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How do i tell a guy i don't like him

Often there are situations when a girl is friends with a boy for some time and begins to realize that the young man falls in love with her, and she is indifferent to him. The question arises of how to tell the guy that she does not represent him as her chosen one, because she does not like him, but she values ​​friendship with him.

To do this, we suggest that you read the following recommendations.

The right time

If a girl is sure that a young man, at the sight of her, “butterflies are fluttering in her stomach,” then it is time to admit to him that she has no romantic feelings for him. To do this, you should gather strength of mind and tell the fan about it at the right time.

Choosing the right place for this, thinking that it does not cause romantic notions, since hearing such news during a dinner at a cafe, meeting the sunset, will be somewhat unexpected and incomprehensible.

A cozy place in the park for such recognition will be the most acceptable place, the optimal time is the first half of the day, since nighttime suggests a romantic mood.

It is important to choose such a time and place away from your friends for this, so that it is real to be alone, and no one distracts.

It should be noted that the guy will be embarrassed if there are involuntary listeners of recognition.

To tell a guy that I don't like him is morally difficult enough. This requires a mental attitude. You should also make sure that the young man at the time of pronouncing these words is calm and slightly immersed in other experiences. You can’t say bad news at night or in front of a responsible event, such as an exam.

The main thing is that you don’t have to admit that the longer the guy is in suspense, the harder it will be for him to learn the truth.

Think it over

It is important to prepare the right words in advance. No need to apologize, but it should be said that the attitude towards him is purely friendly, without any clarification as to why he does not like him as a young man.

You can rehearse speech to voice to sound more confident when the moment of recognition comes.

Predict the guy's reaction

It is advisable to predict the reaction of the young man, to know which words to choose as a consolation. The girl does not need to apologize that she does not reciprocate, but to cheer up, saying that he is a great guy and will surely find someone — that would be appropriate.


The most important thing is to be honest. No need to waste time. The girl should admit that she realizes that she likes, but she does not consider the young man as her boyfriend. Adding at the same time that she cannot act in a different way, and she is not easy to admit it, but it is necessary. The guy will appreciate honesty.

Honesty does not provide that the girl in order will list the reasons for which she refuses the young man. This is normal if the girl does not have feelings for the guy, but the guy should not feel somehow "defective" if he was given a "retirement".

Solution firmness

It is important to make clear that if the guy does not like it now, then in a year he will not become attractive to the girl. It is reckless to say that now she does not think about relationships and will think about it when she finishes, for example, an educational institution. It should firmly adhere to its position.

The more clearly expressed the girl, the faster the guy cools down in a romantic sense. You do not need to give the guy hope, if the young lady does not plan to build a relationship with him, otherwise the young man will be in expectations.

It should be understood that to be decisive, it does not mean to be cruel. It will be unnecessary to apologize in this situation, to show pity is also meaningless. This situation will not change. If a guy does not like one girl, then this does not mean that the other girl will not appreciate him.

Do not lie

To lie and invent excuses why a girl does not want to meet is the worst thing a young person can do. It should be specifically said that there are no feelings, there is no point in going on dates. It is deceptive to think that excuses and lies will make it easier for the young man to overcome the refusal. He will immediately notice that the girl is lying and will only feel worse from it.

If a girl respects her friend, she will be extremely honest and sincere with him, not being afraid to tell the guy that she does not like him, and she does not consider him as her future companion.

Therefore it is not necessary to invent meaningless excuses, such as:

- "It's not about you, but about me."

- "Now so much has come down"

- "You will find yourself better"

- "I like you, but I want to keep our friendship."

A particularly persistent young man should say that she loves another for a long time, and he has no chance to win her heart.

In conclusion, the conversation can focus on the fact that the girl values ​​the relationship that currently exists, and to express a wish with the hope that I would like to keep the friendship in the old format, because it is significant to her.

It is necessary to be sincere with this, look into the eyes, without looking away, speak slowly. Needless to try it is not appropriate, describing the best features of a young man, it will look insincere: "like you are a good guy, but for some reason you don’t want to meet with you."

Give the opportunity to speak out guy

The young man will be what to answer after he listens to the girl. Whatever the reaction of the guy, he should be heard, because his pride will be hurt. Let him say you shouldn't interrupt him.

After admitting that the guy does not like it, it is unnecessary to feel embarrassing for the girl. There is a possibility that there will be meetings in the future, but this does not mean that they should be avoided, blush or behave unnaturally. It is important to remain calm and friendly, ignoring the young man will be wrong. It will be better to keep quiet about the situation in order not to make the young man feel awkward in the company of mutual friends. From time to time it is appropriate to invite a guy somewhere so that he does not decide that his communication is avoided.

Become friends again

It takes time to build relationships with the young man who revealed his feelings. After a couple of months, you can try to establish the previous communication or even spend leisure time together. Often, it happens that it is impossible to renew the friendship, because the communication of the young man will become worse. In such a situation, it is necessary to make his decision and live with it somehow further.