Ectomorph is a somatotype, isolated by the psychologist Sheldon, characterized by lack of physical strength and endurance. People belonging to this type are distinguished by their thinness, high growth and the almost absence of subcutaneous fat layers. Due to the somewhat uneven proportions, their body seems to be extended, their arms and legs are rather long compared to the proportions of other people.

The ectomorphic body type is due to the features of the skeleton - these are narrow bones, slightly elongated relative to the whole body, and also a somewhat elongated facial contour. Brushes, feet and shoulders have a narrow configuration, and the muscles are thin and long, rapidly atrophied. It is these features that create a certain impression of human fragility, which in the version of a female figure can add lightness and attractiveness; in the case of men, the ectomorphic structure of the body always provokes the desire to gain muscle mass.

Who is that

Ectomorph physique type implies not only the typical features of the physique, but also determines certain psychological and character traits. The high speed of the body's metabolic processes allows this type to quickly switch between solving various intellectual tasks, and also to find the necessary solution many times faster and more efficiently than other types.

The speed of analysis of incoming information, the inherent ability to establish connections between various phenomena and areas allows ectomorphs to achieve high results in intellectual work. The restriction on the other hand contributes to this field of activity - comparative physical weakness, which makes them unsuitable for large physical loads.

The miniature of the body, the subtlety of the bones and the weakness of the muscles formed an evolutionary survival program aimed at attention to the society, sometimes even excessive. Ectomorphs are always strongly preoccupied with the social moments that are taking place, and especially with drastic changes and reforms, only unlike other types that are trying to realize these changes or at least adapt to what is happening, the ectomorphs are plunged into anxiety and inner experiences.

Having no physical abilities to defend their own safety, ectomorphs try to be useful and to understand social currents, it is easier for them to foresee changes and to undertake something, to agree or leave, than to enter into direct confrontation built on the manifestation of a high level of vitality and aggressiveness.

The model of social interaction of ectomorphs becomes most relevant with the development of society, because for the survival of humanity, intellectual innovations are necessary, and physical strength is already easily replaced by machines. This type of people was able to survive with all its biologically inappropriate data in the harsh conditions of the past and is now able to advance humanity further. They possess unconventional thinking, an extraordinary behavioral sphere, thoughtfulness and at the same time artistry.

Despite the seeming importance for the ectomorph of society and the attitude of people towards it, they are absolutely far from the role of the soul of a company or a leader and ideological inspirer. Rather, they are characterized by introversion, immersion in their own experiences and an exceptionally narrow circle of close people whose opinion will be important on an emotional level. They do not have an urgent need for a large number of connections or constant communication, just as in outside assistance or advice. With all its tasks, this type tries to understand itself and expects something similar from others, it may even show some clumsiness in the manifestation of its detachment. This happens not because of the desire to ignore, but because of enthusiasm for some other processes, such as work or new laws.

In interaction, a characteristic feature is restraint, taking at the beginning of communication for good breeding and compliance with the criteria of a business style of communication. Over time, especially in close relationships, this restraint can lead to conflicts and the fact that close people of the ectomorph will feel superfluous.

The survival rate of this type is directly related to sensitivity, which often helps to understand and feel people, even without looking for love of solitude. However, with emotional overload, high concentration of communication or a stressful situation, such empathicism can lead to neurosis and an increased level of anxiety. In addition to nervous disorders, ectomorphs are characterized by frequent ulcers or gastritis due to the fact that all aggressive emotions are suppressed and lived through without splashing on others. A characteristic disease are various vascular disorders, especially common variants of hypotension, against the background of general weakness.

How to determine the ectomorph

Considering that pure types do not exist, it is this one that is easy to recognize from the prevailing traits and it is quite simple to determine the ectomorph among other people. Usually these are tall people and their bodies have lanky proportions. Regarding all other types, they are distinguished by the narrowness of the palms, feet, chest, while it is impossible to say that the limbs are small - they are long, but narrow. In the female version, this body type is beautifully transformed into a narrow waist, a long neck, a flexible body, but the absence of fat deposits makes the figure angular, similar to a teenage one. In men, tall is combined with a narrow waist and good drawing of the muscles, which ultimately results in a very beautiful body with proper training.

The face is narrow, often has cheekbones and high forehead. The lips are narrow, the skin has a pale shade, and the hair is thin and sparse, which, together with skeletal features, creates a feeling of constant pain and excessive fragility even when a person is filled with strength and activity.

Muscle mass in ectomorphs is small, and the fat layer is almost absent, which adds even more sensation of thinness when looking at them. In general, all the features are due to the high rate of metabolic processes - due to the rooted metabolism, the incoming calories do not have time to accumulate and build up the physical mass, and almost immediately are processed and consumed in energy. Even if the ectomorph managed to gain weight, then the first physical or emotional stress metabolism processes and muscle and fatty tissues into energy. Because of this, it becomes almost impossible to gain weight for ectomorphs and many put themselves on the list of goals to get better, unlike the common tendency to lose weight.

The muscles are always clearly visible on their body, even without any special physical training, any ectomorph can be seen press, but this is a visual deception, not related to the strength of muscle development. Due to the lack of fat, all the muscles of the body become clearly defined and create a characteristic relief, but they do not have strength and are quite small in size. At the same time, this gives an advantage in the absence of overweight and corresponding health problems. Also for ectomorphs the stage of sports drying quickly and easily passes, which is a problem for other types.

How to gain weight ectomorph

The main issues of this somatotype is reduced to a set of muscle mass, which is quickly lost due to rapid metabolism. Therefore, nutrition ectomorph requires a high calorie content than for other people, and for those who plan to play sports at a professional level, various food, vitamin and sports supplements are recommended. At bedtime, protein shakes that prevent muscle breakdown are recommended. Properly organized food will help to increase the mass due to the muscles, not fat. In principle, ectomorphs can build up fat through the use of an unbalanced diet or fast food that changes metabolism, but this result is questionable, since an increase in fat has a negative effect on health.

Meals should be dense and rich in all elements. It is possible to take care of the component of proteins, fats and carbohydrates to a lesser extent than all the rest, since the possibility of the deposition of fats in the ectomorph is reduced. The frequency of meals recommended about five main and three additional snacks. Such frequent eating is focused not only on the supply of additional calories to the body, but also on the development of a reflex feeling of hunger, often absent from ectomorphs. These people can last a day without food, without noticing discomfort, and they can live for a week with tea or coffee - in general, the feeling of hunger is quite rare for them, so it must be introduced into the habit.

Some increase the number of meals up to eight times a day, night snacks or late dinners are not excluded - all that is contraindicated for other types of physical structure, ectomorphs can use quite boldly. But it is impossible to break your diet with ectomorphs - a couple of missed meals (like a couple of additional physical activities during the week) can reduce to zero the monthly efforts.

The importance of taking proteins and fats will have to be determined experimentally with respect to each organism separately. Some organisms are designed for enhanced fat burning, others process carbohydrates faster, preventing them from becoming fat. Therefore, if, by excluding fats, the ectomorph has become dead center in its training, then the concept should be changed.

Features of building muscle should include short-term workouts, the maximum in intensity - otherwise, the accumulated calories will only be burned faster, without being converted into muscles. It is important to focus on pumping large muscle groups and strength exercises in order to get the necessary relief. Aerobic exercise (swimming and running) should be reduced to a minimum, leaving only to warm up and maintain dynamics.

The mode of rest after training plays an important role in the formation of muscles. Since the ectomorph body is prone to shedding weight, it is recommended to train twice a week, while the remaining days the muscle fibers grow, due to the high-calorie diet and the previously directed increased load.