Mesomorph is a constitutional body type, implying almost ideal proportions, endurance to physical exertion, excellent work of the body's metabolic processes. According to their physical indicators, mesomorphs are close to those of the norm, and their most vivid example is found in biology textbooks as a model of the human body.

In addition to physical features, it is possible to determine the mesomorph by its characterological features. Vividly shown leadership qualities, always occupied primacy, brightness of temperament and courage distinguish these personalities from the rest. They are characterized by courage and determination in upholding their views, a high degree of vitality, manifested in competitiveness and adequate healthy aggression. Although with some unfavorable factors, these traits can transform into hyperactivity, an increased tendency to unjustified risks, excessive falling in love, which in general may resemble a picture of manic seizure.

Who is that

Mesomorphs are considered lucky, endowed with nature by the body, susceptible to training, and also easily maintain good shape in their absence.

Mesomorph man can achieve the physical form of a professional athlete after the easiest workouts, due to the initial athletic build. These people may not think about their own diet and training regime, as they can rather easily gain the necessary muscle mass or lose excess body fat. Such a tendency makes mesomorphs the envy, but the problematics lies precisely in the impermanence of the physical body. It is often difficult for mesomorphs to retain optimal proportions and find the necessary program and mode in which they will not collect clothes of the entire size grid at home.

This type is characterized by high muscle recovery speed, and, accordingly, they can more easily withstand intense loads, as well as increase the number of weekly workouts. Bone thickness tends to standard indicators, which significantly reduces the traumatic risks with increased sports loads.

Mezomorphic metabolism cannot be determined once, since it largely depends on the food consumed and the characteristics of physical activity. To deal with the peculiarities of your somatic change and learn how best to build a program of training or correction of your own body, the mesomorph will have to take into account many factors. Fine-tuning of metabolic processes can take place through long-term experiments, while once verified tactics can get off after a sleepless night or hormonal changes.

Hormonal jumps, the instability of weight and the ability to carry the load - is the main negative feature for this almost perfect type. These are people who quickly achieve results in the hall, but also quickly lose them. For example, one missed workout may throw them a week or two back due to physical condition.

How to determine the mesomorph

There are a number of signs defining for the mesomorph. First of all, you should pay attention to the human skeleton and muscular frame - they are quite powerful, athletic shape. The bones are large, strong, the shoulders are wider than the hips (the mesomorph woman also differs in the prevailing shoulder girdle). Hip and gluteal muscles in this type are pronounced, have attractive forms, due to the developed muscles, which makes this type the most attractive among all other possible. A typical type of female figure is called an hourglass, and a male with a triangle, which represents the perfect combination of parametric data and is comparable to all famous athletes.

Usually these people are distinguished by their slimness, developed muscles and beautiful, graceful posture. The distribution of fat accumulations throughout the body is even, so even in the situation of having a few tens of kilograms, mesomorphs look organically and beautifully - keeping the proportions is crucial in the overall perception of the figure, not its size.

The properties of harmony, muscularity and strength are inherent in the mesomorphs by nature and in order to turn into a shapeless mass that has swum in fat, they will have to make considerable efforts. The result of any workout is visible so quickly that their body becomes fit after an hour in the gym, and those extra pounds go after a day on rice.

The physically developed body lays the winner’s program on a psychological level, so these people often have demonstrative behavior that attracts a lot of attention. They are not afraid of competition, and sometimes they are specially satisfied with it, understanding their own advantageous positions. These people are leaders, leaders and innovators, they always strive for activity - a high level of energy does not allow them to plunge into inaction and on a mental level. They are the ones who invent new projects, pull friends on a dangerous journey or jump from roof to roof, justifying their behavior by boredom.

Perseverance, courage may at some moments find expression in tyranny, since the love of control and leadership, as well as the impossibility of giving in, and declaring their opinions to be wrong, are also leading qualities.

How to lose weight mesomorph

Mezomorphic nutrition and exercise should be clearly structured to support each other, otherwise the imbalance of metabolic and hormonal processes may reduce weight loss attempts. Physical training should be based on constant change - exercise, the amount or intensity of training, its duration. It is possible to alternate the sequence in the execution of repetitions, the main thing is to observe the diversity, which will prevent the body from quickly getting used to the loads. Quick results from training often disappear precisely due to the high adaptive abilities of the mesomorphic organism, respectively, the more diverse the load regime is, the higher its efficiency.

We should not forget about the alternation of power and aerobic loads, which together will help to stabilize the metabolic processes. So increasing the percentage of muscle mass increases the passive burning of calories, and aerobic exercise directs the action to stop the process of fat formation.

The number of workouts can be maximum (up to two breaks per week), but the duration should be regulated and be a maximum of two hours of continuous loads (quite intense). Exercises should be chosen, aimed at all muscle groups, since fat deposits are distributed evenly and everywhere throughout the mesomorphic body. It is impossible to miss any part of the body, otherwise it is there that there will be a visible bias.

The main thing in the nutrition of mesomorph should be proteins that provide enough energy to realize all the necessary energy, as well as to build muscle instead of fat. In the case of this somatotype, the amount of calories consumed can sometimes exceed the norm, but in no case should the essential part of vitamins and microelements be affected. Variety is needed for better absorption and no addiction to the same products.

Mesomorphs, like no one else, are advised to stop the meal with a feeling of light hunger. All the calories obtained will immediately reflect on the appearance, so it makes sense to take a short break, listen to your own feelings, and if the feeling of saturation never came, then it’s best to eat something from fruit. Food is better divided into three or four basic methods (you should carefully monitor the observance of the same time frame), between the main meals are good snacks.

The emphasis in the diet should be done on vegetables rich in fiber and seafood. Prohibited fatty foods, carcinogens, alcohol, sugar, flour desserts, refined carbohydrates.