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Reasons for divorce

Reasons for divorce they can be absolutely diverse, there are truly a huge number of them, but the result is always one or two people destroying the formed unit of society and because of misunderstanding, inability to resolve conflicts, inability to hear each other.

The reasons for the divorce of spouses are subjective and objective. The disintegration of the family for spouses is a serious test for two hearts. According to statistics, the maximum percentage of the marriage bond falls in the first four years of joint marriage (approximately 40%). The main reason for the breakup of marriage is the lack of readiness of partners for family relations.

Reason for divorce stats

Marriage for two today is not life imprisonment in a cage. Today, according to statistics, every second family falls apart, when every third divorced 10 years ago. The divorce rate for the first joint years of life is about 40, for the first 10 years - more than 60%.

According to statistics, the most responsible and serious period in family life is the age of partners from 21 to 30 years. However, marriages concluded in the period up to 30 years are two times more durable than marriages that were formed when the spouses were over thirty. This is due to the fact that after 30 years it is much more difficult for individuals to rebuild their attitude and themselves according to the expectations of the other, the needs of living together. People whose age is more than thirty years, much more difficult to enter into family roles. Persons younger are much easier to say goodbye to their habits, expectations, which can injure a partner.

The main causes of divorce: ill-considered marriage or union of convenience, betrayal, intimate dissatisfaction of partners with each other, lack of readiness for family life, incompatibility of views and characters, drunkenness (alcoholism) of one of the partners.

The most common reasons for divorces in modern families (42%) are the psychological and practical unpreparedness of partners for family life. Such unpreparedness can be expressed in rudeness of partners, humiliation and insults to each other, unwillingness to help in the life and upbringing of children, the greed of one of the spouses, lack of common interests, inability to make concessions to each other, eliminate conflicts and inability to lead life.

In second place in the frequency of the prevalence of causes is alcoholism of one of the partners. 23% of men and 31% of women surveyed indicated this reason.

Statistics of the reasons for divorce notes that adultery (treason) ranks third (15% of the weaker sex and 12% of men indicated this reason).

Only 9% of women indicate the reason for the breakup of relationships lack of help from a partner in the home. Studies have shown that 40% of husbands help their wives to lead a home life.

The remaining causes of divorce in modern families play a minor role. So, for example, only 3.1% of respondents indicated everyday disorder, material difficulties - 1.8%, different views on material well-being - 1.6%, baseless jealousy of one of the partners - 1.5%, intimate dissatisfaction - 0, 8% and absence of children - 0.2%.

Causes of divorce from the point of view of men. 37% of respondents indicated the main reason for the breakup of the family - the absence of serious intimacy. 29% of men lacked everyday tenderness, and 14% lacked orderly intimate relationships. 9% of respondents complained about the lack of concern for them. 14% of representatives of the stronger sex felt enslaved.

The common problem of all broken marriages is that people do not realize, before the divorce, why the family broke up. Hence the conclusion that if men and women tried to talk to each other, learn to hear each other, they would be able to eliminate many of the problems that arise in the process of living together and save the family.

According to statistics, more often women up to 50 years old and men after 50 become initiators of divorce.

Causes of divorce in the family

Today, unfortunately, the very notion of the value and inviolability of the marriage bond has been lost. The modern young generation is rather frivolous and quite frivolous about family ties. Early family formation takes the maximum percentage in a series of divorces. Due to the fact that immature young people, who are characterized by a low spiritual and social level of development, most often marry, they put sex on the head of family relationships. Young people believe that it is on sex and strong family ties are built.

The reasons for divorces in the family are also due to the fact that in modern society, the roles of the strong and weak half of humanity have been reversed. Today, most women perform male duties. They are no longer satisfied with the role of just the keeper of the hearth. And men gladly give them their responsibilities.

Quite often, the gap of marriage bonds is the only acceptable solution in situations where the relations between the partners have not developed. Most often, the initiators of divorce are young women, due to the fact that their expectations were not met. When they got married, they dreamed of a loving, caring, slightly romantic, faithful and loyal man, and the reality was to acquire additional responsibilities and gradual alienation from each other.

The reasons for the divorce in the family, as the most common - is treason. Due to the fact that adultery touches the most important of the feelings of two partners - love, which is an important motivational factor for creating a family. Treason indicates disharmony, various accumulated contradictions, unsolvable conflicts between partners. The betrayal of one of the partners is a fairly common behavior that can occur even in wealthy families with stable relationships. Quite often marital infidelity becomes a frequent reason for the dissolution of the so-called "early maturity" marriages, in cases where both partners are very frivolous and do not realize the moral and value qualities of the family.

Loyalty and fidelity in marriage, in most cases, is dependent on the behavior of partners before marriage. According to statistics, the strong and weak half of humanity who have sex before marriage, much more easily transgress the vow of conjugal fidelity. This behavior is due to the fact that early sex life is based mainly not on mutual love, which further leads to a decrease in obligations and a sense of duty towards another partner.

Recently, the reasons for divorce for the court have increased dramatically. Among such reasons are family violence, drug addiction or alcoholism.

Often, ordinary boredom is cited as reasons for the breakup of the family. The period of falling in love has ended, passions have calmed down, the time of “joint lapping” has been left far behind, partners have become family calm, and the usual algorithm of actions and routine becomes the dominant aspect of living together. During the first years of living together, the partners studied each other’s weaknesses and merits fairly well and accepted them. They are not waiting for absolutely any surprises, surprises from each other. Their whole life is painted by the hour - home, work, children, sex on holidays, etc. It is therefore not surprising that after a certain amount of time there is a separation of partners from each other. More often than not, the man’s inattention is more acutely felt by the woman, especially if she is not working, she is only engaged in home and children.

Unfinished higher education or not realizing oneself in the professional sphere causes an offense on a partner for women, because she sacrificed so much for him. A man, along with this, is not interested in the problems of a woman, because he has enough of his own. As a result, family relationships begin to crumble. The husband devotes all his time to work. Wife, tired of indifference and lack of communication, turns on the side of her lover.

No less serious test of the strength of the bonds of marriage is the waiting time and the birth of the first child. A rather large percentage of the breakup of families falls on the very first years after the birth of the child, and in this period, the husband becomes the main initiator of the divorce.

After giving birth, a man for a woman fades into the background. Quite often, young fathers make the same mistakes, knocking over all the responsibilities of housekeeping and caring for a baby for a wife. Therefore, the woman has almost no time left for her husband, since she gives all the time to the child. As a result, discomfort arises inevitably in family relationships, the husband feels unloved, deprived, unnecessary. To all the claims from the husband, the wife can respond not quite adequately, irritably. After all, she does not get enough sleep all day, nobody understands her, she is tired. A man sees the only way - divorce. In this case, complete freedom will come for him, without obligations and shouts. To avoid this, the care of the baby must be shared between both spouses.

Very often, drug addiction and drunkenness are causes of divorce. Such people should be treated at the initial stage.

The housing problem is also among the most common causes of the breakdown of family relationships. At the stage of falling in love, it seems to young people that it is a paradise with loved ones and in a hut. However, the lack of own housing, living together with parents leads to conflict situations and scandals. The consequence of this is a divorce.

The inability of the strong half to provide for the family, poverty, are becoming frequent reasons for breaking family relationships. Because of the constant need, the weak half often has complaints about a man who, after constant reproaches, suffers self-esteem. A woman herself has to provide for her family or find someone who will provide her and children. As a result, the marriage falls apart. Also, the lack of funds is due to the inability of partners to properly plan the family budget, different views on the expenditure of funds.

The loss of love also becomes a frequent cause of breaking the bonds of marriage.

Causes of divorce in the statement of claim

"What reason to specify during a divorce?" Is one of the main questions that arises in people who decide to dissolve marriage bonds. Often people are faced with the fact that when filing a lawsuit for a divorce, they do not know what the reasons for the divorce for the court to specify in it. And everything seems to be clear: love has passed, the husband drinks, the wife does not respect, material problems, etc. However, few people know how to write in the official document correctly.

Claims for the breaking of marriage bonds are drawn up according to a standard pattern. In some cases, it is required to indicate the reason for the divorce. The reasons for the divorce in the lawsuit are conditionally divided into motives of a personal, domestic, material (financial) or intimate nature, betrayal.

In your relationship, alienation dominates, feelings have long cooled, hostility has emerged, you realized that you no longer love each other, and decided to divorce, but you don’t know what reason to point out during a divorce, in this case you should either carefully study the legislation or apply for legal assistance.

If you believe that the reasons for the divorce are personal, then the wording of the statement may be: "Preserving the family is impossible, due to the fact that both spouses have lost the feelings of love, which was the main reason for marriage."

If you are experiencing persistent hostility to your partner, you have absolutely no respect for him, you do not see any other ways to solve the existing problems, the statement wording may be: "I think that the preservation of marriage is completely impossible, due to the fact that I have a hostile attitude to your spouse. "

The legislation provides for the reasons leading the spouses to the decision on the termination of the marriage bond. Quite often, this serious step may have several reasons, and not one. The statement of claim indicates one reason, but the most global one. A competently formulated reason in one sentence should convey the whole basic meaning of the problem that has developed in the family.