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What to give a girl

Proceeding from the bare practicality and directly voiced complaints about the lack of any things is the most disastrous strategy in deciding what to give your girlfriend. Girls are important not so much functional, as the emotional side, and any gift for them should carry the meaning of your personal relationship, and not be reminded of the everyday part of life. A broken iron, winter boots, household chemicals, or a shoe maker, not to mention pans and other kitchen utensils, are no doubt useful and necessary things, but not a gift. Such things a girl can buy for herself or plans them at the expense of the general family budget.

Seeing a gift from such a list, she will thank, but you will not receive an emotional response from the depths of her soul, and the joy will rather be played up. Even if you have agreed on a useful and specific thing, then take care of a small additional surprise that will surprise and please her directly.

Do not try to surprise her with brands, if you do not understand and buy a fake in the transition - most girls instantly distinguish branded cosmetics and bags, but they will not wear this. It is better to buy a quality item, albeit an unknown manufacturer.

Regarding cosmetics, there is also a slippery moment - you can not guess with a touch or skin type, so you can buy something like that provided you have checked the necessary brands and palette in advance. It is forbidden to give (if you don’t have to part with your enemies) slimming teas, anti-cellulite creams or slimming tights (despite the girl’s constant talk about the need for such products). All the phrases associated with defects in appearance, the guy should be taken solely as a reason for unnecessary compliments, and not gift ideas, since such gifts are perceived as a hint of your dissatisfaction with her appearance. It looks like an insult in the eyes of a girl.

An original gift for a girl can be even the most mundane thing, the main thing is to focus on her interests, as well as a reason for a gift.

What to give a girl a birthday

When choosing what exactly to surprise a girl in her personal holiday, focus on the tastes of the birthday girl, and not the advice of the sellers in the nearest store. Trade is arranged in such a way that the main task is to draw the maximum amount out of a confused buyer, so even in a biker shop you will be convinced that a helmet for a ballerina will be the most desired gift in life. Noticing a love for the products of a particular master, contact him and arrange the production of jewelry to order, telling about the tastes of his chosen one. It will be clearly better than buying the most expensive necklace in a jewelry boutique (there are those who prefer hand-made works to any precious products from the factory).

Do not forget about the design - you can even give the girl an original candy even if you creatively approach the packaging and serving, while the expensive phone in the factory box will deprive the event of half the festive emotions. By the way, always keep a guarantee or a check for expensive gifts for yourself - this will help you exchange them or give you the opportunity to return if the thing is quickly broken.

There is no need to put checks into the box, so as not to create the feeling that you are bragging about the amount spent.

A win-win for your birthday is always emotions. If earlier people wanted to accumulate things, now mobility and lightness, experience and experience are valued. Order a photo session or a personal photographer who will accompany the holiday - this is an excellent investment in future memories. Even if a banquet is not planned, but a walk with friends in the park or kebabs in nature is planned - professional photos from such an event will be able to please the girl and all participants for a long time (remember how amateur filming usually looks like, usually by the end, when alcohol begins to act on the operator ).

It is better to choose impressions from what the girl might have said, and to take into account personal peculiarities (it is not necessary for a person with a fear of heights to have a party on the roof of a twenty-story house).

Various gift certificates deprive the gift of a surprise, but give the girl space for their own choice. They are relevant if you understand that now is not the best financial period in her life, but it is not tact that gives you direct shower gels and powders. Also in such cases, subscriptions will be suitable (in the gym, spa, solarium, beauty salon, dinners in the restaurant, visiting places related to her hobby). This is analogous to money in an envelope, however, it looks like a thorough preparation, and not a backup option, when you forgot about your birthday and now decided to quickly get rid of this way.

Give the girl development and future opportunities with the help of certificates for various training courses and programs. This can be online courses or those that require direct participation - here you should find out in advance whether a girl will be able to attend such classes, as well as how interesting topics you have chosen.

By the way, if the gifted one doesn’t have a very big budget, you can beautifully congratulate you by naming a star in her honor (thanks to a special program, by spending the minimum amount or having received such an opportunity for free).

How to congratulate a girl for a year of relationship

You can put a reminder and present a standard bouquet for the anniversary of the relationship and bring it to the cafe - the reception works as obligatory flowers on the eighth of March. In order not to quarrel in a memorable date, it is better to know in advance about what the girl thinks about the celebration of such dates. The options can be so different that the standard advice just does not help - someone thinks it is a remnant, and you come across, and someone will wait for the guy's marriage proposal and no less. Ask leading questions, watch the reaction, when similar situations occur on the screen, ask common friends - protect yourself from all sides.

A year of relationships implies not so much material gifts (they can be symbolic), but time and emotions presented to each other. Plan your day's pastime. You can start with a walk through your memorable places or attend a romantic event, take a time off at work to have time for a short trip. When preparing a holiday, do not overdo it with planning every minute, let there be an opportunity for improvisation and correction of plans, because with high probability, the girl also prepares a surprise for you and will be extremely upset if it does not work out because of your ideas.

Choosing a gift for a year of relationships, be guided by the fact that he reminded of your warm feelings. Various gadgets and items for a girl’s personal hobby are best left before the birthday or new year. A joint photo, decorated with a puzzle, a jar with hundreds of declarations of love, a voucher for a joint summer trip, a heart-shaped pendent - this is the approximate direction of gifts for a girl for a year of relationships.

The most significant and expensive, not so much in terms of cost as in importance, is a marriage proposal. But one should not make such a move only because of the date, such a decision should be dictated by internal needs, and the anniversary will serve as an excellent occasion.

What to give a girl for the new year

Since childhood, the New Year is considered the time of fulfillment of wishes that were made in advance. You can make your job much easier if you can persuade a girl to write a letter to Santa Claus or if you find her wishlist. This is the holiday when you can give the necessary things, the desired things that have been said.

If in childhood everyone asked for toys, then adult girls still love toys, only in adult interpretation. A variety of gadgets that are designed to diversify our lives, fill it with colors, facilitate work and just bring pleasure - the leaders among the New Year's gifts. Do not forget about individual hobbies, and not just a set of women's gadgets (for sure it is not an electronic scale with the determination of the percentage of body fat).

A new lens, a tripod, photo equipment will suit the photographer. He moves around a lot, runs in the morning - cool headphones, optimally wireless. For those who like to read - an e-book, for artists - a tablet. A smartphone is universal only if a new one is better in terms of functionality and quality than the one that a girl currently has. Travelers will appreciate the navigators, external batteries and solar panels.

Gifts that complement and provide a hobby of the girl will be useful to her on the days of the New Year holidays and additional weekends. Artists will never say that they have extra brushes or paper, needlewomen rejoice in hank threads, like children in chocolate. Just be careful and do not choose the first hobby store with a female focus - if you don’t give a race car driver a set of kitchen molds, she may not know how to use such things, but a couple of comfortable gloves will be just right. Books fit perfectly in the winter evenings, and the genre will tell the nature of the girl. Even if in complete confusion, then in bookstores a lot of gift editions with beautiful high-quality illustrations, inspiring stories that are designed for the interest of any person.

Use the cold season and donate things that are unlikely to please another day. Fluffy warm sweaters, funny hats, socks with deer, pajamas and blankets will warm the girl. Thermoses and portable hot-water bottles will also make the winter more comfortable, and Christmas treats will be transferred to the fairy tale (gingerbread houses, chocolate hares, baskets of exotic fruits, etc.). Coloring the winter will help subscription to the rink or sled, but then be prepared to ride them together.

For those bored by the sun and the sea, you can present a course of tanning beds and a subscription to the pool. Although you can also go on a trip - it is better to discuss in advance, and as a gift to put bright slaps, sunblock or swimsuit.

Original gift for the girl on February 14

On this day, you can easily take advantage of ready-made offers from companies and institutions that support the theme and offer a lot of paired entertainment. It can be a romantic performance at the Dolphinarium, horseback riding, a fresh day spa or a trip to a romantic sightseeing tour.

The organization itself on February 14 can be an unforgettable gift, even if you have no money for ready-made programs - you can always arrange everything yourself. Launching a Chinese lantern, a homemade dinner is a great manifestation of love, especially if a girl is a surprise.

As for the material gifts for the girl on February 14, you definitely need to find a valentine. The laziest people buy finished printed products in stores, but do not be lazy and make a postcard yourself (if everything is really bad with the skills of creativity, then go to a master class). An individual approach to such trifles as a postcard is able to touch any woman's heart, and it will be your, independently made valentine, that she will keep for years. Replace the standard box of chocolates with a special set, for example, there will be different tasks for two or romantic confessions - then each candy will carry even more joyful emotions.

If you are no longer in the initial meeting stage, you can present beautiful underwear. Choose elegant and expensive models, festive ones, the girl will buy herself a comfortable white cotton set for herself every day. Corsets, garters, stockings and ruffles, various peignoirs are relevant. The important point is that before you buy, be sure to find out the exact size (you can look at it on your underwear) and the company (the same size may differ in reality from different companies).

Good for such a holiday and sex toys, if a girl appreciates such experiments or a humorous focus, for too serious and romantic natures who consider sex-shop vulgarity, it is better to choose something else. And for the rest will suit intimate intimate games, cool bells, costumes and various stimulants, as well as erotic oils and perfumes.

What to give a girl on March 8

If you are looking for a gift for an employee on March 8, then a bouquet of flowers and chocolates (or even just one) will be enough, it is better to cooperate with the men's team and buy the same gifts for everyone so that women do not feel deprived. For girlfriends fit cute trinkets and, again, a bouquet of flowers. Just choose something small and tender, tulips and mimosa are fed up with everything. The modern girl even has a very large pot of room mint, which can be added to tea or dried flowers.

With the choice of a gift for your girlfriend on March 8, you have to spend a little more time and forget the ideas for the employees - she will come with a whole package of similar souvenirs and attention signs. The choice is to focus on the most feminine things, as the holiday itself celebrates femininity and spring.

A universal gift is considered to be perfume and jewelry. If you know the fragrance from which the girl is "crazy" - feel free to buy a bottle, even if the past is not over yet. You can also buy those perfumes that she wanted to try (it’s better to take mini versions in case she doesn’t like the smell). You can focus on your own taste, but it is dangerous - smells are a rather personal moment. Therefore, you should not trust the consultants of perfumery stores, listing the fragrances from the shelves of the girl and looking for similar ones - each person will smell differently and what is consonant in the bottles can be striking when applied to the skin.

With jewelry you should also be attentive, at least to find out whether the girl is wearing them and what style they prefer. If she is allergic to jewelry, and precious metals are not included in your budget, it is better to prefer other gift ideas. In addition to jewelry, you can pick up various accessories - scarves, scarves, handbags, pocket mirrors, cosmetic bags, covers and stickers on the phone. Hairpins can be a variant of the jewelry, and their length is not important, there are a lot of unique hairpins for short haircuts.

Different products in eco style are becoming very popular among girls. It can be a wooden wristwatch or a heatpot made of a unique material, shopping bags, plastic bags and pottery, without toxic impurities. In addition, usually eco-shops still sell many useful delicacies and teas, which can be added to the gift.

Give the girls beauty on March 8: an original picture on the wall (especially with the author's signature), textile pads with a bright print, indoor plants (just make sure that you are not allergic and take care of it). Many products that decorate life, are a good gift option.