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How to become rich

Our world remains material, whatever the importance of the human soul and its aspirations, so the question of how to become rich from scratch, worries not only students, but people of all ages. Young people who start an independent life without parental capital and passive income, as well as older people who have worked quite hard, but have not accumulated a sufficient state - all are united by the need not to advance the existing level, but to create at least some.

A person’s psychological attitude to money, the presence of certain attitudes and even generic programs have a significant effect on the level of the state. The relationship may be completely different, but still lead to pathological conditions. So those who give money too much importance, consider them the only important category in the world, create an excess amount of attention in one area, without noticing the others.

Others may despise big money (those who have been told that it is life threatening or vicious), or be afraid of it (as a result of the stories of grandmothers about how they took the last, and for big savings they could be sent to penal servitude). In any case, money is given an excessive value, while the rest of the area fades. The problem is that wealth is only energy and the equivalent of freedom, it is necessary in order to realize other aspects of life that are absent with excessive attention to the subject of money.

To understand how the poor become rich, you must learn to measure their own needs and expectations with reality. So many people do not undertake attempts and actions in the direction of obtaining small profits or simply additional income for a flat fee, waiting for exceptionally large offers or looking for ways to get rich immediately. Psychological readiness to receive large sums is necessary, because otherwise a person does not have the skills to keep them, and large sums that have fallen sharply have been spent by them nowhere.

How did the rich become rich? The gradual increase in income is the basic principle of the formation of wealth, and it is also useless to start immediately looking for passive income, because there is no understanding of how everything is arranged inside, it can be transferred only after reaching a certain stable level of financial independence.

Many exclude the principle of economy, guided by the advice of the rich about the need to buy expensive products and delight themselves. Expensive products should not be such at the expense of their VIP status, but because of quality, and then this is a saving (for example, boots two times cheaper will serve eight years less). The question of pleasing oneself, especially for success, is often understood as material rewards, but it is precisely when working on the topic of increasing one’s own wealth level that it is important to find rewards from the non-material sphere in order to expand one’s life platform. This may well be a walk or help in a shelter, reading a book or sleeping at lunchtime.

Wealth is inseparable from success, and in many life and spiritual areas. You can hardly find a person who stands out exclusively for money, there will be a lot of advantages in him - someone is an excellent analyst, another is highly erudite, it can be creative talents or human charisma, exceptional intellect or creativity.

To become rich and successful from scratch is a dream of many, so people read biographies, interviews and tips from those who are an example for them, either financially or as a successful person. You should always evaluate the initial level and conditions of development. Everyone remembers that Bill Gates dropped out of college and went to earn money otherwise, he dropped out of an extremely prestigious institution, before that he had proved his outstanding abilities in the selection process. Accordingly, if you are in a place where there is only one educational institution, it is foolish to leave it, on the contrary you should enroll in many additional courses and improve your level of knowledge without getting tired.


Any path directed towards a specific goal can be decomposed into components, and since many people have already achieved wealth, there is a certain universal instruction on how to become rich from scratch. It is quite conditional and involves creative processing, but it carries the fundamental principles. Before the start of the movement is to determine their own parameters of wealth.

There are approaches to personal understanding of this state, and everyone can choose the appropriate one or synthesize their own, starting from the proposed ones. Wealth can be a static category and represent a certain amount, the presence of which is freely available is necessary for a person.

In this context, the achievement strategy will be limited to capital accumulation. If, in the understanding of a person, material wealth is a more dynamic category and is measured in monthly or annual income, then development should focus on the organization of new passive sources.

There is another category where there are no indicated amounts, but there are elements that define life - a circle of acquaintances, trips, and a mode of transport. That is, it’s not the amount of money that cares, but a person needs a rich lifestyle - this is most about freedom, and you can get this feeling using a lot of creative approaches, to the extent that you don’t work for yourself, but get everything you need.

After determining the very concept and goals, it is necessary to draw up daily plans for achievements. This may be a personal success diary, which includes the objectives that have been achieved, as well as a program to change one’s personality and reorganize the financial sector. Ideas of change can be taken by analyzing the lives and activities of richer people, listening to economists' advice on market prospects.

All of your professional changes need to be correlated not only with the looming trends, but also taking into account the uniqueness - remember that people give money for something new, individual.

Regarding self, it is necessary to develop a plan for the development of habits of wealth and economy - this is a difficult process that requires personal correction. Any such changes take a long time, so don’t be in a hurry to reap the rewards, but do a thorough analysis of which strategies are profitable, which habits are easier to form, and which are dragged to the bottom.

Use your own budget adjustment systems, and start saving and saving money. Take the rules to plan all expenses, make lists of expenses and think through where you can reduce them (even if it is installing meters and buying a travel card - in the end, such actions can lead to the possibility of investing money).

Savings should be based on the principles of reasonable allocation and control of spending. The moment of putting aside money is an interesting psychological factor from two perspectives. Initially, the desire to spend the amount received is so strong that it goes to all sorts of unimportant things, which may even be discarded, but if you take a pause, many purchases can be avoided. And the second point - the regular postponement of a small amount of money from each receipt allows you to collect a good start-up capital or make a significant purchase.

Control your own expenses and minimize the amount of unnecessary. Extra products that are subsequently thrown into the trash or themselves, bad habits, constituting a large item of expenditure and increasing the cost of medicines, food in restaurants instead of self-cooking. All these points as a result of the month can give quite a tangible difference in the budget.

Give up loans and borrowing and invest in any kind of investment. It can be stocks, real estate, own business or education. Any investment working for you is the basis of wealth in the future, because they create an independent income platform - in some cases it is additional opportunities or insurance, in others it can already become an independent main source where direct work can be done with pleasure or only in selected projects.

Tips for becoming rich and successful

Success does not lie in the amount of money received, because by receiving a high regular salary, people continue to consider themselves losers, and other such amounts would be enough for a comfortable organization of all life. Successful ones easily become rich, but not all rich are successful. And it’s not only an understanding of how to handle cash flows, but also a perception of one’s position and aspirations.

It is important to develop your personal strategy for success, instead of following the generic messages. Naturally, if all your ancestors were good at making money, then you should listen to their parting words, but if the family lives beyond the threshold of an average level, but it carefully honors the precepts of the grandfathers, then you should be the first to break them level. It makes no sense to repeat what has not worked several times - it will not start working, you just need to look for other options.

Choosing your path, stay calm and do not expect instant results - in most, it is haste that causes people to make mistakes and rash actions leading to collapse. Start by paying off debts and gradually building investments - this is the base of wealth. It is impossible to consider yourself free and successful, if the entire amount you owe is not your money. It is also impossible to talk about financial independence by constantly working for someone, since you are completely dependent on a person or a company and cannot increase your material level with regard to your own needs or existing desires.

With typical mistakes or choosing the wrong strategy, your own mentor can help. Regarding your psychological blocks, you should work with a psychologist; a coach will help you make an effective strategy for achieving goals and motivation along the way. The formation of a new economy is better to discuss with economists, and on calculating the budget, consult with accountants. You can not be good at once in all directions, this ability to seek help and surround yourself with experts will help you move quickly, making the minimum number of mistakes.

Change the environment not only in professional terms, but also in personal. Examples of wealth from books and screens are good, but the presence of real acquaintances with a high level of wealth can change the system of self-perception and the whole approach to earnings. Especially if these people sympathize with you, then you can get a lot (no, they will not shower you with gold and will not even give loans) - advice, an indication of mistakes, inspiration and criticism.

Eliminate those who complain and do nothing - everything is hard, everyone is in the same country with the same laws, only some prefer to get up and do business, while others spend their time on listing trouble. Such a pastime delays, but in addition to depression does not lead to anything, so surround yourself with acting and aspiring people - they will be your inspiration.

Look for ways to generate additional income - from investing money and creating your own business, to additional work on freelancing. Try to transfer all your activities to a payment that depends on your time and effort, and not on a rate that does not change on the results. By the way, official work with low wages and low requirements can be used not as a place for tea drinking, but as an organized space for fulfilling additional orders on the Internet.

Remember that the money earned is needed for further development, rather than providing a luxurious life for a couple of years. So, on the first million you buy not a plane, but a small business. The first successful deal is celebrated not by reveling in both machine and investment in stocks. Even a few hundred saved per month, do not spend on red lipstick, but on paying off a debt or setting a counter to increase savings in the future.

How the rich think

It’s not the connections given by the start or the received education that help the person to become rich, but a certain style of thinking and building their behavior. Such people have a very developed sense of healthy egoism, when there is no desire to save everyone and help everyone in need (to distribute money for alms to all those who ask, for example), and everything is focused on improving their lives.

Some are beginning to condemn this approach, not reaching the deeper essence of what can really help others only in order. Giving the last money, you doom yourself to hunger and do not greatly improve the life of the person to whom you paid a penny, but if you save this money several times, you can end up investing it in a conference trip that will develop you as a professional and then you can arrange shelter for the homeless. But perhaps this is only on the condition that everything is more than good with you.

Waiting for random big money, unexpected winnings and other things where material goods come to a person without difficulty and in large quantities is an element of the immature psyche.

All the rich people think in terms of actions, not expectations and hopes for a chance, although they rejoice at such a confluence of what is happening. At the same time, people who achieve success are accustomed to spending their actions on very specific things that are beneficial. They are deprived of the stereotypes that education will somehow help them in life, therefore they often do not have university degrees. But they invest their money in paid specialized courses, where they really acquire specific skills, unique and useful. This is contrary to the concept of a poor person who spends time on obtaining unnecessary and formal certificates or performing meaningless work that does not promote him as a specialist.

Attitudes to money have always been rich in rich people. So if poor people dream of money, presenting their material dreams fulfilled, plunging into the fantasy of desired goods, then successful people look at money solely as a tool. There are practically no emotions, dry logic and how best to use the existing tool (you don’t think about the red hammer, when you nail the picture, you think about the composition of the whole room and where it is better to place the masterpiece of art).

The absence of such obsession with the material manifests itself in other areas, as rich people are always busy with their hobbies, and they develop them at a rather high, if not professional level of development. Receiving a new level of income, the first thing that a successful person will think about is options for making a profitable investment or redistributing assets to create a new direction.

The focus on action and development makes the life of really successful people sometimes surprising for ordinary people - they do not swim in the golden pools and use public transport, in a word, they lead a more modest lifestyle than they really can afford. This is another feature that distinguishes a successful person - the main thing for him is internally development and aspiration, and not outwardly ostentatious success. And they get joy from their activities, even if they were not paid for it. It is this inspired enthusiasm that makes of a person a unique specialist, an innovator and leads to success, since in modern society progress is valued above all.