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How to breed a man for money

Hello, I want to tell my story, I admit that my experience and small experiments will be interesting to someone. My name is Dasha, pretty pretty, I make new acquaintances at ease, I have a certain amount of experience and a strong interest in adventure with men. To all the recommendations below, please treat as a little female tricks. You can even find them stupid and not spend your attention on them. And anyone who believes that spiritual and moral norms and values ​​are violated here, please do not bother to read at all. I understand that the disgruntled will bring down the squall of critics, condemning them for mercantile spirit. This is their right, but first they want to "parry" - whether their actions are always so clean. It's no secret to anyone that men, too, do not always act honestly and nobly towards women. Everyone knows that men don’t part with their money voluntarily and how to separate a man for money is a problem that has always overcome me.

At the writing of this pushed the idea that if I had difficulties (to dissolve a man for money), it means that the same difficulties can arise in relationships with guys and other girls. I do not call unhappy girls deprived of male attention to strictly follow my advice, but to allow myself occasionally to cheer up little tricks will not hurt.

Personally, I always had difficulties, how to beg for money, first from my parents, then from my older brother, and later from men. And the point is not that I was experiencing an acute shortage of money, I wanted to assert myself in such a way, but it turned out the opposite, for some reason I felt humiliated at that moment when I begged for money. My upbringing was in a strict family and far from compliments flew to the address of the opposite sex. I was inspired about modesty, pride and the need to earn the necessary needs for myself. But asking for money from men was considered indecent, even if it was the usual top-up mobile.

I enjoyed listening to the stories of my friends, as their gentlemen presented and easily parted with banknotes. I think this is the norm when a guy as a sign of sympathy, love, on holidays and just so ready to part with a certain amount of money. What's wrong with that? The amount of love is measured by the amount of the cost of their beloved half. What a girl would not be nice bonus to the flower to get another little ring on the finger with the coveted pebble. Such an act, in my opinion, will indicate the depth of feelings. Of course, it is also nice to hear beautiful words from her beau, but in order to subdue a girl's heart and keep a girl near you, gifts are never enough. And to give a girl strictly on holidays is trite, although it is necessary, since the exchange of impressions between friends about gifts, for example, on Valentine's Day always happens. And I want to feel loved, talking about his gifts, and not silently sulk at his prince at heart, considering him a miser.

I also had such a boyfriend, who believes that gifts are not the main thing. A real meanie: flowers from a country bed, ice cream with jam at home in the kitchen under the lampshade, pizza to the house - that's the whole romantic. Girls, run away from such guys right away, it will only get worse from now on - this type of man will not part with his blood ties, even if he has enough money. Later, she will start giving flowers in pots, buy an ice-cream machine for the house, and ask the pizza to cook you personally, explaining that this is not the expediency of the expenses. In principle, at some point it even seems that he is right, but the feeling of discomfort from such a relationship will remain.

I had to go down to the ground, stop waiting for surprises from this man-whining, and be content with little, if not to say nothing, since I did not try to explain with tricks or directly that it was important for me to feel loved and gifts are the fastest way to make me happy - I did not work out. In such a relationship to be uncomfortable, they did not suit me. I don’t really want to remember them. Men have such a feature: the less they invest in their loved ones, the less they value. This was very noticeable in relations with my miser Roma. He did not even worry about our separation. He probably calculated his expenses for me and quickly recovered psychologically, one joy from the fact that his condition was saved - he warmed his soul.

For a long time I could not understand why I have a strong desire to raise men for money. Over time, I came to the final conclusion that money and gifts give me positive emotions that I cannot fill in differently from the outside world. Yes, I love shopping, visiting salons, comfortable travel. I treat this as a need. If a man gives me the opportunity to fulfill my desires, I love him even more.

I can afford my own personal expenses within the limits of reasonable, but it does not bring me the desired emotions that I feel when I raise boyfriends for money. This excitement gives me the release of dopamine, from which I get high.

Some will argue that communication, understanding in a relationship is much more important than the thickness of a wallet. For me, everything is meaningful in a complex way, for the female essence consists in the desire to spend money and receive tremendous pleasure from it. Only first you need to dissolve a man for the cherished amount. And when you succeed - you will experience incredible satisfaction from the fact that it is cranked. Then the realization will come: that this is not difficult at all. At first, there is a psychological barrier that prevents one from deciding on certain actions and words, but each time it is easier to get a divorce for money — something that goes without saying. Initially, I was embarrassed to ask for money from men, but any skill can be trained and this, too.

It is important to approach the process of divorce for money creatively. At first, I made a big mistake when I complained about my financial situation, whined and begged. Then she changed tactics, realizing that this was not true. Not that they would refuse me and not give me the money - they gave it, but a much smaller amount than I would have arranged. I made the following experience - asking for money, should maintain self-esteem. After all, to win a girl who demonstrates her independence is much more difficult and interesting. In such a situation, a man is ready to part with his money more easily. And talking constantly sad about the difficult financial situation can only cause a man to pity and lack of desire to continue to build love relationships with you. To help, he will help, but constantly listening to the nagging will strain him. A man wants to see a woman always cheerful, he is charged by positive energy from her.

Asking for a denyuzhku is necessary gently, feminine, as if giving the right to a man to take care of you. This should be done with a certain frequency, so you teach your beloved morally, for example, once a week, plus or minus a couple of days, to part with a certain amount. The moment you ask, forget the principles of morality and education. This will act as a hindrance and the fear of failure will be read on the face.

I noticed that my self-sufficient man likes to give money. He was flattered when I asked them for it. I think that he likes to feel that I depend on him, thereby showing that I recognize his significance. It should only ask gently, politely, correctly, for example: "Buy me a chain? Then I will be the most beautiful with you." If you want boots, I honestly admit that I haven’t had them yet and therefore I really want to! It is important to give thanks for the gifts sincerely and with joy. You can jump to the ceiling, kiss a man, make compliments. Putting on a chain, you can boast of everything that her favorite has bought.

Starting a conversation about money when a man is in a bad mood, he is unwell, hungry, immersed in problems - a losing option. In this state, he may refuse.

Many men think that we, women, are with them just for the money, so you must first convince your lover that your feelings are sincere. And immediately asking for money will look arrogant. Provide initially a man himself to take the initiative - maybe he himself wants to show his generosity. It is necessary to dilute with money carefully, so that the young man thinks that this is his initiative. You should not always take material support, you can create the appearance that you do not need it, then the man himself will ask to accept a gift from him.

As soon as you notice that a man is in love, then you need to start acting. You can try this technique when a man is busy with something, tell him about the need to make an urgent purchase, for example, shoes. In this situation, to be left alone, he counts the required amount. Later, when your appetite is played out, the main thing is not to overdo it with the amount and not to demand too much, but just casually voice your desires, but no more than once every ten days. My advice is only suitable for adequate not greedy men who understand women and their needs. Good luck to all girls! Do not be afraid to ask if a man is in love, he will not be able to refuse. Take advantage of this!