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How to deal with depression

Each of us can answer how to deal with depression, however, it is worth getting into its network, as there is a breakdown, apathy, bad mood, and now you don’t know how to help yourself.

How to deal with depression? How to return a great state of health, former vivacity, great mood, as well as faith in a successful future? There are many prerequisites for mental illness, however, the sensations from it are the same: insecurity, bad mood, apathy, and the lack of determination for anything. Often a negative event causes unhappy emotions and leads to undesirable changes in life, but it happens that nothing bad happens, and depression overcomes day after day. The decline of mood, depletion of energy costs, pessimism, lack of positive thinking, uncertainty, despondency, apathy, negative perception - all this affects the emergence of mental illness.

How to deal with depression? It is necessary to influence the cause. At the moments of occurrence of the disease, human activity decreases and one wants to lie down and sleep. The organism has no strength for anything, and the whole day a person lies on the sofa. At the moment of a depressive state, a person thinks about negative events, as well as about a sad past, or scrolls through his head a gray future. At that moment, when a person is in this state, waves of certain frequencies are emitted in the body, which are fixed with time and then create the difficulty to get out of this state. Over time, we again and again return to negative thoughts, fixating on them. In a depressed state, the vital energy of a person is so weakened that he feels endless weakness, bad mood, and a desire to do nothing.

When dealing with depression, first of all, you should admit to yourself that you have depression. Speak out loud to yourself. Now ignite a desire to fight depression through dreams. Switch to dreams, desires, which dream in the future, visualize your goal. Negative energy will be spent on attracting success and good luck, which will give a good mood.

How else to deal with depression? A strong passion, an active lifestyle, as well as sport can distract from an unpleasant illness. Do what you can to captivate.

Communicating with animals, nature, changing the situation helps to fight depression. During the period of mental illness do not take responsible decisions, set aside until later, because a depressive state will not give an opportunity to adequately assess the situation.

How to deal with depression yourself?

Of course with the help of your favorite gastronomic dishes. Just do not overdo it, because begin other experiences about the gained weight. But eating fruits, dried fruits, fish, dairy products, vegetables, lean meat will not hurt you in any quantity. And if you organize it at a picnic, it's generally wonderful. Charge cheerful mood you are guaranteed until next weekend.

Nature and freshly prepared meals in the open air, which awaken the appetite for life and for food, help to fight depression. A person begins to notice the beauty of the surrounding world, there are desires to know and see new things, and good interlocutors will carry away stories. Friendly meetings exclude in your case the use of alcohol, overeating.

How else to deal with depression alone? With the help of a full night of sleep. If a night's sleep is not enough, then take a short rest day, which will give you strength and vitality for further activity. Do not fight with sleep, because it will cause a lot of unpleasant emotions, discontent, irritation. A person who has slept well already feels excellent and happy, he is friendly with everyone, his working capacity is much higher, and his nerves are calmer. It does not matter that you have less time to do, it is important that the state of health will improve, and the signs of depression will recede. And in a good mood, things are arguing much faster and more efficiently.

Studies have shown that fighting depression through meditation is also very effective. Meditations make it possible to achieve psychological and emotional comfort, look at the world with a sober look, make it possible to realize that life is a treasure and value already in it itself. It is a kind of not only relaxation, but also immersion in a special state in which a person not only renounces his problems, but also knows himself, achieves calm of the mind, and focusing on himself gives a feeling of happiness, inner peace. After such sessions, views on life change, and endless vanity, problems are not perceived as a tragedy, for which forces are spent. It is very difficult to achieve such a state through meditations, it takes years of study, and yogis have a whole life, but scientists have noticed that practicing auto-training and meditations have much in common, and most importantly, control over emotions, excellent mood and well-being. And our ultimate goal in fighting depression is this. It does not matter that at the initial stages of sitting in the lotus position, different thoughts will crawl, it will be difficult to concentrate and not think about anything, your relatives will have a puzzled expression on their faces and will refer you to the geeks. You, without paying attention, purposefully go to your goal. Remember, it is better to do something than do nothing, feel sorry for yourself and lie on the couch, imagining everything in gray. The easiest thing to say is: meditation is not for me. Well, yes they helped, and I'm different. Not true. All people are the same. All dream of happiness, which consists in the possession of health. So take it, do not be lazy. To begin with, pick up for yourself meditative music, words and listen while doing your own business. Listening to many times, you will feel a change in your mood. The main thing to start is to want to fight depression and try all the methods. Then, when you manage to overcome depression yourself, you will be smiling, contact, friends will say, and we believed in you and knew that you would succeed, you are strong. And only you will know what it cost you.

How to deal with depression, when tragedies are knocked out of the rut of life and everything becomes so meaningless, gray, not beautiful, where to hide from those who are constantly having fun, but you want to be sad, cherish and cultivate self-pity. At such moments, the feeling of unhappiness covers every cell of the body, laziness drives the bed, and the reluctance to do anything and change your lifestyle eventually infuriates the inner circle. Of course, you do not care at such moments, you want peace and quiet. Misunderstanding arises in the family, because the second spouse does not want to be constantly in your psychological problems and maintain your attitude. And you would be happy to change your life, but do not know how. Endless reproaches: look at what you have become, only cause disappointment in your life partner. And you begin to realize that the choice of spouse was wrong. Next to you is a person who is not trying to understand you, to let your pain through you, which was caused by depression. And he does not have to understand you, just realize that he is different and feels and experiences pain, grief, disappointment in a different way.

Great importance in the duration of the experiences of life tragedies (death, divorce, dismissal from work, separation from your loved one, betrayal, bankruptcy, serious illness) depends on the type of nervous system. If character traits, such as courage, assertiveness, tact, politeness, confidence, we instill through the consolidation of actions, as well as an effort of will, then the type of nervous system - temperament, we get from birth. Temperament is most pronounced in critical life situations, when we cannot control ourselves, and show human weakness. As an example, melancholic cry, choleric cry and do not control the action, sanguine nervously laughing, and phlegmatic like a long lull of a bully. Knowing the features of your type of nervous system, external manifestations from the point of view of psychology can be explained, and in a critical situation be ready for them. It is immediately possible to correct the behavior by connecting drug therapy, including sedatives.

You can fight depression through an effort of will, realizing why I need it, that is, you must clearly have a goal in front of you. You have to say to yourself, for example: children need me, so I stop being depressed; or I really want to live, so I see my reason for living in living happily and doing something that makes me happy; or I will no longer be sad and let go of my love affection forever, because it did not bring me happiness; or I realize that I am sick, but I will do everything to improve my physical condition, because I want to live; or yes, I have no money, but I will use all the attempts to earn them in the right amount to feel comfortable.

Vital attitudes, goals that you can create for yourself based on your spiritual problem, need help combat depression. Initially set yourself a small goal. Suppose you think that it is necessary to fight depression by going to the store for a new acquisition, to the cinema for new emotions, to the church for calming down, talking with a friend, doing fitness to improve your figure, changing your occupation to open up your opportunities and improve your well-being. so act. A little success over yourself will bring you joy, the number of victories will bring self-confidence into your life. Your confidence will be passed on to others, opinions will change about you, and depression will remain just an unpleasant reminder of aimlessly spent time. You will not return this time, however, it is possible to make this state never return.

Designate for yourself the most cherished dream, the one about which your subconscious speaks to you - I want, but the stupid consciousness interrupts and says - this is not for you. For example, your consciousness believes that only the lot of the rich fly on holiday to hot countries, enjoy the view of the ocean, have luxurious, comfortable apartments, afford expensive clothes, cars. To begin with, you can agree with this that it’s difficult for the poor to allow yourself all this, but no one will forbid you to walk with your head held high, with a confident walk and approach your goals.

There is a certain group of people - skeptics, who do not accept the wording in their consciousness: goal setting. Like, not everything is so simple, it is not known how long you will live, which means how you can set goals and make ambitious plans. Then of course, let us continue to lie on the couch, be content with small things, philosophize, telling ourselves, why should we undertake anything, because having realized one dream, we need to invent a new one. And my dream is so warm, soft, cozy, and how can I not want to leave this state of suspension, staying in it for years. Do you know this? For skeptics, this is a common thing. These are people who question everything and rely on reason, facts and logic, because they are disappointed in life because of a series of failures and lack of positive thinking, who see everything in the world more often in negative and do not want to change anything, but surprisingly endowed remarkable intellect. We can not say that they stopped in development. Their erudition and erudition can only be envied, but the conservatism that has been established over the years contradicts their principles to let something new and unknown into their world, since there is aversion of information at the level of mental conflict based on misunderstanding. And if they are such conservatives, they should know that mathematical statistics show that everything in life is logical: for 10 attempts to succeed, there are 9 failures and only one luck. So for success, a happy life and getting out of depression, the main thing is not to stop and make repeated attempts.

All successful people, having achieved fame, before it suffered failures in much more numbers than successes. Just about it at the peak of fame interests the few and it seems to everyone that their success is natural or stands by coincidence. Not at all. The whole pattern lies in the great desire to succeed, and success loves positive thinking, which helps with the least energy expenditure to overcome life obstacles. Therefore, how to deal with depression or not to fight at all is up to you to decide for yourself. Whether you go with the flow of life or try to change your life, and then be proud of yourself, your achievements and say to yourself: I did it. And it all starts small: you need to start fighting depression. How? Program yourself for success, joy, happy life. Remember, when you told yourself - I won’t succeed, I don’t have time, because that’s what happened. And when you give yourself the installation: I'll do it, then everything works. So do it! Successes!