Life values ​​are the categories of moral and material aspects, which are leading in the choice of life strategy, ways of achievement and orientation in the semantic space. In many ways, it is precisely values ​​that determine a person’s ability to make decisions, as well as incline his activity in a certain direction.

The presence of stress factors, problem situations and other troubles can cause a person to change their positions or begin to make efforts to defend their point of view. It can be said that all the difficulties encountered on the way, test a person for strength in his own convictions, make it possible to prove that the chosen categories represent the vital values ​​of a person, and not immediate needs.

What it is

The vital values ​​of a person are fate-transforming and fate-realizing factors and directly influence the making of all life decisions. They affect all spheres of life, including the highest purpose of the person and soul, relationships with close and superficially familiar people, attitude to material goods.

The diversity of the space of life values ​​is unique to the same extent that each person is unique. It is precisely the interweaving of the importance of attitude to one or another category that allows us to see an individual pattern of the meaning and value space. Most people use momentary impulses to build a life concept, without deep awareness of their priorities, which work at a subconscious level.

Frequent painful meditations, the inability to make a choice, to do the right thing or the subsequent reproaches of oneself for the mistake made are the usual consequences of the absence of an obvious position. If we raise the level of awareness, thoroughly understand our gradation of values, then a significant amount of doubts and difficulties of choice can be avoided.

The road is facilitated by the fact that the path has already been chosen, even if, for the sake of a long perspective, it is necessary to sacrifice temporary comfort. So, the person who put the family in the first place will not hesitate for a long time how to react to the authorities' suggestion of a six-month business trip in another country, and not understanding what is a priority for him in the context of the whole life, he may not decide on dramatic changes or make an error.

The determination of the most significant values ​​is influenced by many factors, both the internal structure of the human psyche and external events of the surrounding space. At first, the foundation is laid by the personality traits and the education system — many values ​​have a biological basis (the need for active or passive lifestyles, the number of contacts, medical care), and are also internalized from the immediate environment at an early age.

As they grow older, core values ​​shape the life experience gained, personal emotional experiences from certain situations that form a common attitude towards life. As a result, a peculiar construction appears that separates important things and events from minor ones.

When a person builds his life, relying on the underlying true values, he feels full of energy and happy. The reverse law also acts - the more life departs from internal needs, the less happiness there is, irritability and dissatisfaction begin to predominate in the emotional background of a person. It is necessary to decide on their top priorities, while not forgetting that the most harmonious is the life in which all spheres are developed. Even if a person defines for himself the importance of two or three values, it is necessary to maintain at the proper level all the others in order to avoid imbalance and disharmony of the individual.

Basic values ​​of human life

Under the basic values ​​are understood the category of universal values ​​that are of indisputable importance for all people, on a planetary scale and individual level. What is important is the value of one’s own life, love for all its manifestations. This results in concern for physical and spiritual health, the ability to prioritize and, above all, ensure one’s survival. In many ways, this most important point is governed by the instinct of self-preservation, but only on the physical level, psychological sacrifice is increasingly manifested among people and has a detrimental effect on life and mental state.

Being a social being, it is human nature to highly value relationships as well as their quality. The need to be accepted and appreciated contributes to survival and better implementation in the living space. The next after the importance of social relations or instead of them can be considered the value of family relations, including the parental family and building their own.

Intimate relationships, romantic manifestations can also be attributed to this point. Developing this category, there is the value of love for children and the need for them. There can be realized several additional moments at once, for example, the realization of its social function, purpose, ability to transfer knowledge and so on.

The importance of native places, those where a person was born, grew up, spent most of his life, can border on patriotism. In the global understanding, the place of our birth and upbringing directly forms the personality - this is where you can feel accepted and understood. At home and among people with the same mentality, it is easier to adapt and breathe easier, there is an opportunity to display all of their capabilities more brightly and multifacetedly. In many cultures, the traditions of maintaining communication with the native land are preserved, from an intuitive understanding of the importance of the amount of energy received by man from his usual space.

Professional and social activities, the realization of oneself as a specialist or the achievement of new results in one's hobbies becomes a practically necessary factor in the modern world. This involves the fear of death, which will occur without material security and the desire for development and recognition as the main driving mechanisms of human activity. Such strong factors in the end make many put the work in priority, the result is a serious bias in one direction.

Continuing from the value of work is the value of rest, allowing you to restore resources, switch. During rest, a person can discover a new vision of the past situation, feel the taste of life, realize impractical, but mentally significant desires. All this ultimately allows you to harmonize the rest of life.

Life examples

To understand more clearly how values ​​manifest, it makes sense to consider several examples of each of them. So the value of family and relationships is manifested by care, the ability to come to the rescue and provide it even when it is not directly asked for. The person who allocates time to all important people in his destiny clearly appreciates this category. This also includes the ability to always respectfully address people, be responsive, tolerant and tolerant. The absence of these manifestations in a short time can destroy any relationship and a person is left alone. Of course, he can sacrifice this, directing energy not to be attentive to others, but to the development of his own career or skills, but then completely different ideals are set forth in his priorities.

When a person’s basic value is material well-being, this is manifested in the constant self-development in his professional field, the search for new opportunities and positions. A prime example is to skip a family dinner or dinner together due to an important meeting or the need to complete overtime. In pursuit of financial solvency, people can take on additional work, arrange freelancers in addition to their core business, sacrifice work relationships, substituting employees for a privileged place.

When health is shaken, this category is the first among the list of values, since otherwise a person cannot function normally, and perhaps even say goodbye to life in general. In many situations, the need to take care of physical condition arises precisely against the background of problems, but there are people who have set themselves this value to one of the highest, trying to maintain a constant well-being. This is manifested in regular examinations, adherence to a suitable diet and exercise, undergoing periodic rehabilitation and rehabilitation procedures.

The value of self-development and spirituality may look like a choice instead of a beach pilgrimage or an esoteric festival, instead of new shoes, psychological training is preferred. Everything that is important for a person takes time and attention, so only awareness will help plan time in such a way that other life spheres are not affected.