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How to understand a girl

At the beginning of communication, people converge, because there is an absolute understanding of each other, but then there is a complication and deepening of interaction, so guys often have a question, how to understand a girlfriend. This may concern her emotional state, hints, desires, motivation of actions and plans for the future. Unfortunately, there is no universal decoding that helps to understand women's manifestations, since each person is unique.

A man who wants to understand the girls and their desires should not only pay more attention to the features of psychology and style of women's communication, but develop their own qualities, without which this process will be significantly difficult. Primary respect for women and the development of a broad outlook. Men who think girls are less significant, primitive or stupid, the difference between manifestations will be attributed to these items, which is far from true understanding. The breadth of your own knowledge automatically makes your point of view more flexible, helps to view the situation from several sides at once, facilitates the analysis of the experience gained. The more different situations of female response you survive (in your own life or through literature and cinema), the easier it will be to understand the girl.

Sometimes logic fails in situations where you need to figure out how to understand a girl's feelings. Here it is necessary to connect the intuition and empathy in order to guess the motivation of actions, and especially the causes of feelings. Empathism is naturally not the strongest male quality, but he can also be learned if you study body language and facial expressions - half of female emotions will become more clearly understood.

Also, men will have to cultivate in themselves indestructible patience for female incomprehensibility, since the study of the characteristics of each woman takes a long time. You can learn some basic points in a couple of months and respond very well to this, but it will take years for the deeper awareness of mental mechanisms. And it's not that you got a strange person and it is better to look for someone simpler and clearer, most likely the situation will happen again. This is how the lapping of the difference between consciousness and world perception takes place, while the entire given period is not only a man trying to understand a woman, but she also often becomes perplexed by his actions or reactions.

Show kindness, and if you understand the hint of a girl, try to fulfill it or make it clear that you know about her desires. For many women, the problem is to ask directly, and if you carry out experiments, leaving her in the dark, you run the risk of causing even more bizarre behavior.

How to understand a girl - female psychology

Evolutionary features suggest different functions that are required for survival depending on gender. Due to these circumstances, mental characteristics, depending on gender, also developed with different priorities. The female psyche is more developed in terms of emotional response and multitasking, but it copes less well with an abstract analysis of the facts and a focus on one task. These differences lead to moments of misunderstanding in the intersectional interaction and require consideration, both from men and women.

The ability to understand the girl's emotions and her desires is largely determined by the man's ability to listen, which is important when building communication with any person. Timely clarification of controversial points, surprising reactions, as well as the voicing of one's own attitude to many things facilitates mutual understanding.

For guys, it is important to learn how to understand his girlfriend, and then knowledge of the psychological characteristics of the chosen one will help. The path to mutual understanding begins with taking into account the difference in the perception of information. For girls, verbal communication and everything that is expressed with the help of words is extremely important. To talk more, ask about what is happening and express feelings will help the girl to start opening and not be afraid to explain what is happening to her. Of course, every woman will be delighted with a masculine look, but only a compliment will be counted, said out loud. That is, you can shower it with flowers, reduce it to a beautiful place, arrange a wonderful night of love, but if a girl does not hear the recognition of his feelings from a man, then she will doubt the existence of those to the end. Doubts cause nervousness, lack of understanding of relationships, a growing number of questions and reproaches, and everything could be solved in one phrase.

Girls do not need the constant presence of a man nearby and quite enough of a few phrases or questions that give the feeling of her being needed. Reinforce your words with actions, because if a girl returns home alone, starves, and shares problems with her friend, she is unlikely to be able to believe in sincerity.

The peculiarities of the female psyche allow them to assimilate information faster and to memorize everything better, and in the smallest detail. This explains her occasionally bored look, when out of courtesy she listens to long-known information. This also causes many offenses when a man forgot something, whether it is an important date or the color of her dress on the day of her acquaintance. But this feature is not only a nuisance. Constantly expanding your own horizons, and each time telling her new information - you become her irreplaceable companion. By the way, the topic is not as attractive to girls as its presentation. That is, if a man can talk with humor and excitement about the design of the engine - attention and recognition are guaranteed.

A girl can be the kindest princess with one and a cold bitch with others - it all depends on the significance of the person and the value of the relationship. If you do not feel the proper level of relationship, then this is caused not by a quarrelsome character and a desire to annoy, but a lack of trust and uncertainty in the relationship, which causes the girl to keep an emotional distance.

Regarding women's needs, affecting the character, there is a mechanism due to evolution. Since the woman always took care of the house and family, she chose the most successful male, able to ensure the survival of the offspring. In addition, all actions were aimed at increasing stocks. Survived those couples where a man extracted resources, and a woman distributed them. At the moment, it continues to manifest itself, so the girls are very sensitive to male stinginess, lack of realization, the desire to save on it. In a social society, emotional resources are added, that is attention, encouragement, support. The less a man gives, the worse the condition of the woman becomes and the more reproaches becomes between people.

It is very important to take into account the individual aspirations of a woman, and if her need for care prevails, then the provision of a large amount of money instead of a joint dinner she can regard as an attempt to pay off. A woman who does not need emotional support can perceive the constant presence of a partner nearby, as suffocation and restriction of her own freedom.

Consider the need of your woman. If it is a concern, then it manifests itself daily, and not after its next reminder. When you hear about the lack of passion, it may be enough to go to restaurants and exhibitions or it's time to listen to what fantasy voiced by a woman.

Give a report of female emotionality. If logic is the language of men, then emotions are women. Sometimes such a wave can tear down anyone from a stable position, it is important to listen not to the text itself, but to intonation and subtext. Do not provoke a girl when she is emotionally wound up, if you understand the true reason for her indignation by indicating her wrong and pulling. Men need to learn how to extinguish such flashes at the very beginning. It’s usually enough to hug and say some soothing text depending on the situation.

How to understand the behavior of a girl: features of a female character

Characteristic features will tell you how to understand a girl's feelings through her behavior. It should be borne in mind that the primary role in the formation of character has a social environment and features of education, and gender features only contribute to the originality of the manifestation. Usually women tend to be cautious in showing extreme emotions. They do not immediately admit to themselves, so sympathy can begin to express through a long period of time, after the birth of such.

The same applies to aggression. Being physically weaker, acting mainly within the family, the woman will postpone until the extreme moment the manifestation of her strength and aggressive tendencies. With respect to the external world, this is due to a sense of self-preservation, and with respect to one’s own family, the desire to provide a favorable emotional background. In addition to the direct need to protect one’s life and well-being, there are several other moments behind women's aggressiveness. Thus, it begins to manifest itself when there is an acute shortage of something, a state of resentment, or a sense of unhappiness. These are all protective mechanisms that work when a girl cannot ask for help. This is also a consequence of impaired trust; if, for example, a close one offended strongly, then until the feeling of pain passes away, it is perceived as an enemy, which entails appropriate behavior.

Different female behavior in stressful situations. Usually they knock her out of the rut and take her by surprise, so instead of increased concentration and efficiency, a woman can become confused, frightened, and panic even from minor problems, but on condition that they fell unexpectedly. But in a long difficult situation, girls are able to show endurance and patience, emotional endurance and perseverance, which is not characteristic of men.

Female character is not constant and depends on many factors, including physical condition, hormonal changes, social situation, current problems, quality of relationships, and so on. Due to the fact that behavior is determined by a multitude of non-permanent factors, women's reactions seem unpredictable even in identical situations. Men can only be advised to take more variables into account when analyzing a girl's behavior, and if she leads quite strangely, it is better to inquire about the state of her affairs - most likely there are big changes.

The primary role of emotions is a determining factor in female behavior. She will not bring the meeting to the end if she is frightened for her own child, but will fall to him, as well as not thank her husband for the gift, if she is offended by his arrival at night at home. It is worth discussing logical things after the emotions have subsided.

Usually, the more a girl can speak, the faster her mood is normalized. This explains the long dialogues with friends and claims expressed several times in a row. And if a man needs solitude and calmness to solve problems and calm, then a woman needs support. This need can be expressed, paradoxically, in a repulsion or a lie that all is well. If you leave a woman she will only get worse. Optimal hug, ask, stay close. No need to go in silence and solve its problem, you need to listen and offer assistance.

Female emotionality and touchiness

Emotionality is the most incomprehensible and discouraging trait for men. How to begin to understand a girl if unnecessary emotions include female fantasy. It is beautiful in the manifestation of love, when a couple is inseparable and tends to devote all the time to each other. But with the same force, anxiety manifests itself, when a guy who is late for half an hour is already being searched in hospitals and among all his friends. He feels male patience jealousy without reason and obsession with trifles.

All life events girls perceive through the prism of feelings. When they are happy, they are able to please the whole world around, but they also suffer grievances. The memory of such things is able to return and revive the old offense when talking about problems in the present, and it seems that the girls are too sensitive, because they have already apologized several times, and after years they continue to make claims. But the point here is not in anger, but in increased sensitivity.

But there are those who seek to manipulate relationships, using the appearance of resentment. Men are stronger physically, but do not tolerate emotional pressure, and this is what happens when a woman deprives them of attention and participation by being offended. Of course, the desire to get rid of such stress causes the desire to fulfill any women's requirements. But for a long time this behavior can not bear fruit and the guys can not stand, they no longer understand the girls.

When a young lady is naughty and offended, it is difficult to understand the behavior of a girl at that moment. Most likely she is deeply unhappy inside and this is such a way to tell the world about the lack of love. If a man can not take everything said seriously, but will be able to see a request for help in this, then the situation is likely to improve. A girl who is happy, calm and loved, will not become unemotional, but will cease to destroy excessive negative manifestations of the relationship and psyche, as her own, and partner.

The value of love for girls

The difference between gender-role perception of reality is manifested in behavior and the ability to interact. We also give different interpretations to such concepts as friendship, love, duties, joy. The most important thing is the understanding that women invest in the concept of love, so that later they do not seem callous and insensitive.

For a woman, love is almost synonymous with care, and it is through her that she understands the relationship. Caring can have many manifestations - this is guardianship, help, and emotional support, but the most important is constant manifestation. In love, she needs a person who will stand side by side and be able to catch, if anything, to share responsibility. This is not childishness and inability to solve, because a woman can really solve many situations herself.

Relationships for the girl occupy the most important role in life, so she wants attention and sacrifice, not out of selfishness, but because of her own selflessness. As for a man, the most significant area is self-realization in the outside world, so a woman feels her realization through relationships. Love for a woman is manifested in the creation of a common space, as well as its constant harmonization. All these sugar bowls and pillows, flowers and curtains are directly related to love. The house is a continuation of the woman and she seeks to show her care in providing comfort.

It is worth remembering the importance of talking to a woman. Not only mutual recognition, but also constant talk about feelings are an important component for her. This is the desire to learn the inner world of a partner and share yours. It is not enough to have such a conversation only at the beginning of a relationship, since the girl begins to seriously worry and think about the absence of feelings, if she does not remind her of this.

Constancy of tokens of attention is the basis of love in women's eyes. A bouquet of hundreds of roses presented once may be considered wastefulness, duty, an attempt to buy her attitude. But if every Friday to bring her one flower, and on Tuesdays, to feed her with breakfast is love. The frequency and consistency of the signs of attention provide the girl confidence in the partner.