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What to give a guy for a year of relationships

The first serious date in the relationship is worth it to somehow mark this event. It may be symbolic gifts or time spent together, something handmade or unique, but in any case, many girls want to congratulate and surprise their young man on such a day. Girls are often confused when choosing such gifts, as many commercials and other media strategies suggest the idea of ​​presents exclusively to men. In order not to lose money, it is worth adhering to several key principles in choosing a gift.

The priority is the understanding of the personal characteristics of a young man and his hobbies, interests, desires. For a year of relationships there are plenty of opportunities to find out the preferences and orientation of a guy, now it’s worth remembering where he likes to be, what things his eyes lit up, and most importantly - his stories about desires and plans. It does not make sense to give your favorite guy something universal for the sake of a tick, it is better to arrange a common holiday.

All that can be given to a guy for a year of relationship should maintain a romantic focus and strengthen feelings. This is a very significant stage and at times it is quite easy to spoil even the most beautiful and tender feelings with an incorrect present. That is why you should choose something that will give new feelings, stir up the first love memories and help move on.

Original gifts

Of course, the biggest desire is to impress and surprise, so the girls are looking to give the guy a relationship for a year of relationship. The leaders in originality are always things hand-made. This not only eliminates the factory repeatability, but also conveys the love of the master and makes it possible to bring in your personal, understandable only two of you meaning of some images. A simple romantic souvenir is able to please much more than an expensive product from the store.

Ideas with photos that have already accumulated enough in a year can have many implementations. In the relevant services your common photo will be printed on key rings, mugs, T-shirts, just keep in mind that not every guy walks with such items.

But the puzzle from your photos can pleasantly surprise and please him, turning after collecting into a portrait on the wall.

A photo book can be ordered or made independently, and the second option is even preferable - here you can add images with a fairy tale invented by you based on a common one-year story. If you decide to make such a book yourself, be sure to leave at least half of the sheets blank, it will be a great hint at the continuation of further romance.

Arrange jokes and surprises that direct the emotional background from the romantic-serious to the pleasant and relaxed.

Many guys are afraid of anniversaries, because they believe that the girl expects serious actions from them in the form of a marriage proposal or living together, and you will act differently: help him relieve the tension. Fool around together, blow up soap bubbles - make everything so that this day is not so much serious, as fun.

If you were attentive to your beloved and know his dream, then think up how you can realize it, while not losing the concept of a joint pastime and a romantic note. For example, if he wanted to go to conquer peaks, then you should not give him equipment and send him on an independent journey, but it is quite possible to look for appropriate tours for two. I wanted to learn how to own some kind of weapon - buy a master class for your anniversary and spend the evening together.

But withstand strictness regarding the fulfillment of other people's desires, because giving a cool car, collectible watches or the latest console, investing the last money, is not a very good idea.

A year of relationships is a joint holiday for a couple and not a serious reason for expensive personal gifts. Moreover, you may be faced with the fact that the guy will present you with one bouquet of flowers and will feel uncomfortable because of the discrepancy. Dreams that can not be done together to leave for his birthday, and too expensive to a more serious anniversary.

Who said that holidays associated with different periods of relationships should certainly be soaked with roses, hearts and slow music? This is your day and you need to spend it the way you like - get down to the dungeons, go to a science conference, arrange general gatherings with friends. By the way, to gather a large group of friends on this day will be a clearly unexpected surprise, both for the guy and for the guests. You can prepare small presents and thank-you speeches for those who introduced you and those who reconciled, when you quarreled, who supported and helped develop this relationship.

Practical gifts

Guys usually appreciate the practical side of any product, they do not understand the admiration of cut flowers, which fade in a week, if with this money you can buy a set of cool glasses. And, in spite of the fact that any romantic holiday, whether it is an anniversary or the day of lovers, just involves the donation of any rather useless products, there are still ideas for practical gifts in this subject.

This includes organizing a joint pastime on these days: booking a weekend tour or self-organizing a trip. The more the couple withdraws from the usual everyday situation, the brighter the emotions will flare up, and new impressions and information are always considered a practical investment. If the financial aspect at this stage is significant, then such travel can be fully controlled - tickets for the bus to the nearest city where you were not and a backpack with sandwiches, a thermos and a bottle of wine collected is a very good option.

Self-made treats always touch the male heart. Be guided in the choice of dishes to the tastes of your boyfriend, despite the fact that there are many recipes relating to desserts.

Not all people have a sweet tooth, someone will be very happy with baked meat, homemade pate or various alcoholic cocktails and tinctures. The only danger of culinary gifts is that they require skill and hone skills, and some things (tinctures, marinades, etc.) require a long preparation period of several months. So take or proven recipes that you succeed or begin to prepare for the celebration of the year of relationship in advance.

Joint master classes in pottery or cooking only seem to be something ridiculous, but in the end it helps bring your relationship closer, improve your skills and diversify your future life. Having enjoyed the cooking process, you can organize home competitions in cooking dishes from different countries, thereby creating a common hobby and developing relationships.

From fundamentally practical things, any accessories are suitable for his hobby, just do not be too lazy to get into the essence of what is happening, in order to give what was lacking. Different sporting goods for sports are always appropriate, even if it is full of programs for the whole day, and the one-hour walk for him is the height of mobility, then a manual expander will be relevant in the workplace.

Romantic gifts

Couples who value romance should be chosen not from practice and expediency of use, but from the emotional side. The more you can turn his head on that day, the more confidence and mutual warmth you end up with. You can start in the morning, having prepared a beautiful breakfast - you can decide whether to serve him in bed or to call your loved one to the kitchen. You can bring a little more originality and taking breakfast with you to go to the shore of a lake or river.

For those to whom the circumstances of work do not allow them to enjoy a romantic morning for a long time, there is always a way out in organizing dinner. The principle of beauty of the set table and romantic paraphernalia remains the same, but now you have additional possibilities.

You can continue the romantic evening by presenting an erotic dance to the guy with striptease elements in his own performance. Also at the end of this dinner, you can give a box with various intimate toys, increasing the level of passion with each passing hour.

You can arrange a romantic holiday outside the home as well, a well-developed service and entertainment network provides a huge number of paired passes and offers for lovers. At the spa, you can book a steam massage and relax, then plunge into the pool, where you will be served champagne with fruit. Walking around the city at night can be in a carriage, on horseback, in a limousine and on a boat - a little trip from a fairy tale, ordering which you still will not know about all the additional pleasant surprises that the organizers will come up with for you.

Boxes with hundreds of confessions written by your hand will make even the most severe man have a deep sense of emotion, and the next-year calendar for the next year will always support your presence in it. The calendar, by the way, is better to order in the printing house and let it begin not from the usual January, but from the month when your novel began. In addition, you can mark your personal dates in red - the first date, the first kiss, meeting your parents, a joint trip and the rest.

If a girl has talents in her work, the poem or song written for the guy will be remembered for a lifetime. A picture written by his beloved, just take a worthy place in the interior.

What not to give

An improperly chosen gift can spoil the mood and the whole holiday, besides leaving so unfavorable memories that it will be hard to block with something new. Therefore, in choosing a present there are a number of points that should be approached with caution or avoided altogether.

It is not necessary to give on the anniversary of too expensive things, binding and putting the guy in an awkward position. The desire to please the loved one at the limit of his strength is understandable and welcome, but not always appropriate, especially given the further development of relations. Having laid out a tidy sum for a year of relations, how much will you have to spend on celebrating the next anniversary?

The second extreme is too cheap and meaningless things - the first keychain with a heart in the transition, a ballpoint pen and a postcard can make him feel that you don’t value relationships and have completely forgotten about the holiday. Some may see this kind of mockery.

If you are giving impractical things, then they must bear some kind of personal meaning to you or they will be made by your hands. The absence of any fullness (practical, original, romantic) will force you to put a gift on the far shelf and lead to a lack of desire to celebrate something in the future.

Under the ban are animals and flowers, the only moment when this is permissible is the exact certainty that the guy wants to have a pet. But even in this case, it is impossible to choose a living creature on your own; it is better to arrange a meeting with the breeder or a trip to the shelter. Joint animals at such an early date imply obligations and confidence in further long-term relationships, and this topic should not be provoked by itself, it is better to wait until it is a mutual decision. This also includes gifts, forcing the situation - the keys to your apartment with a keychain in the form of a heart, any inscriptions about the eternity of your feelings and absolutely direct hints about marriage. So you make a huge stress, getting rid of that to many men is seen solely in ending the relationship.

Avoid meeting your needs at the expense of the guy. If you have been dragging him on a journey for a long time, and he prefers to sit at home, then a backpack and tickets will lead to scandal, not joint joy. Anyone who is keen on billiards does not need to give a soccer ball - an insult from the fact that for a year the girl could not remember his hobbies in the end will make you think about your attitude.

Do not even consider clothes, cosmetics and care products, as well as household appliances as a gift - a man can buy all this himself. Especially gels and shampoos are perceived as a hint of uncleanliness, and everything else is surprising, but not from the good side.

A gift for the anniversary of the relationship should reflect the development of your interaction, give positive emotions, please the guy and testify about your feelings.