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Female offense

Resentment is a negative emotional experience, both for the most offended, and for whom this feeling is directed to. Usually an insult arises in the place where aggressive reactions and anger stop by the person himself because they can hurt another or overlap with love. But like anger and aggression, resentment signals discontent, the inadmissibility of what is happening.

Female grievances against men are a separate topic and in the everyday sense are often taken separately from the general understanding of the grievances. This is because the emergence of claims and a bad mood for women for a man often looks spontaneous and unreasonable. This difference in attitude arises from differences in perception and the importance of the emotional sphere. So women are more sensitive than men, they notice more trifles, and also attach greater importance to those factors that may go unnoticed by men. Silence can be perceived as coldness, a sudden gift causes suspicion of misconduct, and the inability to remember the date of the first kiss equates to personal insult. In addition, an increased tendency to reflect causes women to greatly inflate the problem where there is no such thing at all.

Misunderstanding is growing thanks to the male approach to solving problems and confidence that if there are negative moments, then they will directly tell him about it, but they will not hint at the sad expression on his face. You can react to women's offense in different ways, but many mistakenly believe their ladies that things and mood are in order, instead of asking additional questions. It is such different approaches to solving problems that cause misunderstandings. To prevent an increase in the number of female offenses, it is necessary to know the situations that provoke them, to avoid and correct. Or at least try to show the true essence of things with your behavior.

The most frequent causes of female offenses

Female grievances against men arise mainly in the area of ​​interaction and interpersonal relationships. The priority here is the lack of fulfillment of their expectations. Characteristic of a female offense is that expectations can not always be announced in advance to a man or even realized by a woman herself.

For example, intending to walk in the evening, she decides that this is a walk for two in a public garden, and a man convenes a company of cheerful friends. The logic does not allow the woman to speak directly about her dissatisfaction, since none of the couple have specified specific options for the evening, so she can sit with a sour expression on her face or behave silently and coldly. If a man does not fulfill the specific agreements voiced (for example, pick her up at seven from the salon), then this is perceived as indifference, and it doesn’t matter what happened during work - a woman was forgotten, for her personal world this is a tragedy and only unconditional self-confidence shown after.

Low self-esteem and desire to be the only content of a man's life is in second place in terms of the popularity of offense. In this case, no matter how the young man behaves, the situation will not change until the girl works with her inner world. The uncertainty and the need for constant reinforcements of self-worth are the result of complexes that force one to think out what was not there in reality. So the phrase "normal dress" can be perceived as "you need to lose weight," and fatigue after a work day is perceived as a lack of interest in her personally. There are many options, only now constantly struggle with fantasies of uncertainty, few people can do it.

Next to the complexes is the fear of being rejected, thanks to which the solution of important and conflict issues is solved with the help of hints and manipulations. Those who fear direct conflict will never discuss the situation openly, as this may cause confrontation. But no one will attack the offended, they usually pity him and fulfill his requests.

Of course, there are direct provocations to take offense - these are frank views of other women, an unserious attitude or unwillingness to talk about the status of your couple and an objective lack of attention along with a dismissive and boorish attitude.

The consequences of an insult to a man

Resentment does not arise from scratch, and the woman herself depends on how often and deeply she will be offended. Accordingly, the more often this happens, the more self-esteem suffers, because an insult is always about derogation, deprivation, and shortage. Those who do not take offense value themselves highly and can always find other sources to satisfy their needs, and not expect them from others. The more a woman waits and manipulates an insult, the worse her moral state becomes as a result, her mood goes into a mode of chronic sadness. From such a position, close to the development of clinical depression or the emergence of psychosomatic disorders.

Being an unmanifest aggression, resentment causes hypertension, gastric ulcer, and neurological disorders. When a girl takes offense at a man, physical stress can accumulate in the reproductive system, causing problems in the intimate sphere, gynecology, or provoke problems with conception.

In addition to influencing a woman herself, resentment has a destructive effect on relations in general in a couple. Trust is violated, there is no sense of being yourself. Manipulations cause both partners to be in constant tension, and when this happens for a long time, there is a tendency to avoid each other. A man begins to linger at work, because at home he is only waiting for another dose of complaints, the woman is even more offended by such disappearances. If no one in a couple can stop the growth of such a critical situation, then in the end a woman’s resentment can lead to divorce, although it could be resolved by one open conversation, for which tact, endurance, understanding and courage are needed on both sides.

If resentment, as a way of interacting with the world, is fixed, then after a while the woman may be socially isolated. At first, people will feel sorry for her and try to help, but after the next colossal effort spent, they will go to those with whom open dialogue is possible.

How do men react to female offenses

How men respond to women's offense is better addressed depending on the situation, since there is no one piece of advice, and the reaction itself depends on the temperament and state of the man at the time of the offense.

Infantile men to the insult can react with insult in response. Misunderstandings and anger are also frequent, since the claims of women seem unfounded and stupid, all behavior is perceived as attempts to manipulate or is explained by feminine stupidity. Others, sincerely appreciating their halves, try to understand the reasons, to analyze the situation. There may be long conversations and finding out the true reasons. Most often, these men are trying to provide all possible support, showing participation and care. If a woman with such an approach makes contact and openly discusses her needs and feelings that arise, then the relationship in the couple is improved, and a space for dialogue arises.

Imposes imprint on the reaction of men and his education. If it was not customary in the family to discuss relationships, and the father ignored the emotional sphere of the mother, then there could be a characteristic avoidance reaction. But not only the peculiarities of the parent family can be caused by similar. When a woman too often takes offense and does not explain the reasons, a man may get tired of finding out the sources and facts of offense, it is easier for him to wait out the storm separately, leaving for a weekend or lingering at work.

In pairs, which are a long time together, at a certain stage, global understanding comes. Then even a silent resentment does not require an explanation, the man can understand for himself where he was wrong or that this flash is not so much addressed to him as caused by female fatigue. Usually, when people are so used to each other, it resembles an idyll, but it is worth remembering that before this stage came, people went through many stages of revelations and analysis of joint reactions.