Hypersthenic is a type of constitution and skeletal structure, suggesting a tendency to fullness, rapid weight gain, as well as a number of psychological and character characteristics. These individuals are rather slow both in their movements and in their decision-making; they express calmness, while they are distinguished by a well-known sense of purpose.

Hypersthenicity can be determined by the peculiarities of their shape, which is prone to fullness in any diet and physical activity. In general, they create a feeling of rounded shapes - short fingers, almost no neck, disproportionate limbs. This combination causes a feeling of excessive roundness of a person, some disproportionality and unattractiveness from the point of view of physical parameters, however, psychologically, such people turn out to be the most pleasant for others. These are successful lucky people who are able to infect everyone around with their enthusiasm and positiveness, due to which they enjoy the favor of the society and always have a large support group.

Who is that

Hypersthenics are open and kind people who can quickly forgive offenses. They are not peculiar to the feeling of revenge, even despite the bright flashes of discontent, so even jealousy they manifest quite often, but always amid deep patience. Before expressing dissatisfaction or taking radical measures, a person will digest the situation for himself for a long time, give others a second chance and silently wait for changes in a favorable direction.

To show such tolerance, the ability to stoically endure any life troubles is acquired thanks to the strength of the spirit, combined with a high level of emotional sensitivity. We can say that these people represent the wise men of mankind, even when they are at a very young age. After all, attention to others, the ability to understand the motivation of each, combined with a great inner patience help them to survive in all situations.

In social relationships, hypersthenics are characterized by quick and deep affection, they tend to make emotionally filled connections. Therefore, there is a tendency to the quick forgiveness of misconduct of loved ones. For hypersthenics themselves, such a trait often turns out to be negative, because experiences from inattention from significant people or quarrels with them can significantly affect peace of mind.

These people have a bright temperament, they like to talk and often become unofficial leaders or the heart of a company, and they rarely take on the role of official leadership of a group of people. Natural charm and the ability to find an approach to each person makes hypersthenics attractive for society. Their immediacy and openness in communication captivate anyone and make you feel close to your old friend from the first minutes of communication.

The breadth of the soul and the ability to enjoy the current moment form in Hyperstenik a special attitude not only to people, but also to money and life in general. The situation of bankruptcy is practically impossible for them, because these people are able to spend money for their own pleasure, easily and naturally. At the same time, they manage to create situations in which money is just as easy to reach out to them.

An important feature for a successful financial situation is still the same patience and some composure, thanks to which unjustified risks, hasty decisions are excluded, but it turns out to preserve the clarity of reason in stressful situations.

They are hospitable and able to create coziness in any setting, so a woman with hypersthenic will make her home such that any guest, crossing the threshold, will feel secure and well-placed. Men are renowned for their caring and constant striving forward, so if support and encouragement is needed, then no one organizes it better than hypersthenics. And just like the ability and desire to create comfortable conditions for others, one’s own emotional dependence on the level of comfort of the hypersthenic itself is pronounced.

They are tolerant, always open to communication, oriented on the opinions of others, easy to express and beautifully decorate their own feelings. These people honor traditions, support family ties and are always ready to help.

Features hypersthenic physique

There are three main body types: hypersthenic, asthenic and normostenic. The body of hypersthenic has its own characteristics, providing a constant tendency to excess weight. Predisposition begins with skeletal features, such as a broad chest, waist and bone, with limbs somewhat shortened compared with the proportions of other types. In most hypersthenics, growth is below average, as well as the high location of the diaphragm (it visually shortens the neck), which in its entirety gives a feeling of weightiness and some heaviness of the figure. The whole shape of the hypersthenic body has rounded outlines, soft lines and fairly visible subcutaneous fat layers.

The presence of a round abdomen is characteristic, the shape of the head is also most often rounded, with a slightly flattened crown. The face is broad, with soft contours and a loose structure. Hyperstenic man is prone to baldness, but there is a good growth of facial hair.

In addition to the features of the structure, hypersthenics have slower metabolic processes, due to which weight gains very quickly and leaves heavily. A distinctive feature in the choice of adjusting its own weight is the rejection of exercise, and a focus on reducing portions of food or the content of the diet.

Hypersthenics do not like sports, but this is precisely the key to maintaining shape for them, since it is not the diet that is balanced, but physical exercise accelerates the body's metabolic processes, making it possible not to accumulate excess weight.

How to lose weight hypersthenics

Since the hypersthenic type accumulates fat deposits more easily than all the others and leaves them worse than anyone, the problem of losing weight for these people is the most urgent. But before embarking on a hard and exhausting fight with your own figure, you should work on the psychological perception of your forms, because even if the hypersthenic spends all the days in the gym and eats only cucumbers, his figure will still remain more heavy and bulky than other types will be perceived as stocky due to the characteristics of the skeletal system. The main task is to maintain a healthy weight and search for the image and style that will maximally emphasize personal personality.

The main advice is to increase physical exertion (and not only targeted sports, but also daily household activity), since it is they who accelerate the metabolism. This is most important for hypersthenics, whose digestive tract is set up for the rapid absorption of calories, and requires increased processing. Indifference to sport, characteristic of these people, can be overcome by enrolling in group classes or sections of the competitive type. The main thing here is to provide an element of fascinating communication, when sport will be only an addition to an interesting conversation, without which hypersthenics feel quite depressed.

Exercises must be chosen so that the complex necessarily includes power loads, allowing you to adjust the proportions of the body and speed up the metabolism. High efficiency show interval training programs conducted through the day. The importance of ensuring constant physical exertion is explained by the need for constant muscle building - they consume most of the calories, even in the absence of movement.

Products with starch content, high amount of carbohydrates, as well as products with a high percentage of cholesterol and animal fat should be removed from the diet. The best diet is high fiber, including vegetables and greens. Care should be taken to eat fruit, a high percentage of sugars in many of them is able to level all efforts and diets. Optimally eat several in the first half of the day, which will provide the necessary energy for the day. The feeling of satiety with such a diet can be obtained through the consumption of protein, which at the same time will provide materials for the formation of muscle mass.

Meals should take place at clearly indicated times in small portions (it is better to increase the frequency than the volume), which is the key to maintaining good shape. When the hypersthenic begins to eat randomly or once a day, the weight accumulates with greater speed, even with high physical exertion.

It is necessary to exclude smoking, because it is poorly compatible with an active and sporty lifestyle, contributes to the deterioration of the respiratory and vascular systems, which are already subjected to heavy loads in hypersthenics. In addition, smoking will reduce the effectiveness of training, and hence the number of calories burned. Alcohol must be eliminated not only because of the adverse effects on all health conditions, but also because this product is high in calories.

It will help to lose weight in compliance with the daily regimen, which means eliminating stress and maintaining a balance of sleep and wakefulness. Each body copes with stress factors in its own way, and if someone in a nervous environment will lose weight, then the hypersthenic will begin to unknowingly lean on food and recover, seizing trouble. Therefore, it is important to ensure timely resolution of all problems and distance from the psychologically uncomfortable environment.