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How to survive the death of a dog

For any person, the death of a beloved pet is a great shock. This sad event will forever leave a sad trail in the soul, but one should find the strength to live on. The most difficult thing is to survive the first day after the death of the dog, when a severe emotional state is constantly oppressive.

Nowadays, people give birth to dogs not for the sake of help in the household (to graze cattle, to serve in the harness, to hunt), but for the love of them. Therefore, people in four-legged pets appreciate loyalty, contact, manifested in the desire to communicate and make friends. Dogs, due to their endurance, instinct, special character, organically entered the life of people and are always close by: at rest, at home or at work. The dog becomes the closest living thing, if someone does not have relatives and children.

Therefore, the death of a dog for most people becomes a real tragedy and equates with the loss of a close family member. This is explained by the fact that with the death of the animal, the owner loses the source of unconditional love, a friend that provides security and comfort. This animal is very sensitive to the connection with the owner, and regardless of the nature of the person, the pet remains a loyal creature.

Survive the death of a beloved dog will help the proposed recommendations

To distract yourself and not think about loss, you should take a big box and put your favorite pet's things there: bowls, clothes, toys. They are constantly reminded of the death of a dog. It is necessary to transfer them, for example, to the pantry or to another place, so as not to come across to your eyes, and it will become a little easier. It is important to talk with someone about your grief, having an evening of memories. For myself, it is important to realize that let your pet lived a short life, but very happy. After all, the dog was surrounded by care and affection of the owner. And now the soul of the pet, where there is no pain and sadness, but there is lightness and joy. Let these thoughts be a consolation.

Tips for a psychologist how to quickly deal with grief

You do not need to scroll through the tragic memories in your head, because the pet gave so much happiness. One should let go of all sorrows and remember only the good. You can make a photo album dedicated to the dog. Paste there photos, write down the touching stories that happened to him, and already after a while the memories of the dog will cause a smile, not tears.

After the death of the beloved dog, there will be a need for someone to take care of, to walk. If you take a new pet, yet there is no mood, then you can look into the city shelter of animals and help stray dogs: bring food, old clothes, walk with them. Gradually, the pain will recede and reconciliation with the loss will come.

It is very important to stop blaming yourself for the pet's death: the medical aid that was not provided in time, and also that there were no disturbing changes in the dog's behavior. Often such anxious thoughts take up over a person, and he begins to blame himself for death. Such self-blame will not lead to anything good. It should be realized that whatever the incredible concern for the pet, he would still have left his life one day. Therefore, it makes no sense to think that not enough care or attention was provided.

No need to blame yourself. Think of the fact that a beloved dog could have been born in much worse conditions, for example, on the street. This will make it clear that you really did a lot for your four-legged friend.

You should not immediately look for a replacement for the departed pet, since there will always be a comparison of these animals, which is often not in favor of the new friend. Surviving the death of a dog will help limit visits to the pet store, as well as communication with friends who have dogs, to avoid unnecessary memories and inquiries.

It is important to fill the void. The owner of the dog produces a definite life schedule, which is built around the needs of his beloved dog. This is a daily walk, feeding. Changing lifestyles is a strong source of stress, so you need to occupy yourself with something that will distract from sad thoughts in the free time.

Remembering a pet is only good. In the mind of a person, after the death of a dog, the period when she was ill will more often emerge, but such thoughts should be “left”. After all, the dog's life was filled with many other pleasant moments: cute puppy age, joint walks, training, trips.

It will take some time, the pain will subside, and the idea to take a new dog will gradually visit more and more. Therefore, it makes sense to think about it and make happy with the care and attention of the new four-legged friend, who will give unforgettable minutes of joy and happiness.

And although the owners of the dead dogs take their care of them seriously, they are so dependent on the soothing presence of the pet in the house that they eventually take on a new companion. This means that even though the person misses his pet, he will most likely force himself to again go to a new test in the future.