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What to give his wife a birthday

The choice of a gift to his wife always makes one think, because for all the time of living together, the man has already managed to give her classic gifts and even spend several sleepless nights on the Internet in search of original ideas. Many decide the question that you can give your wife a birthday by direct appeal to her. With this approach, the inconvenience of the opportunity not to please is finally solved, but any intrigue and surprise leaves, which is very important for a woman receiving any gift.

Do not wave off the flowers on duty or the cumbersome fifteenth vase, but also do not follow your wife for a whole month, pestering her with the question of desires. You can even come up with a worthy gift or surprise, having celebrated a golden wedding, then when there is enough money for crazy presents and when there are none at all. The main thing is to carefully analyze the situation, your capabilities and the mood of your spouse. For example, when the budget does not allow for a chic, you can choose from practical gifts (in a situation of limited financial opportunities, a woman will rather rejoice in boots than an armful of roses for the same amount).

If you notice that a coolness has appeared in the relationship, then the best gifts for your wife for your birthday will be romantic deeds or presents - the cost depends on your abilities. When for many joint holidays you managed to please your wife with almost everything that is sold in stores, you have to get out and look for something original, this also applies to those who constantly maintain a proper level of romance, and you can buy everything you need yourself.

It is important to note several nuances at once, so as not to go the wrong path. Flowers or dinner in a restaurant by a woman are not considered as an independent gift, it is rather a decoration or addition, something like a brilliant wrapping paper, and the most valuable should be inside. Also, it is not worth giving care cosmetics at all (any cream with any inscription will be regarded as a reproach), be extremely neat with a decorative one (the probability of not guessing the color is quite large). You can only give dishes to a collection, with full confidence that your wife collects saucers with geese (and only give the missing sets of the same geese), but not a frying pan.

Romantic surprises

Romantic gifts are designed to cause a lot of positive emotions of emotion and delight, and the practicality of these gifts is generally not required. Here more will have to think about how such a gift will delight your wife.

By the holiday you can coincide with the purchase of a pet, if such life changes were in your joint plans. Few women can resist a fluffy ball or a beautiful fish, the main thing is not to be allergic. To give a living being is always unforgettable, but then everyday life comes, and you need to understand who will walk with the dog or organize the atmosphere in the terrarium. It is also important to know in advance the attitude of the wife to choosing a new inhabitant - perhaps she wants to choose an animal herself, then it is optimal to organize a trip to the nursery or negotiate with the breeders, and if she adheres to the idea of ​​giving the house to the homeless, even without a pedigree kitten look for shelter.

Create an indescribable romantic mood on birthday gifts, sent to work - a fruit basket. In spite of the fact that you congratulated your spouse in the morning or you plan to give the main present in the evening, the congratulations sent by the courier immerse in the beginning of the relationship, set it apart from the background of your colleagues and generally look like a good surprise to highlight your feelings.

Give impressions and organized a romantic time. It all depends on the amount of estimated costs - from a walk through the nearest park, a picnic somewhere on the outskirts of the city or organizing travel for a day, weekend or longer. For married people, joint trips are especially relevant and valuable, since domestic problems can almost completely destroy the romance that was present in the relationship earlier. It is not necessary to wait for vacation, today it is quite possible to get a fictitious certificate of sick leave and hand it over to your wife along with tickets to a beautiful country.

If there is no opportunity to go somewhere, but the present need to distract from being, order a visit to a spa, aqua zone or sauna. Take a subscription for several services at once, for two - in many clubs, various romantic add-ons are offered for similar programs (a bottle of champagne with strawberries, live music, gifts, etc.).

Even dinner at a restaurant, which has become a regular attribute of any important event, can be turned into a romanticized evening. To do this, you should stop silently absorbing food, thinking that the more delicious dishes you order, the happier the woman will be. Change your usual place, go to where there are live musicians and a wide dance floor, order songs for it and constantly take to dance, go on stage and sing in honor of your beloved one or confess your love to the microphone for the whole hall.

Ideas for romantic gifts can be found at the beginning of your relationship - dinner at the first date, a trip to the equestrian courtyard, bathing in fountains. The more you immerse yourself in such memories and are able to carry them out, the more your former feelings will be revived.

Practical gifts

Practical gifts become valuable when the two know each other well and cute teddy bears are not relevant as they were at the beginning of a relationship, because you can give something really worthwhile. But, choosing things that have practical use, do not forget that all gifts are designed to bring joy to your woman. The roll of wallpaper, of course, will be very useful in a situation of maintenance, but has nothing to do with the birthday girl.

A variety of wardrobe items fit perfectly into the category of practicality, no matter how the wardrobe cracks at the time of donation. Fur coats and branded leather bags are a smart gesture - provided that a woman is not against such products and is not an activist of animal protection programs.

Dresses, boots, gloves, hats and scarves - will always be a joyful moment. The danger of giving clothes and accessories is only one - the opportunity to miss with a cut or size. The way out of such a slippery situation is quite simple - many stores now offer gift certificates, and you can give it to your wife to go on a free day and choose the right one.

If this is not possible, then wake her up in the morning, talk about your desire to give her something beautiful from her wardrobe for her birthday, and take her to the store. Such a gesture, many women will appreciate also because they are accustomed to hear rejections in joint shopping. Yes, you will have to suffer and go around all the shops several times, review a lot of clothes and play the role of a psychologist who will tell you that the dress is not full and will help you decide between several models. Do not forget to arrange a dinner after this in some restaurant so that the wife can immediately take a new dress and show the world her new image.

A practical and at the same time romantic gift - underwear. You can look at the sizes and the company on the tags of the already available sets, or you can go to the store together for a fitting. The energy level in the relationship from such a campaign will increase significantly, and the main thing is to take a taxi home in time, and not confuse the sellers in the fitting room.

Technique is a popular birthday gift, which is designed to please and facilitate the life of his wife. Here are perfect phones and tablets, cool headphones and bracelets for fitness - gadgets that many want, but do not buy themselves, because there is no direct need for them. For those who do not pursue the image and various entertainment devices, you can donate e-books and computers (especially netbooks that fit in a handbag).

Kitchen equipment, despite the skeptics, can also serve as an excellent gift for those who like to cook or enroll in original baking courses. All sorts of blenders and baking tins, mixers and multicookers - something that lovers like to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many people write about the undesirability of donating household appliances, but if this is a washing machine (especially if there is no such in the house) or a dishwasher, a cool stove or kitchen equipment, the woman will be delighted. New technologies not only simplify life and free its time, but also allow you to enjoy household activities, replacing the need to do all this manually. By the way, coffee machines and fondue are also ranked as kitchen appliances, but more focused on delivering joy and a kind of pampering.

Women appreciate home space and comfort in it, so if you help her in organizing her own rest corner, it will also be a great birthday present. On the large balcony you can buy wicker rocking chairs and a table, pillows and rugs will decorate your favorite sofa, and if you live on the sunny side and your spouse does not tolerate heat, then you can safely bring air conditioning.

Many technical developments exist in the cosmetology and beauty industries. Every woman seeks to maintain the external beauty and will be glad priborchikov, helping in this. Hair dryer that does not damage the hair structure, straighteners and curling irons, manicure hardware sets, depilatories and electric shavers - even if your spouse has similar devices, then take interest in new products, (usually they have more power, less weight, better equipment or improved functionality).

Massage devices (from hand rollers to foot baths) help to relax and keep fit, just make sure that there is not written about the direct anti-cellulite appointment.

Those who have a particular hobby can give things for a hobby. It can be easels and rare yarns, sewing machines and collectibles. The main thing is that a gift for a hobby should be either expensive or rare - the artist will buy a box of pencils herself.

Perfumes and jewelry - those gifts that can be entered in any category. They are practical because they are used every day and are an investment, they are romantic, if presented with special words, they are original when it is a niche perfume or a piece of jewelry created by the master according to your unique sketch.

Unique Gift Ideas

Among unique gifts, various flights are usually offered (on a balloon or a helicopter), jumps (with a parachute or from a bridge) - you will find these offers almost everywhere, and they are no longer fascinated by their novelty. The paradox is that quite a few people actually did it. So you can safely use the services of this category, and in the summer, you can order a walk on a yacht, jet ski or boat.

Swimming with dolphins and horseback riding can surprise your spouse, and deliver a lot of fun, going to the aquarium and feeding sharks - interacting with unique animals is now becoming more accessible, so it makes sense to look for such amazing meetings for your spouse.

When there is a question about what to give your wife for a birthday is not expensive, but original, you should use your talents and time. Write and write a song for her - no material investments, you just have to deal with the instructions for the corresponding computer programs. Do not let the lack of hearing or voice stop you, you can always humorously beat such moments. Instead of a song, you can shoot a movie or a short film - the characters are shared friends or you make one-man show, you can also quietly capture your wife and put it together in a general video. The main thing here is a funny or romantic script.

Gifts from a sex shop or a striptease in your own performance will not only surprise and delight your spouse, but will inspire something new in your intimate life. However, this type of gift is not recommended for everyone, because it can turn a holiday into a scandal - evaluate yourself how liberated your woman is in an intimate question.

The printing houses offer many options for gifts based on photos. From a photo book and printing on a plaid, to the execution of a portrait of your spouse in some unusual way. Everything that can carry an individual meaning will be original and unique, so you can even turn a factory ring into a unique thing thanks to the services of engraving of inscriptions.

Take care of the organization of the holiday, which is especially important if you keep silent about questions about the gift and wishes of the birthday scenario of the spouse. Reserve places, invite your friends, send them away from work early. You can send a car, blindfold until it gets to the celebration location, where the table is already laid and guests are gathered. And you can arrange a quest with small tasks and gifts that will gradually lead the wife to the party.

Diversify the program of the holiday itself, because the same birthdays begin to cause rejection and the desire to delete such a date from the calendar. Not necessarily the birthday girl should sparkle elegant dress and drink champagne. Watch courses and master classes, let the wife come out all smeared with clay and full of happiness from a pot herself, or go with her to learn the movements of the new dance. Driving lessons, trips on skis and motorcycles or rifle shooting are a cool and unexpected gift to a woman who was given to play male toys.

To surprise a woman you need to go beyond ideas not only about perfumes and colors, but also about their interests. And you should focus on personal individuality. Those who canoeize and can live on their own for two weeks in the woods can enjoy the full range of spa treatments as new, while those immersed in household chores can travel. Only her husband has the opportunity to surprise his wife for his birthday, because no one else knows her desires and activities better.