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What to give a guy a birthday

Since the choice of a gift for a birthday boy is largely determined by his personal characteristics, it is easier to designate a circle of those things that are undesirable or undesirable. From the point of view of etiquette, and the perception of the guys themselves are unacceptable as a gift personal hygiene products. Shops and advertising on the eve of holidays convince us of the opposite, but such a gift can be received very negatively.

There is no direct ban on deodorant and shower gel, but then do not be surprised if he is offended, considering it an allusion to uncleanliness. For a friend or co-worker, such things are an invasion of personal intimate space, and for a loved one they look ordinary and unmemorable. If you dwell on something from the hygiene series, it can be a cool beard care set or branded perfume, shower gel in a beer can and other products aimed at generating pleasant emotions.

What not to give

Cowards and socks that have become the subject of many anecdotes about gifts are unacceptable. All men are fully capable of providing themselves with such products and sincerely wonder why women continue to donate these things.

An exception may be personal items of clothing with funny inscriptions, the purpose of which is no longer so much in direct everyday use, but in a humorous or intimate subtext. It is important to understand that a person has a good sense of humor, and he will accept this gift appropriately.

Ambiguous gifts are toilet water and perfume, as well as various aromatic compositions for home and car. You can not trivially guess the smell and face allergies to certain odors and substances. The aroma is quite an intimate thing and the slightest deviation in the perfume pyramid can cause disgust in a person. Only by thoroughly examining the tastes of the person bestowed, or knowing his preferences for specific brands, can you risk giving a guy on his birthday something from the world of fragrances.

Things with a company emblem or previously presented corporate gifts to you immediately make it clear that you were not looking for an individual approach, but decided to get rid of unnecessary trash. Even if you have an idea to donate something from the office for your birthday, then buy a quality product, taking into account the guy’s style or decorate a thing you already own.

By the way, restrictions on hand-made gifts also exist, despite their widespread propaganda. If you absolutely do not know how to make anything or what turns out, it is not done flawlessly - it is better to order the same product from the master or buy in the store.

Talismans, religious items related to various cults can give a guy a birthday, but with caution.

First, it is necessary to clarify the attitude of the guy to such things (a collectible bible or a ring-charm will not please the atheist, but for the believer of another faith may be a signal of disrespect or be perceived as a mockery).

Secondly, buying such products for those who are fond of mysticism, take care of the reliability of sources that provide similar products, because bad energy in the end can only hurt.

Original gifts

Birthday has long ceased to be an official holiday, when it is necessary to set the table for two salaries. Now an increasing orientation is going to make this day as fun and memorable as possible, respectively, and the best gift or part of it is activities related to emotions. You can give a guy an organized day or a piece of it by booking a team game of paintball, various skating (skiing, karting, skating) in advance.

A rented adult trampoline or a session in an aerotube, a day at the water park, is perfect. Another excellent option is the day spent among the slot machines or in the quest room. If the gift is organized by several people, then it is quite possible to go to an interesting place, get out into nature or a climbing wall.

In addition to organizing a holiday, use various gift certificates, where a birthday man will receive a lot of emotions individually at a convenient time. Usually it is jumping (from a bridge or a parachute), a helicopter flight, a subscription to a sports complex.

Ideally, on such a holiday, to fulfill the dream of a guy who may seem impractical to him or he himself cannot afford it. Most of the time and energy costs in such events usually go to clarify the hidden desires of a person than to implement them, because even the rarest book can be obtained, and a telescope is definitely better to give than to buy yourself.

New knowledge is always the best investment, so if you want to contribute to the development of a guy, you should not limit yourself to boring and annoying language courses or programming textbooks, at the moment there are many interesting master classes that allow you to make children's dreams come true, and some are reoriented in core activities. A subscription to various martial arts or to the shooting range, and possibly to the courses of possession of ancient weapons - a great option for those who are fond of military subjects, role reconstructions and history.

Driving lessons and piloting are varied: extreme driving, certification for a helicopter pilot, riding a motorcycle and other modes of transport.

Do not discount the courses of photography or painting, perhaps someone likes the skill of blacksmiths or potters, someone wants to hike and be interested in mountaineering. Of course, most of these certificates will require personal attendance, so it is important to ensure in advance that the guy has free time at the time of training, but there are also many online seminars and programs that are certified at a convenient time.

From material gifts, choose those that will emotionally respond to the guy - unusual things or gadgets of the latest developments.

Going to the sites of the original gifts, remember that they are already widely distributed and may not cause due surprise, but if you come with a pot of huge palm trees - this will obviously surprise the young man. And one more trick - quite ordinary things can be the most amazing. If a person has never been given a mug in his life, then a bright, or even better self-fashioned or painted, will cause the warmest emotions. The same applies to puzzles, bundles of balls or a set of goodies.

If this is the first birthday when you are together, then neutral small gifts will be appropriate - key chains with the place where you met, cool pens or badges. It is better to start with souvenirs, and their orientation also differs depending on the level of relationships. At the beginning of a relationship, giving an attribute with hearts may not be appropriate and cause a double feeling in a guy. However, if your romance develops rather violently, then a frame with a general photo or a T-shirt with a romantic-humorous inscription (exclude total romance and "pink snot" - such gifts hide deep into the closet, even if the guy is madly in love with you).

Practical gifts

You can even give a guy a birthday present with a ballpoint pen - the main thing will be how the entire presentation script is packed. If you tell that it is magical and all the wishes that are written to it, are being fulfilled, then you can create a new tradition - to write your wishes for each other. But usually you want to surprise himself a gift, then you should concentrate on the fact that the person himself is unlikely to buy on his own and that none of his friends or colleagues will give him as a duty present.

Focus on the guy's lifestyle - if he travels constantly, then various travel devices (thermoses, compact blankets, inflatable pillows under his head, earplugs, ergonomic backpacks and portable solar batteries) will come in handy. Look at the innovations in this area, and you will see many unique and amazing creations of technology.

Exclusive varieties will suit the lover of coffee or tea, and wireless headphones, fitness bracelets will suit athletes.

Play on the hobbies of a person - a gamer will be delighted with a heated cup, so as not to get up once more from the game, a connoisseur of a particular writer will be happy with a collectible edition or a new novel.

It is not customary to give sweets to men, all the candy boxes are given to girls, but beautifully designed delicacies will delight any guy, in many respects precisely because they rarely receive such presents, but no less than girls love sweets.

If the guy's birthday falls on the new year, then you can give funny T-shirts and sweaters with the new year's theme of the holiday. These things, which are worn seasonally during the celebration, add a pleasant mood. You can pamper the guy with the latest technical innovations, and not expensive inventions - running alarm, automatic backlight, 3D pen, and more.

Humor is welcomed in birthday greetings, if you have known each other for a long time. It can be funny panties or a male bouquet of fish or socks. You can also give something to complement his hobby, but do not contradict yourself, and if you miss his attention because of computer addiction, you do not need to give a gaming mouse.

Romantic gifts

On the day of birth, you can give the guy the original card, but not limited to this. To make a piece of cardboard more meaningful, make a postcard yourself. Be sure to sign it, you can leave a trace of your lipstick - the main thing is to make a replicated mass product more individual.

Organization of a quiet romantic evening is perfect for congratulations - prepare something new or its favorite dish. If you feel that the need for new sensations in you both has become aggravated, and the relationship is not enough emotions and shakes, then you need to make more activity, in which various leisure sites and programs for this day in the city will help you.

Perhaps a romantic flash mob is organized or an action is organized for birthday people, many clubs make up a special program, the same goes for theaters, coffee shops, exhibitions. Look through the poster of the city, look for proposals for a romantic evening, if you find something interesting, make a reservation in advance.

A gift that supports his hobby, which you can join, will please you very much, for example, joint skiing or a trip to the nearest ruins, or maybe a new deck of poker, which you can play for that evening.

Do not wait for the evening for a holiday, prepare him a beautiful romantic breakfast, and if you do not have enough strength, then order home delivery from the evening - a jointly spent morning, accompanied by love and care, the best start to your birthday.

Birthday is an excellent reason to remember the compliments to the guy. Instead of an expensive gift and silence, it is better to fall asleep with his confessions and praises. To do this, you can hide cute notes on all his things and his pockets, so that throughout the day he stumbles upon them and smiles. You can post such confessions throughout the apartment if you leave earlier and also send love messages in the form of congratulations several times a day.

You can give useful things on another holiday, and on the birthday any love madness is good - a calendar where you are a model in an erotic setting, toys and jokes from a sex shop. If the level of passion is at the limit, then you can safely catch a bow on your head, dress in the most beautiful lingerie and present yourself to the guy as a birthday present without various tricks and preludes.

Any signs of attention and congratulations on this day should give the guy to feel that he is important, and what you need for this, decide individually. Long-awaited words or jointly spent time, actions or the ability to change the format of relationships - all individually.

Anniversary gifts

The desire to congratulate the guy on his birthday is a responsible business, especially when the relationship has just begun or feelings are in full swing. It is clear the emergence of the desire to throw the whole world under their feet and choose the most expensive and best gift. Such impulses need to stop and not buy anything expensive. This advice is due to the fact that the guy may not even guess about the feelings of the girl and a serious gift will put him in an awkward position.

In addition, essential gifts are obligated, they are usually presented to those who are long in your life and expensive, so at best the guy will feel the need to recover your expenses, and at worst he will consider that you have privatized it and decide to retreat quickly. But besides the male emotional state, there is also a purely practical side, because as the seriousness of the relationship grows, the seriousness of the gift should grow. And if for 20 years you give him a branded watch, then for 25 years it will be logical car.

If you know how to do something with your hands, then this is an option for an anniversary gift, showing your personal attitude. In addition, if it is a leather bracelet or a unique key chain, then only the guy will know its true value, at the same time, will get an interesting accessory.

On the anniversary of the guy, you can plan various events and a pleasant evening to celebrate, but the gift will be useful. We noticed that his wallet was badly rubbed - buy a new one, trying to quit smoking - present an electronic cigarette. Symbolic and memorable are bracelets and chains, unless of course your boyfriend wears jewelry or at least does not speak out very negatively about such accessories.

The anniversary birthday perfectly supports the romantic theme, and here you can arrange something like an extraordinary day of all lovers. Make a movie or photo book about the most significant events for your relationship. Also suitable certificate for spending time on a horse ride, spa or even concert tickets.

The anniversary is not the date when you can give small things like figurines, postcards and sweets, the gift should take into account the personality of your young man, show your attitude. No hinting gifts will force a person to marry if he does not have inner confidence, and various manipulations like joint animals and other things can only aggravate the situation. So try to enjoy the moment and give joy to your beloved, and discuss plans and views for the future on another day.

Leave the relevance to the experiences of novelty, do not try to adjust the development of relations to the holiday date and then the moments and occasions to give each other gifts and love will become more and more.