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The right to own thoughts and judgments

Within their own space, everyone has the right to everything. If a reader dependent on society decides to recognize his problem and change, he should build some kind of personal territory in which he can be himself and can afford to realize all his ideas without fear of any view of society. And the past painful pursuit of success will thus turn into a healthy self-realization.

This is what the books in the "People from the Cabinet" series teach. At each stage (one book - one stage) the hero goes through all the stages of his own formation. However, the reader, if desired, can independently overcome the whole path. He will receive the necessary clues in these articles devoted to the narration about the main thing that the author understood during his own transformation.

Any of your opinion, decision, idea, like everything else, asks for manifestation. And that's fine. There is no better proof of the value and necessity of one's own thoughts and ideas for oneself than their implementation in practice. But suppose you feel the insufficiency of the manifestation of yourself "into the void." As well as in many other ways you need support. This support creates an imaginary support, soil, moral right, allowing the creator to move in the chosen direction.

But everyone who has chosen the path of change must understand that he must give himself the right to his own thoughts and judgments! And do not beg him from society.

All success stories are based on a simple principle: "He went to the end," "He continued his work, no matter what." However, the difference between a true successful hero and a loser is that a successful hero does not prove anything to anyone. He does what he has to do. By and large, he doesn’t care how they look at him and what they say, which is why he is generally able to go through the inevitable stage of rejection, misunderstanding, rejection by society. The loser is more focused on “conquering society”, “proving to society”, that is, he looks at the external assessment and either adapts to it in the desire to “please” or rejects himself with society and hides in the “closet”. The first hero remains with him under any conditions. The second does not know himself at all. He is with society, not with himself.

The entire path presented in the books mentioned and in these articles is aimed at separating the individual from society. The hero must become a self-sufficient person. He must find his main happiness - finding himself. The author knowingly uses the word “must”, which is not very beloved by psychologists. Because a person in this case is exactly himself and should.

To one degree or another, all articles will now be aimed at separating from the influence of society. Thoughts, desires, judgments - all become independent of external influence. One of the main stages of the formation of the personality, as mentioned earlier, is the definition of a personal space in which "I can do everything."

What is private space?

These are your own feelings that you have the right to have and feel.

These are only your desires that relate only to you and delight you.

These are just your thoughts and preferences.

This is the right to own experience and even to own mistakes.

This is your own will of choice and the right to make your own decisions.

These are all personal manifestations inherent only to you, your character, your features and all the distinctive qualities, the very ones that are just you. You are nobody else! You are only you! And you have the right to your everything.

Nobody can take those rights away from you. No one as a “reward” can endow you with any right. It was handed to you along with the fact of life itself. And your business now, as you intend to dispose of all his.

There is an option - hide in the closet. To pretend that "I am not," and more than anything else in the world, to wish that "someone finally found me and got me." Because it is impossible to live without giving yourself the right to yourself and this life ...

But no one! Don't get you out of the closet! This must be done only by you!

How to believe in your own strength, in your own manifestations and in yourself?

Not verbal support and approval is important for the development of yourself, as you already understood. And, for example, own conviction in the importance of a certain labor.

Through the realization of ideas! To believe in your creation, it is necessary, for example, to see, touch, feel, not only in the form of a presentation!

How is this incarnation possible? Through creative work, for example, creative action - with or without the help of adults. For a friend of the older generation of the past boy, the idea turns into a bicycle assembly of spare parts, obtained by hook or by crook. For a girl, the embodiment of the idea is a finished dress with a beautiful collar, embroidered napkins or something else - it all depends on the sphere of hobbies, desires and inclinations (we find opportunities ourselves). And you can also remember the very first delight: "I could," "I did it" - that's what we need!

In understanding the importance of their ideas, creative ideas and their high-quality, well-developed implementation play an important role. Mandatory own, unlike others, a thought. What role does her incarnation play? When you, a child with an enthusiastic eye, look at the whole, real structure, which is made according to a personal project, you are automatically filled with a healthy, true, sought-for sense of self-importance. Remember how, when he was already an adult, he consciously began to respect himself when he overcame another difficulty in life? And this feeling in this case is not the outer shell of a balloon that is ready to burst at any external public injection, but a deep, inner, unconditional conviction. The one that should not depend on public opinion and is an indisputable confirmation of the usefulness and usefulness of their own investments.

A childish still inexperienced, soft, supple perception - the first, initial impetus to the development and continuation of any beginning. You no longer need any evaluations - just remember that experience, make and see the results of achievements. And this is the beginning of the formation of inner conviction.

Did you manage to create something meaningful with your own hands? Did you get to the level of your own ideas and thoughts? Have they come to life? If not, then try to return to childhood and imagine, just imagine that it was all you had. Catch that childish enthusiastic feeling. In adulthood, it turns into an ordinary, simple confidence - the key to achieving everything. Self confidence, in the value of thoughts and their undeniable benefits.

Everything that you consider important and doing, has the right to life. And it’s not as important as others see it. How important is your own development, moving forward and the realization of your ideas. Because it is the realization of their ideas that gives a correct, healthy sense of self-importance. And no external assessment.