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How to inspire a man

One of the popular topics of many trainings is the question of the inspiration of men and the role of women in this. And here we consider a variety of aspects, not just how to inspire a man to act. The key point is the role of the woman, since all the activities of men are concentrated in the outside world, requiring strength and motivation, emotional involvement and their own inner meanings of continuation or undertaking. The woman is initially more sensitive in the area of ​​experiences, she deals with the internal aspects of relationships and interaction.

In fact, if a man is lonely, then he needs a minimum set of life benefits, and he begins to set new goals only when something from the old collapses. A woman and family are factors of development that contribute to the desire to buy a big house instead of a one-room apartment to ensure the safety and comfort of the family, increase earnings, to provide development for their loved ones and to be able to please them. Even the majority of creative achievements created by women - from admiration or trampled love feelings remains in question, but their influence can not be denied.

Concentrating on how to inspire a man to earn money, many miss his inner state, because inspiration means not only actual material results. This attitude, the fullness of life and the ability to feel and rejoice. A person who is depressed cannot bring high results neither in work nor in the sphere of relationships, therefore the main point is not motivation in the style of coaches, by building the right life concept, timing and developing strategies. This is all the male analytical mind will create on its own when there is a desire to move and mood to overcome difficulties.

It is important to determine your role in the inspiration of a man - not to be a mentor, but to be a muse. This is a work aimed not only at interaction, pronouncing the right phrases and corresponding thanks. For a woman, the work on herself and her manifestations becomes paramount, both in terms of appearance and character, the ability to show tact and understand, support or get angry.

Many have noticed that near some women, any man begins to blossom, and without the slightest hint of a hint, he begins to perform the necessary and awesome, sometimes uncharacteristic actions. Especially this situation infuriates wives whose husbands instantly change before their eyes when one of their friends appears. Unfortunately, jealousy so obscures the eyes and turns off common sense that most people stop communicating with such an inspiring person instead of looking and learning something.

And you will have to learn to balance your own emotional manifestations and experiences, experienced states and dreams, because men are ready for any feats not for the sake of shoes from the latest fashion collection, but for their sense of self in the presence of a woman.

Why you need to inspire

There is a large dose of skepticism regarding exhortations to inspire and motivate. This usually comes from those who are already morally tired and are in a state of running in a circle when it’s not that it’s impossible to inspire others, but there’s nothing to please your own soul.

Strong women, accustomed to achieve everything on their own, see in inspiration solely the function of the tractor, which is naturally unpleasant to perform. It is important to stop here and remember the moments of your own inspiration - how quickly things are done in such a state, how easily new ideas are thought out, and the mood that fills the whole being and, of course, applies to others. It is practically love in its effective manifestation.

The importance of the ability to inspire a man and the need to use such skills is underestimated. In all situations, when the mood falls, the meanings of life disappear, and I just want to lie down and lose all that has been achieved. Inspiration is not only an easy image of a flirting girl in a bar, for which she then climbs the fire escape to get a phone number. This is a more voluminous and serious concept, living in daily dinners in the same kitchen, with everyday worries and problems.

A woman is an emotional feed for a man (you should not consider this in a negative way, because he is a support for her in the physical world). Ceasing to give emotions, a woman blocks the development possibilities, the whole union begins to suffer, and in particular, as a participant in this relationship.

If it is impossible to influence the outside world and the situation at work of the man, his troubles or achievements in sports or hobbies, his advancement, more subtle development mechanisms are available to the woman. Intrinsic motivation creates new goals and makes men move on.

When a woman does not want anything, does not motivate, does not inspire, but follows the opposite tactic - to wait, lower expectations, to delimit spheres of influence, then at the emotional level the union breaks up. It all comes down to feeling lonely, and as noted earlier, a man doesn't need much for independent living. Then on this basis claims, quarrels, misunderstandings, mutual reproaches are born. Roughly speaking, inspiration is something that is capable of folding new pairs and keeping the existing ones together.

Inspiration is also the ability to turn the situation around, to discover new sides. That is, even those men who strive for life, move, have a great inner desire for achievements, periodically it is necessary to adjust their actions. Timely advice to show your work to another company can increase income, and inspired by the story of beautiful countries can turn the usual holiday vacation in a fascinating tour.

In addition to reorganizing activities and finding motivation, inspiration is always about support. That's when a man has everything - and skills and aspirations, but for some reason a breakthrough occurs only when he has communicated with a certain woman, then, most likely, she listened and supported his idea. Before new situations, important steps or crazy ideas, before implementation we fall into the old complexes and need support.

And you need to inspire not only for the sake of the man himself, but first and foremost in order to take care of the comfort of your life, or rather, the residence of each moment. Experiencing happiness from the fact that in the ongoing changes your merit is much more pleasant than the achievements themselves. This state of magic, remaining with a woman - having caught the necessary wave, she finds a lot of inspiration for herself and even for passing strangers. The more we try in the field, the more the energy of pleasant changes and inspiring moods will spread and circulate, invariably returning to the woman who gives these experiences.

How women inspire men

Over the centuries, women have accumulated a lot of options on how to inspire a man to succeed and other achievements. The easiest way, which is easy to do by all, is pretty easy - this is external beauty Considering that this is not important or non-essential, many women, especially those who have long-term relationships, pay less attention to their appearance - they wear something that has long lost at least some look, they may not comb their hair all day or show their shaved legs and gray-green mask on the face. The fact that such a spectacle scares men, and they show endurance and do not run away right away - solely the merit of male exposure.

But intimate attraction is the basis of vitality as such, and the less erotic desires a man has, the less his general life inspiration. For the sake of bright beauties, you also want to climb a tree to take a kitten off, but in fact, to demonstrate your dexterity, but for the sake of a terrible scarecrow, you just want to get away.

For many in the matter of inspiration, it is the actions associated with romance and the manifestation of feelings in her direction, and here not to do without external factors, because wanting this, the girls themselves put themselves in the role of an intimate object. No need to constantly look in the style of pin-up, but the minimally well-groomed appearance provokes tenderness and admiration, the desire to care and delight.

The next factor used by women for inspiration is their own continuous development. Many people do this not on purpose, but if we carry out a statistical analysis, then it is women who are constantly developing, have many hobbies, interests, and a wide circle of contacts inspire men to develop and compete.

If he is interested in a girl, then he begins to pull up his skills or explore previously inaccessible areas. If a woman does something together with other men (descending on kayaks, film quests, performances, etc.), then natural mechanisms of rivalry with others include a program for maximizing the skills of a man. And as a girl from another country stimulates to learn the language - even the most ingenious teacher is not able to achieve such high and fast results as an inspired man makes on his own.

The next factor is the woman’s own condition. Those who are most of the time on the positive, smiling, helping others and laughing loudly laugh, raise the mood of others, they want to please and say compliments, often stay close and help. There is no contradiction here, even if it seems that we need to help weary, but to amuse is sad. A man will not invest in the abyss, devouring his offerings, he needs feedback, his own positive emotions. So it turns out that the girl who is in a bad mood will simply nod if they give up their place, and the cheerful and carefree will smile with the widest smile, will also thank with a compliment in speech.

Tips for learning how to inspire a man

Inspiration is always directed at something - an act, a goal, a demonstration of feelings and so on. To show this in a man, you need to believe that it is in him, because you will not teach the butterfly to swim, saying that she will succeed and she is young. Only own faith is the basis of inspiration. When a woman does not agree with the goals of a man, her priorities and choices do not respond to her, she will not be able to inspire. It is necessary to first understand yourself very deeply and understand - you want to inspire or redo, and if the second slips more and more, then it makes sense to end this relationship and look for those where you will believe in a man.

You need to start by developing your confidence in a man - this means giving him that part of the responsibility that is rightly on him, not controlling and not getting involved. Many were burned by unfulfilled promises, broken agreements, the wrong speed or order of execution. The more control, the less own initiative, the man will not plan and develop, but only wait for the instructions of the woman. So the belief in itself vanishes, which, however, is rather easy to restore.

If at home the husband ceases to be the main man, a man, but only the executor of orders, and then he meets a girl who just asks to solve her problems and waits. This degree of trust at first scares, and then makes you gather and remember all your skills, help, consider your uniqueness and strength. The ability to control life is an important component for men, the task of a woman is to provide it. Need to relax and trust.

Admiration and focusing only on positive or necessary qualities can work wonders. Men rarely receive compliments and praises, they often often doubt their own success and are structured in such a way that an opinion about themselves is formed on the basis of external evaluation.

The more admiring a woman’s gaze, the more energy a man has. It is precisely for those who are in love that they can stay awake for days and overcome impracticable burdens - because they are overpowered as demigods, they talk about remarkable qualities and constantly tirelessly believe in success and victory.

A woman can pay attention of a man not only to his qualities in external and effective manifestations, but also in the sphere of feelings. This is a very delicate, but important job, because men are less sensitive, and they give less attention and importance to the emotional sphere. But if, thanks to a woman, they become familiar with their sensitivity, then after fear and confusion, the borders of their world will expand, providing new opportunities, and in all areas. New negotiation strategies are being formed, unique ideas appear, the nature of the relationship is changing.

The gratitude of a woman as reinforcement of a pleasant line of conduct and inspiration is a powerful impetus. How often do we stop thanking for some things, transferring them first to the rank of habitual, and then responsibilities. The fact that you made a cup of coffee in the morning deserves sincere words of gratitude, smiles, hugs, a kiss, but more often than not, a man can get a rebuke about insufficient sugar or that the drink has cooled. The next morning, coffee can not wait, and this applies to everything - pick up from work, open the door, help with bags, bring drugs, sit at a boring dinner with relatives, not to mention the implementation of direct requests.

The work of a woman with her own emotional state is necessary for the overall balance and desire to come to her. Here everything that helps each one is suitable - someone relieves stress on the box, another on a massage, one needs to spend three hours in silence, the other will meet as friends. No matter how you make yourself happy, the main thing is not just to shoulder it on a man’s shoulders, he is not your personal gin, but a living person who also needs understanding and support.

What can not inspire and what not to do

Inspiration should not be confused with coercion and setting only female desires as goals, because this is, first of all, a state. Therefore, it is categorically impossible to demand changes in the characterological order - if a man is active and loud one cannot be asked to be quieter and switch to reading, it is better to find a creative direction of his activity.

A huge number of requirements do not inspire, but immerse a man in a state of apathy, especially when acquaintance does not last long, and he is already responsible for all the evils of her life. A man, even being a husband, is not obliged to support or entertain a woman, and he should not solve all her problems. This is a union of two mature personalities, where any benefits can be provided exclusively at will, demands, reproaches and blackmail, of course, can make a man do the necessary, but this is clearly not about inspiration and it will not often turn out a similar trick.

The establishment of any prohibitions is possible for children, but a man can not be limited. To feel inspired, on the contrary, he needs freedom and responsibility offered to her, not edifying with whom to communicate for the conclusion of lucrative contracts, and with whom to stop contacting, because these acquaintances spoil his reputation. The same is true of personal relationships - it is useless to forbid looking at beautiful girls or communicating with interesting acquaintances, it is necessary to act from the opposite and to become more attractive and intriguing.

It is forbidden to lower your own bar of values ​​and ideas, only to praise the man. If now he has no success anywhere, then you can look for admiring personal qualities or skills, in the end, for some reason you chose him. But the constant reduction of requirements will lead to the degradation of his abilities and your life. Motivation and joy will quickly flow away not only from the life of a man, but also the woman herself who is constantly under-served and reduces her needs.

When confronted with setbacks, one should not give up, telling the man that nothing terrible has happened and it is worth trying elsewhere. The truth is the key to growth and it is worth mentioning failure, but at the same time mentioning that you believe in him, that now he will take into account the mistakes and will surely find the right way out.

And the last thing that will not lead to inspiration in any way is shouts, scandals and humiliation. Any negative emotions only lower the condition of the person, and the task of the mastermind is always to concentrate on the positive.