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Nervous tension

Nervous tension is a deviation that occurs as a result of all sorts of psycho-emotional overloads. In humans, the nervous system is notable for its considerable plasticity, it adapts to all sorts of stressors and non-standard conditions, but its resource is still limited. Any intense emotional reactions produce a response in the body, called stress. When emotions have a positive color, the individual feels happiness, negative - there is neuro-psychological stress. If you detect signs of nervous tension in a timely manner, the corrective impact will be short-lived, and the individual will quickly return to a normal existence, unity with the environment and emotional balance.

Symptoms of nervous tension

Often, a whole combination of factors leads to nervous tension: constant fatigue in daily professional life against the background of the development of a conflict situation in family relationships can quickly generate neurosis, and an appetite disorder provoked by life disturbances will also cause weakness and indisposition.

Thus, the underlying causes of nervous tension are:

- negative impressions and negative emotional responses that arise constantly and gradually accumulate in the subconscious (such as: resentment, anger, arrogance, envy);

- various subconscious fears and the inability to manage them gives rise to great anxiety;

- unrealized plans, unfulfilled dreams, unfulfilled desires, psychological barriers - all those components that on the subconscious tier does not allow an individual to become himself;

- bad luck in personal relationships, stressful situations, constantly present conflicts and experiences;

- dissatisfaction with the professional environment, the chosen field of activity, a sense of lack of implementation;

- the inability to throw out constantly accumulating experiences;

- lack of regular rest, physical activities.

The occurrence of nervous tension is more strongly predisposed to individuals, whose professional employment is associated with constant confrontations, intense exertion, feelings and excessive responsibility.

The primary manifestations of nervous tension include:

- irritability;

- stiffness, feeling of awkwardness;

- lack of joy;

- inertness, lack of activity and interest in current events;

- dream disorders up to its complete absence;

- Increased inadequate emotional response;

- lack of desire to interact with the social environment (isolation).

Increased irritability is manifested by an inadequate response even to events that previously cause pleasure. Also provoke a "explosion" can close people or everyday affairs.

Closure is manifested in detachment from any social contacts. An individual who was previously known as the “soul of the company” and did not miss a single gathering becomes unsociable. He has only one pronounced attraction to loneliness. His only desire is to forget about him, so that no one touches him.

The lack of joy is manifested in the fact that the individual is no longer delivered with the joy of everyday trifles. Such a subject does not understand why others are so happy when the sun is shining or the birds are chirping on the street.

Increased irritability, coupled with a lack of joy, leads to a strong emaciation of the body, excessive self-criticism and the production of new taboos. Moreover, the more the subject tries to transform his own response and attitude, the more his irritability will grow as a result of unsuccessful attempts.

The aggravation of the emotional background is found in the inadequate response of the subject to every little thing. A person becomes touchy and easily vulnerable.

Conventionally, all the symptoms of this disorder can be divided into two categories. The first are the above-mentioned, so-called external signs. The second category of symptoms is internal manifestations, characterized by excessive indifference to the situation, increased anxiety and inhibition of cognitive processes. Exhaustion of the nervous system often causes a depressive state. The considered stage can become quite serious for an individual, therefore actions should be taken to correct the condition.

Sometimes neuro-psychological stress provokes the emergence of increased excitability. Then there is an increased sense of euphoria, increased talkativeness, active, but useless activity. Regardless of the manifestations described, the individual feels well for himself, as a result of which he does not take into account these symptoms.

In addition to the listed manifestations, somatic signals are also observed, such as:

- hyperplutity;

- cardiopalmus;

- uncontrolled jitter, manifested as in the sensation somewhere inside, so in external expression (twitching of the limbs);

- violation of the functioning of the digestive system, pronounced discomfort in the epigastrium;

- loss of appetite or, on the contrary, increased gluttony;

- strengthening bad habits (for example, biting lips or nails);

- tearfulness and short tantrums, alternating with absolute indifference to the resulting events.

How to relieve nervous tension

Do not underestimate the tension of the nervous system, because, despite the supposedly ugly symptoms, this disorder often leads to sad consequences. Therefore, recognizing the manifestations of nervous tension, you should immediately begin to take active steps to eliminate the factors that caused the described condition and symptoms.

Treatment of nervous tension in adults is recommended to begin with the normalization of sleep. First of all, you should try to fall asleep without the help of pharmacopoeial agents. It is also necessary to exclude alcohol, daily coffee and energy drinks. Before leaving for the Morfeyev Kingdom, it is recommended to avoid watching television programs, computer games, or surfing the web. Slight physical exertion, such as evening jogging or a regular walk, contributes to quick and easy falling asleep.

Relief from nervous tension often includes the prescription of sedatives better than those of plant origin. In addition to the above, it is necessary to take seriously the revision of the daily routine and in the future will certainly follow it. It is also necessary to adjust the composition of the daily diet: eliminate unhealthy products, replacing them with healthy provisions enriched with "life-giving" substances.

Communicative interaction with friends has a positive effect, so it is recommended to turn off the Internet and make a foray into nature with loved ones. This harmonizes the internal state, eliminates stress and nervousness.

In addition, in order to normalize mental attitude, interpersonal confrontation should be allowed in the family or in the work environment. It is better to discuss any problem than to harbor a grudge against the careless words of relatives or colleagues.

You should also regularly allocate time for exercise. A positive effect on the emotional background is affected by swimming, massage, morning douche, baths with herbal infusions. In addition to the elimination of nervous tension there are a variety of techniques, for example, meditation or yoga.

If nothing helped from the above, then pharmacopoeial drugs are prescribed, first of all, vitamins (increase stress resistance, reduce the risk of myocardial pathologies, vascular ailments and neurological abnormalities, supply the body with useful substances), means aimed at correcting cerebral circulation (eliminate headaches) , improve cell trophism, thereby increasing efficiency), antidepressants, nootropics (enhance trophism of brain tissue, have a psychogogic effect ).

How to relieve nervous tension at home

First of all, stress relief consists in balancing the emotional state. In other words, the primary tasks for the individual are the awareness of the existence of the problem and the finding of possible ways of liberation from the oppressive situation.

So, the treatment of nervous tension, the elimination of tightness and excessive excitability should begin, first of all, with awareness. As stated above, it is necessary to eliminate the cause that gave rise to such a state, to realize the root of the problem, to elicit the provoking factor and to select the most suitable method that helps in one fell swoop to achieve an emotional "world" inside of oneself and eliminate the tightness.

Next, "work" is to eliminate subconscious fears. Uncontrolled causeless fear is able to hold down all the effective efforts to cope with the rising stress. They should learn to manage and eliminate, in order to subsequently replace the feeling of peace.

In order to avoid depletion of the nervous system, one must stop accumulating feelings on the subconscious tier. The stiffness of the body and an excess of nervous tension often generate negative emotions, such as: insult, anger, rage, envy, arrogance. In order to feel relief and throw off the burden of negativity, it is necessary to let through all the accumulated emotions. You can, for example, write a letter, setting out in it a situation that gives rise to emotions with a negative charge, and the negative feelings themselves.

It is necessary to exclude any psychological prohibitions. Any positive desires must be realized. Otherwise, the desire is transformed into a heavy stone, falling into the depths of the subconscious. All restrained inclinations and dreams are emotional clips that block the feeling of joy, happiness, leaving only suffering and a steady feeling of dissatisfaction with oneself.

In the battle with nervous exhaustion, meditation practices, auto-training in the form of affirmations, have proven to be excellent. Repetition of positive attitudes will help raise the mood and overcome a bad feeling.

Sport is also effective in eliminating excess stress. Physical activity contributes to the production of the hormone of happiness, which invariably positively affects the emotional mood.

There are also ways to quickly relieve nervous tension in adults. They are listed below.

First of all, in order to quickly eliminate the effects of nervous tension, it is recommended to change the situation. And here is ideal walking tour with alternating pace of movement. Pretty soon the annoyance comes to naught. Since the functioning of the endocrine system is normalized, the activity of the brain zones responsible for mood is activated, the processes generated by stress switch to providing physical activity.

The result is achieved more likely if during the walk to transfer attention from the problem issue to something else, for example, to dreams.

It will also help to eliminate nervous squeezing by painstaking work with your hands: you can sort out small parts, type something on a computer, knead an anti-stress toy. After all, the fingertips are “equipped” with a huge number of nerve endings, the activation of which eliminates tension.

If health allows, then extreme food will help to remove the overstrain, for example, you can eat a slice of hot pepper. It is believed that this action will cause a surge of endorphins.

The usual touches of loved ones, their hugs, have a quick effect. They recharge the individual with positive energy and are able to restore internal balance.

An effective and rather useful method, which has no side effects, is considered intimate intimacy. This process affects the production of pleasure hormones, which has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. In addition, due to intimacy, spasms and muscle clamps are eliminated, which always accompany prolonged nervous tension.

In order to get rid of the accumulated voltage, it is necessary to take an example from the little inhabitants of the planet. Kids love to grimace and mimic adults. For which they are often scolded. And in vain. Small crumbs on an intuitive level know how to quickly relieve nervous tension. Therefore, if the mental strength is running out, you must indulge in such a fun and fairly simple exercise, such as grimacing or the structure of the faces in front of the mirror surface. This will not only relieve the emotional burden, but will certainly enhance your mood.

Also, with a bad state of mind is recommended to smile. Often there are circumstances when you want to howl, but even under the weight of intractable problems and emotional exhaustion, you must try to stretch your lips in a smile. The body is genuinely amazed at the "abnormal" reaction. He will be amazed and decide that everything is not bad and will only be better. Doctors have long established the existence of a direct relationship between the blood supply to the cellular structures of the brain and the involvement of the muscles of the face.

When a human subject smiles or laughs, the blood flow to the brain tissue structures increases, therefore, the oxygen content increases, which affects the performance of the brain and has a beneficial effect on the mental state. Actually, as a result of this, laughter and smile eliminate fatigue, contribute to switching to another state, activating the body's defensive response.

How to relieve nervous tension in a child

Despite the seeming carelessness of the kids, their existence is also filled with difficulties, disappointments and losses: the favorite toy broke, they were transferred to a new garden, quarrels with other babies. Adults should stop underestimating children's problems, considering them far-fetched and insignificant. Children because of their age are more difficult to adapt to any changes, they tend to pay increased attention to things that are supposedly insignificant, according to the adult environment.

Nervous tension in children can cause an unexpected arrival of the grandmother, the first steps, a quarrel of parents. With adequate response, stress for the baby is useful, because it helps to mobilize its own forces, to overcome some problems, however, excessive stress is exhausting.

The adult surroundings of the baby must learn to notice the bells of nervous tension in the baby. The main manifestations of nervous tension in the karapuz are behavioral changes.

Excessive nervous tension in babies is often manifested by a regression to the signs of a younger age period: they may begin to suck on the fingers, ask for pens, urinary incontinence may appear. Children of older age can become unsociable, overly docile.

In addition, signs of stress in the crumbs can serve as the following manifestations:

- neurotic phenomena: enuresis, tics, teeth grinding, stammering in speech, obsessive movements;

- increased fatigue;

- irritability;

- reduced activity of the baby;

- muscle tension;

- decrease or excessive growth of appetite;

- Allergies in the back, abdomen or migraine;

- tearfulness;

- bladder dysfunction;

- Disorder of the digestive system;

- detachment;

- impaired concentration;

- impairment of memorization;

- decrease or increase in body weight.

Noticing the above manifestations in their own children, parents, first of all, should reduce the load of the child, despite their apparent usefulness. The task of the adult environment is to select for the crumbs an individual method of eliminating overvoltage.

In order to eliminate the nervous tension in a child, it is necessary to talk with him, find out about his feelings, experiences, tormenting him. An atmosphere of openness and trust should be created at home. You need to convince the kid that every experience is positive.

Babies need to be able to appreciate, regardless of his "bad" actions or behavior disorders. It is necessary for him to openly demonstrate his own love, care, to give warmth. Should cuddle more often. He must feel the unconditional love of his parents and understand that they love him against all odds, and not for behavior with a plus sign.

At the same time, the child must clearly understand the limits of the permissible, therefore it is necessary to distinguish between his actions and the permissible ones. However, one should not "go too far" and be too strict.

It is also recommended to find a homework class for the kid, so that the crumb feels needed, to help him find a hobby or a creative activity, to give him the opportunity for physical activity. This should take into account the wishes of the child, and not exclusively their own interests, resources and needs.