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How to stay up all night

Occasionally there are situations when there is a need to stay awake the whole night, at the same time, keeping a sober head and remaining prudent. For example, at night on the eve of important exams or if you need to perform emergency orders. In order not to fall asleep in the interval between the sunset and dawn, one must prepare in advance. How much time can a person generally exist in a state of sleep deprivation? In fact, even a day of wakefulness will affect the unprepared organism. There is such a scientific term as “sleep deprivation”, which implies depriving a person of sleep. At the same time, deprivation is often a conscious choice of a person for the sake of achieving certain results or is used to correct depressive moods.

How to stay vigorous

A person due to the influence of various circumstances of life can decide not to sleep all night. In order for a sleepless night for a person to be extremely comfortable, it is necessary to carefully prepare and follow certain recommendations designed to help deal with the plunge into the Morpheus kingdom.

Every organism exists according to an individual biological rhythm. At the onset of an hour of sleep, an intolerable fatigue attacks the person. In such moments, it seems that it is impossible to overcome drowsiness. The described state of a sharp decrease in forces lasts approximately 20 minutes, after which an influx of energy occurs.

But to endure this third part of the hour is quite difficult. It is necessary to occupy oneself with something, so to speak, to deceive one’s own organism, to do something that is not usually done at such a time. For example, perform several squats. Over thousands of years of human existence at the gene level, it has been fixed that vigor during the period set aside for sleep can harm the body.

Therefore, the body, mobilizing all forces, banishes drowsiness. Here lies the answer to the question of how to stay up all night without coffee and energy drinks. These drinks are difficult to be considered assistants in the vigil from dusk to sunrise. Caffeine is the main active ingredient of the listed liquids. It helps to increase mental alertness, physical performance, reduce fatigue, and eliminate sleepiness, but only for a short period. With excessive consumption of caffeine often leads to exhaustion of the body and, accordingly - to increase drowsiness.

Simply put, the moment comes when this substance loses its stimulating effect. Therefore, in order to cheer up for a short period, a cup of flavored rich black drink will help, but to hold out the whole night on this “energy”, while maintaining mental performance at the proper level, it is impossible.

In addition, the following pattern has long been established - the more often a person drinks coffee, the less he invigorates him. Also, abuse of caffeinated beverages leads to a further deterioration in the quality of sleep, difficulty in the process of falling asleep and a feeling of tiredness on waking. As a result, the whole individual daytime, the individual will feel frustrated.

On the other hand, to temporarily cheer up after a night vigil, coffee is able to help. In order to feel full of life-giving energy you can consume this flavored drink throughout the day. But one must understand that when stopping the entry of caffeine in a sleepy body, drowsiness will increase significantly.


So, how to stay up all night and stay awake all day? Below are some helpful tips.

First of all, if it is known in advance that a sleepless night is expected, then it is necessary to sleep as much as possible on the threshold of the upcoming “experiment”. In addition, chronic lack of sleep adversely affects the health of the body.

It is also recommended to go to bed later than the night of wakefulness later than usual, this will give the body the ability to slightly adapt to future tense conditions.

One of the essential aspects of maintaining performance at the proper level in the absence of night rest is a balanced diet. In order for the planned wakefulness to be successful, the body should be provided with the necessary substances so that fatigue does not overcome.

The daily menu on the eve should contain complex carbohydrates for breakfast (for example, pasta or oatmeal). Dining grub should be really rich and enriched with life-giving substances. The best option here will be a complex lunch, including soup, meat and buckwheat porridge. Evening meals are recommended to be held later than usual. From products it is recommended to give preference to more easily assimilable, but at the same time nutritious dishes (for example, curd with fruit).

You should also limit the intake of caffeinated beverages and food containing a large concentration of sugar. In addition, it is recommended to stock up on provisions for the period of night wakefulness. It is better if it is lean meat, vegetables, nuts, fruits.

After a night period spent in wakefulness, you will rather want to sleep, but if you endure this period of lethargy, wait for a change in jet rhythms, it will become much easier after a few hours. However, during lunchtime, fatigue may again flood, but in the evening the state of health will again be restored.

The best tactic in reviving cheerfulness after a night of vigil is to surrender to the power of Morpheus, but only for 15 minutes. Because if you overdo it with sleep, you can wake up even more exhausted. Fifteen-minute rest will help the brain to restore working capacity.

Nature itself has laid in man the need to remain in the Morpheus Kingdom at night, and to be awake during the daytime. Overpower drowsiness on a bright sunny day is much easier than in cloudy cold weather. Therefore, if in bad weather it is impossible to cope with Morpheus, dragging into their own networks, then it is recommended to take advantage of the benefits of civilization - to include bright illumination. Artificial intense light can invigorate the body.

Any movements also contribute to a surge of strength, the appearance of a sense of cheerfulness. After the night of the vigil, it will not be superfluous to walk at a fast pace to the destination or complete the exercises.

It is also recommended, in order not to fall asleep, to try to perform more simple activities, but not of a monotonous nature. More difficult work or monotonous manipulations on the nervous system have a depressant effect, as a result, the brain simply cannot cope with the incoming information. Therefore, the day following the sleepless night, it is better to devote to elementary activities that do not require serious brain effort. Optimal will be the work, implying physical activity.

In addition, it is recommended in the morning to enjoy a contrast douche, which will charge with vigor for a long period.


Such a physiological state of the human body, like sleep, is vital for maintaining an appropriate level of health. Sleep is an opportunity for the brain to restore its own activity, to process and organize the experience and information received during the day. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on metabolic function. But there are situations when it is necessary not to dive into the Morpheus kingdom during the night, while remaining mentally active and vigorous.

Below are ways to stay up all night and stay awake in the morning, namely: exercise physically, turn on bright illumination, watch funny videos, periodically switch between classes, listen to loud and cheerful music, do breathing exercises, let cool in, breathe, use the secrets of aromatherapy, chew "chewing gum" (chewing gum).

Physical exercise

They will help accelerate the flow of blood through the capillaries and invigorate the body. The work of various physical exercises will increase the strength of the body. If there is a need for productive work for two to three hours, it would be better to make a fifteen-minute promenade or replace it with a run. The main thing here is not to overdo it. Ten minutes of sports break is enough.

If there is a prolonged activity at the computer, you must constantly keep the body in tension, for example, take an uncomfortable position, sit on an uncomfortable chair, force yourself to turn around constantly or fidget. In order to eliminate tension from the thoracic segment of the spinal column, it is recommended to exercise every half hour of no sleep.


It is known that the alternation of the states of sleep-wakefulness due to light. Therefore, in order for Morfei not to win, the light should be turned on at night, and in order to not sleep during the day, it is necessary to “let in” sunshine into the room or go outside.

Favorite activities

If you have a feeling that a kemar is about to come, it is recommended to take a breather, during which you can watch funny videos or actively communicate in social networks.

An effective way to not fall asleep is alternately switching from one job to a more interesting or active occupation, for example, a hobby that dispels drowsiness.


Making the brain work can rhythmic unfamiliar music and jerking in time with the body. The main thing to observe the following conditions: the music should generate a maximum of emotions while being quiet, so that it was difficult to make out the words in order to force the brain to work by engaging attention. If you wish, you can sing along.


Breathing exercises borrowed from yoga practice will also successfully help to restore performance. It lies in the inhale and sharp exhalation, which must be reproduced at least 10 times. Such actions activate the gland that responds to circadian fluctuations, causing the state of "sleep-wake."


Cold air is almost the best tactic in the fight against drowsiness. He tones the capillaries. In a cool room, the brain receives signals that activate the metabolic processes necessary to maintain an adequate working capacity of the internal systems. Heat, on the contrary, generates a feeling of tiredness and a desire to sleep. You can create a cool atmosphere by opening a window, turning on a fan or air conditioning. Washing with cold water can also cheer up just as well as cool air or charging.


You can fight Morpheus, who wants to drag a sleepless human into his own kingdom by any means, by means of aromatherapy. Signals from olfactory neurons activate brain activity. At the same time, it does not matter whether it is a pleasant scent or not. In order to "revive" the nervous activity, it is recommended to inhale such ethers as: rosemary, mint, eucalyptus. If the listed oils are not available, then you can breathe the aroma of natural coffee.

Chewing gum

Chewing gum is another fairly successful tactic to combat drowsiness. It seems unbelievable to many that an ordinary chewing gum can get rid of drowsiness. However, chewing this confectionary creations is only a tricky trick aimed at deceiving the brain, receiving signals from the taste buds that are in the mouth and from chewing movements. Having received such signals, the brain is activated in order to process the food. At the same time, insulin is produced, generating a feeling of cheerfulness. Here it is better to use menthol-flavored chewing gum.


There are also “products of vigor”, the eating of which will help for a while to eliminate the desire to sleep and will help keep yourself in good shape. Below are 5 items that will help you feel active after a night of vigil. Black chocolate leads the list because it contains caffeine. The next position is given to meat, as the protein is slowly digested, the feeling of satiety will continue for a longer time, due to which more energy will be added. The third place belongs to spicy food and spices. They affect the olfactory neurons and receptors in the mouth, thus giving a message to the nervous system, which helps to maintain the "wakefulness" regime.


Water captured the fourth position in the so-called "hit parade" of substances that help to avoid diving into the power of Morpheus. Regular drinking refreshes the mind and speeds up metabolic processes.

The advertised energy drinks occupy only the 5th position. Although they were created with the intention of giving a charge of cheerfulness, the effectiveness of a few below the above tools and the harm from their consumption levels all positive results.