Celebrity is a person known for his achievements in the professional field or in relation to his other activities. An important feature is that the popularity of such a person has a massive character, beyond the narrow profile. A person belonging to this category attracts the attention of almost all segments of the population, as well as the mass media.

The concept of celebrity is most often used with respect to actors, performers, representatives of show business and sports, as well as the entertainment industry. A distinctive feature of such celebrities is the presence of fans and all sorts of fan clubs and other organizations involved in the support and dissemination of information and popularity of the person.

Who are celebrities?

The meaning of the word celebrity can be understood as a literal translation of the term "celebrity", as for the English language. Deeper still, the roots of the concept go back to the Latin analogue, which implies a celebration, praise, glorification, mention. Now celebrity is mentioned in relation to people, and those of them who enjoy a certain popularity due to the attention from the press and gossip. These are talented people of creative professions, representing actors and journalists, photographers and models. Recently, alternative political figures and golden youth are listed here, whose principles and behavior correspond to surprises and shocking.

There are certain parameters that make it possible to classify a person in a given circle. The first and foremost indicator is the person’s integration into the high society, the circle of the chosen bohemian elite. The level of wealth of celebrity is always significantly above average, and the way of handling money and in general building all its external activity in the outside world is quite extravagant.

If these are clothes, then they are provocative or unusual, if they are purchases, then they make most people think about the need for such spending. Separately, it is worth noting the behavior, which with its originality sometimes crosses any borders, since the main task is to attract attention to oneself. Such a need may at first be satisfied through the implementation of some talents or their own originality, but over time it may turn into scandalousness and aggressiveness. The main driving trend in such people is to epatize people around them under any conditions.

In the Russian-speaking countries, the word celebrity has its own special shade, which differs from the global one. Due to the scandalousness of such well-known characters and their desire to get their level of fame in any way, the term becomes negative, which is not the case in other English-speaking countries that use exclusively to denote fame.

Celebrities are not constrained by any particular activity, and their rank is determined solely by fame in the press, the Internet, television and glossy magazines.

Synonyms of the word celebrity

Due to the fact that the word celebrity is of foreign origin, it does not have a straightforward unambiguous interpretation of the Russian equivalent, which means it can be completely replaced by synonymous terms. The most popular and frequently used word to replace the term celebrity is a celebrity, and then there are various options regarding the scope of human activity. The concept of a pop star can be used for performers of popular music, diva or prima is used relatively celebrities theaters and cinema.

There are concepts without a designation of human activity (it may even be completely absent), but emphasizing its status of popularity in certain circles of a tusk is a social lioness or etoile. The notions of a superstar or an idol are more often used with respect to world famous celebrities, and the popularity of which is based not so much on eccentric behavior as on the original unique work or activity.

In a more classical speech, celebrities are replaced by the concepts of fame, eminence, and glorification. Also, these words can be used to denote a high status of a popular person, for example, when a princess combines this title and media popularity. In the scientific field, celebrity has synonyms for words such as luminary, public figure, a person with a name.

It turns out that, depending on the scope and position of the person, as well as the context of the situation, it is appropriate to use various synonyms. It will be optimal for each situation to select the appropriate concept in order to convey the whole meaning and not to offend a person. In relation to the sixty-year-old professor who defends a new discovery, it is better to apply such appeals as a star in science or known in his circles, but not celebrities, since this may reduce the importance and seriousness of what is happening.


Proper use of the word celebrity requires understanding, it is easier to implement it by examples. Thus, the phrases “our celebrities of show business have visited the last exhibition” or “he was not only a representative of the high society circle, but also a kind of celebrity”. This word can be used to characterize the public, gathered for the opening of a new pathos club, where not everyone is allowed entry.

To understand who can be attributed to celebrity, just open the pages of any yellow press or public about famous people, it is enough news feed. Screaming headlines, scandalous events, provocative photos and the constant presence in the loudest events not only of their creative, but also of high life emit celebrity.

So Britney Spears from the popular singer more and more deserves the characteristics of celebrity, especially after a series of scandals and inappropriate statements. Ksenia Sobchak, constantly residing on the front pages of news, refers to celebrity, while her fame is practically not related to any activity. Famous performers such Madonna and Kurt Cobain, actors Demi Moore and John Travolta, directors and even presidents can be provocateurs in connection with the peculiarities of their personality or their desire for popularity.