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Depression medication

The cure for depression for all people is universal and there is no single one. Why it happens? This is due to a variety of depressive states: postpartum depression, adolescent depression, dysthymia, cyclothymia, autumn depression, endogenous depression, and others.

A remedy for depression, which is correctly chosen, can immediately help relieve the symptoms of a depressive state; however, for a protracted illness, an individual treatment regimen is needed that extends over a long period. Therefore, both patients and relatives should adjust to longitudinal treatment with possible variations and changes in the treatment regimen.

Do not be afraid of antidepressants and negative reactions that they can bring to your feelings. Every organism is universal and reacts in its own way to a cure for depression. The psychotherapist will make changes to your treatment, taking into account the individual intolerance to the drug. The most important thing you need to understand is that there is no universal medicine for all types of depressive state.

Initially, it is necessary to deal with the type of depression and the reasons that provoked it. Independently at home it is very difficult to determine exactly what kind of depression you have, and even more so, to understand this for relatives watching the patient’s symptoms. But if you still want to help yourself or your loved ones to find a cure for depression without a prescription, then use the following tips.

Medications for depression and stress

Initially, it is important to understand the nature of the origin of the depressive state. Often the causes of the disease are in the patient, and not only in external circumstances. Of course, we will not rule out life events - stress that can change even strong people. However, depression and stress are often the result of mental state, nervous sensitivity, physical health, and worldview features.

The best cure for depression and stress is to strengthen mental immunity. It's no secret that all drugs are sent to combat the investigation, not the cause of the disease. Our task is to stop the process of occurrence of depressive reactions. Even if the course of treatment for a depressive condition was effective, then there is a possibility of recurrent symptoms of the disease. What do people suffer from depression in this case - they drink antidepressants again and become addicted to them. But you can help yourself get rid of depression without medication. What you need to do and how to overcome depression without medication? There are many ways that we recommend to read.

It is very important to stabilize the emotional background, strengthen the nervous system, carry out preventive measures for people suffering from somatic diseases and learn to look at life and the events that surround you in a different way. At first glance, it seems that everything is so simple, but as soon as panic attacks recur, the depressive state manifests itself with a new force. First of all, you need to adjust yourself to the fact that troubles, life difficulties, sorrows, sadness, problems are an integral part of life, which was, is and always will be. This is how the world works, troubles give way to joy, and failure succeeds. This is a natural process that each of us faces in life, but everyone reacts to them differently. Someone from this strongly worries, stays for a long time in a subdepressive state, and eventually falls into depression. And someone, having grieved for some time and having briefly reared, returns to the usual rhythm of life and this in no way affects his ordinary life.

From this it follows that it is of great importance how we treat troubles, how we wait, anxiously and nervously, often in vain, and as a result everything goes well. Such an attitude to life events only depletes the nervous system, which makes it possible to join depression and nervousness, anxiety, greatly aggravating these conditions. Having understood this, it is now possible to proceed to educating yourself and your body to treat troubles correctly.

How to overcome depression without medication? This will help you meditation methods, yoga, psychological methods of self-hypnosis to raise low self-esteem and develop confidence, playing sports, various new hobbies, traveling, changing jobs and social environment, communicating with nature, animals and caring for them. Regarding the psychological method of self-hypnosis - it is necessary to understand its essence, which consists in the ability to set a goal, achieve it and successfully manage your life in the future. All these simple tips will help to change your inner worldview, in the absence of endogenous causes of the disease.

Getting out of depression without drugs for endogenous depression is very difficult, because the cause of this disease is a genetic predisposition due to a lack of chemicals: the good mood hormone (serotonin) and the pleasure hormone (dopamine). Raising the deficit of these hormones is carried out mainly by drug therapy. And if all the above methods are connected to drug therapy, as well as vitamin therapy, varied nutrition (nuts, liver, chocolate, oranges, bananas, freshly prepared juices, poultry meat, seafood, dairy products), it is possible to avoid a relapse of the depressive state in the future.

If a depressive state is caused by diseases (traumatic brain injury, hypothyroidism, stroke, diabetes mellitus, enterocolitis, peptic ulcer, cholecystitis, gastritis, pancreatitis, hypertension, vegetative-vascular dystonia, influenza, etc.), in this case the best medicine for Depression - drugs that remove acute and chronic symptoms.

Cure for Depression and Irritability

In this case, the patient will be helped by the soothing drug Novopassit, taking soothing baths containing soda, ginger, sea salt, rosemary extract.

Herbal medicine is effective, which includes the adoption of herbal tea from yarrow, chamomile, angelica, comfrey, valerian roots, thyme, hawthorn flowers, motherwort, dried eggs, and St. John's wort herbs.

The cure for depression and irritability is music therapy, self-massage, massage, which will allow you to go back into the world of pleasant relaxation. Take control of your thought processes and do not let negative thoughts be present in your mind.

What medications for depression help? This is not to say that there are effective and ineffective drugs for depression. All drugs are effective, but with the proper selection. So, you turned to a psychotherapist with a specific problem and want to get the best cure for depression.

For example, the cure for depression and anxiety is Tizercin, an anti-anxiety drug, but Amitriptyline is used to relieve depression.

Antidepressants for treating anxiety are Fluoxetine (Prozac), Aurorix (Moclobemidem), Befol, Inkazan, Cefedrin, Sidnofen, Desipramine (Petilil).

Imipramine, Clomipramine, Tsipramil, Paroxetine are prescribed in the treatment of depression and apathy with depressive state.

Treatment of subpsychotic conditions includes Desipramine, Pyrazidol.