The phone made a familiar sound. A new message arrived in social networks. While reading, I noticed that the news feed for the last hour was filled with amusing gossip. It would be necessary to read more closely. Beautiful girl left a comment on the photo. Certainly, I will answer the same.

Letting yourself read this stream of thoughts 10 years ago, would say that someone is delirious. But nowadays dating on the Internet is the ordinary everyday life of any young man, if he is not from a cave. Information saturation makes life a brain test even for a terry extrovert.

Psychology online dating

The abundance of social networks and dating sites invites you to have fun and easy time in the company of a pleasant stranger. Is it easy to find a really decent girl in virtual chat? Not so simple. Women in social networks can be divided into several categories. Some of them are not capable of a serious relationship.

For a certain type of girls, social networks and dating sites are not a way to communicate with the opposite sex and a chance to find a chosen one. Magic mirror for the evil queen from a fairy tale. At the right time, it will give confidence that the beauty of all the sweeter, more rosy and whiter. As soon as someone makes the young lady doubt her own beauty, she will quickly find a convenient way to raise self-esteem. She communicates with the guy without the intention to meet and transfer acquaintance on the Internet in real.

The interlocutor is not a person from reality, he is a mirror singing the praises. To get around this problem is very easy. It is recommended to set the time and place of the first date on the day of your acquaintance on the Internet, if she does not schedule meetings, the conversation on the Internet will quickly disappear.

"Shyness is moral paralysis." What is the quote Larochefuco? The phrase describes the next type of girls who live on the Internet. Such a girl has no plans to meet “that very one” here. It is not excluded that she is experiencing a difficult parting, and, possibly, is still married. Friends insisted on registering on a dating site. She is not ready to communicate in the real world. For her to go with a stranger to miss a couple of glasses of wine in a nearby cafe is unnatural. Conquering shy girl is not easy. She needs a leader trapped in trust. Next to such a woman have to take the initiative in their hands and show men's qualities.

Another type of girl is comparable to the female mantis, devouring partners after mating. She is insatiable in her search. The poor fellow became the twelfth in the list of acquaintances via the Internet, but the next one after him will seem to her nicer. She thinks she dominates, despising men and taking advantage of them. Of course, with such a girl will not get a long relationship. However, it will be possible to spend one evening in a dull company.

This type of girls is as close as possible to the image of a chosen one. The likelihood of a normal date is great. Only the goal is not morally ripe for the meeting. She is already waiting, in the hope that the guy has managed only one photo to see what she is unique, wonderful and inimitable. The girl realizes that she is not the only one with whom the guy is in correspondence, but admits her uniqueness. What remains to be done, except to maintain this illusion? This is reminiscent of some form of commitment even before the meeting. She will require efforts to conquer it already at the first stage of dating on the Internet. Often such a strategy is chosen by those girls who are looking for a real relationship, and not an adventure for a soft spot. It is recommended to pay attention to this type of girls.

Getting in touch

We place traps on the beauties. VK remains the most popular site among Russian youth. Over the years, he did not lose, but consolidated his position, which is not surprising. There is no school system for evaluating personal photographs and overcrowded classmates "at a party," he does not teem with Africans asking them to send them money. The interface is comfortable to use, and, most importantly, with virtual acquaintances, after 5 minutes of studying the page we get a clear idea of ​​the interlocutor.

However, we must not forget that the opponent also does not sleep. A girl with a liking for Lieutenant Colombo looks at the profile of a scoundrel who dares to write to her. The first step on the way to the attractive profile is a good photo on the main page. The first mistake is not to upload any photos. The girl decides: either appearance disappoint, or married. A repulsive effect will produce photos of the top loess, in glasses, drunk, from nightclubs and in home clothes.

Photo ideas that are permissible to use:

  • a photo in a suit (for example, at a brother's wedding);
  • comic photo (not to be confused with ridiculous);
  • photos with friends (an indicator of rich social life);
  • photos from an unusual event (flight in the wind tunnel);
  • photo for a sweet hobby.

However, it is not so important where and how the photo will be taken, it is more important to smile disarmingly on it.

Next, fill out general information about yourself. The greatest difficulty will be the universality of the text. Any girl who read it should gasp loudly and say that she has found her ideal among men. To offer templates is meaningless. In order that the text does not seem too banal, you can show self-irony. Even if the result is nonsense, it will be individual and different from what is read on other pages. The goal - to cause curiosity - has been achieved.

How to start a conversation in a social network?

Cute girls are always in demand. Every day they receive megabytes of messages with offers of acquaintance. Of course, not all of them find a response. Starting a conversation with a beautiful girl is difficult. The conclusion is simple. The first message should highlight the crowd. It kills three birds with one stone:

1. Greeting and presentation.

2. Compliment.

3. A hook from the profile to continue the conversation.

We offer top 5 original ways of dating on the Internet, according to fans of social networks

1. Name by name.

Psychologists say: "If you want to please a man, say his name." To use the name in a long and florid phrase would be too boring. What if so: "Tatiana!" The answer is guaranteed. Continuing the conversation depends on the imagination of the interlocutors. Maybe invite a girl to drink coffee?

2. Mark the detail on the photo.

Another approach is to mark one of the details in the photo of the girl. No matter what it will be: bag, hairstyle, colors in clothes, high heels. She chose this style to catch admiring glances.

Girls love to pose for photos with pets. This little thing also becomes a significant clue: “You have a cool cat. What is his name?

3. Common interests.

Sharing a hobby or a favorite movie for two increases the chances of reciprocity. “It seems that you also like the Butterfly Effect?” I considered it my duty to write to you! I think we have something to talk about. ” In addition, you can ask a question. "What do you think while watching it?" The advantage of this approach is that it allows the girl to speak on a well-known topic. Relaxation from the first remarks will lead to ease of conversation.

4. Classic "hello."

We recognize that women are more loyal to the fun and original ways of dating on the Internet. But the old school also has a right to exist. If a man wears a classic three-piece suit, he prefers a meticulous Canadian amongst haircuts and belongs to conservatives because of his temper, what reason does he have to squeeze out a joker. If the inspiration never came, it’s better to start with a simple one: “Hi, Marina! How are you?” Before the routine "what are you doing?" or "what's new?" better not to reach. In the course of further conversation, you will have to show imagination in order to stand out among the dozen guys who wrote the same day. A sense of humor can help out in matters of "taming" women. As the French say, "a woman laughing at jokes, one foot in your bed."

5. A welcome invitation for a date.

If a man does not intend to spend time on long virtual courtship, this method is designed specifically for him. "Hello! What are you doing tonight?" The next replica depends on the reaction. "Great! Maybe we can drink a cup of coffee? A new coffee shop has opened in the center. The one who is late is paying the entire check!" If the girl agrees, she will offer a phone number for communication.

It is possible that the reader is not too inclined to have a serious relationship, and his goal is an innocent flirt. It makes no sense to load the hobbies of girls, studying personal information.

Enough standard cliché phrases. Here are some of them:

  • Hello! Judging by the photo, you prefer flashy colors in clothes. Is it to scare predators away?
  • I bet you're a photographer (or any other profession).
  • So two attractive people met!
  • For complete happiness, I now lack two things: good coffee and you!
  • I have been instructed to say hello to you! From whom? From my heart!
  • Sharing my loneliness with the naughty gleam of your eyes?
  • I could come up with a silly reason for dating and fooling your head, but I don't want to. Do without formalities?
The formula for the success of the first message for later acquaintance is quite simple. It must meet three basic criteria.

1. Conciseness. Contrary to popular belief, a woman is a lazy creature. Receiving a daily astronomical number of virtual invitations for a date, she is unlikely to pay attention to reading a treatise on love in 12 sentences. The text of the first message is brief and capacious.

2. Emotional coloring. Boring messages are not interesting to others. The best way to stand out from the crowd is to make a girl experience pleasant emotions while reading the first message.

3. Relaxed style. It will take time to develop your own style of correspondence, but this will give ease to communication and make a positive impression on your interlocutor.

We continue to correspond. Conversation Tips

Tip 1: male energy

Since ancient times, it became clear to men that the conquest of a woman is the purpose of strong males.

Energy, will and strength are the main qualities of a born leader. Is the king of beasts capable of fear? Leo is a worthy example of courageous behavior. To succeed in dealing with women, you have to pull up your jeans, clean your shoes and act like a proud leader.

Tip 2: Calm.

Before you go to storm the hearts of women, you need to calm down and bring the nerves in order. Otherwise, there is a risk to talk to the interlocutor of nonsense.

Tip 3: simplicity.

A smile disarms. Especially if we are talking about an open, sincere smile of the interlocutor. We offer her laugh. So she can see the guy's personality before seeing him in real life.

What to do if the conversation is not asked?

Case 1. Message sent, but the answer never came. Worry early. Perhaps the message has not yet been read. It is strictly forbidden to write additional messages. So the man imposes himself, looking insecure. If the answer does not arrive within several days, we send one more message to show that interest in conversation and acquaintance on the Internet has not died away.

Case 2. History is as old as the world. Optimistic start. He, a knight on a white horse, looks at her with a captivating gaze from his avatar. She, beautiful fairy nymph, responds indulgently to likes. There is a contact. Ties correspondence. After a more or less lengthy conversation, the guy gathers all courage into a fist and decides to invite her on a date. But she refuses both for the first time, and the second, and the third ... What other things can interfere with the meeting and acquaintance? She marked the birthdays of all relatives up to the fifth knee, walked the girlfriend’s dog twice and even took the cat to the castration. But there is still no free evening in the schedule. Alas, the photo of the lover has long been in a virtual harem. They will never meet.

How to prevent waste of time on girls without serious views of acquaintance on the Internet?

There is a clear sequence of actions, in case the girl rejects the offer of a meeting. After a short correspondence, the man appoints. She says she is busy. 2-3 more messages with meeting proposals (objectively tempting) are not excluded. She continues to delay the date, to offer other dates. Enough Next!

Sometimes people fail to agree to a meeting for good reasons. It is permissible to turn on the back speed once, but if the situation repeats, the woman shows disrespect.

The meeting took place, but everything went wrong. Second date. Again, no specifics. Next!

In fact, if a girl refuses to communicate, it is not scary. Perhaps she is filling her own price and wants to be persuaded. This is not a failure of this man personally. She still does not know him, did not hear the timbre of her voice, did not laugh at the jokes, was not surprised at his erudition. She just refuses to talk to this guy. So he could not stand out from the crowd. Maybe, than to look for problems in yourself, it is better to think about a new avatar?