Endomorph is a type of somatic constitution that is most common among representatives of European nations. The type of figure endomorph appeared evolutionarily in an adverse cold climate and a long winter period, during which access to food resources was significantly limited, and the body needed to survive thanks to its own accumulated reserves.

That is why the body of the endomorph has a rather massive structure, and this applies to both the skeletal skeleton, the volume of the bone, the width of the waist, and the amount of fat deposits. In addition to the constitutional features, the endomorphic organism has a slow metabolic rate that promotes fat accumulation, as well as reduced physical strength, which also allows for the slowest possible use of energy derived from food.

Who is that

The typology of somatic types does not end with the identification of physical features and selection of a training plan and appropriate diets. From a psychological point of view, the features of the structure of the figure are associated with characterological and emotional manifestations, respectively, endomorphs differ from other types of figures even in their character.

So, these are people who are very attached to comfort in all its manifestations. They do a lot for arranging their home and creating maximum comfort in it, which is interesting, it will not necessarily be a big investment or the latest fashion news, but the furniture will always be orthopedic and all necessary services will be let down. Cooking is a separate predilection - it is connoisseurs of taste and traditions, hospitable hosts and excellent cooks. Permanent feasts and gatherings become part of the life and culture of the person, which pleases all those entering the house, but remembering the physiological characteristics, often adversely affect the shape and health of the owner.

Socially, these people are always guided by the opinion of the group and the important moral and ethical aspects of the society where the endomorph is located. The difference between the lack of personal opinion and the value of the environment is important - they know what they want, but they are excellent comrades and friendly strangers.

An endomorph is one who will always be open to conversation and will be able to support in difficult times. They have many friends due to a cheerful disposition and a high degree of tolerance in expressing their own opinions. Just as endomorph seeks to provide physical comfort for himself and those who are nearby, he also takes care of the good emotional state of all who come to him.

The body, not adapted for long and heavy loads, has its influence on the peculiarities of the psyche and character - endomorphs are not perpetual engines of progress, tirelessly amusing others. They require periods of rest, both after the workday and after a cheerful gathering, otherwise they are emotionally burned out, depleted, and may even get a somatic or psychological disorder.

How to determine the endomorph

There are three somatic types of figures: ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph. Characteristic of the endomorph is a large bone structure, which does not make this type look miniature even in the absence of fat deposits. This somatic type can be determined from round shapes, and this applies both to the general shape of the figure (spherical, apple-shaped) and to the round shape of the head, shortened in proportion to the fingers and limbs. But it allows you to withstand strength training and gain large amounts of muscle mass. A strong feature of this somatotype is developed legs, an emphasis on what can be done when training for burning fat accumulations (with cardiovascular exercise), however, take into account the possibility of overdevelopment of the muscles of the lower body, which is proportionally larger than the upper one.

A characteristic feature is the prevalence of the waist body over the shoulder, due to which the endomorph woman with a stable weight is the most attractive among all the others. The original roundness of the chest and hips create a graceful silhouette, if a woman seeks to maintain muscles in shape, and if she strives to conform to an unusual type (thin), she will not be able to look fragile, but rather haggard.

The endomorph of a man always seeks to adjust the parameters of his body, since he always strives more towards feminine proportions. Correction using only diets is not possible, strength training is needed here, allowing you to visually compensate for the heavy lower part and the lack of muscle relief.

The tendency to the accumulation of fat deposits begins to manifest itself and with increasing muscle mass. Endomorphs are able to quickly increase their volumes, and the muscles and their strength will also develop rapidly, but visual confirmation and the corresponding picture will not come. Features of metabolism program the body to permanently retain a high percentage of body fat, which does not allow to consider the results of physical training as brightly as other somatotypes. Resetting excess fat weight for drawing muscle relief is the main task in the program of trainings and diets for the endomorphus.

Fat from them usually accumulates in the lower part of the body and quickly becomes a tendency to overweight. The weight loss program turns out to be very difficult, because the endomorphs themselves are not adapted to physical exertion, get tired quickly and require a lot of replenishment of energy losses. They can easily fall asleep even in the middle of a normal day, and directed and increased physical exertion only increases fatigue. At the same time, delayed metabolic processes only allow to accumulate mass under stress, overeating and abrupt physical exertion.

Endomorphic Nutrition

Endomorphs are usually concerned with the process of losing weight, and for this type of program, the key point in the program will be not so much physical exercise as a properly chosen diet. A diet that matches the characteristics of their body will help build muscle mass, adjust fat percentage and visually change physical proportions.

The main focus in the diet should be on protein foods, which are the building blocks for muscle mass - it is an increase in it helps to normalize the process of nutrition, as well as weight control. Muscles are able to consume calories even in a calm state, and the more muscle mass a person has, the more calories he consumes. Accordingly, the consumption of protein foods will help build muscle fibers, which in turn regulate metabolism, accelerating its speed and promoting the automatic maintenance of optimal weight.

Simple carbohydrates and sugars are best eliminated completely, since in the body of the endomorph they almost immediately turn into additional weight, which can then be adjusted with difficulty. The number of calories must be constantly considered in order not to accidentally go beyond their normal range, putting at risk long periods of exercise. Even a couple of days of violation of caloric intake can lead to rapid accumulation of fat, especially this often manifests itself in athletes who abruptly quit training.

Specialized fat burning sports nutrition and appropriate supplements, individually designed diets for drying the body are shown. This program will require the most effort from the endomorphus. While the rest of the somatic types will have difficulty in gaining mass or increasing muscle volume and will rather easily cope with drying, the situation with endomorphs looks exactly the opposite. But you can not fully rely on fat burning supplements, because they are not able to accelerate the metabolism to the point where any food intake will not affect physical fitness - this only normalizes the initial bias, contributing to weight gain, but efforts to reduce it will have to be applied separately.

A sharp rigid diet and intense physical exertion will not lead to the desired rapid weight loss - this is how the body is subjected to stress, the hormonal balance is lost and, as a result, the rate of accumulation of reserves only increases. It is best to use ready-made sports diets, designed to gain muscle mass and dry the body.

The frequency of meals should be increased to six meals per day, but portions should not be large - this will reduce the body's need to gain weight in case of an emergency. Starving a day or reducing food intake once, the endomorph's body starts a survival program and enhanced accumulation, and with constant satiety it gives off calories more easily.

Do not forget about the use of large amounts of water - it helps to dull the feeling of hunger, filling the stomach with no calorie food, removes toxins and slags of the body, thanks to which the metabolism starts to flow faster. The increase in water consumption normalizes not only the metabolic processes of the body, but also helps to regulate the appetite traditionally increased for this type.

The important point is that once chosen and working diet must be supported by endomorphs throughout life, otherwise all indicators, both parameters, and the ratio of muscles and fat will soon return to the original.