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Autumn depression

Autumn depression is an unstable, psychoemotional state characterized by mood swings, often with reduced background, poor thinking, cycling, and also retardation. A person experiencing the autumn depression, restrains his needs, is looking for himself and is not able to feel the pleasure of life. Doctors say cyclical autumn depression, which provokes general malaise, and also acts as the cause of a number of diseases. The worst period is from mid-October to February. This period is characterized by depression, instability, and a half-asleep state.

Autumn depression causes

Experts believe that the causes of the autumn depression lie in a shortened daylight, cloudy rainy weather, dark clothes and everyday life, which directly affects the mood. Indeed, often with the end of summer, vacation, warm sunshine, and with the approach of joylessly repetitive monotonous autumn days, melancholy and despondency come on. If you notice such features behind you, these are symptoms of autumn depression. It is proved that suffering from autumn depression, has difficulty in controlling their negative emotions, which provokes a depressive state. I would like to recall the words of the Roman poet Horace: "Manage your mood, because it, if it does not obey, it commands."

In the autumn, the metabolism of melatonin and serotonin is disturbed. These hormones are responsible for mood. At night, serotonin is converted to melatonin. Thus, the natural sleeping pill puts us to sleep and allows us not to suffer from insomnia in the autumn. At risk include anxious, emotional, and also closed people.

The decrease in solar activity provokes the formation of melatonin in the human body, which provokes the development of a depressive state. The formation of melanin increases at night, and in the daytime from exposure to sunlight decreases the amount of this hormone. Therefore, the autumn depression owes its occurrence to short days, as well as insufficient insolation.

An indirect factor that leads to the development of autumn depression is the psychological aspect. Often, a person perceives autumn as the end of the year, and by the end of the year, many rethink past events, their successes, and of course, failures, which, as it turned out, can happen a lot. All together inspires unpleasant experiences and feelings of unfulfilled needs. This turns the mood into unstable, irritability replaces indifference, sadness alternates with bitterness.

The busy schedule, the reporting period often falls at the end of the year, which also provokes the autumn depression. A special role in the occurrence of depressive autumn disorders is attributed to chronic stress, as well as increased demands from others, violations of work, rest, and incomplete sleep. A significant factor provoking the autumn depression, consider hereditary predisposition to emotionality. This condition is often characteristic of women. Manifestations of autumn depression usually act as an obstacle to normal adaptation in the surrounding reality. From the degree of manifestation, including mild sadness to suicidal thoughts, a picture of depression is created. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize and treat this condition in a timely manner so that no persistent care occurs in the disease.

Autumn depression symptoms

Autumn depression is characterized by apathy, depression, depression, irritability, depression, tearfulness, mental decline, as well as physical activity. A person does not have a desire to work, and also to communicate with family or friends, the desire to be engaged in his favorite activity fades away, he suffers from insomnia or endless sleepiness, his libido decreases.

Autumn depression - how to get rid?

You have an autumn depression and you do not know how to get rid of it? Take advantage of nature trips, walks in the fresh air, stick to regime moments, show love for your neighbors and smaller brothers - animals, do not support sad conversations, go shopping, change your image, pull up a figure in a fitness club. Autumn depression reminds you that it's time to think about yourself.

Autumn depression treatment

Autumn depression does not apply to the disease and is a reversible process, but the help of a psychologist will not interfere. The hormonal disruption caused by the autumn depression requires energy to be replenished by sunlight. Doctors say cyclical autumn depression, which provokes general malaise, and also acts as the cause of a number of diseases.

How to deal with autumn depression? How to get rid of melancholy, lack of energy, memory impairment, disturbance of speech rate, sense of meaninglessness of existence and emptiness, chronic fatigue To this list is added a loss of control over the amount of food eaten, caused by sweets. Some people suffering from autumn depression share their experiences with their relatives and friends; others see a way out in a long sleep.

Remember that the enemy of seasonal depression is light. Use every moment to stand in the sun, even a few minutes, if the sky is overcast, then at least be in the open. Bring in your life more bright colors, surround yourself with fresh flowers, bright decor. It is necessary to deceive the subconscious, as well as prevent hormonal disruption, artificially adding joyful solar paints to its reality.

How else to deal with the autumn depression? Make interesting plans, anticipations in your life, and make preparations for the winter holidays. See, read, just what pleases you, smile in response to jokes. To begin with, let this perception become a habit, and then a lifestyle.

How to treat autumn depression? Include multivitamins in the diet; foods rich in vitamins of group B; Brewer's yeast. Meet positive friends, people; attend exhibitions, theaters. Go on a trip to hot countries.

Aromatherapy is also able to quickly get rid of the blues and elevate mood, inspire pleasant memories or, on the contrary, calm them down. The following essential oils are suitable for this case: bergamot, geranium, grapefruit, ylang-ylang, lavender, lemon, patchouli, eucalyptus, sandalwood, rose, lilac, pine needles. When inspiring sadness - pillow your favorite perfume.

If you are not serious about the symptoms of autumn depression, then you may have complications, including problems in educational institutions, you may experience suicidal thoughts, social isolation, alcohol or drug abuse will be overtaken. Treatment of a depressive state prevents complications.

Treatments include psychotherapy, light therapy, antidepressants. If a patient has bipolar disorder, antidepressants and light therapy are prescribed carefully.

Light therapy has an effect on the biological clock that controls sleep, and also wakefulness. The effectiveness of this method is manifested after a couple of days. Treatment with this method involves consistency, because people who discontinued treatment fell into reverse depression. Light therapy uses exposure to daylight, and the types of light sources are lasers, LEDs, fluorescent lamps. Patients are placed in light boxes simulating sunlight, where atmospheric light conditions are recreated.

But for the success of the treatment of autumn depression, it is necessary to use antidepressants in the complex (Paxil, Sertralin, Fluoxetine, Venlafaxin, etc.). Your doctor will recommend antidepressant medication for repeating symptoms every year. The effect of antidepressants appears after three weeks.

Psychotherapy helps to change your negative thoughts as well as your behavior. The doctor will teach you healthy ways to alleviate your condition, consolidate relaxation techniques with you, help you fight your fears. Additional methods like meditation, aerobic exercise, relaxation will give similar good results.