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What is calling

A person’s vocation and his life mission are inseparable categories and constitute the totality of those life meanings and value benchmarks that determine all human activities. The vocation is usually associated with work, and indeed this category reflects activity, but does not imply a rigid link to the working sphere, rather, it’s about implementing your activity in a way that brings a sense of realization and personal involvement in the life system.

The choice of profession by vocation is considered the most favorable, since it will meet the implementation of the internal needs of the individual, his unique abilities to transform the world for the better. In a situation when life circumstances or thoughtless actions do not allow to be realized in the most actual direction, a person can find time for his vocation in his free time, being carried away by something.

If abilities and education help to determine what a person can do, then a vocation always reflects that side of life that a person cannot do. Going against internal impulses, a person with time can lose his uniqueness, meaning of life, inspiration and motivation. The lack of understanding of the internal benefits of the case leads to a deep existential crisis, that is why the problem of finding one’s true purpose is so urgent.

What it is

Vocation is a rather vague category, and attempts to simplify it come down to choosing a professional path. Such a strategy can lead to utter disorientation, because the restructuring of society and the high speed of technical development creates new current specialties and forever sends to history that existed before. The pursuit of such relevance and compliance with trends can deprive a person of his inner vocation. For example, drawing on canvas is increasingly replacing computer graphics, and manual manufacturing of shoes is replaced by factories, not to mention the specialization of the agricultural industry. And then people whose vocation in mixing paints, leather dressing or gardening can abandon their unique talents or make a choice in favor of realization, switching to a unique production or leaving the vocation as a hobby.

A person is engaged in checking his vocation or just an activity that he succeeds in successfully by several important criteria. If the work performed brings spiritual satisfaction, a sense of self-realization so much that the main thing is the process rather than profit, while the surrounding society benefits from what the person does or produces, then this is a vocation.

Another point is the scale, reaching sizes that exceed in their semantic richness, duration and importance of human life in its everyday sense. This is an ideology that remains to live even after the creator himself or the inner understanding of a person disappears, that he can sacrifice some aspects of his life in order to realize his own idea that benefits others.

From the deepest point of view, vocation is also a big responsibility, and not just a gift of ability. A person will experience a constant spiritual lack and torment when the tasks of vocation are not fulfilled, if this lasts for a long time, then all the talents and abilities laid down for this will atrophy. Thus, the vital motivation disappears, the feeling of living not of one’s life appears, and the search and return to the starting point becomes difficult.

Naturally, vocation is not a static category, and it changes with personality changes, however, there is never a cardinal change, only corrections are possible related to changes in the situation, needs, increase in the level of skills necessary to implement it.

For those who are absorbed globally, they can represent the main existential category, and the person literally begins to fade and "die before our eyes," in the absence of this activity. Others rather easily endure the lack of realization of their intended path, having as supports many other fields of activity, hobbies and a low degree of motivation.

How to define your vocation

It is important for a person to define his vocation, but sometimes it turns out to be a difficult task. The reason for this may be the lack of contact with their experiences, internal mental and emotional processes, and as a result of the inability to hear their abilities, to understand the meanings and aspirations. Personality immaturity also interferes with understanding your vocation, since it implies a high level of responsibility for the perfect choice, first of all before yourself, as well as before the whole society.

The infantilism of many people leaves them at the adolescent level of development, where it is impossible to make decisions on their own, and vocation always requires full direct participation.

Diligent and artificial search for a vocation usually does not end in success precisely because a person directs most of the energy to various methods and studies, instead of immersion into what he can do for hours and what he believes in. Naturally, only pursuing what you like cannot advance towards an understanding of your business; you may need creative actions, innovations, a combination of several approaches. This is especially true for those whose vocation has no analogues in the world or is quite rare.

To facilitate the search process, it is important to have a high level of training in all industries. It is hard to understand that you are called to make discoveries in the field of molecular biology, if you do not know what such exists.

Accordingly, the more a person has an arsenal, the greater his chances of finding his own. The development of skills should also be regulated in those areas where the greatest interest appears to develop as much as possible - it is beyond the knowledge of all that has been accomplished in this area that personal discoveries and individual paths begin.

In order to go through such a distance, motivation is important, and not by external factors, but by inner desires, because the vocation always comes from the heart and its own realization.

A person with many desires is always more motivated than one who is limited to standard social needs. If you want more than your present level gives, then the subconscious begins to automatically look for ways to implement and achieve, this is how the process of creativity occurs, new ideas are born, and the potential is revealed.

Desires help fantasies and dreams, as well as plans, without criticism of consciousness and logical stops about the impossibility of carrying out such. Take time to imagine every day what you want, dream about your new life, reality, the surrounding social structure and other worlds. If fantasies become more detailed, the higher will be the level of desire, and only then will logic and creativity help you to accomplish everything that is invented.

Analysis of the motivation of the desired response to their activities - this is the standard motivation for choosing the main direction. But to find a calling it is important to understand that you can and want to give to others. It is better to focus on what you want to give, because you can give your time, and want to give pictures or you can give money, but you want to give security. Only if the process of bestowal is as pleasant for a person as the creation, then he will be in his place.


Examples distinguish vocation from many other concepts. So a vocation can find its realization in a hobby or relationship, but one thing remains common - it is always the active position of a person.

So, a vocation can not be a factor outside the zone of influence and competence of a person. For example, education can be a vocation, but children cannot. The difference is that throughout life and in many situations a person can be engaged in upbringing, however, it is impossible to invest the whole meaning in specific children - they are not activities, they are developing at their own pace, they may no longer need upbringing and so on.

Painting can be a vocation, and the picture is not - this is the final thing, which has its final point of creation. With these examples it is clear that the possibility of realizing a vocation should remain with a person throughout his life, and the physical factors and the will of other people are only temporary variables.

Objectively, there is no separation of vocations according to gender or age. Theses in many sources say that the female vocation in motherhood, practice shows that fathers sometimes more successfully perform a similar role.

Travel is attributed to the younger generation, and even stimulated to this, until mature age has come, but those who have a vocation in traveling continue to carry it out and go on.

Surrounding this concept with an aura of high, inaccessible and something creative makes people forget about many possibilities. Shoemakers, benefiting many specific people with their practical help, may well realize their vocation. A crisis manager is not only a monetary profession, but also a moral attitude and a person’s ability to solve difficult problems. Not everyone is able to show patience with priests or volunteers of rescue missions, but they can sculpt clay figures to please children or invent new medicines.