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How to do everything

The number of cases completed during the day, meeting deadlines, as well as the consumption of internal resources are given to different people with varying degrees of difficulty. And if the question arises how to manage to do everything, then it is not always the answer in the field of excessive overvoltage and the absence of interruptions and entertainment. Anyone who is late, stressful and does not have time to anything, most likely cannot devote an extra minute to entertainment and relaxation. The problem here is not the number of responsibilities and tight deadlines, but the ability to determine one's capabilities.

The possibility or impossibility to have time to fulfill the necessary is regulated by external factors, that is, the number and duration of the necessary cases. Naturally, this cannot be completely ignored, but punctuality and efficiency are also internal habits, similar to an early rise, cleanliness or intolerance to lies. The amount of time in a day is the same for everyone, only someone is able to use every given minute. It is possible to learn how to do everything in a short time, however, this will require significant emotional and volitional costs.

The best helper when starting a change is a task list. It is best to start a diary or program in the phone, where tasks for the upcoming day, but also a week and a month will be described. The more detailed the days and tasks are described, the more chances to fulfill your own wishes on time. For example, if the next month or six months later you are recording a reminder of a colleague's birthday, then a couple of weeks before the event, you need to make a record of the need to buy a gift, and a few days before that you must include a pre-selection item. The larger the event, the more records regarding it should appear in the planned schedule - the ability to decompose the process into constituent actions will help get rid of the whole job, and do everything systematically.

Many people divide such a diary into personal and business affairs right on one page, someone gets several different notebooks for different areas, some emit colors or by time. There is no definite advice - the main thing is convenience. The reception works well, highlighting cases of urgency and importance, as well as an indication of time. At first, you can record all the little things, up to wiping shoes, washing dishes, sending correspondence - these small things can eventually take the lion's share of your time, if they are not included in the daily structure and calculations.

To-do list must be checked every evening and make those items that were not fulfilled today or suddenly appeared. Tasks that have re-emerged are set in accordance with the timing of the relevance of the implementation, and overdue tasks are put on top priority on the next day. In general, it is necessary to strive for everything planned for the day to be fulfilled. It is better to sit until midnight, than to postpone for tomorrow or the end of the week. This approach helps to avoid the accumulation of outstanding tasks, and also stimulates the speed and quality so as not to finish at night. In addition, thanks to this approach, it is possible to feel their capabilities. Some of the problems with the timing is not due to laziness or planning. If you notice that by doing your best you cannot cope with the duties of your main job, freelancing and still go to the gym, then the best solution would be to redistribute the load or to give up something instead of permanent night vigils. When you begin to notice that you have completed all of the main task list and there is still time, then you can start looking for additional classes.

To make it easier to navigate in the implementation, you need to periodically check the list throughout the day. You can answer a couple of letters while the meeting is delayed. Each day has similar pauses that can be filled with empty chatter or by making part of a list.

How to manage everything and live life to the fullest? It is necessary to take into account all spheres of your life, because pauses can be filled not only with working moments. For example, you can have time to sign up for a doctor or a hairdresser, have a cup of coffee or send a funny picture to your loved one. It is important to understand the difference between the effective use of time and its waste. So, if you answer a longtime friend on Facebook while you are in the elevator, this is rational. If you are already an hour, instead of fulfilling the plan, you are flipping through the tape, then you will provide the evening in stress mode.

Tips on how to do everything in a day

Daytime can be structured so that it is more than enough for everything, but for the planned mode is needed. This should relate to the beginning of the day - the alarm clock should be set so that you have enough time for training camps, when you can not only manage to calmly and thoughtfully collect, but also solve sudden force majeure situations (the need to iron a shirt or replace a burnt hair dryer). Discipline, beginning with manifestation in free time, begins to shape the whole way of life. For example, you can stop translating an alarm after a call to sleep, or you can learn to end an empty conversation with a friend when you need to write a project or leave social networks when it's time to go to class.

Leave the house at the right time, go to a meeting in an unfamiliar place with a reserve in order to have time to navigate the situation. All solutions can be optimized, many actions can not be performed. The fact that you miscalculated the time, did not prepare in the evening or fell asleep in the soul, only you are to blame, not the people who will have to wait for you. The association with the aircraft works well, which will still take off at a specified time, whether you will arrive at the landing or not - a similar attitude should appear to all life events.

In order to remove the physiological factors of fatigue that reduce productivity as much as possible, include in your daily routine and routine to take care of your well-being. These are regular physical examinations, adequate sleep, providing vigor and physical exertion to help compensate for emotional costs.

How to keep up with everything in 24 hours? Distribute matters not by the principle of ease of implementation or amenity, but by their importance or proximity of deadlines.

If you have a filling out, in the morning it is important to make an appointment with the dentist, and not to wash yesterday’s dishes or prepare a project presentation. Start with the most important and difficult, reducing to the evening the level of responsibility of tasks. If you put up routine affairs for the first half of the day, then the main forces will be spent on this, and then by evening it will be quite difficult to take on work that requires creativity or mental participation. All projects, events affecting the further course of life should be done as quickly as possible, but dusting and picking up puzzles can be transferred to the evening, because the picture of life does not change much from doing or ignoring such things.

The day should be filled not only with useful and necessary plans, but also with rest periods. Specially set aside time for lunch, coffee, walking, browsing online stores or chatting with friends. If at work you are distracted by the offers of colleagues to have a bite, and in the middle of dinner with your companion to give working advice, then you will not be able to express yourself effectively, and time will be wasted. This kind of behavior, which sustains the framework, causes respect, and the desire to act in favor of others ceases to admire rather quickly.

No need to strive to do everything at once in one breath, this usually leads only to exhaustion. The importance of periodic interruptions affects both performance and speed. During physical work, you can lie down or sit down, if the work is associated with mental exertion and a permanent seat, then you should include periodic walks. You can go for bread to the store under the house, water the flowers in the office, walk to the next branch, if you want to talk to you or just get up to warm up. Someone easier to take breaks on a schedule once an hour, someone with their help shares semantic pieces of tasks performed. Even wondering how to do everything with a small child, the rule of the need for breaks is essential for maintaining adequate perception, instead of insane immersion in the problems of the newborn.

How to do everything at work

Work at all is connected with a mass of various features, ranging from the duties performed to the place of stay. But there are universal rules that help optimize the work, and sometimes execute it before. It is worth starting with restoring order - this applies both to the office room and to your own home, which is important for those traveling or connected with technical support. The ideal order and organization of the space initially helps to tune in to the workflow and concentrate. For example, the problem of all freelancers - the lack of an organized working space, while the presence of soft pillows, cute toys and constantly running up children or pets does not allow to concentrate on the process. But this is also true for those whose workplace is outside the home - the lack of systematization of files in the computer, the chaotic storage of consumables in the end takes a lot of time.

Look for ways to optimize and facilitate the work process, thanks to the use of the latest developments, monitor the emergence of new products in your area. The engineer is stupid to draw everything by hand when there is AutoCAD, the surgeon will operate with a scalpel if you can use a laser, and the accountant use abacus instead of 1C. Tools that make life easier and save time are present even for creative artists and musicians. You can use lighter and more ergonomic tools or order consumables over the Internet without spending time on personal trips to the store.

Set the silent mode or disable the receipt of alerts from social networks. Set restrictions on incoming calls or use special functions for managing incoming calls. The less you will be distracted by external stimuli, the less time it will take to return to the workflow. Discuss this moment with your close ones, agree on a way to connect the event of unforeseen situations.

Look for new solutions to situations not only with the help of gadgets. It may be that the inconvenient work of the printing house, which makes it necessary to wait a long time for the answer, is decided by changing the printing house itself or opening the printing center. Automatic work can not be done if you are once asked to write an appropriate program for you, and you can’t worry about your colleagues ’timely congratulations if you pay for classic gifts with dates and delivery in the required service. Try as much as possible to automate or hand over the routine.

The psychological aspect is the fear of being incompetent when a person tries to do everything on his own, even if he is really overloaded. At such moments, it is quite possible to ask colleagues for help - this will relieve your schedule personally and improve relations. You do not need to shift everything, but you can ask to answer the call or grab on the printout and your documents the one who goes to the printer.

If colleagues often use your reliability, more often shift duties or even put it into the habit, then it is necessary to stop such violations. Read again with their responsibilities and continue to refuse to perform others. Exceptions are moments when you yourself are not overloaded with work or have managed to finish everything, and a good person asks for help. Do not refuse the principle, otherwise, when you need help, there will be no one to turn to.

Start working with the most important tasks, and carry out the current tasks as you go or if the strength and desire remain. Human nature is such that the results of activities depend on the point of application and the quality of use. Here it is important to trace the dynamics of your personal activity, so that knowing the hours of your highest working capacity, plan on them important or difficult moments. If you are an owl according to the type of activity, then in the morning you will have a scheduled analysis of mail, planning for the next day, automatic data entry or template actions, but then you can start calculating important trajectories or make appointments with complex clients.

You can do everything at work when you feel your rhythm and work with inspiration. The desire to squeeze the result out of yourself by any means, without taking into account the intrinsic motivation and state, can turn into apathy, which lasts for weeks. Having a good rest, the body itself will show excellent results, while a half-hour walk can help you.

How to do everything a woman

A woman's life is very diverse, and the desire to do everything at the proper level and sometimes have time can lead to a nervous breakdown. Particularly acute is the question of how to do everything with a small child. The basic principles repeat the time management techniques, but there are some absolutely female tricks to save time. It is important to initially decide on what time is not enough and what needs to be done. After all, if all the time is spent on inconspicuous business, because of which important areas of relations and development suffer, then this situation is corrected completely differently than when a woman is late due to unwillingness to come.

The more responsibility and responsibilities appear, the harder it is to cope, and if at first it is still a feasible level, then at a certain stage you can boot so that an independent solution becomes simply impossible. It is important for a woman to learn how to ask for help, and this can be anyone - a husband can sit with the child, a colleague can bring documents, a friend can help choose a technique. This will save time needed for rest and recuperation.

There must be breaks and time allotted for taking care of yourself. Rest does not always mean to lie flat - here you need to put all activities that fill you with energy and motivation. The more effective the process of recuperation, the faster you can cope with a regular load, the more power in life for the realization of desires.

Making a list helps not to forget anything, but the features of female psychology are such that desires are more readily fulfilled. You can play with this if you replace the list of necessary and mandatory cases for tomorrow with a list of desires. Even if it will be a planned trip to a car-care center, written as "I want for planned THAT", it already gives a lot of pleasant emotions and includes creative adaptation. For example, you can drink a delicious coffee in the neighborhood or read the chapter of your favorite book.

How to do everything with the child? Combine multiple classes. You can not just walk with your child, but combine it with your own yoga classes in the fresh air, and even engage in the physical education of the child. Cleaning is also perfectly combined with physical exertion, as well as listening to audio books, and if communication with friends is transferred to a beauty salon, then the number of positive emotions takes off tremendously, while saving time.