, creative thinking and a stream of fantasy. Make a list of everything you like to do, just write, without evaluating it how real or useful it is. Even an activity that you have never performed before, but it somehow attracted or interested, is great. This can be a scientific activity and blowing bubbles, washing cats and calculating thermal conductivity, makeup and shopping, sleeping and swimming - all that brings you joy or satisfaction, enter into the list without any criticism. There is no need to immediately write the appropriate options, but such an enumeration will ultimately help to find your occupation.

It is not necessary to list what is considered accepted, useful or approved, if it does not please you personally. The list of pleasure is directly connected with the search for oneself, and the list of necessity with the provision of someone else's well-being. Do not try to consider each item as a matter of a lifetime - this greatly narrows the search and slows down your activity. Successful and happy people have from 7 to 15 stable interests, sometimes in completely different areas. You can then combine them or delimit them in time. But in no case do not remove, because every joyful activity brings you closer to the truth of its existence, gives energy and reveals potential.

Start doing what you previously wanted, but you were afraid or where you failed. If there is a long-term interest in a certain area, then it is quite possible that this is what needs to be done in life, and failures are provoked by fear. Excessive anxiety, pedantry, the desire to do everything at its best and are able to paralyze anyone from the first time. Perform a new activity, playfully, do not put the need for the result above the process, and also do not forget to ask for help those who have long been engaged in such.

Every morning, shape your desired lifestyle. Moreover, it is important that these thoughts include the period of the present day, in a year and in ten years - this represents a global perspective and does not let the joy of every moment be missed. The image should be as complete as possible and reflect all areas. That is, about yourself, you must understand how you want to look (from hair color to the material of socks), what kind of health, how much sleep, what to eat.

Regarding the mental and emotional state, it is important to understand whether you are striving for calmness, sudden changes or saturation. Activities include sports achievements, workflow, leisure (time, place, training), meeting with friends and much more. Everything should appear in your imagination as detailed as possible, then the next day can be closer to the dream, because then the brain will automatically look for conditions and the possibility of fulfilling day wishes and promising options for long-term plans.

Pay attention to your abilities and combine it with interest. You can even pass the appropriate tests, the results of which, however, will require your refinement. Having received usually career-oriented orientation, it is necessary to process it in accordance with its tastes. For example, a person with mathematical skills will be offered the role of a teacher or an accountant, but this does not cancel participation in specialized quizzes or the choice of vacancies in pastry shops (if you are a sweet tooth). Focus on your own pleasure, which arises at the intersection of the possibility of self-realization, the use of your own talents and the satisfaction of personal interest.

Work and personal life, how to find balance

The idea of ​​a harmonious combination of work and family is not new, and often offers a lot of advice with perfect schedules and calculations, how much time you need to devote to each activity. However, they can be perceived solely as examples from life, stories of friends, but not a guide to action. To distribute time and effort invested is necessary, based on their own goals, personal meanings and preferences. There are people who are ready to leave the whole world for the sake of a loved one and abandon society and their own professional self-realization, and those whom any relationship is dejected and take a lot of internal resources.

It is important not only to determine from what you get more satisfaction, so as not to torment yourself with the agony of conscience from comparison with others, but also a real assessment of the state of affairs. For example, a person may be absolutely happy that there is only work in his life, but in the event of a company being laid off or ruined, such a person remains in complete isolation, with no goals, no sense of life, trampled by self-conceit and without energy sources. The same can happen to those who put everything on the family when a divorce or treachery comes.

In order that all life does not go out from under their feet at one moment, it is necessary to pay enough attention to the development of all life spheres. This guarantees multilateral support and sustainability in the event of the disappearance of a favorite, and can still provide new ideas or a look at the whole situation. Formal adherence to such a distribution usually gives nothing but quick fatigue and growing irritation from doing useless work.

Balance must be sought every time, in every situation. If you notice that the partner begins to be offended and emotionally distant, then it makes sense to devote more time to relationships. When at work another deadline and at stake serious money - you need to devote more time to work. It is impossible to establish one schedule forever, you should listen to the situation and its changes. But this does not negate the introduction of some traditions, for example, to devote the Sabbath only to native people, and the Tuesday evening to dinner with customers. Such traditions will help maintain a more or less constant level of development and give a sense of stability and certainty to others.

To oppose work and personal life is useless, because quarrel with loved ones affects the efficiency of the workflow, just like failures in the profession make it bring home with you. These two spheres are not different and the more dependencies between them are able to detect, the more chances to find the optimal mode. Responsibility for changing the situation lies only with you, and if you continue to endure, gritting your teeth, you will not find a balance.