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Why do wives change

The eternal question plaguing modern society, why do wives change? Indeed, at the root of it are numerous unhappy marriages and broken fates. Society still suffers from some share of hypocrisy and duplicity. After all, to forgive and justify to the strong half the constant perfidy in marriage is always for his joy, as well as to blame the ephemeral adultery of their marital partners.

Husbands are not only forgiveness forgiveness, but often even justified and counted almost as normal. At the same time, the inconsistency and bias of the society in relation to sexual equality could not even save a single woman from adultery, which, perhaps, after each of them, was tearfully sorry for them. But this is not important. The main thing in marital infidelity is the motivator that triggered the treachery of the prisoners of Hymen. After all, every married woman who embarked on the path of sweet deception had serious or not so good reason.

The reasons why wives do not remain faithful

Contrary to popular belief, the reasons why wives are cheating on their husbands are not always hidden in the relationship of the spouses. First of all, the origins of marital infidelity must be sought in the set of human qualities, absorbed with mother's milk and acquired in the process of life "wandering." Indeed, for some wives, adultery is an unacceptable act, but for others, third-party romances are natural and inevitable, like a sun set.

The betrayal of the wife should not be considered a consequence of sexual promiscuity or a sign of neglect of moral and ethical standards. Women's infidelity, rather, is voluptuous self-deception. This is a kind of compromise with one’s own soul: not to ruin a family, not to break the habitual way of life, but not to prevent yourself from being loved, to enjoy compliments, the warmth of darling hands and to drown in the abyss of his glowing eyes.

This is an opportunity to relive an explosion of long-forgotten emotions and a hurricane of passions. This is another attempt to become happier, without changing anything in the existing existence. Yet such secret novels cannot last forever. And the feeling of happiness is not infinite. When the passion subsides, all so diligently ignored promises of conscience and little thoughts, out of fear of the consequences of adultery and the need to make a decision, as well as some negative moments of the novel and negative features of the chosen one, who had not been noticed before due to clouded eyes with love, are chosen out.

To the question of why wives are being changed, psychology gives such an answer - there is no single reason explaining the origins of female infidelity. Nature has laid down that it is difficult for married women to decide on a love affair. Therefore, cases of spontaneous female infidelity are quite rare.

Often, married girls decide on adultery only after months of reflection and endless weighing up the pro and thinking about possible drawbacks. Often it is precisely because of despair, frustration and ignorance of a different path that a woman takes to the path of lies and betrayal. Only when the wife does not believe in the further well-being of family relationships, does not see the prospects of a marriage, she can change her faithful. Often for married ladies third-party affair seems the only way out of the trap, called "marriage".

Below are the other most common causes pushing ladies into a whirlpool of passion and deception.

Early entry into the family life, when the partners entered into an alliance, while still too young and completely unprepared for coexistence, can cause infidelity in a more mature state. The fledgling ladies see family life in pink, they imagine a cloudless existence inseparably with their beloved. However, gradually pink color is replaced by gray shades, and the "sky of matrimony" is increasingly filled with thunderstorm clouds. The coexistence of once insanely lovers becomes gray and routine. The status of a wife, so rejoicing once, becomes hateful, life got stuck, tired of the "monochrome" of existence. Here, cheating for a woman is a breath of fresh emotions, an opportunity to get vivid impressions, a chance to relive the madness of young love.

The feeling of love, forgotten and revived by new acquaintances, can also plunge the wife into the abyss of forbidden passion. In an effort to find something new, or by chance, a woman gets to know a man who creates a feeling of love in her. And such a feeling is often so attractive that a woman simply cannot resist him. Because of this love, coexistence with a spouse seems unbearable. At the same time, the presence of joint children protects from the complete rupture of the marriage bond.

Dissatisfaction with intimate relationships often becomes a pretext for adultery. Well-to-do couples often appear to be looking good together, they are happy, but they have a different temperament or just an intimate life is very rare, for example, due to the busy schedule of a spouse. If a partner, for example, has enough intima a couple of times a week, and this amount is not impressive for a woman, then she becomes irritable and in order to get lost on family members, she finds comfort on the side.

Spouse's regular business trips can also lead to a reason for cheating on the part of the spouse. Prolonged absence of her husband often negatively affects family relationships. A rare wife will put up with long periods of stay without the presence and caress of her spouse. Every woman needs the partner’s daily attention, admiration and compliments. Not getting what she wants from the faithful, the woman goes in search of someone who will satisfy her needs.

The most common reason leading to betrayal by a wife is frustration, reinforced by a lack of intimate relationships. The weak half can tolerate a friendly life on a common territory for a long time, but failure will come anyway, the result of which will be treason.

Another rather common reason why a wife cheats is revenge. When a woman caught her husband red-handed, she has a desire to get even with the adulterer. After all, she was betrayed, humiliated, hurt. Negative emotions require a way out. In addition, this method will help the young lady feel re-desired and seductive.

The desire to feel the unknown can also push the lady to easy adultery. At the same time, the young lady loves her husband and does not even think about divorce. She perceives this situation as a game, realizing that at any moment she is able to interrupt the hateful affair on the side.

Another reason why wives change and give birth to lovers is the difficulties that arise on the path of family life. Problems in the relationship of spouses do not bypass any family. Their diversity has destroyed more than one marriage. The monotony of being together bothers people, the constant lack of finances is depressing, constant quarrels irritate, their partner’s jealousy irritates or morally destroys his drinking. Domestic violence is also common.

On the way to happiness in marriage, harmony and mutual understanding, spouses encounter many difficulties that some couples courageously overcome, and love reigns in their home for a long time, while others lose ground and try to build relationships with new partners. When the family situation is heated to the limit, the woman subconsciously seeks calm and confidence, which also pushes her into adultery.

It is no secret that beautiful ladies are much more emotional than the strong half. The emotional aspect of the relationship is important to them. They also want to see support in their own chosen one. Since childhood, young charmer, reading fairy tales about brave princes, create in their own imagination the ideal of the future spouse. Usually, such an ideal is first love, but over time, the sphere of social interaction of the young lady expands, new young people appear in her surroundings, she matures, her life priorities and goals are changed. As a result, the new acquaintance triumphs over the habitual husband.

Often the reason for an intrigue can be a desire to assert itself. New wrinkle, a couple of extra pounds, dull skin, cellulite - all this leads to a decrease in self-esteem. If against the background of the above, the spouse begins to pay less attention, makes few compliments or something good reproaches her for those extra pounds, then in order to make sure of her own desire, the young lady can start a third-party romance.

Why change, but do not go away

The question of loyalty is rather complicated. There are people who cannot even conceive of treason, there are also individuals who can “stumble” a couple of times, and there are those for whom adultery is like a breath of fresh air. Situations, as well as personalities are different. Each person is a unique set of qualities, attitudes and moral principles.

It happens, adultery is a consequence of momentary desire, provoked by alcohol and resentment at her husband for inattention. The reasons for third-party intrigues can be many, but not all adultery leads to the disintegration of the social cell.

A frequent reason why wives love to change, according to the infidels themselves, is lack of care, lack of attention, lack of compliments on the part of the faithful, spiritual loneliness. When the wives begins to lack all of the above, they take the thorny path of betrayal. This is not the most appropriate solution, but the simplest. After all, it is easier to find a man on the side, meeting with whom will always be akin to a holiday, while no obligation to burden the young lady tortured with monotony and disgusted by everyday life.

Why try to find the cause of what is happening in yourself, because it is easier to blame your spouse for everything, why waste your energy in order to change yourself for the revival of past passion, when it is easier to find this very passion on the side. It is always easier to retreat than fight to win. It is easier to change than to speak frankly with your husband, telling him about your feelings, aspirations and hopes. That's why young ladies often change, but they don’t even think about divorce. They get some relief, after which it seems like life becomes brighter. And let it be just self-deception, but it's so much easier.

Often the reason that a wife cheats, but does not go away from her legal husband, lies in her fear of an unknown future. She lived with her husband, accustomed to a certain way of life, the distribution of responsibilities. Throw all the usual and go into the unknown is scary. After all, no one knows what awaits her there. People are always afraid of the unknown. Actually, that’s why many people go to the hateful robot all their lives, live with a "stranger" person, spend time with "strangers" people.

So, the young lady often stops the fear of the unknown, due to the fact that the current elect: poor, does not seek to legitimize the relationship, does not have a stable income, their own home, is not reliable, loses the lady in social status, does not express a feeling of deep affection, much younger.

Often the lady does not want to destroy the marriage because of the presence of children, material well-being, the absence of their own housing, the still existing love for the spouse or dependence on him. All of the above reasons firmly tie the young lady to her husband.

It happens that the lady is not trying to find a lover, she seeks to make a friend, but the relationship goes beyond her control. In these situations, the partner is often not suitable for the young lady by status or by age. But since she needs mutual understanding, she does not end the relationship.

If a spouse in a marriage relationship cannot occupy his own individual “niche”, then this state of affairs also often becomes an incentive for betrayal. At the same time, she does not seek to break the existing bonds. With an affair on the side, the young lady is only trying to eliminate the emptiness inside, to occupy her free time, to feel herself again, to prove something to herself.

Sometimes, after the children grow up and leave their parental abode, when the children no longer need the support of their parents, the latter have an emptiness inside. When spouses no longer associate this powerful stimulus, they gradually move away from each other. At the same time, women suffer more because they are accustomed to feeling needed and constantly taking care of children.

This time usually comes when the young lady is still quite young, so she fills the vacated space with her lover. She gives him all the accumulated warmth and care. And the spouse at the same time retains the "position" of the head of the family. He remains a reliable person, the stronghold that always supports, solves problems. It is with him that the lady is going to while away the remaining days. And her new friend only helps her to fill the spiritual emptiness. Often, such buddies become victims of such a relationship, since behind the warmth and care of women there is no desire to create a strong bond.

Betrayals are random when the wrong spouse did not want to, but it happened. Such an unplanned adultery can occur at a resort, during a business trip, after visiting a corporate party, a nightclub, being a guest, after consuming an unlimited amount of alcohol.

Despite the above factors, for women, adultery is always a serious challenge. This is their betrayal with their husbands, for whom external intrigue is often only an opportunity to dispel boredom. Therefore, the reluctance of women to destroy marriage bonds is usually due to the uncertainty of the new conditions or if such conditions are worse than the existing ones.

The nature of a woman forces her to coexist with her beloved. But when the spouse becomes unloved, and the newly baked gentleman is unable to provide a reliable rear, the young lady finds herself in a difficult situation contrary to her nature.

In addition, breaking the bonds of marriage is quite a painful thing. In this case, the longer the union was, the more painful the divorce would be. First of all, the dissolution of a marriage for a lady is connected with exaggerations, mischief, ostentatious sympathy and discussion. However, besides the above, the young lady can also lose a stable social status, children's understanding, respect for loved ones, and a sense of security.

Therefore, if the woman made the final decision to break the marriage, then she will not be in a hurry. She will take a wait. If the spouse shows dedication and proves to the faithful the sincerity of her love, then the young lady is unlikely to decide to break the marriage, most likely she will end the relationship with her lover.