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How to cope with depression

Depressive experiences or depressive episodes are familiar to everyone. Most people who are afflicted with the disease understand how to cope with depression, since antidepressants are the best-selling drugs in pharmacies. More than 20% of people on earth suffer from depression. In the West, the culture of addressing specialists on this issue is higher and is considered commonplace. In Russia, depression is also a very common phenomenon, including a whole landscape of experiences that differ in depth, cause and duration. Russians, who are overwhelmed by depressed mood, symptoms of depression, mental pain, understand that they need psychological help, perhaps even psychotherapy, as well as pharmacological.

How to cope with depression yourself?

Ways to cope with depression are varied, but they are effective only in mild form.

How to cope with mild depression? Labor and daily duties help in mild cases of depression, in which a healthy rhythm of life is maintained and energy returns with thanks from relatives.

How to cope with severe depression? This is much more complicated. Signs of severe disorder are stubborn refusal to go out, rejection of society and communication with the outside world. For the patient it is characteristic of a long lying, buried in one point. Prolonged depressive states indicate a bad attitude towards oneself. This is a bell that you need to change your life, you need to think, stop, put life accents somewhere, perhaps pay attention to the spiritual life, to your relatives. And in this case, you can even thank the depression, because by understanding your reason you can change your life for the better.

And what really happens in most cases with a depressed person? Due to the lack of a psychological culture, a person goes to a nightclub or bar where he takes alcohol. This is the wrong approach to solving your problem.

If a person has severe depression, then he will not be able to cope on his own without the help of a doctor, and drinking alcohol will only aggravate the situation. In the depressed state, the human brain ceases to produce serotonin and the patient cannot stop mocking on his own. The use of antidepressants for a long time helps to cope with depression.

The main and main cause of depression are stresses that accumulate in a person over a long time. These include unrequited love, unemployment, divorce, loneliness, unfulfilled desires, unmet needs, loss of a loved one, and other reasons.

How to cope with depression yourself? Looking for the cause within yourself. If within two weeks the situation does not change, then seek help from specialists. Depression can ruin lives and lead to the development of various psychosomatic diseases. The words “I do not want” and “I cannot” accompany the entire period of depression. I don’t want to go to work, I can’t communicate with people, I don’t have the strength and desire to do anything at all: prepare food, take care of myself, clean the apartment, wash myself, look at myself in the mirror. And the reason for all the loss of motivation for any action, due to the lack of meaning in life. For example, a sick person believes that with the loss of a loved one, he lost the meaning of life, and therefore does not get out of bed for weeks. Or a person, after parting with his beloved, does not care for himself, because he no longer sees the point in this. Thus, the mild form of depression takes root and goes into a deeper one that only specialists can handle. Severe depression is nothing but a feeling of the meaninglessness of the life that people have to lead, often without the possibility of any other choice, as well as the inability to find a positive meaning in it because of the destruction of old values ​​and the lack of knowledge and the ability to come to a unique meaning of life .

Young people often turn to the forum asking: help cope with depression. In this case, the social context of depressions of a young age is interesting, which directly depends on marketing psychology, which consists in imposing advertising on glossy magazines and television on success in all areas of life. Young people need to understand that not achieving success in everyday life, they have chronically unmet needs that lead to a depressed state. So it is not necessary to set unbearable goals. Maybe such a situation, for example, a young man has an interesting rich life and some one segment falls out (good personal relationships), then with all the external success, it is possible to be depressed.

A dangerous danger for people is the depressive loop, to which unsuccessful actions lead, the inability to achieve the desired, which reduces mood, increases the depressive state in which energy goes into anxiety. Having gathered, the person again tries to mobilize the remnants of forces, and makes an attempt to change the situation, but again he fails. As a result, his plans, ideas, values ​​are crumbling. How to cope with depression, he does not know. And in this situation he needs to stop, think, change the strategy of action, go on vacation.

How else can you cope with depression? The spiritual component in the fight against depression includes the understanding and acceptance of a difficult life situation. The main thing is to understand that this is not just some kind of mood, an internal weakness that can be ignored. These are some serious problems you have encountered.

How to cope with depression if you are powerless? What to do in this case? It is necessary to accept and rejoice in life as it is, but not to lose hope, so that despair does not grow into depression.

How to cope with depression relatives? What should not relatives say suffering from depression. It is not recommended to report in plain text about turning into a rag and the like. It is necessary to tell the patient: this is not the world that has lost its colors, it is just your condition that will eventually pass. Relatives need to try to understand the causes of depression and the most important thing is to exclude that it is the family situation that does not turn out to be the trigger mechanism of endogenous depression. If this depressive depressed state is caused by loss, then this is a normal human condition that will pass with time.

If depression has endogenous roots and at the same time a person does not satisfy his spiritual needs, does not look for the meaning of life, then classical despondency arises. Having dealt with an internal problem, the symptoms of depression subside.

How to cope with depression, if the cause is a protracted life crisis? Often, in such cases, you have to look at the situation as a whole, however, the sick need, first of all, to understand themselves. And this is something that a person often does not see. In this case, one cannot do without a specialist, plus pharmacological support normalizes the condition and will help to return the former joy to life.

How to cope with depression? Start with physical exertion. Regular jogging gives the same effect as antidepressants or psychotherapy. Due to physical activity, endorphins are produced that are responsible for improving mood.

The next way to cope with depression yourself is the sleep deprivation method - deprivation. Thanks to this method, it is possible to improve the condition of the patient and bring him out of deep depression. Depriving himself of sleep, a person reaches an altered state of consciousness, he is captured by a state of euphoria, which greatly improves the emotional background.

Light therapy is widely used to alleviate the course of the disease. This is especially true for seasonal depressions due to lack of sunlight. When the weather is sunny, force yourself to get some fresh air, do not sit alone in the dark, take a walk among the trees. A positive effect is the appointment of antidepressants by the doctor, which anesthetize the soul. The course of therapy is carried out under the supervision of a specialist.

Vivid colors and aromatherapy help to cope with depression. Use essential aromatic oils, which will act as pleasant and beneficial stimuli for the central nervous system. Depression does not develop emotions. And the essential oils, as well as their compositions, neutralize the spiritual discomfort for a while.

Psychologists have noted the general patterns of thinking in people, which often lead to depression. Such features are called pseudo-beliefs. They are taken for realistic ideas that a person considers to be true. Sometimes they are realized by man, but often not. Successful overcoming of the depressed state occurs after the realization of these ideas and in connection with this change them to more reasonable ones. When conducting internal work a person is able to cope with depression.

Typical beliefs that tend to be depressed people:

- bad to show anger, irritation to others;

- you can not talk about their desires;

- erroneous thinking: all or nothing;

- exaggerated judgments;

- good deeds, deeds are rewarded;

- low self-esteem, which does not believe in kindness from the inner circle.

In order to cope with depression, you must stop thinking categorically. Find a person who understands you and who you can sincerely share with you. It is important that you are not evaluated, condemned, or labeled. Try to enjoy every minute of life, chase away experiences, bad memories. Think about what is good for you at this moment, and it will be even better!