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What kind of girls do guys like

Most girls tend to like the opposite sex, so they wonder what type of girls guys like. This knowledge helps not only to attract the attention of a young man of interest, but also to remain attractive to most. In addition, an understanding of the preferences of guys can provide some vector of their own development, if it is impossible to determine their own taste preferences.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to single out an unambiguous set of qualities and external data that will suit all men. Much in the perception of the girls decide personal preferences, lifestyle and even the particular country of residence of a young man. It often happens that the same trait for some guys will be disgusting, and for others to cause stormy delight. Before you begin to focus on any standards described in the literature or on forums, a girl should pay attention to exactly where this information is published, who its author is. If the girl herself prefers active recreation and wants the guy to share her interests, then she finds out the attractive features of the same guys (climbers, hikers, athletes). When the priority of various social events and innovations in the field of art, it is worthwhile to focus on other personal and external features. The ability to quickly climb the cliff, good physical preparation and a sense of humor are usually required in a company that does not appreciate the picture of Van Gogh as a manicure and is not very aware of the latest gossip.

However, in addition to these differences, there are some basic principles that are mandatory for any girl and partly reflect not only the wishes of the guys, but also social norms. To the first significant quality is a neat appearance, accuracy. Now no one talks about beauty or fashion trends, the presence of their own style and other more difficult moments, but cleanliness and accuracy must be present in any case. Hair of any length and color, collected in a hairstyle or in general without styling, can only be clean and well-groomed, without split ends and burnt strands. The same applies to the skin, hair, general condition of the body.

Another point about the appearance - it is clothing and accessories. About what to choose, what guys like more, and what they don’t like categorically, you need to talk in a separate topic. Regarding the basic principle of attractiveness, several conditions must be fulfilled - the clothing must always be clean and fit.

Manners of behavior and character must be cultivated in yourself every day, guided by the rules of etiquette and moral principles adopted in your society. If a girl behaves unworthily or allows a similar attitude on the part of others, then the guy will pay attention to her, but in order to avoid close acquaintance. In the same way as educated and gallant young people are more attractive to girls, so they prefer intelligent ones. In addition to the appearance of guys interested in the personality of the girl, who later becomes more significant than the visual image. So we can safely recommend starting to expand the range of their own activities and interests. The deeper interlocutor is guided in the subject, the longer the conversation with her can be maintained.

An important feature that is appreciated by all men of all ages, interests and cultures is naturalness, both in appearance and in self-expression. Attempts by girls to conform to a fictitious image often fail, because quite quickly the guys begin to notice all the intricacies of the situation. This is perceived as fraud and causes disappointment in the partner at the deepest level. It makes sense to be yourself and improve your own positive qualities, minimizing the negative ones, but without exposing your life to a complete correction for the sake of men's desires. Such submission and variability is not always like the guys, they are more interested in a strong personality, your differences, the possibility of sharing knowledge and attitudes, and not a soulless doll nearby, not having their own point of view.

Statistics which girls like guys

The urgency of interest in the question of which girls attract more male attention does not disappear with time, so many statistical surveys were conducted. So the statistics on what type of girls like the guys provide information about both external data and character traits. It is important to take into account the fact that statistics show the average opinion of the majority, and if a young man who is sympathetic to a girl has an original taste and a strong character, his preferences may differ from those presented below.

Regarding the figure, the guys prefer girls with a sporty, taut figure. It is important to respect the average - angular, too thin, like full girls seem less attractive to men. Constant diets, excessive thinness are associated with soreness, and also affect the emotional state of the girl. The presence of excess weight is perceived as the inability of a girl to take care of herself and disregard of attitude, and indifferent young ladies are not interesting to anyone. The advantage of men consider the chest of the second size or larger and pleasant roundness. More attention goes to tall women, but their growth should not exceed that of men (even in heels). Men pay special attention to their legs, which ideally should be smooth and slender. Too thin or crooked legs of men repel.

Regarding hair and hairstyles, blondes are more popular, but the bright colors (purple, red, green) of some men can even scare. On the contrary, the situation develops in an informal teenage environment, where exactly such brightness is a signal that the girl shares the preferences of the whole group. Long hair is preferable to short, and curly attract more attention than straight. Hair should be well-groomed, shine with strength and health, have a uniform beautiful shade. Men are not oriented to the latest hairdressing trends and often they associate various dyeing techniques with sunburned (shatush and balayazh). So homogeneous toning, timely correction of the tips and additional oils that add shine are the best helpers.

Well-groomed appearance is leading among men's preferences. This includes hair removal of all areas of the female body and face, except for the head and eyebrows with eyelashes. Many prefer a completely smooth skin. Clean nails, teeth and a pleasant smell - the main attributes. Moreover, a woman may neglect the expensive perfume, but must have a snow-white smile.

As for makeup, men give priority to natural beauty or an appearance where makeup is invisible. Bright lips, long arrows, sharp long nails in rhinestones cause rejection in guys and are perceived exclusively as part of the image for the clips. Clothes should be feminine, thin heels are obligatory, and also it is important to match the image of the situation (when going to kebabs, sneakers and jeans are better)

In addition to the appearance, there are certain qualities of personality that can cause male interest. In the first place is kindness, and it should extend to all and always manifest itself. You may not be familiar, but if a couple of times a guy notices how you help other people, feed the kitten or make a holiday for others, he will have a desire to get to know each other closer. Then there is affection and tenderness, because everyone wants to be next to a warm being who gives love. Peace and confidence are highly valued. This applies to both different life situations and relationships. Hysteria, which flare up from a single word and make a scandal, men try to avoid. Somewhere close to these qualities is quick receptivity and the ability to switch, search for a compromise and move on. And of course, men really like cheerful girls who can make any situation easier, quickly pick up their jokes and appreciate the guy’s sense of humor.

What girls like guys in appearance

Understanding the attractive appearance of guys and girls diverge. While women strive for model parameters and a repetition of gloss make-up, they seek the admiration of girlfriends and male critic. The closer the image is to the journal image, the more likely it is that men will perceive you as inaccessible and cold. Guys do not prefer the ideal parameters, expressed in centimeters, but rather react to the proportions of the figure (usually the difference between the chest and waist in thirty centimeters, and the same difference between the waist and hips). With such a balance, even the presence of a few extra pounds is perceived naturally and beautifully. That is why sports girls are so popular - their body is filled with strength, skin is elastic, and muscles are hardy and developed in the right proportions for any weight. In this parameter there is no logical assessment of the image, and in many ways instinctive ways of choosing a partner.

When assessing the appearance of a decisive role is gait, which should be easy, and posture with his head held high. The presence of the waist is a big plus in winning male sympathies. As for growth, there is no single parameter in centimeters, but there is a tendency for male choice. Many people like girls a little lower, that is, her height should match the partner. A tall guy would rather like a tall girl, but a little lower than he, but those whose height is below average will pay attention to miniature beauties.

In the ability to dress valued femininity and taste. Dresses and skirts, flying scarves, slender heels — all those items of clothing that are not found in men’s are the most attractive.

Men talk so much in their own circle and when interacting with a girl, they want to observe something opposite and beautiful. But you should avoid too extravagant costumes and bright colors - it can scare away and raise suspicions about the adequacy of the woman. A bright, overloaded image is appropriate in childhood and adolescence, and then creates the feeling that a woman has not matured. At the same time, the second mistake is excessive conciseness. Gray-black wardrobe, versatile and practical, the lack of jewelry and some comfortable shoes without a heel will create a suitable image for a woman. Boring, mechanistic, household - with these I want to solve current problems, and not even choosing a new car, but the level of payment of utility bills.

The hair is preferably of a natural color, possibly tinted to give depth or alignment to the burnt strands. Men do not like artificial blondes, despite the fact that this shade attracts the most. So brunettes contraindicated burn hair brighteners.

Appearance, which will repel anyone, is connected with violation of hygienic procedures. This includes the smell from the mouth, dirty nails and hair, peeling manicure, floated makeup, the smell of sweat, the lack of depilation. Guys like the silkiness of women's skin, so the face and hands should be sufficiently moisturized.

What kind of girls do guys like by nature

Appearance attracts only in the early stages of dating and for a long time to play a major role, it can not. Naturally, if you look repulsive, then no one will want to interact, but in order to extend the ensuing acquaintance, you need to pay attention to more serious moments. The boys choose girls with whom it is easy and interesting to communicate, those who immediately think about serious relationships, also assess the level of responsibility of the girl and her semantic values.

What kind of girls do guys really like? Attracts the attention of those who behave outside the box and compares favorably with the majority. If a girl is able to hit some original phrase or tell about the latest events of her life in a non-trivial way - it is intriguing. It is important that the girl had her hobbies, because the individual attracts everyone. In addition, the guys do not like girls who immediately build their entire lives around them, having neither interests nor personal desires, but just wait for him and constantly bother with calls. Among the peculiarities of the character can be identified independence, which makes seek attention and location of the girl.

Mind, honesty, initiative - those traits that Soviet education tried to suppress in women, teaching to complete obedience, are now taking over the leading positions. Men do not want to take full responsibility for what is happening in the pair, they are interested in the contribution of the second person and the possibility of movement together. Interest in beautiful soothers still exists in certain circles, but there the girl performs the decorative function of an accessory rather than an equal partner. Typically, this position does not cause long and deep interest, but the presence of a broad outlook and a developed mind can strike a man.

Guys like girls happy with their lives and who know how to make her happy and make others happy. Next to such a girl is nice to be, the guy will be able to please her, and if he can not, then the female world will not collapse. Close to this concept, men emphasize a cheerful disposition and sense of humor. It is important to note that the sense of humor refers to the ability to appreciate the jokes of a particular man, and not to be very sarcastic about joking at him.

Kindness and empathicism are considered absolutely feminine qualities, and the more a girl will be able to express herself on this side, the more hearts she will win. There is no need to woo only men, because a good attitude towards others creates a certain reputation. Loving girls, exuding care and delight from the guy, children, animals, nature, life have good chances for long-term relationships and constant interest from a partner.

An important aspect is the coincidence of the social level, and it is not so much about the financial situation, but about the cultural development of the individual. Shared values, knowledge and life experience create a fertile ground for interest and immediately provide many common topics and a single wave with the interlocutor. Important for the formation of positive perception may be factors that are not subject to change - it is the mentality and character. However, when people are completely different in these categories, only quarrels and misunderstandings await them. So too active a girl can tire a guy or melancholicity can lead a little jolly to perplexity.