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What to do if the wife "saws"

Before marriage, it seems to a man that he has a sufficient idea of ​​his future spouse, however, over time, it becomes clear that the elect are not characterized by the qualities that they liked when choosing a wife. The reason for the scandals are constant disagreements and reproaches. Often educated women, endowed with intelligence, turn into wives, who constantly "sawing" their men. This is because women's psychology and its features are explained by increased sensitivity and hormonal disruptions to any internal changes. These manifestations in the female psyche are laid evolutionarily, since for the survival of the offspring it was important to notice the nuances of the mood and state of the neighbor, monitor the safety and functionality of their habitats, as well as their personal condition.

Now the situation has changed, there is no need to separate gender functions, however, women's emotionality and inconsistency remained, since from childhood the female sex does not receive a ban on the expression of their feelings. The actions of the fair sex are always authentic, which means that the external behavior corresponds to the internal content. Often the fact that the wife begins to "cut" every day for any reason (he came late, did not remove, forgot to call, bought something else, and so on) is difficult for a man to understand. And for a woman this is the norm and just for reasons understandable only for her. This behavior of wives is not justified, because they are not satisfied with something concrete, but with everyone without exception. Women need to reckon with the feelings of their spouses, learn to control themselves and not "nag" them for nothing.

Gender psychology has difficulties in understanding by both sexes, and conflicts that arise, quarrels happen because of a lack of understanding of intersexual features. To reduce the number of conflict skirmishes, husbands need to know the features of female psychology. Therefore, if a wife “saws” every day, then this indicates an increased female emotionality and that the wife lives in a world of feelings, where even negative emotions will manifest themselves for awareness of themselves as significant, than their complete absence.

The emotional characteristics of wives include such a need as a number of calming factors and considerable time to become calm, because the female nervous system responds to stimuli more strongly, more sensitive and excitable. In men, such emotional features first cause confusion, and eventually irritability, and they begin to think about how to stop the constant female discontent.

The main reason for women's being in displeasure is, (according to the wives), the wrong behavior of the husband. A woman living in marriage sees that a man has negative character traits, negative habits, his own views, worldview and principles.

So what to do if the wife "saws" every day? In order to understand how to stop experiencing the psychological pressure of a wife, one should be aware of the reasons why she is guided by “carrying the brain”. It is possible that the husband does not help raising children, does not hear requests from the first time, does not finance the family, does not take care of his chosen one, does not participate in housekeeping and avoids home leisure activities, spending his free time with friends.

A common cause of domestic conflict is anger that has accumulated from resentment inside a woman. If the wife is constantly "sawing", and the husband does not know what to do with this, then he should "look inside himself," analyze his actions, trying to find the cause of the conflicts. Female anger has a “off button”, the main thing is to find the cause of discontent and give the woman what she wants, for example, to take a break from domestic chores. After that, the wife will replace anger with mercy. Guessing the cause of female discontent is not necessary. It is necessary to discuss - honestly and openly, the problem that has arisen in the pair. It should be remembered that any disagreement should serve as a development in the relationship, and not lead to destruction.

It is important for men to understand that a woman chooses her mate with whom she wants to start a family according to certain criteria. For the first meeting, appearance is important, and over time, a person's character matters. American psychologists have found that after three years between people, the time of euphoria (love) ends and a sense of reality comes. Spouses begin to show character, if they do not get satisfaction from living together, quarrels arise.

It is possible to improve family relationships by applying positive reinforcement. If the wife "saws" every day, psychologists recommend changing the attitude towards the spouse. This means saying more pleasant words, compliments, thanking for breakfast or dinner. The essence of this method is expressed in the fact that the spouse is required to praise, regardless of the result for each of her actions, for example, even for burnt potatoes for dinner.

A woman can be as responsive, kind, loving, understanding, and angry, rude, irritable. The reason for the mood is often caused by the situation in the family, internal as well as environmental factors.

Internal factors affecting the female mood:

- lack of love and warmth;

- diseases of the nervous system;

- premenstrual syndrome.

Environmental factors:

- misunderstanding of the husband and children;

- Unlucky day;

- trouble at work;

- insufficient financing of the family.

What should a husband do when his wife experiences his inconsistency? It must, without losing the inner core, always remain calm and steady. To begin to understand a woman, you should carefully listen to her. Listening focused, you can see that there are new details even in the previously discussed topic. Perhaps the woman repeats, because she does not like the option to resolve the situation. Dialogue for a spouse is an indicator of female importance, waving away from his wife, and considering that she will speak out with her friends, a man provokes an even greater number of conflicts.

If you praise your wife, then the woman will begin to correct her behavior for the better. A woman does not want her emotional attitude to affect a man, because it is in times of crisis that she will wait for calm from him. If you always say good words, while adding a few actions, the relationship will gradually recover. Find a mutual understanding with his wife will help a romantic dinner and rest from family, household affairs, discussing in advance what your wife does not like and how to fix it.

If the presented recommendations did not lead to the desired result and the tension between the spouses continues in the family, then the appropriate option would be to end the relationship and disperse. Not every man is able to withstand a “saw” for a long time, even if at first he suffers because of his children, his life gradually turns dull.

Moral abuse of a man reduces his self-esteem, affecting the psyche negatively. Joint existence becomes "hell", from such a relationship I want to run.

If the companion has excessive demands, then it makes sense to suggest that she try to create for herself all the benefits required from her husband. And in the meantime, a man will gradually restore his peace of mind and lifestyle, which he used to get married to a hysterical wife. It is required to look at divorce soberly, one should not endow it with fatality, considering that there is no life after it. Psychologists believe that if all the signs of a dead-end marriage are obvious, and the couple cannot agree, than trying to preserve the relationship, it would be better to get a divorce.