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How to surprise a girl

To surprise girls it’s just necessary that relationships or courtship doesn’t seem bland and filled with emotions. It is natural to do this at ease and organically, without undue stress and being guided by the situation. Such skill is acquired with experience or is an innate quality of character. Ideas on how to surprise a girl on a date can be thought up on their own, read in the relevant articles, but the most difficult thing is not to invent, but to beautifully implement the idea.

It is necessary to strive not for staged scenes, but for easy juggling with facts in any situation. To do this, it is necessary to understand what the principle of the reaction of surprise is built on, and to look at a few successful examples - then ideas should be born independently and in an original way. The recipes of surprise, built on large financial investments, are of the same type and do not suit both the guys themselves (since the material reserves are limited) and the girls (because they work from strength three times in a row). Surprise is based on incompatibility of actions, words and situations, as well as on the impossibility of predicting them. The girl will not be surprised by a flower or a necklace on her birthday, as she is waiting for gifts and this tradition is widespread, but a small gift on a weekday in the middle of the working day can evoke a lot of emotions.

Ways to pleasantly surprise a girl

Perhaps the most radical way of surprise girls can be considered an offer to marry or engagement. Given that marriage is the desire of many girls, the very moment of recognition every time makes a rather strong impression. But not many are ready for such a decisive step to impress the imagination of their companion, so there are many other options.

Ideas on how to surprise a date girl come down to choosing not only original events, places and emotions, but also carry the function of the further development of your relationship. The more memorable you can make your meetings, the more you bring new impressions into the life of a girl, the more moments you will be connected and evoke warm memories.

Choose meeting places where she most likely has not been. Determining them is quite simple - most dates take place in the city center, in romantic squares and cafes, so if you have a girl on the open roof, the hill from which you can see the whole city or the railroad depot, then the chances of surprise fly instantly. Think about the places where no one would have thought of calling a girl and make an appointment with them. No need to meet right on the spot, this breaks intrigue and the association of surprise with your person. You must take the girl directly to the site and provide the girl’s clothes and equipment to the place. If you chose to descend into the city dungeon, then ask her in advance to put on something comfortable, just do not answer any further questions.

By the way, you can also meet a girl on a date in an amazing way. Replace the flowers with balloons or collect a bouquet of dandelions. Instead of personally coming to the meeting - arrange a quest for the girl, starting from the agreed place. You can send her a text message with further instructions and riddles, or ask some of the children to bring her a note.

You can pamper the girl with a gift, the choice of which is to be approached with fantasy. A bouquet on a date, of course, will please her, but it is hardly surprising, it’s worth a little analysis of your relationship. Perhaps she calls you somehow, except for the name (any kind words and nicknames) or your meeting took place in a specific place (at a stadium or concert). Such moments make it possible to choose a souvenir with this theme (of the character that calls you or a miniature of the place where the meeting took place). The girl will be surprised by your attention to detail and diligence in a non-standard approach. It is very likely that the donated keychain will be loved and will bring more joy than gold items empty in the meaningful content, as it will cause a lot of memories.

Do not forget to pay attention to the conversation and moments of surprise in it. No matter how much you communicate, there are questions whose goal is to get to know each other better. Usually these questions are standard and the answers to them also do not differ in originality. In your free time, you can recall similar questions (about work, friends and favorite music) and think over the answers to them in advance. You do not need to lie and adjust yourself to a fictional image, but you can change the form of the response to revive the conversation.

Show off your talents in everything. If you draw, then present your picture or invite to the exhibition, you can also make an illustration in Photoshop. Work on her photo or your joint, if there is one, just be careful, not all girls can adequately appreciate the humorous design options, better stick to romance. Play the instruments, if you can - you can do it under her windows, as you used to play serenades, or by arranging in a cafe with live music to give you the opportunity to perform. Devote your performances to the girl, and not just brag, introduce personality. The personal approach plays a larger role than mastery. So, if you sing terribly, but you change some words in the song so that it becomes about you two - it will laugh, surprise and leave a lot of warm memories for your companion.

Make a declaration of love boldly, and loudly - write on the asphalt, hang signs from her doorway to the stop where she usually goes, shout it under her windows. All of these methods are not new, but they usually make films about them and tell friends, and few have done this in life. By adding a certain amount of cinema pathos, you let the girl feel like the heroine of a romantic fairy tale.

Arrange her unusual walks and weekends. For example, in winter you can stock up on food, thermoses and go to the forest or snow-covered park, and in summer you can go to meet the dawn. Surprise a girl with food - make dinner (even pasta) or an invitation to a cafe. In the choice of places where to have dinner, choose such that it does not diversify one evening, but the whole weekend. Learn about interesting places in the neighboring cities and go there for the most delicious pasties or the most oceanic fish.

In addition to direct presence, there are many ways to surprise a girl from a distance. You can use social networks and leave messages on its wall, just let it be the pictures you made, not the downloaded pictures. Or you can make funny photos of what is happening in your daily life or yourself and send it to the messenger. You can send her the story of an orange for the day, which you draw an attractive face and come up with his exciting and unusual journey.

Actively use courier delivery services, thanks to which the usual and trivial bouquet becomes unexpected and pleasant. The main element of surprise here will not play what you present, but how, so you can relax a little with the choice of the gift itself and calmly send sweets, toys and fruit. It’s not even necessary to find out exactly where the girl is, so as not to spoil the surprise - most delivery services will contact her themselves. Almost forgotten paper letters and postcards will surprise you. Write a letter by hand, speak there about your feelings and the little things that make up your day, you can attach a printed photo or little things, like tram cards.

A lot of surprise will cause your arrival in the city where the girl is. You do not need to warn about this, but when you arrive, you should call and find out where she is to meet directly. If you have a poor orientation in a city or a girl, she wonders why you need to know her exact location, you can always say that you sent her a gift and you must tell the courier the address.

There are several important points in such unexpected arrivals. If you arrive a little earlier in your own city, then in advance find out about her plans so that it does not turn out that you intercepted the girl before an important speech or some meeting. If you come to a friend from another city, then secure yourself a place to stay, tickets for the return journey and an approximate plan for hanging out when she is busy.

In the tips, how to surprise a girl at a distance, the main thing is to constantly be in touch with her, then you will get a lot of reasons to show your originality. And a person who, being far away constantly finds what to write about, what to tell during a telephone conversation or what photos to send, causes surprise, sympathy and interest in his life.

Tips on how to surprise a girl

To cause a girl to be surprised, it is not always necessary to invent some complicated and completely new things, sometimes quite trivial but forgotten actions. Give her compliments, sincere and generous - now it is rarely found, and girls want to hear that they are beautiful and loved. Do not stop doing this, because a guy who sincerely and fully reveals his feelings can cause not only surprise, but also alertness for girls. And to melt the ice, and she stopped looking for malicious intent in your actions, it will take time. Write her poems or read the works of famous poets - the girls appreciate the beautiful, and the manifested in such a forgotten way will make an indelible impression.

When making a gift for a girl, make it individual - let it be a photo book with your photos or if there are no such ones, you can print an album of future plans and start implementing them. The composed collage of fascinating plans, which will be designed in the form of a calendar, will not only surprise, but also make the girl constantly wait for surprises from you throughout the designated period. The intrigue of even insignificant trivialities is remembered and always surprises more than the direct presentation of expensive and materially significant gifts.

Listen carefully to what she mentions, what wishes she expresses, what she dreams of. Perhaps, she directly asked for something, but only hinted at something, her page on the social network and conversation with friends would help to guess about some desires. Armed with this knowledge, begin to turn into a wizard and implement the list item by item. Ideal to write down all her desires and put in order from the most insignificant to the most ambitious. No need to strive to implement everything in one day - stretch the pleasure and make it wait for pleasant surprises from you.

Also listen to what the girl says about you and one of the moments of surprise can be that you have changed yourself. Changes should not affect your personality and fundamental points, you can listen to its wishes, which will benefit you and do not contradict your life meaning. For example, you can quit smoking or write to the gym, but not leave friends or quit your favorite job.

One of the main tips in actions designed for a long time (compliments or the fulfillment of dreams) requires spontaneity, not schedule every other day. At the next planned surprise, the girl will understand that you are presenting something to her on a certain schedule and part of the reaction of surprise and admiration will disappear.

Strongly on the perception of various surprises affects the time and environment. For example, gifts and romantic calls at the height of the workflow can only cause irritation. But the morning time is the most favorable for surprises, since for most people everything happens on autopilot in the morning and they all look terribly similar to each other, this is where diversity will be needed. If you live together, you can prepare breakfast, whether to bring him to bed, everyone decides for himself. You don’t need to invent anything from you - a simple coffee and a pair of sandwiches or oatmeal can make you happy. If you have not yet gathered, then you can invite your friend for breakfast, which will surprise you a lot, because usually the guys are invited to dinner. You can choose a cafe or, again, cook a meal by yourself and eat it somewhere in nature. Take care and do not drag the sleepy girl away or use the machine.

Morning is generous for taking care, which in the usual rush to work, is surprising. You can offer a ride to the girl, or if she herself behind the wheel meet her in the parking lot with a cup of hot coffee and puffs. Surprised brought snacks at work, beautifully packed with the obligatory written wish of a good day. You can hand it in person if you meet in the morning or send it by courier. In the morning, you can send warm greetings and wishes for the day, make happy with funny pictures, pleasant music, notify what the weather is outside and recommend taking an umbrella. You can send her a photo, the subject of which is determined by the proximity of your relationship.

Pretty risky, but a stunning option - to organize a trip and inform the girl about the departure in an hour. To do this, you need to know about her plans and possibilities so that she does not suspect anything, find out her tastes and preferences in rest (if she is afraid of insects and hates the forest, then it is better to choose the sea). At the beginning of a relationship, or if you are only friends, it is better to choose trips that are designed for one day without overnight stay, or to provide the possibility of separate rooms. Leave the possibility of canceling the reservation with a refund (by the way, it is forbidden to demand a part of the amount for this surprise from the girl), since not everyone can agree to this. The better you know the girl, the more successful the construction of the whole event will be, taking into account how easy the girl is to lift and how much she trusts you.