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What to give to her husband for his birthday

On holidays, I want to please my loved ones with pleasant presents. The actual question becomes if the birthday man is a husband, but the task of choice for many becomes practically insoluble. Thematic and professional holidays make the choice a bit easier due to the fact that there is a certain subject matter and you can start from it. A birthday requires an individual approach and the calculation of satisfying the dreams and needs of a person, to talk about which is inconvenient for him or not some social prejudices prohibit the desire for such.

At the beginning of marriage, you can give anything you want, then you can give various accessories for a hobby or things that your spouse has mentioned. Over the years, women are increasingly exhausting the list of standard tips, and do not want to repeat every year, in addition, the family’s well-being usually grows and the question arises as to what to give to her husband for his birthday, if he has everything.

You can even please a person secured by all, because hopeless situations cease to be such, if you do not follow the standard way, but to show personal participation and attention. Focus not only on the material side, as many will be grateful for organizing the event itself (almost all men put a stupor on the need to have a holiday). Remember the stories of his early dreams (especially the realization of children's dreams may touch): maybe he did not buy the desired bike, and he still does not know how to ride it, having three cars in the garage, or wanted to explore the city’s underground, then instead Vouchers for the annoying Bali can be negotiated with the city diggers.

Forget about gifts, the purpose of which is to try to save the household budget - various hygiene items, razors, sets of socks and underwear are a kind of consumables, bought in any case. Not only did such gifts become a topic of jokes long ago, men predict them and receive in innumerable quantities for various men's holidays, as well as from colleagues. If you choose something from clothes or accessories, then let them be unique things that emphasize personal style. husband, not the twentieth white t-shirt. Focus on his wishes, not his needs. If the husband is not a fan of construction work, and you give him a set of tools, hinting at nailing the promised shelf, which fell off six months ago, then you provide for your own needs. It is likely that in response to a woman on holiday will receive a set of pans and a cookbook with marked preferred dishes.

In addition to the birthday present for the husband, one can reflect on the presentation and packaging. Sometimes trivial things (charms or a set of tools) are not designed to cause emotional delight, please with an unusual style of giving. A fishing kit can be disassembled and packaged in many small boxes, and the husband can hand over a map for treasure hunting. Having arranged a similar quest, you give not only the thing necessary for his hobby, but also positive emotions, a fascinating adventure.

In principle, many options that are perceived as children are very surprising and delight adult serious men. Look at the passion with which the man understands the instructions to the children's helicopter. The guarantee that the device will fall into the hands of the baby for the first time a day is practically absent, but the husband will play enough.

DIY gift

Handmade gifts are the most spiritual and original, except for this, you can give homemade items to your husband for his birthday if there is no money. This type of gift is very suitable creative people, but for those for whom the independent production of things is not the norm, can also be a great way. A little warning for those who are engaged in professional creativity on an ongoing basis - you should not give your husband a birthday job or work that is similar to others, carefully approach the process of creation (if working at home, it is important that the spouse did not notice the workpiece) so that he does not peep and not see a surprise in advance. The most optimal is to prepare a gift for him personally, you can also try to work in a new technique, so you and your spouse will surprise and you will improve your skills.

Forget about the huge number of sparkles, cats and hearts, exclude cute vintage boxes - the gift should be masculine and at least a little practical. It’s not practical at all - let it be as surprising as possible. A postcard is not an independent birthday present for the husband, but it will complement well any present, even if it is bought, even if it is made on its own.

Those who know how to knit, you can knit a scarf or sweater, it is possible to combine knitting and sewing, making out new models for his style. You can take care even with warm socks that are bound, for those whose husbands work in harsh weather conditions. Knitting is diverse - it can be covers for heating pad or a small blanket in the car. The time when hand-knitted things were hiding away in the closet and smelled like grandmother's mothballs passed. Now it is becoming fashionable and relevant, and girls who can do such things less and less. Men, strangely enough, very warmly refer to such gifts, then they can walk and show off to their friends (they will be jealous, seriously), since this is not just original, but a thing connected specifically for him, with the warmth and care of his beloved wife's hands. If a holiday in the summer, knitting can be replaced by sewing. The main thing in such clothes is that it will be exceptional for men of non-standard proportions, which make it difficult to find the necessary model in the store.

For girls with stage talents, there are also prospects for presenting not only the gift of their own creative work, but also seriously surprise a beloved man. If you sing, there are several options: you can record a song for him in the studio (just choose a song that reflects your feelings and holiday, or rather order a new text or write it yourself), and you can organize a performance in a restaurant.

Regarding performances - this is suitable for dancing, magic tricks, acrobatic performances, theatrical performances. Only preparatory work is needed not only in honing the number, but also including agreements with the venue. Protect your surprise from failure - in advance, find out exactly whether it will be free for the time agreed with the establishment. Best of all, it is a cafe or lounge with a small stage, then you rent a table, pay all administration services, and simply invite your husband to a gala dinner, telling what time and where the table is ordered.

When you already have sewing skills, but you won’t surprise your husband with this, you can watch online workshops or attend an appropriate course and learn how to work with leather - this does not require significant retraining. As a result, you will be able to present your own purse or bag, original belt or hat. Men love the skin and it goes to them, only mass production is not happy, and not everyone can afford the prices of individual masters. In addition, you can accurately take into account all of its needs, ranging from size to styling.

Continuing the theme of the skin - this is a great option for creating bracelets, for those who can not give something necessary. There is a mass of weaving mastered in an hour, that is, in the end, in the evening you will be already with a ready-made gift. If a man constantly goes with a diary, then you can cover it yourself with leather, toned, glue metal emblems and make embossing - the product looks expensive and solid, and for remaking you can take the cheapest cardboard diary with any cover.

Do not forget about the sweet and tasty, especially the tradition of giving birthday treats is becoming increasingly popular. People try to get away from the accumulation of things and as a care not to litter the homes of friends and relatives with useless figurines and other things, for years, lying in boxes. Guests can bring to the table some kind of exotic fruit or a bottle of wine, maybe a salad, which you constantly praise - and this will be a gift that makes a variety of festive table (by the way, many have already stopped buying half the store before the holiday, and are limited to light snacks ).

From his wife will need more, both in terms of effort and creativity. Discard the purchase of cake and bake your own, and if so bake, then find a new recipe. Use modern methods of decoration, because roses from butter cream are no longer relevant, but you can create such masterpieces from mastic and mirror glaze that not everyone can cut and eat without a shudder. By the way, a big cake can be replaced with a set of cupcakes, each decorated with different inscriptions, but in the same color scheme.

Do not forget about humor and creative approach, instead of the standard commemorative inscriptions. On the anniversary cake write that now it is old or scary. This is especially impressive for people around thirty - on the one hand, they are funny, because old age is still far away, on the other hand, the middle age crisis makes such statements relevant. But again, do not overdo it with jokes, otherwise your creativity can provoke not a fun, but a scandal.

Romantic surprises

Over the years, it is the romantic component that leaks out of family life, many couples are constantly in the economic routine, and intimate attention is given to their half only strength (not only sex, but also walking together, cute confessions, hugging books and so on) . A person wants to get not so much expensive and necessary things as attention, love, warmth, to hear good words. You can increase the degree of romance in many ways, from fairly simple to requiring lengthy preparation.

Prepare a congratulatory poster for your beloved, for this purpose it is good to use a collage of your joint photos and various wishes, the size is essentially as large as possible - take a paper. In addition to such a collage, a congratulatory garland will make a romantic note, where your photos or various photo products with inscriptions about love are also present.

From the second half of the day, children can be sent to grandmothers or relatives so that they do not violate the romantic idyll. Next, choose a romantic program. If it is a day off, then you can go on a picnic to the nearest park or even go out of town. Review the hotels in advance, book a room, and also determine the route with interesting places - planning should be present in any surprise, otherwise you will simply spend the lion's share of time on organizational issues.

If you don’t get out, there are city squares, roofs (by the way, look at the ads - some of the roofs have organized romantic sites with blankets, champagne and coffee for a rather nominal fee), restaurants, bars and your personal apartment.

Regarding the picnic, there are a few tips, in addition to a stock of delicious food, prepare a collection of pleasant music and fully charge the playing device - the background music will complement the romantic atmosphere. Provide insect repellent cream and non-wetting karemats - the weather and time of year are different, and your task is to organize pleasure as much as possible, and not to add problems. Even if it is a winter holiday, then you should not abandon a picnic - in the suburban forest, you can make more vivid impressions by setting up a bonfire than on a summer day. Take care of the availability of return tickets, a full tank of gasoline and a charged battery.

Choosing the option of home romance, do not limit yourself to a delicious dinner by candlelight. You can continue the birthday party in the bathroom, with champagne and fruit, or you can take your husband to the bedroom for a massage. Regarding the massage, you should decide in advance: relaxation or excitement you want from the procedure. Any technology can be viewed on the Internet, but it is better to go to one educational lesson. For erotic massage, do not forget to buy special oils, with pheromones or aromatic stimulating composition. Take care of your appearance. Stockings, styling, fragrance, makeup - everything must be impeccable.

Many people read about seduction and striptease for their beloved on the boards, heard reviews on the forums, but almost none of the men saw this act performed by their wife. Be original, surprise your husband for his birthday by performing an erotic dance for him. If you are confident in your plastic and have the ability to dance, you can put the number on your own or look at the elements in various videos. Those who have a desire, but feel insecure or lack the necessary skills can be advised to contact the relevant studios. Now there are quite a few areas where plasticity and flexibility are developed, and such dances as gender dance and oriental are quite easy to transform into home striptease.

Practical gifts

Men of practice and any thing they begin to consider, first of all, from the practical side. That is, where a woman can be touched by the spangles and the lovely pattern for several weeks and only then notice that the product itself is not useful to her, the man will understand this immediately. Faced with frequent male frustrations from gifts, more and more women are beginning to look not for the emotional side, but for the practicality of the present.

In the first place among practical and joyful gifts, of course, is a diverse technique and electronic gadgets. Computers and consoles, joysticks and gaming mice are things that help in work, provide time savings and fun leisure when games are important for men. When choosing these rather expensive presents, you should focus on either the parameters voiced by the husband (maybe month is a certain laptop). An independent choice can be fraught with the fact that you will sell an outdated model in the store or its components will not be suitable for everything else. The optimal solution can have two choices - you go to the store together, voice your husband that you want to give him, and he chooses himself or hand him a certificate for a paid purchase, he can dispose of it at any time in the hardware store. The certificate, by the way, can please more and instead of one set-top box, he can still choose stereo headphones or participate in some kind of promotion.

With phones, tablets, fitness bracelets, various headsets, the selection process is usually simpler, and a woman can completely choose the necessary gadget. The condition is one - he really needs her husband. To give a pulse meter to a person who is far from sports, and the player who does not know how to swim, the player for the pool will be perceived as an almost direct mockery, despite the fact that gadgets are from the section of their favorite technique.

A hint in choosing is always a husband’s hobby. If you can not live without a car, and the repair produces only independently, then a cool set of tools and various cleaners-washers will come in handy. Those who are keen on independent home improvement will also benefit from tools, but others. Any outfit and new ergonomic bags with a mass of sections and waterproof cloth will do for athletes. Go to the sports shop - there are many new products that make life easier (towel, fist, glasses from dust, sun and moisture, sneakers, corrective arch of the foot and wireless headphones that allow you to engage in pleasure).

Men’s hobbies do not always have a useful and practical orientation, as with fishing and a car, but accessories for their favorite business are considered practical. Perhaps he is a collector (books, modeling, teas, alcohol) - then you can give your husband a birthday new collection exhibit or materials for them (albums, specialized adhesives and helmets for models, coasters for the collection). Musicians can give new instruments and parts (silver strings, professional headphones, additional workshops).

Take care of his meals outside the home, taking into account the specifics of the work and the convenience of various options. It can be a set of several thermoses, where you can store not only drinks, but also the first, second courses and salad. Only then do not forget to fill these containers with tasty contents. For those who have no place to warm up lunch and there are no dining rooms, electric lunch boxes will be suitable, with a built-in heating element from the mains or cigarette lighter. If you don’t carry food from home or your husband is uncomfortable, you can donate a lunch ticket to a nearby cafe or restaurant.

You can give things that emphasize status and style. Сюда относятся различные фирменные ручки, драгоценные запонки, наручные часы или браслеты, зажимы для галстуков, фирменные портфели. Всевозможные украшения принято дарить не только женщинам - кожаные и серебряные браслеты, кольца-печатки и цепи. Все это может дополнить образ и служить теплым напоминанием о вас.

Уникальные идеи

After many years of marriage, or from my own creative nature, I want to give my husband an original birthday present. The uniqueness of the idea is largely determined not by the material thing, because everything that can be bought no longer individually, but by impressions and emotions from the day itself or the process of giving. The first in terms of emotional intensity and popularity are various impressions and organization of time.

Many companies involved in the provision of services, have long included in their price list the possibility of a gift certificate or a master class. Remember what your husband dreamed, said or did not realize, and go in search of appropriate places and activities. Those who want to become a pilot or astronaut can seriously give piloting lessons (choose an airplane, helicopter or hang glider individually). Extreme sports are perfect for jumping from different heights, extreme driving lessons or organizing courses on piloting a motorcycle, climbing, descending a mountain river and others. Organize visits to caves or city sewers, old subway branches or exclusion zones - any man will feel like a hero of the film, show strength and fearlessness.

A separate gift is the organization of the birthday itself. Traveling is a classic and at the same time unique option, the duration of which is limited by your possibilities. If you have a decent amount, you can fly to Paris for one evening, or you can choose the arc option and go by train to a quiet, but picturesque place nearby. If you plan your vacation in advance, you can give your husband tickets to the country where he wanted to go.

Anywhere without leaving you can organize a holiday, inviting all his friends, after making sure that he wants to see them, otherwise the need to smile after a workout on his holiday, instead of falling apart in a warm bath, may not please the birthday man. There are plenty of options - it may be a surprise party or it will still be known that a holiday is planned, but without details. You can collect all in a restaurant or paintball, you can rent a sauna, go bowling or arrange a thematic meeting at home with costumes and contests. Remember that the more you invite people, the more carefully the script must be thought out, otherwise with the slightest hitch the holiday can turn into a regular Friday drunk.

Separately from you can organize a piece of fairy tales, becoming a "golden fish", promising to fulfill desires during the day or even a year. In order for the husband not to become too impudent, it is better to draw up a beautiful contract in advance on bright paper, where the number and the time you will fulfill his wishes will be indicated. Only then really bother to really fulfill the whim of a loved one. And if the scope of his imagination and the absence of restrictions makes you somewhat worried, you can make up coupons on which various options will be immediately written. It is best to have his requests, which you periodically refuse (to prepare your favorite dish, to return earlier from work, erotic massage, reading out loud, night of love, etc.). The bonus will be the fulfillment of the desire at the time when it requires.

A unique gift will be his pedigree, which can be raised through requests to the archive, and be issued at the printing house. Especially a personal gift can be the search for his schoolmates, whom he misses and cannot find or even relatives (some cheerful second cousin whom he saw once in the summer in the village). Strengthening ties that have broken by chance may be the most valuable gift in a lifetime, but before making such a meeting, try to communicate with the person regarding his feelings and mood. It may be worth mentioning that you have found his best college friend if he drank himself and blames your husband for everything.