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How to force yourself to play sports

Every person understands the importance of playing sports, many still have certain medical indicators, but not everyone has the ability to change the usual way of life to introduce loads into his usual schedule. It does not always make sense to look for ways to force yourself to play sports every day, in some cases this desire has an extremely destructive effect. No coach will not give a rash training schedule with daily exercises, because the muscles need time to get used to the loads, as well as the rest time during which they adapt and grow.

It makes sense to find your own schedule, suitable exclusively for your needs and characteristics of the organism. And after the schedule is found, it is necessary to maintain a constant level of motivation, since it is only through willful efforts that you can hold out for the first time, the support of others will help to stretch the classes to several weeks, but you can enter it into a systematic habit with good internal motivation.

Like any life changes, sports require goals, so you should spend time and understand why you personally enter the sport as a style of existence, or just at least some strain on the muscles. This can be improved health or weight loss, the development of strength or endurance, the correction of body proportions or the development of reaction speed - depending on the direction will change not only the sport, but also the key points that determine the development and giving motivation. It is not recommended to set several tasks at the same time - the body trains gradually and will not be able to immediately reach all heights.

It is better to provide yourself moments of inner motivation in the form of specific deadlines for your achievements, you can agree on trainings under the guidance of a coach, but you can also get yourself to play sports at home. It all depends on the level of personal discipline, ability to plan time and follow the schedule. If in a sports center a program with a clear development plan will be prepared for you by the coach and will monitor the correct implementation of all tasks, then at home these tasks will be your responsibility. After reviewing a lot of motivating videos on the Internet, create your training program - write it down and follow it strictly, increasing the pace.

By the way, the purchase of an annual subscription at once, of all related products and the allocation of time for sports in the diary, with the refusal of all other possibilities, motivates by the artificially created situation of hopelessness. It will be a pity not to use the invested material resources, and if you skip classes, it turns out that this segment in life is emptiness and there is nothing much to occupy yourself with.

Most organisms perceive morning loads better, but the question of how to force yourself to go in for sports in the mornings remains relevant for many, especially if you are accustomed to sleep to the last. Here it is better to start with the rises a little earlier than usual, and at first you can not even arrange physical exertion and just drink coffee, plan the day, gradually increasing the time and adding light stretches to it, then exercising. Over time, you will find that you wake up quite early in order to go to the sports ground near the house, and then you will have time for jogging. In the modern rhythm, it is easier to single out the morning hours - as a rule, no one pretends to them, your training will not be transferred due to an urgent job or an unexpected meeting with friends.

How to motivate yourself to workout

Aspects of intrinsic motivation are well supported by various external factors. Many have tried to start playing sports together with someone, this is especially true if there is a need to force yourself. The company is better to choose a good friend, about the same level of training or higher (so that there is a desire to develop) with the same goals and preferences. You do not need to persuade a person who is interested in swimming to run with you in the morning, and the one who goes to sport dancing is engaged in athletics - this is how you risk to soon give up both classes and communication. It is good to connect to classes with those who already have a habit formed - so this person will unconsciously work out your desire to skip training, because if you can persuade a beginner to skip a couple of classes, then the one who has already put a lot of effort into habit formation is unlikely just get out of the way.

To force yourself to go in for sports, as psychologists believe, will help the effect of publicity - there are good promises to friends and disputes about your own achievements (you just need to choose the loss that you can feel if you lose). No matter how annoying social networks are, filled with photos from sports clubs and with indicators of the morning jogging trajectory - they provide motivation with public opinion. Initially, you will receive support from subscribers, then perhaps the interest will fade away, but the proportion of negativity, condemnation and various motivating words, if you stop sharing your sporting achievements in the social network, will be so high that it can make many people go back to classes with more zeal

Ensure yourself rewards and self-indulgence, better associated with sports topics. They ran the stated kilometer - they bought themselves cool sneakers, signed up for six months in the pool - they pampered themselves with a massage, they performed a previously inaccessible training session - they ate a tasty sports bar. Special lazy people from the couch raise the prospect of earning money on their sport - to do this, you can start classes with a further goal of obtaining a trainer certificate or collect a morning yoga group, or you can run a sports blog and talk about various dietary supplements or new sportswear models (companies for that pay).

But the punishment should be eliminated, the system in which the overload increases during the next training session or pastry, the number of approaches takes off to impracticable, discourages any desire to continue. Unprepared physically with such a system of penalties flies into a load that is impossible for him and begins to simply work out his mistakes, and not rejoice at what is happening. Take care of yourself, if you don’t have any desire to run now, then you will leave in the evening and just take a walk along your usual route, you don’t want to swim - change to aqua aerobics, you can simply attend yoga, plunging into meditation. The main thing is to keep your partial participation in the agreed time to the appropriate place and occupation, but at the same time, without breaking oneself.

Increase the emotional joy of what is happening, very few people want to appear among others in t-shirt and stretched sneakers, a faded swimsuit is not happy in the pool - update your wardrobe, let professional clothes appear in it. It should be bright, motivating and improving mood colors, also made of special materials and special technologies that allow you to make playing sports enjoyable. Walk around the sports shops, if you haven’t been interested in this topic for a long time, then you will be surprised how many different innovations are invented in this area - now these are materials that save time and space for washing and drying. Those who did not dare to start classes, because they did not want to carry huge bags with them to the hall, were surprised to understand that even in a standard handbag for women you can now fit everything you need. Many sports gadgets help you regulate loads and measure the performance of your body, wireless headphones make it easier to run, and a waterproof player will help you to swim with an improved mood.

If the problem of motivation comes down to a lack of time, then your solution is to combine sport with other activities. Jogging is perfectly combined with the dog's walking distance, fitness exercises can be introduced into the house cleaning, and you can get to work by bicycle or roller skates. But going to the gym carefully look not only at the reputation of the club and prices, the important point will be emotional contact with the coach. There are those who will motivate you, fill up the hours spent on the simulator with new knowledge and interesting communication, possibly flirting and raising self-esteem, but there are those with whom emotional contact will not be established and then it will also be problematic with training.

Inspiration can be presented by the group in which you are engaged, and in order to find one, it is important to understand your own goals. It is foolish to seek support in obtaining a sports category among those who perceive classes as a hobby or want to lose weight, just as you are not supported in a smooth pace of enjoyment from physical activity, those who are chasing fast muscle building.

Keep a diary of your development - it is hard work, and the choice of fixed categories depends on the goals (distance in kilometers, endurance, weight of weighting, own dropped kilograms, and so on). This practice is necessary so that in periods of disappearance of intrinsic motivation and self-enthusiasm there is something to rely on. Physical changes are happening rather slowly, so many people begin to think that all the activities are in vain, at this very moment a success diary comes in handy, showing how long a person’s development is to be lost by refusing now.

Complement your lessons with things that are fascinating for you - pleasant communication, morning photos, new recipes for useful cocktails and more. The more joy created around the sport, the better, and even if it is not directly related to the workouts, it will return you to pleasant sensations and accordingly to the exercises.